Our next guest did not believe that Bitcoin is about to burst He says Bitcoin ah subira $ 500,000 in three years the ever controversial John Mcafee It is with us John a pleasure to talk to you Thanks for having me As you get to $ 500,000 over three years No need to worry about that You have a bet on Bitcoin Yes, yes I got it many people call that Bitcoin will unleash Keep in mind that Bitcoin estava $ 2900

three months ago People said he never would reach $ 3,000 bitcoin and I toco $ 4,000 and $ 5,000 also If you look at the long-term Bitcoin, always on the rise Who cares if the price of Bitcoin low $ 1,000 $ 5,000 Bitcoin prices rose more than $ 2,000 in two months It remains a hit where he was in two months My company is one of the greatest (miners) in America the good of (mining), no matter the price of Bitcoin we continue to generate income for the company if the price falls, there is less competitores to undermine low difficulty level simplement we undermine coins I was like others, the price of Bitcoin And consistentement is increasing I understand it The price will explode Jamie Dimon was clear yesterday, he is a big fan of Blockchain cre much that Bitcoin is overrated They also cren on the blockchain technology these are two separate topics because Bitcoin has to suber much, because you believe in Blockchain? like you no, I do not think so that the price of Bitcoin has to do with Blokchain The price is all digital currencies when the population starts using digital currencies like Bitcoin or monero or litecoin the facility looks and looks convenencia There is no central bank the value of digital currency depends on the users of digital currencies that Bitcoin is rising very fast money? because more people are using Bitcoin cre more people in the value and ease of Bitcoin If I make a transaction with my credit card upon, I have to put my name my card number and my address the code of the card and my address It takes a long time five or ten minutes especially someone my age but with Bitcoin only takes fifteen seconds Give me the address of the portfolio and is ready when you look at the ease of digital currencies when he gives you ditch the speed of trnasaciones suddenly coins government Credit cards, central bank So you see is very easy John As I'm sure the government wants to track where the coins the government would like people to pay tax on transactions bitcoin If you use tracking bitcoin bitcoin not where people are earning income Earning money These concerned about government intervention that can decelerate bitcoin the government can not decelerate bitcoin if the government will intervene why when the population empeieze use digital currency as Monero That money can not be traced, not at all When people use these digital coins Begin the government will start losing tax revenue The government will not like you that and they will say "this is against the laws" as you stop something that you can not stop it are not the standards in America I can use the Tor browser I can also use the browser Onion and access bitcoin wallets worldwide and no one will notice activities the government has sufficient authority to enforce to stop Bitcoin Monero, litcoin and all other They have to face reality Find another way to increase revenue John I have to ask because many people know you as a pioneer of sibernetica security the company that has your name known Between that time and now you had a very interesting life there are reports that say the crazy life of John Mcaffee You were living in Belize

And it is true! apparently you were inbolucrado in narcotrafficking other illegal activity Bitcoin has a very bad reputation because it can not be rastraeda so many people want to use people want to cover activities are worried that these activities can attract government intervention not at all I am a specialist in sibernetica security I am following the dark sibernetico espcacio Bitcoin is rarely to be used in dark space sibernetico Monero is replacing Bitcoin digital currency transactions Monero is absolutely ANONYMOUS It can not be tracked neither the sender nor the recipient can be traced transactions that are literally invisible Bitcoin really not dominate the dark web, but digital currencies which they are used in the dark sibernetico Before, bitcoin is usuba more in the dark web because it was all that existed but not anymore Bitcoin is already out of the dark web 99% use is legitimate john, but not if you know Jamie Dimon watch this show very often maybe you are listening You have some words for him

because you think he is wrong you want to make the same bet you did for Internet $ 500,000 for bitcoin with Jamie Dimon I mean Mr Dimon My respect for you sir for your position in the finance industry but many people are we idiots But sir, flames fraud Bitcoin I'm a bitcoin miner we create Bitcoin We uphill $ 1000 to create an Bitcoin which it is what it costs to create $ 1 dollar cuel is fraud It costs what it costs