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Hopefully yo-yo Let me know in the chat, I'm in the chat right now about to pop it out Let me know if you can hear me, okay Yo, we know in the chat, I'm in the tent right now We have any lag my computer is acting kind of slow Hopefully, it's not bad You Good good good Good um Technically – is not too late to get in but given You know as loud as it has gone up Fletcher Congratulations while I'm sure you value your opinion and the sound of your own voice I Don't so goodbye Hyping my program too much, please unsubscribe keep it moving I Mean I could go my channel and look at up my all my 13,000 followers, you know the ones that kind of must find some value in my program that I hype up too much And I'm sure I could find your name and block you, but I'm kind of kindly asking you to unsubscribe Right now, thanks Go back to your mother's basement send her my regards, please tell her I'm sorry for not calling back Have a nice day That being said we are Going to be doing a little bit of live trading today Think the markets moving enough for me to get on here, and I show you guys how to make some real-deal money I'm not giving away all my secrets just yet, but seven and seventy seven is a Definitely well worth You know The opportunity Alfonso Alfonso come on what do you think this is does this look like a soup kitchen? Do I have Salvation Army Red Cross on my channel anywhere in the description? good bye, I'm like literally coming on the air to show you how you can make money for free and you're you're asking for handouts like this isn't enough ah Boy goodness goodness goodness goodness I Guess I need to do this more often and just start booting people Put the chat up on the screen and just go through one by one Just start kicking them out Stroll stomping that's what I'm gonna start calling it just start stomping them huh ah Let's keep it moving trying to stay positive because I try to be positive I try to be positive They just make it so hard Alright, so we uh what we got on – I got 1500 I'll just send an obit ryx That we're gonna play wit for this call There goes right there five – available There's my play money right here, so tell the broke vlogger that you know your boy BK is pretty nice on the charts And if I'm hyped in my program that means my program must be doing something right because this the play money right here There's ain't even you know that ain't even the fault That's the play money So what we're gonna be doing is uh? Looking where we can jump jump out of – and jump into something else, right? Somebody says e cash is pretty good

Let's pull that one up Now let me share this on Facebook real quick Thank you for that reminder whoever did that I do appreciate it And also I am making like a Top Team forecast list every week To kind of show you guys you know what I see in the market Week by week looking forward so if you think that's something that you know Will be beneficial I did make a poll on our Facebook group Just jump in there and let me know what coin You want to see on it I think the top five or seven from that Facebook group I'm going to put in Into the list the first week probably top four top five See cash is Getting looking good Bitcoin cash getting dumped

Let's do this Let's change this in a Bitcoin that way we can have a live look at what's happening Cool Yeah Bitcoin cash is definitely doing better to not predict it But I showed you two levels that it could go all the way up to and I think it's just hitting Probably close to one of the tops of those levels that that one level headed up to like 1218 somewhere in there I think like 18 So, but yeah, if you go back to yesterday's video I had some basically when it broke through that channel It's a big big big big big Zone that it's gonna be going up in And we talked about that yesterday, so I don't need to do it again All right cool got that down all right, so I got some questions You know in the comments, and this is really just more so for day traders right this isn't an introductory how to deposit money in the Bitcoin you know this is the real deal how to flip it you know in the kitchen Whip it how to whip the work is that what the kids say would be? Would be good Somebody said see cash, so let's pull that up real quick I Before ah Thank You Debbie for the recipient verticals I think appreciate it I'm gonna actually go buy some and I'm gonna take a picture and put it in Facebook group Thank you for that uh Yeah, I love I love free secret Oh crap goodness gracious see cash mm-hmm Yeah, the banks like Z cash And a banks like – so this is basically honestly What's happening now is The banks hedge funds industrials

I'll start calling them are Moving their money around you know back to where they had it before right this isn't like a you know new thing They're just moving it around and if you have a Again, this is one of the reasons I'm doing this is to show you some of the features you guys can start using on the pro version that I never really show In our regular videos, but if you do have a pro version I definitely recommend every now and then you know laying Charts on top of each other to start to pinpoint when this money is moving in when it's moving out if it's going from one asset class to another You can kind of see if we do something like this we can link Trek Interval Oh sync crosshair no track time will that work? Hmm maybe So what I'm looking at now is uh? These both broke out right there at 1750 – look at that Right that's more or less Big big time money player you know you can there favorite horses in the race Right and the big-money likes that it's the big money like C cash if you just go to um You know these guys over here and just type in Different events right who's more or less? Cuz see everybody that doesn't understand how these charts work Right I've been telling you all about dads for at least a solid week Now You know if you go to the Facebook group And type in – Come Ronson Michelson click come on come on guys You know we don't do this Anyways goodness gracious Here goes right here Here's the post I did a little bit ago November 7th this was on – specifically because I saw it setting up with the 231 going flat 77 going flat and the active green You know that's basically a setup for a breakout

I said the 231 should go flat over the next few days This was back you know few days ago five days ago back when it was a 004 Should be a good time to buy some while it's still cheap and when – goes up Bitcoin goes down at the time I put this post out there Bitcoin was all-time high 76 seventy four hundred dollars And – was sitting down there in the shadows just patiently waiting So again people that don't know how to read into the charts like that They will say oh, they'll do this They'll probably do exactly what I'm doing right now Oh, I know why – went out

It was the software upgrade They have cheaper transactions now, and that's what the hedge funds were waiting on they were waiting for the minute that coin journal published this article and that Triggered it right there There You go problem solved Yes Thank you coin journal Let us know the next time you're gonna post an article so we can all you know prepare for it, right That's not how it works you guys these charts are already set The energy inside them is is already manifested

It's just a matter of time before it unveils itself and Our relative perception so that's a long way of saying the news doesn't matter the charts make the news not vice-versa Right just the same as if – was down 25% people you know Wouldn't be saying the software upgrade You know helped it right so remember the charts make the news Relevant not the other way around Because The talking heads on TV Talk 24 hours a day right and and these charts don't break out and move like that 24 hours a day So I tell you right there if the news was that significant Then these charts would always be jumping around like a little bobble head down the same ones you see you know on those on those uh three-letter channels on TV, right So long story short do not pay attention to Words on the screen look at the charts look at the numbers understand the numbers and you will be much much much better off Right and so one of the questions I got earlier was really with regards To timing up the top right as we can see – is is looking very very good right now We can see Z cash is looking very very good right now And and one of the things we can do with this method of seven and seventy seven Is just jump down in our time frame? To get a better pinpoint on where the momentum Leaves right cuz essentially what's happening right now, and this is just straight market psychology We have more buyers than sellers Right, that's why the price keeps going up since that moment in time on a seven minute candle Price keeps going up more buyers and sellers more buyers and sellers more buyers and seller price goes up It can't keep doing that forever eventually you know People are gonna gonna get tired of buying it They're gonna look at the price and be like oh my god Why am I want to buy it you know when it's up there when two days ago? You know on BK's chart I could have got it for half the price less than half the price down there at point o4 right so you start to get to a certain point when the market begins to correct itself and With this video and then when it starts to do that that's what you get you get a big big red candle and people you know Say okay, that's enough right and that's actually a Classic candle formation right there, it's called a dark cloud cover, and it's caught well technically no That's a bearish engulfing candle

That's like a mega bearish engulfing candle What a bearish engulfing candle this is There it goes right there at candle formation when you have More sellers than buyers, and it's at the top of a hill So it's basically a run up and then it's basically like that red candle swallows the green And it just swallows it and all of that energy that was built up on that side basically gets pooped out On the other end you know But one thing I noticed with this chart right here is you have a break out break down? Flat line and that flat line is exactly just about the 386 of that flat line you know But they don't they don't understand how all that ties together That's just one complete cycle right there That's a you know 786 retracement level That's a Fibonacci if they would have drew a Fibonacci level from the bottom of that candle to the top of that one You know they probably would have got the money zone right there with the seven eight six at the bottom tail anyways We're not here to discuss that but essentially what you have on Z Cash is a big big big double bearish candle, which is not good for the future Momentum because you have to think about the psychology now if you have all of these people you know which is essentially Twice as many people if we look at that, and that's why it's continuing one two right All the people that were buying it over here That amount plus a little bit more are now selling it over there You don't have much of a market left to continue to push it higher push the price higher again because that's how the price is is a Equilibrium of buyers and sellers so now what we see happening is the sellers are saying okay? You know see cash has gone up enough You know let's let's come back down where we were before and more than likely This is where we start to look at the intersections more than likely it will be Coming into one of these intersections, and this is a seven minute chart you guys A seven minute chart, but still with the seven and seventy seven hold on imma let chill out real quick On a seven-minute chart with the seven and seventy-seventh You can still do a pretty good job of understanding the energy Inside these candles you can see I'm leaving – alone right now because – is actually tailing up This is actually a another bullish looks like it might be setting up for a continuation or a big correction Depending on what candle takes over depending on what fractal takes over? So we'll leave that alone – is trying to make a decision right now Cuz right, now you see those candles are very very very very small that means the market is like okay

What's going on? It's like when you walk to the edge of a of a high dive diving board and like you realize it's way too high Are you like what am I do it up here? I want to turn around and go back But you really can't so you just stand over there on the edge like ten minutes and just look down, right Oh, that's what's happening right now The market is trying to figure it out That's why all of that volume has decreased Which is actually almost the hidden bullish sign that it can actually go higher, which is what it's starting to do right now Because once the market gets comfortable with it being there, then the buyers will come back fractals follow the path of least resistance which is to continue moving in the direction that they came from right So here we go here We go so now with Z cash What's happening down here? We can see with Z cash that we definitely dropped a lot right so This negative energy from that drop More than likely take us down to one of these major points of consolidation if that's the end of that cycle and on the 7-minute chart This is basically kind of like the rawest of the bras data We can see that That little area right there was kind of a lot of market sideways movement basically when a chart you know just sit sideways It's the market trying to figure out what's gonna happen So that's you know what's probably next for Dash is just something that looks like that Before ultimately something that looks like that To follow the path of least resistance, but what we can do on Z cash is chart Is is see if we can pinpoint that energy inside this thing using our fibonacci bam bam? Can we get it not there and that's the bad thing when because normally I do my fibonacci from the intersections But on a seven-minute chart

I really don't have a lot Sometimes so I have to try to either go back and that almost hits it right there but still that doesn't capture that next wave so that million I Guess that could be okay, so what this one what this is saying here Yeah, that works Yeah, it does what this one what this is saying here Is that this breakout? We just we just see on Z cash right is not a pump and dump you can't pump and dunk a billion-dollar collective consciousness of free-thinking individual self-interested inherently biased Traders you can't do it the market won't let you you have to understand that there are tens and tens of thousands of individual Transactions that are built into every single one of these candles right and as a result over time the voice the masses kind of Develop their own psyche identity and that's built into the intersections right and so now We what I'm showing you guys is that? this cycle Right there is Actually, what resulted in that breakout? Right there right all the way up to the peak Because when we put a Fibonacci on and we you know just drop it back boom boom Where to go wasn't that it before I think that was it breakout to break down I Had it before where was it? That it that was it right there right the 42 is basically the natural extension of any cycle And that's why it's a yellow Because it's a candle on this set And the yellow is like kind of like the offset so if it's a you know the 16 is The is the natural extension and the yellow is kind of like the wake up there candlewick see that So that's what I do with the color codes But what that says is Essentially what's going to happen now

Just the same as we do you know for our a 4-hour chart This thing is going to break consolidate, it's gonna Well say this is what happens to a lot of times It doesn't take all the time see this is what I like a 4-hour chart But you see right now inside of life 3 minutes the buyers are like ok That's enough right even though we reached like what could easily be like the natural extension I Think this thing is is basically gonna convert over and start moving sideways down here more or less Aggregating let me put a box together for you guys More, or less right in there That's where Zeke ash is gonna Sit sideways for a little bit at least probably what 10 minutes 30 minutes Somewhere in there, but what's interesting is? And you can see – is still just kind of sitting there – is a little bit different – doesn't have like a big Silk wall at the top That's essentially for all definitions That's like a cell wall, right It's gonna be very very hard for Zee cash to get higher than this little peak up here And that's because they had so many sellers up there When they did it to where basically and that's why they call it dark cloud cover because it's like a dark cloud It's like a rain cloud over your head You know there's already dumped Odin once You know you know it's still sitting there, so it's not very likely that it's gonna let you go higher, right? But inside this try got ready

You know it kind of has this natural level of 05 point Yeah point 4 5 and once we hit that level We'll have a chance to get another little peek and if we break down under that one more than likely We'll go all the way down the point 404 – right and again as this chart develops You know I would modify my relationships, but for now this relationship going all the way back You know – this morning is really what's indicated? In this dialogue right now, right? Let's see let's see somebody was talking about Mona I think earlier The 386 somebody said can you explain the 386 Fibonacci yes, I can do that the 386 is Same thing as a 786 It's just the inverse of it Trying to see how I can do this the way I use a Fibonacci breakout the breakdown I'm sorry when I said 386 I'm in 7 8 6 3 8 2 is up there 7 8 6 so essentially when you have any breakout, right? Let's just say hypothetically This was our complete cycle hold on

I'll redraw it Safely in here you know Let's just say hypothetically like that's our complete cycle right what's it very well could be? When a Fibonacci extension tool What the Fibonacci says but the ratio built-in side these candles I'm trying to make sure it just lines up so we can have a nice cool example That's pretty good these in for now So what the Fibonacci says you can see kind of that As this thing broke up it hits certain points on the chart and then it broke back down to certain levels within the chart right and Basically, it's like a ladder because once it clears one level of the chart it either steps up or steps down to The next level So it's like imagine It's like a snake That's winding, but it's always receptive and responsive to the different Fibonacci levels built You know inside the whole relationship Right and so with the 786 Or I'm sorry two two three six Which is technically a seven eight six on the other way around? Basically what that would that signifies is? that is 23% the 23rd percentile if I would put the percents up here, right? You would see that zero is zero one is 100% and this might be better You know for maybe for me to have on the charts as well, but this is basically the 23rd Tile out of two three six seven eight six is a 78% tile now different people use this Fibonacci sequence different ways so you could easily like go backwards and Actually do a retracement and that's kind of how some people use it again I use it different than most people But that's what they say is when you catch on the 786 and so that's why I say 786 a lot It's really the exact same thing is a two three six It's just a matter of what direction I'm moving with the circles so when I say seven eight six I really mean this bottom blue line whatever our chart shows forming in that bottom blue line range That's what I refer to as a seven eight six because statistically right when we talk about Statistics and probability and correlation and all that good stuff when something goes up from zero Actually zeros down here when it goes from zero to One right when it goes through that whole cycle Statistically if you can catch it on that blue box to seven eight six Then that is your best probability your best ROI For the future right And this is basically what aetherium is that right now aetherium is sitting at that lower blue box on a long-term chart Let's pull it up and this is why it's your best time that I theorem well for the past two weeks It was your best time to buy aetherium because if we look at a Long term like six-week chart look at that And this is why I was saying like aetherium is very good right now because on a macro scale When we go back like months and months and months

It was resting right there on that seven eight six Right and this is going all the way back to where we slowed down All the way back to the beginning of this year so this is like a 12 month cycle, right but you can see went all the way up to the top green below orange broke right back down and Caught on that 786 so if you were able essentially what that means if you're able to buy it on the 786 That's gonna be the best return on your money because it still has all that energy to get right back up To that one point oh right, so you see that That's the one and that's the 786 That makes sense Yeah 386 I apologize 386 a Lot of times that's a wrong number so I do apologize but the 7 8 6 and the 2 3 6 are essentially interchangeable if I was to say this was 0 and This was 1 which is what some people do then They would just flip sides, right? They're just it's like looking you know flipping flipping over to the other side of the paper But they mean the exact same thing depending on what what side of the chart you're looking at Should I sell my – Let's pull up – real quick So yeah, you could see what's happening with Z cash is it's also interesting, too Is that once it gets down to the floor then the seller stop right because they can't sell it any lower right So that's when that volume kind of just decreases and those candles get really really small you Know and also it's always good to take note of when this consolidation happens when that sideways market takes over right Because one of the rules I learned a long time ago Is it normally happens about 2/3 down from the base? so if you have this big big big Sell you know sell right there that thing was 8% I'm trying to see how I could do this two-thirds down how do we measure distance on this thing? technically Two-thirds down would be That's one Right there Yeah So technically two-thirds down Again, and this is going back to the seven eight six theory your best bet would be to buy it somewhere in there, right And that's what we just talked about with the seven eight six That's the exact same concept We go from zero to one bottom the top and we buy it between that green and blue bar boom boom and that's what's happening with aetherium right now so aetherium you know is still an Amazing amazing guy guys I know it's up a little bit, but you got to look at this money That's been rotating it went from Bitcoin cash to – what's next what's next right And so with me as a day trader now keep that in mind Fibonacci the blue – 786 at the bottom is gonna Make you a lot of money, but you have to wait for it They gotta wait for it so as a day trader what I like I don't like the lake you know so I want to catch charts to where if I'm able to jump in here at the money Zone between that six one eight and the three eight – you know and I can catch it, and it goes right up It's a lot easier for it to get back up to that 1

0 Especially especially if this thing goes up from you know the top of that money's all right So that's when I say you know – money zone verse – 786 that's really what it is those green bands right there That's kind of like the central node energy, and then the outer blue bands are kind of like the extreme you know flex points But this whole thing is basically vibrating in resonance with itself It's a whole complete circuit, and that's why I like a theory on the left because it's just such a beautiful chart That shows you how the energy Works, you know inside all of this stuff, right? so I Wanted to use this call to really more ghosts Go go go over you know Trading tactics, so I'm not I'm not looking at random charts that you know just don't have anything to do with it Or don't necessarily have a clean teaching chart so for example aetherium I knew was very very clean, so when somebody asked me about the Fibonacci in the 786 you know that's what I spent the time doing but if you just want to look at a random chart to see if it's a Good time to buy it or sell it I'm not going to do that right now Newer charts what I found newer charts for whatever reason are oftentimes very very very easy To draw harmony to I think that's because they're they're new entities right in there You know in relatively low circulation mostly owned by people I don't think the Industrials get involved with a lot of these newer funds yet Because because they're newer they're also riskier right enough and the house likes to keep the money safe So we can check out mouna real quick And then I can you know jump into ten and see what else is going on over here So with Mona, I just need to look at the whole thing first Look at that dose See this is what I'm saying We like these charts like Edith is just so clean sometimes and again this is zero to one and it comes down home and your best place to buy it is right there on the 786 and you can see what happens like it's literally just like stepping up a ladder and stepping down a ladder and This thing goes out Almost the four monk right so that's just the market coming to terms with this new entity and then together Decide and what they want this entity to become I? Like I like Mona

I think it's pretty good It reminds me a lot of Bitcoin cash in the sense that you know it came out and had a Big run here, so it has a lot of energy inside of it, right And this has just been recently has a lot of energy inside of it, right And so now if we look at Mona on a seven minute We can see that it's pulled back so We know that this at the bottom of the macro so what we can do is draw another Fibonacci for the micro this is like the inner trade didn't touch you right there and look at that our 786 lines up exactly with the 382 of the micro so basically that's kind of like a double confirmation of What we saw in the first place, and I just drew that bam bam You know But when you get to major levels that line up like that that Consolidate to each other that tells you this whole thing is just in resonance with The market, which is good you know cuz then it's it's not manipulated, right? It's a it's a it's a free Entity which is always good So right there, and this is this is these are the trades that I liked so for example I think I bought some Mona down about like a hundred moment when I saw this thing not today, but on another day You know when you have a quick break out like that you Want to try to buy it inside that money zone because it's a lot easier to go right back up You can just think of this as like you know a bridge like it goes up It comes down, and it goes right back up right? To wear with aetherium you know we had to go up break down go sideways Break down and now we're gonna have to wait probably like two three months before we get somewhere back up here But when you're able to catch it inside the money zone You literally you know just have to wait half the amount of time that it took to get there So you basically double that amount of time right here? Right which was in this case six hours, we double that time from the money's alone, and we're right back right back where we started So as a trader I like catching coins and the money's on Right And also if you're in a tech, please don't flooded with the same question said You know if you're like I'm literally reading these comments and trying to draw charts You know so don't just flood it with 25 Responses or 25 comments and nobody else is saying nothing That's kind of a dick move That's how people get blocked so if you want to get blocked and keep doing it But for now you're in timeout so think about what you did Um epics we just did a chart on pivots, and I gotta do that again Yeah like come on man, you're like the only one in chart like just thrown comments out there every 20 seconds Don't nobody want to hear you dat it you're not that important, okay? This is a community what we got four hundred people on the air right now You're not that important do not do that please Yeah, let's check out, okay see oh And I got a trade – – before we get up over here, oh, this look this doesn't look bad It looks a lot better I Like it when a coins Relative on a seven minute without what I look for right away is um if it's making a move inside of seven minutes, then I know it's showing up on a 77 and that's probably when the market starts to see it look at the a that's a lot of money um Okay, so okay, caches It's literally just going up I'm where is it on a 343 yeah? Not a problem

It's gonna have here look This is okay cache, so I I drew this you know Those are the macro levels we can redraw that let's redraw this real quick What's going on big Paul chart ATX for the group, thank you Thank you Yeah, please do that now be awesome So let's check out the levels for OKC cuz I think this is a pretty solid coin We'll do break down to breakout right there and look at that this thing confirms all the way down Essentially you had a wick touched about amount of money zone You had a wick touched the top of the seven eight six so that kind of confirms that side and then over here What I really like is you had a wick confirm the the halfway basically to 05 And these candles you know Confirm that you have another little relationship down here that probably Built that breakout, but I'm not gonna worry about that right now What I wanted to see is what? this relationship Has to do with this one right because both of them are Significant breakouts from a flatline and so that's what I want to try to figure out right now

Where is this chart going? And What? Can we expect in the future? One person said they have a question They're from Germany and their English is quite good Do you have a manual PDF that he can study not yet, but I'm actually in the process of Translating all my transcripts one of the things YouTube does very well as they make a Transcript of all these broadcast so I am in the process of finding translators for the different major languages, Spanish French German You know so hopefully that'll be able to help and then from that I'll be able to put together kind of like a Hardcover document I think that that's what you're asking for The problem I see right away with okay cash is that you have that Ceiling right there right and let's see how far it goes back What we can also do is Through our Fibonacci on this side and bam that should give us the extension up there It's just close enough and you see it sticks to the moving averages now right the candles are over it But the moving average Sticks so this is actually easier for me because the moving averages are pretty easy to predict and you can See it's the moving average right there right so that's good So now we know that we're dealing with a moving average system, which is good, right? But oh well actually we could go a lot higher now So I do apologize cuz we got a lot of clearance hold on we still have a decent amount of clearance between This Moving average and the top of that Whereas when you look over here When we hit there our moving average was All the way down there, right so with that correlation We can say Or at least begin to say that Something like that Could happen On top of it oh Wait no no no no wouldn't that be something like this that Would essentially be something like this So I think we may be able to do something like that one type of a candle Yeah, we need to I Think this I think okay cash could break this little ceiling right there, probably get knocked back down At the top of that money's on you See how it just barely cleared the candle barely cleared the median point at about seven thousand I think on this run will probably Go up to eight thousand come back a little bit and then keep pushing Because now at this point and this is on the 343 – this is a buy This is on a 343 this thing is ready to make some money, and it's a second time It's like pop pop right That's a that's a buy right now Yeah, this is the this is a buy and then last one I'll do Let's check out – real quick

Just jump back over to data See what we're gonna do with this thing Cuz I got this money on beatrix Oh, oh oh all right good good vicar In so since the started a video what I was trying to do And it looks like it it has happened is give the market enough time to make a Decision with what direction they wanted it to go and basically since I started this video You know this is basically what the market has Done which is kind of sat sideways and replicated itself, but what you'll notice is that? That's square right there That's all it's done and You guys can do this to? Is repeated it? Right there You see that, but whereas one side of it What's going up? This side of it is going down and that's where you want to start to identify Breaks in the system and right and you can see that now we almost have more sellers than buyers You know to where the sellers are trying to push it down and the buyers are The ones you know just responding to it trying to save it, but literally it's like the inverse has happened So this is actually good for you guys to see And now you also notice that that seven day moving average the seven Campbell moving average is starting to turn over to right so That is essentially when I look to sell on on a breakout trade is once the green starts To pink and do that and then the candle confirms below the next supporting Interval Fibonacci level Then I know to momentum is broken and the thing has to at least come down here right it doesn't look like a lot But you know that is 20 percent 15 percent you know and and remember list these charts are just like a rollercoaster They go down faster than they go up so a lot of times It's you know small win is better than a big loss, and I won pretty good on this trade today So what I'm gonna do right now is jump on out north of 82 BTC hopefully I could get 82 if not I won't worry about it I'll make it up on the next train you know, but this is a good pick up right? And then when after you get out you know Pat yourself on the back you know take dog for a walk get away from the charts You just made some money today and yeah Now you start to see like that dark cloud cover that we talked about showing up on a much longer candle This is on a 30 minute candle whereas when we started this video We saw it on Z cache on a seven minute candle, but once it starts to fill out then the whole market starts to see it and You know they have to respond to it, right So that's why I like to live on quicker candles than what the market sees the market seems like a thirty But the big big big players a lot of them still look at it a daily or a four hour at the quickest And even when they're doing that they're not doing what we do but most of the market most of the big will investors use a daily candle so what we'll do now is we'll go ahead and jump out of – at point zero eight three because we can see on a seven minute It's already turning over the seven move it seven seven moving average is turning over and we're coming running into this floor And I know that big candle right there is basically gonna be enough to take us to that floor which will essentially Save us about eighteen percent of the ride down you know so I keep my Bitcoin in my pocket here We go boom boom sell it get about it

Yeah, oh Whoa whoa whoa let me make sure I get all of my money Maybe one is the bid Eighty three, that's a big spread right there What's going on Let's see if we get to ask 81 why is it oh well there you go, let me go ahead and just take this trying to be greedy Oh Yeah, that's the biggest thing is just you know be patient Write it out Grant it a lot of people that sold up here You know are happy they sold at ninety I was you know doing my little thumbnail when I saw it at ninety And that's why I was like jump on here because it's not gonna stay up there that much longer But I just sold it at 82 and you can see this thing and this is on a 7-minute candle But it's still continuing to go down essentially that that Seven the Green Line once those candles fall inside of it They kind of get pushed lower and lower and lower, and it's gonna take a lot of energy to pop it out all right So I'm not I'm not worried about that I got my money, and I can go put it somewhere else or I can wait You know cuz eventually Dash is gonna have to come back to that line and maybe one of the ones below it if we look at a our chart now right this is when you really start to You know do some real work right here Let me see this real quick Yeah, that's that's that's a bearish in coffin on an hour now So that's you know that was a good thing We got out when we did cuz that's not gonna hold up right you see that right there And this is an hour This is a 77 minutes here, but that's basically the market saying – you never should have been that high How did you get that high? Swallow you up all That's what happens right there when that red candle meets up with that green candle and the big red candle is like engulfing it Rowlf Swallow it up And We'll probably catch somewhere around there 65 70 – Somewhere in there, so that's where I'll get back in it Even let's do this, let's do this real quick I'll just set a Target, and maybe I'll come pick this up you know in a day or so but I'll say if this is the floor right of our breakout because you kind of see everything start it right there and That's the ceiling the top of that red Candle I'm gonna want to buy between a blue and a green All right That might be too much, I don't know if it's gonna go down that much on this run But we'll wait I'm patient I could easily set up by At point O seven because this is kind of like the second little run that it had so I could set up by Order to right now I would feel pretty confident about setting a buy right there

You know between seventy and seventy three Because then you'll probably get a little spike 278 right, but then I think ultimately it's gonna pull back a little bit more Probably to right about there 64 65 right where I said before Point 65 and 72 that's where I feel pretty comfortable buying it out There you go with regards to 108 Trading telling them hitting the reset button on that It was just really a horrible time in the market to try to do it I was I had a lot of other stuff I was Trying to build out with with this channel, so it wasn't right for me to continue to allow days to go by weeks to go by and and not keep it updated and Also, have you guys on the market buying altcoins that are underwater? We're trying to time the bottom We're essentially catching a falling knife, and we got cut pretty bad So if you do have anything in that altcoin list Look at the chart if the greens But if they're green below to orange sell it you know buy something to where the greens above the orange because we do have all Coins at this point in time that are making money This is one of them I would say wait You know until it gets down here somewhere 65 68 Before you look at buying it don't go and you know think you're gonna catch a dip at 78 and write it back up to 90 that's not gonna happen That's not the ladies market cycles work, right? So there you go

I hope this was helpful At the end of the day You know it kind of just goes back to what I talked about in the two-minute tip of the day this morning And that is to block out of You know the distractions, right? And just understand what the chart is telling you listen to the chart and like I said when when that green you know Speaks the rest of the chart listens and right now those candles are following suit you boy I already made 6% on that sale You know since I've been talking to you, right So that's good That's good Good clear get it clear Yeah, it clear Good point

Oh eight one BAM That's how you do it guys That's how you chart like a boss I Hope this was helpful, I'm not gonna get all gassed up and excited I'm about to go Get some dinner Watch a movie with my with my girl, and my dog You know I made some money today I hope you guys are able to make money, too It's a change in the market a lot of people You know it's that part about it there's a lot of people are stuck in entrenched, and how they how they Been doing business for the past year ten years six months who cares I don't know you know when when the fact that no matter is you gotta be like a fish, man You gotta jump You gotta just swim with the tide wherever that water is pushing you as the direction you need to go you know cuz I guarantee You it's people up here that threw in a bunch of money You know that big green candle right there people were throwing in a bunch of money at point-o 8/5 saying no – should be a thousand dollars look at this blog post Don't read the blog post just look at the candles How about that look at the candles look at the intersections look at the moving averages and start making some money? That being said it's that time of the day Let's go ahead and go to box of Bitcoin calm you could see a boy right now

You know I'm saying is is is literally the boss of the charts right now? They said it's a hard job But I wake up and go to work seven days a week Somebody gotta be the boss you understand 16 hours a day ain't no joke in front of these charts this stuff Don't come easy But one of the things I did do was put together a few products available If you're trying to be profitable and prominent and prosperous in the marketplace that you know I wasn't necessarily Bragging, but I do Stand as probably the best product of my own product you know and that's the ability to make money the ability to Understand the market and like I said, there's my play account right here Yes, I ain't even in fall So you know we you can see with – it was it was pretty easy And we do have a lot of other trades and charts and essentially coins built Into this list I try to do a lot of the work I can't make every trade for you, but I can tell you what coins you should be trading And that's mostly what the profit package the dream team and most recently decrypt a police report I'm telling you right now guys This is the list to own for 2017 and 2018 And it most likely will outpace the rest of the market five to one It's a very very very powerful list of coins That I have not used in any other chart before so some people were saying you know is it coins from the private packets It's from the dream-team know when I give you a list it is like a new Creation of my mind as far as the market is moving right then and there what coins Do you need about to be you know what's gonna have the biggest impact next couple months you know next three months That's what I look at boom and this is it right here You got the big money players coming to the table just like I showed you in that – and that zika's chart at the exact same time those things broke out two standalone coins and they broke out right that's because the Industrials are putting their money on their favorite horses right and some of them already got a horse in the race You know and a lot of you guys don't even know what horse Teddy is well I'm betting on it right now, and it's already in this report so 25 dollars that can be yours It's very very very reasonable Please expect these prices to increase in the future as I increase my distribution as I pay for these additional platforms Expect to pay more for my products and and so right now You're getting you know you're getting it at the rock floor price right now is on that seven eight six Or if you don't buy it down here, don't expect it to be cheaper in the future with that being said I gotta go I'm about to go buy some TV You know I'm saying have a good day Make some money with – is cash Just like your boy said signing out this stuff folks Your boy became no matter where you say from Brazil to the bait, California all the way back go do dirt money Let me see this real quick Let me see let me see let me see let me see hold up hold up hold up

Wait a minute Wait a minute Oh Can I hit it one time ah man it felt like my camera? Oh, well, I was gonna try to get y'all some face time, but you know they don't even like Google miles not like my face They already did monetize my videos They like me helping the people make no money to go get it I guess they don't like my face either Sounding out this the boss boy BK Have a nice day caffeine shared his video text somebody Show him how to chart like a boss one time come join us in the Facebook group number one? Big coin group in the world fifteen thousand of my best friends come together seven days a week And I catch out tomorrow stay cryptic y'all peace