what's going on guys welcome back to a brand new video on this channel today I want to talk to you guys about Ripple a lot of news about ripple ripple all coinbase and also kind of touch on John McAfee's Twitter being hacked and some things you guys have to watch out for so if you guys are new to the channel and you have not subscribed yet make sure to hit that subscribe button down below and hit that Bell icon right next to us you guys notified every time we release a new video if you are interested in buying a ripple the only the best place you can buy a ripple right now is by nads I have a link to Finance in the description and hopefully if I remember in the comments section as well currently sitting right here super easy to use free to make an account transfer your Bitcoin over and then you will be able to purchase your ripple and yeah super easy platform no add no actual big hassle super easy I have a video explaining how to buy all coins you guys can go ahead and check that out too now guys alright guys so first let's touch on John McAfee's Twitter so real quick John McAfee's Twitter was hacked a while ago he notified Twitter the coin of the day tweet was not me as all of you know he's not doing the coin day of the day anymore it was manipulating the market way too much I think he realized that he stopped but before he got hacked and he managed all the hackers managed to tell people to buy certain points I guess they are holding and they wanted to make a quick buck on and that's exactly what happens so they promote at certain point I remember exactly what it was but that coin shot up in value obviously it is John McAfee he does have a lot of influence when it comes to cryptocurrency he's currently I don't know he's that like four hundred five hundred fifty five thousand followers I think he gained like four hundred thousand in the last few days or weeks so how to know if his account is real and what you see is real or if it's fake there are a lot of fake accounts out there right there's a lot of fake counts out there because of the influence he has people are trying to manipulate the market pretending to be him so it's only social media and only social media he uses is Facebook Twitter and YouTube so I just like to follow him on Twitter and yeah it keeps it simple if you see an Instagram it is not him it is fake anything else is fake so on Twitter look for the blue checkmark that is they verified that means he has a verified account he has a lot of followers and Twitter kind of verified his account as he is a you know influencer or someone of high influence so thinking it may take so people know it's him and not a fake account so last one is ignore screenshots claiming to be messages screenshots are the easiest thing to manipulate so make sure you guys you know look for video proof look for actual threats that people can show you a link to the thread don't just look at screenshots of messages because those are the 100% the easiest thing that you can manipulate so guys Photoshop does that super easy you guys know how it works it's really really easy to you know fake these things so that's a little bit touching on John McAfee's Twitter being hacked guys make sure you stay safe and you know what's going on you're up there you know you're informed don't just buy into fake news there's a lot of that nowadays so overall if you look at the coin market cap though guys is the lot of red today a lot of big red what why it's getting close to the new year this might be is get close to the New Year people are looking to you know start dumping off coins to cash in on money for the end of the year it happens happens in the stock market too people want to cash out some profits start the new year with some more money that's what I'm assuming is happening a lot of others a lot of rent and we're going to touch on the ones that are not read in just a second but yeah the only ones that are agreed are ones that shot up tremendous amounts like Cardinal 34% basically and ripple the coin we are going to be talking about in this video even big coins down on under thirteen thousand dollars which I'm not happy about not happy about it all but Ripple guys so many constant days of upward trend nearing a ninety billion dollar market cap it has taken over for second largest market cap guys it's just blue aetherium out of the water and just left it in the dust well ripple just you know went straight forward now for those of you guys who do remember and have been following the channel for a while guys I recommended Twitter to you guys as not Twitter I recommended ripple to you guys I invested in it at 11 cents I thought it was a great coin I thought it was a cheap buy I thought it was on sale and I recommend it to you guys some of you guys picked it up if you did let me know in the comments but guys you know this is why you have to stay subscribed and hit that Bell icon so you guys know every time I released a new video it could be a good information for you I try to provide only the best information and obviously it's never financial advice but it is kind of what I'm doing what my opinion is on the matter so you make sure to stay updated to that guys so now let's take a little bit of a look at the charts ripple was just kind of fluctuating point zero zero six for a long time a long time and then you know this is where I started talking about it roughly when it went down to like it was at 11 cents where was it not October Oh somewhere around here I guess maybe it was 15 cents but either way a lot of profit to be made we're gonna look at the three-month chart because it's ridiculous you know over here so 26 cents 20 cents they had hit 20 cents I remember that and then all of a sudden we just started launching to the moon right just straight to the moon and never looking back Wow look at the 7d the seven day you know it went from under a dollar basically here under a dollar all the way to little over two and a half dollars and now we kind of bounced off at 225 so I'm actually really happy to see that we are you know we are slowly we did have a little bit of a pullback to kind of create some support kind of a baseline I don't like investing in things when they're an all-time high and it's just green days after green days because one of these days it is going to be red and when it is red you're going to get burned similarly to how you know Bitcoin cash when it was released Bitcoin go a lot of stuff that happened is was a Bitcoin cashing those Bitcoin cash for a Bitcoin cash that's that right here we just look at a chart real quick you know a lot of people bought when it shot you know up a lot so is that like 3000 $4000 even past $4,000 and then it came down and now it's trading at 2500 so if you bought at an all-time high because you had you know the fear of missing out the infamous FOMO when it comes to crypto currency do you yeah made a mistake you know that's just the reason right here and get a lot of people say like oh but it's a great coin you should you know doesn't matter if it's an all-time high I personally am NOT a fan of buying things at all-time highs similar is just because just because of that reason just for that reason I like to be safer with my investments and I choose to invest on red days like a ton of the crypto currencies are right now I think Bitcoin probably is from the coins it's not gonna be read tomorrow and if it is the next day it's not gonna be right I think $13,000 is a very cheap price for Bitcoin but yes so we're starting to see a correction here let's just zoom into 7-7 date chart we are starting to see a little bit of a correction which is great I like to see that I think this I don't know what's gonna go on much lower than this you know all the hype that's been going on with ripple all the information that's been released we have so much stuff to look forward to still we have you know there's the big announcements coming up a lot of them ripple to be on coinbase I was hoping this would happen before the end of the year but it is the 30th we only have like one more day one and a half days till the end of the year so I'm starting to think maybe not um not gonna have on coinbase just yet but as it is the second largest coin and the only coins kind of on the only coins on point base are Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin hopefully we're gonna be adding a lot more soon so I'm very excited for those but ripple being the second biggest coin now you the second biggest market cap coin now it would be great for us to see ripple on coin base as fast as possible because it's just gonna make it easier for you guys to buy so like I said before in the meantime if you want to you know grab some ripple at this correction at this little dip make sure to head over to Finance where I've the link in the description head over there make an account register for an account transfer over Bitcoin super simple have a whole video explaining how to do it but you really don't need it you can just no go on there transfer your Bitcoin over that you want to buy ripple with and then just buy ripple it's super easy you can store it on there if you want to although I don't really like storing coins on exchanges I don't like to keep put a lot of coins on there but if you are comfortable with that then by all means go ahead and do it and then hopefully we're just gonna riding up and start to see a lot more increases with Ripple and you know hopefully $2

00 is the thing of the past hopefully we can get some $4 soon now in order for that to happen look at that we just hit a 90 billion dollar market cap ripple is just ridiculous two point three three dollars now the thing we have to kind of look at obviously is market caps in total so ripple and everyone else's market cap ripple 8990 maybe this just has updated ninety billion dollar market cap it's the closest thing we have to bitcoins 218 billion dollar market cap and the overall market cap currently is five hundred and seventy billion dollars so you have to take a little bit of a dip it was 600 600 something before but don't worry Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a long-term game and you know this is just the end of the year it's the end of q4 people have to sell off to buy Christmas presents people like to you know people like to end the year with more cash next year we're gonna start getting more investment and hopefully we're just going to shatter the market cap for every coin everything's are going to go to the moon that's what I'm hoping especially the top one so if we want to see ripple get to like $5 we're gonna have to see the market cap more than doubles so from ninety billion dollars they would have to get to nearly two hundred billion dollars which is close to the market cap that bitcoin is that right now now however ripple does have the big announcement coming out which I'm super excited to see where it is and if it gets on coinbase it's easy it's just you know easier to access for people I know on like Black Friday there are a hundred thousand coinbase accounts open just on that one day so there's a lot of people that use coin based simply because it's the easiest method and it's you know most beginner friendly to buy cryptocurrencies hope you don't have to use it I stopped using it but the first time I bought Bitcoin I did use coin base so it's it is good it's so when if we have all those people coming in and more people start buying from buying Ripple it is pie it is very very possible that way we can see ripple you know go go up in value still a lot more in market cap as long as people believe in the idea of the coin the issue a lot of people have with ripple is it's not realize like you know what cryptocurrencies meant to be about but hey if the coin is gonna do well you might as well make some money with it if you are a fan of it now let's say the market cat here doubles to over 1 trillion dollars which i think is going to shatter next year I do think we're gonna pass a trillion dollar market cap pretty early 2018 at least that's what I'm hoping that's obviously again none of this financial advice but this is what I am hoping then there's no reason why we can't see rip will double and get to a 5 dollar valuation which would double your money so I still think ripple has a ways to go I'm happy to see the correction this little correction here is something I'm a big fan of you guys know if you guys both been following me for a while I like buying safe investments meaning I like to buy on dips I like to buy on read days I know ripple currently isn't on a red date but I am happy to see it did have some Corrections so that's something that to me might be a sign that I would go and buy some more ripple other than that guys I think that's gonna be it for this video just a little bit touch up on a few subjects that have been coming out the John McAfee being hacked I wanted to update you guys to you guys you know don't fall for the trap you guys don't get caught believing fake news and then end up losing my I'm gonna make sure you guys are safe and ripple ripples number two ripples number two and it's number two by a good amount now just 21 billion dollars it's just you know crushed in theory I'm just went straight through and yeah it's absolutely ridiculous hopefully run still see ripple go up a little more I might be picking up some ripple on Finance after I make this video so guys thank you so much for watching if you guys are gonna get Ripple if you guys have any news or any information or anything you want to share to do with ripple let me know what your going to be doing in the comments down below and make sure as always if you enjoy the video smash that like button subscribe to channel if you are new and I'm gonna see you guys tomorrow for another video