Hello everyone and Roman we meet for the 27th issue of the jt kon you must have noticed I could not ensure the lodge and last week we are in moving with the team but it's starting again more beautiful and like all Mondays we will do together the tour of the news in the exciting world of the blood chains and cryptocurrency if it's not done yet subscribe you to not miss any of our videos and we start this day with a small dot on the week crypto market still complicated for the crypto market currency the total capitalization of all crypto currency stagnates between 280 and 250 billion dollars not much to report at the level of the bitcoin dominance aside from very short-term bitcoin seems to lose a bit of ground compared to were Roma who wins him on the screen you have a bitcoin chart against euro in h4 in the last two weeks bitcoin has continued to evolve into a downtrend and is getting dangerously close the level of 4700 euros today is 5600 euros or 6 1800 dollars this week let's make a point international regulation and institutionalization, particularly in Russia australia in thailand in india and south korea we will talk about bittman who took out an asic for mining dug up ripoll men who does the forcing to be listed on the exchange platforms of the arrest protagonists of the here in the center to increase the size of the blocks at bitcoin hidden from the growing popularity of rome summer in india we let's follow up with the security issues that we had around the week last to finish with our people with mark kerr pellet it's jack layton bourgi t everyone starts as always with the international news and the various regulation in the world and especially in russia where the Ministry of Finance has argued that gains from cryptocurrencies are taxable in the country the latter are subject to Russian income tax which is characterized by a single rate of 13% for minors they will have to register as an individual entrepreneur or create companies the rate applicable taxes and tax duties depend on the type of business that they choose the corporate tax in Russia is 24% still in Russia the telecommunications ministry has unveiled a decree introducing strict rules for Haitians to the project aims to regulate tocane sales and protect investors from companies that organize the sale of tocane will be obliged to guarantee that investors can resell their chips As a result, the dahissiho holders will be required to insure the redemption of at nominal value in finance the nominal value is that fixed at the issue so the purchase price so you buy a cane rate when the 6th and you are sure to be able to recover at least your starting bet at the exit on the platforms of the nc n I let you tell me in the comments what do you think about australia the strakka inform the national experts from their obligation to respect the prerogatives fight against money laundering and fight against the financing of terrorism that came into effect on April 3, 2018 the Australian took the opportunity to recall there will be penal consequences and civil if you provide digital currency exchange services without be registered in south korea cryptocurrency transactions are still tax example because of the lack of tax regulations clear money to day announced last week the intention of the authorities to rectify the situation this position has been confirmed by the Ministry of Finance South Korea We know that South Korea is a country which counts a lot for cryptocurrency we will follow it closely in last February the Thai central bank put an end to operations related to cryptocurrency by local banks and yet the government has just clarified the tax regime of crypto currency there will have 7% VAT on trade and 15% on guys the securities and exchange commission the US dry started to study from new on bitcoin according to official documents published by the commission proposed by these two hostesses require a change regulatory and indeed sec must change the regulations in place to that d edf can be listed on the stock exchange nyse arca the Korean authority in charge of competition regulation call 12 platform traded to review the general conditions of use which the user must accept when its inscription the korean fair trade commission raises some flexibility that these platforms are allowed regarding the funds of their users deemed unfair by the latter authority accuses these companies of the freedom to moderate the withdrawal of traders it can nevertheless be noted that it is by temporarily prohibiting years cab recalls could block the hackers during the hacking attempt in march good or bad measures this is the question India marks a turning point with its relationship with cryptocurrency announcing the ban on banking services allowing or facilitating its buy as well since last week all banks on Indian soil blocks transfers from monet fiat to influenza exchange services and we go on with the news of the crypto world is this news that had the effect of a bomb last week bittman officially launched the 3 April the sale of minor lamps e3 that allows dominated the algorithm and h in terms of lot 3 specifications has everything to please miners dug up men 800 watts of power consumption for 180 megache seconds of power calculation 800 US dollars as the selling price three plugs to plug some information to go in and the machine can start to mine in terms gpu ride comparison with 6 rx 480 with the same power of calculation would be 4 to 5 times more expensive and would consume about 50% of electricity in addition this announcement is major compared to the future of the grounds but indirectly from graphics card manufacturers like nvidia and amd the team behind and and rome already leans for a moment on the passage of a minaj by machine in proof of work by arranging proof of state allowing to its users by proving the possession of a certain amount of crypto currency to claim to be able to validate additional blocks in the cellar blocks and being able to touch a reward was Rome another option could be the ip 958 which proposes to make belote chain the soil is resistant to asic however its implementation will require a strong art that we are going to follow all this very closely to the newspaper of the code the bloomberg reporters spoke with four ripoll employees who confided that they had been advised to financially incentivize some exchange as gemini Belgian schools to add the cracked knicks rp to their platform rieffel said last fall that it was ready to yield more than 100 million dicks rpa queen bess to be listed for info most of ex-youths make the projects pay for their rates to be listed in a press release released last week the sec announced to have ended a fraudulent ico center to this story had been set in particular before by advertising done by the boxing world champion floyd mayweather as well as by the famous dj khaled according to the dry the two founders plants have set up a hoist in the sense of registering with the agency have contravened many rules put in place the two founders were apprehended last week one of them to be arrested while he was about to embark in a plane to leave the country it is woven will have managed to amass more $ 32 million from hundreds of investors the development team in charge of bitcoin cash announced a strong art for the network on May 15 the update will focus on the size of the blocks of bitcoin cash that will go from life mega byte to 30 2 megabytes will activate and will reset a series of bitcoin bitcoin script operation codes is not the king in india it's by these words that india quartz was publishing a article on research conducted by the Indian Internet Service Provider jana the company published the report on internet research particular about how much search the terms bitcoin was rome in india over a five-month period between October 2017 and February 2018 result the most of the time the number of queries on was Rome was greater than the number queries on bitcoin the only times when searches on bitcoin you're superior was when the bitcoin was around 15 20 thousand dollars we go on with a security point around crypto last week a tall bitcoin user who revealed on the forum that an attack was going on the yard network a bug in their target and the algorithm to readjust the difficulty that would have allowed to backdate the timestamp unlocks the virtue teams are finally intervened without seeming so worried that for more details I invites you to read the full article on our website link description this is the time of the topic crypto people and we start with marc harper let eca and magic al fee on the networks which is certainly one of the most hated in the world of crypto currency he is accused by the community to be responsible for the bankruptcy of world box history to add the Japanese court ruled that the reimbursement of the victims will be in bitcoin course function at the day of bankruptcy mark harper lets go would find after refunding its old customers with a capital gain significant $ 1 billion or crypto active in seven ace is me neither singh published on edit marks the firm I do not want on billion dollars more details in the article in jack layton descriptions the president of here is the authority responsible for regulating financial securities to the states United States has not done in half the measure by stating that the regulation of cryptographic asset market was only there to help it better operate layton jack presented a lecture titled cryptochrome 6 initial as offering at princeton university he opened the conference stating that registry technologies are incredibly promising for the financial industry a student then asked a question about Haitians Haitians are they all fraudulent it was then could not be clear absolutely not and it is on these sweet words that we will conclude the day of the knocks today I hope you have enjoyed it do not forget to sign up for 24 krypton planet 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