you can at least be rich with bitcoins the ingredients for a blistering are all given my opinion about it in this video I greet you affectionately here the trader makers channel yes I want bitcoins you do not so much with the story bored so very briefly what are bitcoins is a virtual currency or also called crypto currency in 2008 by a lord called satoshi nakamoto on a very simple white paper Founded since then have bitcoins relatively well developed one has thought in the beginning that is in the sinking disappear one can not just create a virtual currency and then think that want to pay the people with it or they want to buy or trade or swap or what ever it was different indeed is bitcoins was in reality still relatively little common but the changes I have just read that the Canton train in the Switzerland meanwhile payments to the equivalent of 180 euros in bitcoins permits and at least the initial had in mind that the states and governments of this currency would put a quick end to were unfounded because bitcoins is also available today and the value if also volatile slowly going up what has thought mr satoshi nakamoto what has driven him to this to create currency He said our monetary system is highly fragile it is a fiat money system that means the inner value of money always strives direction zero simply because it is increased at and it is the last years have of course shown us the man was or is right because that is the essence of our monetary system it is inflationary therefore always tends to zero so who, for example, in 1923 as we had the last phase of deflation deflation mean that the euro in the pocket more and more is because the prices fall who has thought since I have to cash hoard so it will go on and on sitting today on a purchasing power loss of more than 80 percent it is how it is in the most time there is inflation so an increase the inflation rate the cash is thus correspondingly less and less worth the inflation rate is moment as particularly high, it is not close to zero but it does not alter a long period considered is cash declining value nominally does not stay is 10 euros remain ten Euros but the purchasing power of a 10 euro sheen becomes less and less what we already had the theme I have here a ten-euro bill this ten-euro bill that's one of the been one of the main allegations of bitcoin, it's just a payment promise within a community of a network no more and no less there is nothing behind it However, this is also true for the euro at least since we have abandoned the gold cover whether now in us dollar or in Euros since then the euro is only a payment promise and who stands for this just promise that I can show you times I hope you can see it so now you can see or that is mario mario draghi draghi signs for mario draghi signs with his name for This payment promise that these ten euros tomorrow worth something are how much they are actually still worth is another question because currency that was the advantage of Mr subject currencies or the accusation of Mr

Nakamoto of control of government and to the extent increased almost arbitrarily become which then take over the central banks and that is exactly the condition we currently have in bitcoins is different before now eingehe on the award and the part you probably I would expect two things anticipated provide first bitcoins are still very young 2008 men's Nakamoto has these thoughts made in 2009 was the first bitcoin network and the first transactions took place so due his is youthful freshness bitcoin the that you simply classify in my view an idea as speculative has second risk disclaimer if you want I myself have a few bitcoins So who at the end of the video says the talks so only so positive about it because he himself a few bitcoins has and because he hopes that this run has completely right I have some very few bitcoins which I consider speculative investment but I find the idea just very interesting So I'll show you advance very briefly here freehand the chart so bitcoins have very long or very long time over a certain period only slightly from the imagine moving then came the big hype I would say more than 1,000 us dollar then they are very deep crumbled again to just below 200 US dollar under which it went sideways and in recent times again upwards which reminds us of this chart a bit to the gold status is not to chance the central banks press fully on accelerator and print money in a extent than ever that that has not led to a high inflation has he is exactly the core of the problem is the problem of the central banks and so is currently just the interest-turn in the us again in So germ suffocates this monetary expansion does not care for growth what they have hoped for central banks and now they are of course, in front of a dilemma what to do eerinnert you sometimes is not so long ago it was said negative interest rates negative interest it can not exist but who should come to terms with negative interest then so all your money from easy but it is not away with it so currently the states money to take a when they fault yes this is when you bond with one example, a federal bond a negative rate outputs gets then the state for that money that he into debt and this is a development absolutely the eyes in my is unhealthy and can run in the wrong direction the effects are still manageable but that is changing in the moment where the inflation rate may increase and we are still negative interest rate environment are not all that complicated to understand normally whenever inflation rises then does the central bank something about it because it increases the interest to this inflation stem back so that the back levels off but it must be said that, for the states for the highly indebted states precisely those of the southern euro zone of course, an ideal circumstance would be if at the same time inflation would rise the interest but still zero point at or even slightly below remain this is a moment where can deleverage states at the expense of whom at the expense of their citizens because the investor can not then with safe yields go this is protect monetary devaluation by inflation a own theme I'm happy to talk it yet I have my channel erichsen money and gold also several times talked about it but I kommts yes today to the bitcoin development at the very big advantage in my view that's why I got myself a couple few bitcoins bitcoins are gained may be limited in its amount be precisely expanded not arbitrary 21 million units bitcoins it is at the end when all bitcoins by the were mined miner miner called give and not take no more fewer and this limitation is of course just the factors may lead to that bitcoins are attractive as a safe haven for investors you know in advance more than 21 million, it can not be the stückzahl is so limited that can not even offer gold course, gold is only in to get a limited frame but is just still a lot ungeschürft in soil and the amount can are not clearly defined euros it can be any number of trillion trillion and the money supply has now risen already extremely we only had none of that no one anything about it from this monetary expansion and the course also shows how quickly such a can devalue currencies and that can not happen just bitcoins so it has exactly what Hosse in Holland in the tulip bulb meant that the prices are gone in the sky, of course, was a tulip bulb never knows not 500,000 or 600,000 guilders worth but tulip bulbs were up even in a limited scope and this combination of a tight supply a high demand and expecting further increase in prices this leads to blistering and I can me just even with bitcoins imagine I want to make a big chart analysis with a chart which is still relatively young here but what is clear or obvious is that we since the beginning of bitcoins before about eight years a slight upward trend and I habs already told it is an established rule that target of each one is a new uptrend high we are currently about 600 rum euro and we were here before a high at nearly 1,000 Euros or just above So far as that would be the next target pricing from this chart analysis but in my view is just of the interesting thing about the bitcoins when this development as we see them up to date so continues the monetary expansion goes on and the ecb bonds bought now so even corporate bonds and inflation trying to devil with strangers drive then you might just as well bitcoins as aligned monetary benefit as I said is a speculative thing out, I believe I now repeatedly pointed but as a small admixture I find it personally quite interesting if you ask to have then adjusts the like here in the forum then we talk about it most certainly you can discuss a topic on the controversially discuss can I finds an exciting idea to see you soon back here on the trader macher channel makes good thing is go now first what you want to drink to know how trading really works you want to be successful and consistently profitable I will show you what you need to know the shoulder look me and subscribe my channel on youtube I'll make you the trader