Litecoin Hits Record High Litecoin Hits Record High

Jesse Damiani , CONTRIBUTORI cover the human side of VR/AR, Blockchain, AI, Startups, & Media   Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own Jumping 38% In 9 Hours     Could Litecoin be the next cryptocurrency to sustain major jumps before years end? Theres been a lot of news around the growth of Bitcoin (BTC) this year, having grown as much as 1900 percent But as the worlds most popular cryptocurrency continues its December fluctuations between $15K and $19K, Litecoin (LTC) jumped a full 38 percent in a matter of hours—rocketing from $96

59 at 11:08pm PST Dec 7 to 13377 at 8:36am PST according to GDAX The price has now settled to $12465 on CoinMarketCap at the time of this writing—an increase of 29 percent from yesterday, putting the year-to-date growth of Litceoin at 2879 percent

Altcoin markets continue to respond to the explosive growth of Bitcoin The volume of bitcoin trading is causing periodic market pushbacks because of fees and transaction speeds, sending some users to altcoins like Litecoin—which is already often compared against Bitcoin and draws its name from its fast block processing Earlier this year, Charles Bovaird at Coindesk called BTC and LTC birds of a feather, citing a direct relationship between positive growth in BTC and LTC The recent spike in bitcoin trading could also make other crypto markets more volatile We saw this especially with the recent surge and correction of IOTA

While Litecoin is a more established market, it also remains to be seen if it will stabilize at the $125+ range