Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is July the 29th 2017 buy-and-hold get rich by desiring little strong hand alright thanks to the person who sent me some bitcoin that was very nice of you my links are below remember to check out this week in Bitcoin we had a great show yesterday where we had a guest from India on who actually told us what's going on on the ground with Bitcoin in India link is below also obviously use my affiliate link to get your trades or or your any storage device over a crypto h-w wallet comm mat affiliate link is below I'm also wearing a t-shirt from cryptography tu we've got links below to get discounts on that and you can get some leather case luxury leather case over at the crypto HW look there I am oh gotta fix the hair right a little bit go shave so answer yeah tomorrow I well it's Sunday here in Brisbane Australia tomorrow I'm going down before I leave for back for the United States I'm going to the Gold Coast tomorrow so if anybody is familiar with the Gold Coast then hey man maybe you'll see me down you're see me down there tomorrow don't worry we're gonna get into this show in one second I just I'm really clicking around here I can't see you guys in the chat so if anyone's saying hello over there anyway so what's on the agenda here today what do we got what are we talking about here besides crypto hwl and all that awesome stuff so the Bitcoin dominance has increased lately as I believe people are selling their alt coins inward again we're Bitcoin because some of these people out there they want non stripped Bitcoin and what I mean by that is after August the first if you get Bitcoin you have no I most you don't know if the person has already stripped the fun coin from it because remember on August the first they're coming out with at least one coin that they're trying to pretend is a Bitcoin they're forking it away from Bitcoin so thus if you own Bitcoin before that date you're entitled to this free FUD coin also and I cover this fudk when I don't mention it by name I mentioned I I talked about in past videos you can look up look up the past videos and you'll see what I'm talking about here but there are people who want this who think whatever I want this free coin you know your life is free so they're there some people are buying Bitcoin out just for that reason and selling their alt coins to get Bitcoin so that's something that's going on out there I just wanted to point that out now the projected up locking date for segregated witness is Tuesday August the 8th and in the morning and after that date and and that's also obviously after all this flood coin nonsense they'll probably die down a little bit long-term thinkers if you're if you can even think long term for like two weeks basically half a month if you can hold off and doing anything crazy with your Bitcoin you're gonna be really happy by that point because segment will be activate that the what I'm the price of Bitcoin could be quite a bit more than it what is it right now $2,700 $2,600 right now we're gonna be through a lot of fun by that point um a lot of things are gonna be a bit more clear in Bitcoin so there people is saying all sorts of big numbers for later in August so try to be a long term thinker try to think about think about what's gonna be going on in two weeks can you guys wait for two weeks I mean you could save yourself so much agony if just don't do anything with your Bitcoin next two weeks and so right now as the title implies Bitcoin hoarders are just ramping up right now they're buying the last of their Bitcoin they're moving the last of their Bitcoin to safe places and they're just getting ready to do nothing but their Bitcoin and in the long term and it's gonna help so that'd be a long-term thinker that's why I preached this type of thing and the other thing to remember through all of this once this FUD coin comes out and i'm gonna talk about this photo coin a little bit in a positive manner I guess um the positive aspect of it is that usually container in your mind is you should always be trying to acquire more Bitcoin you should always be trying to increase your Bitcoin stash so if you happen to have some new fake Bitcoin okay and all of a sudden there is an easy way to dispose of it where you're not going to have to risk any of your real Bitcoin then go ahead and dispose of it now I'm gonna go into some Michael Krieger who has been on this show before has a very interesting blog post that I link to below where he discusses some scenarios and some strategies about how you might want to get rid of your flood coin this is this fake Bitcoin that's being created out there but we'll get into that uh we'll get into that in a second alright so what would I also wonder is that and I encourage Bitcoin hoarding I really do but I wonder if we're getting some new orders here because some of them just want to get this Frick coin after August first alright to each his own but we going back to this free coin and what people expect of it and what people don't expect of it we when people start valuing it and start mentioning three-digit numbers like $200 $300 we're talking about creating a coin out of the blue on new altcoin because that's all it is and saying that it's it's market cap is 35 billion dollars or something like that that it the number for cryptocurrency on earth and if this really happens if this valuation happens we're just going to learn how many crazy newbies there are in this market that just by I CEOs blindly and just see how much our community has been taken over by new people and if that's the case then that's the case then we're gonna have to admit it Wow there is some insane irrational exuberance and if there is something and I don't want people to be could that confused I mean I have encountered so many people who have jumped into this space and I'm so glad well you're getting new people into the space but they have just skipped important steps don't they don't understand that you can check the public address on Bitcoin you know that their block explores people don't even know like these things they don't know what the Bitcoin having is just just weird and these are the people that are most likely gonna get hurt by the icy OS but they could get hurt by this too because some of these new people are gonna want to buy this off point and whatever you do do not buy this Alcorn if you happen you know you have it for free because your own Bitcoin that's out there selling is fine I guess if you're not gonna risk your Bitcoin in some way alright but buying this off oh but uh what I bet you're gonna get involved with such a pump and dump it is I mean if you want to be on the other end of that trade where everybody's trying to sell then you know be my guest or whatever but don't don't don't do that don't do that if you're a new person don't be my guest because I don't want people getting hurt here um people buying this thing for $200 and then it being worth five dollars in a week think long term here people now again if you can sell it for $200 now then Wow I mean what a world we're gonna be living in its that irrational but I mean when you're talking about valuations of $200 $100 I mean we're talking about market capitalizations that are greater than Manero greater than litecoin of a coin that has not even been created yet as of today July 29th on the East Coast and July 30th you're in office oh yeah this coin doesn't even exist yet and people are fixing it's worth more than Manero I mean Manero they're going to be almost the same amount of Manero is out there as there are this new Fudd coin and so people like some people other expect the mark to say that this new Fudd coin is worth is better than Manero in every way possible which is an anonymous quench there's something completely different than Bitcoin this coin that is being created this thought coin out of China that's being created it does nothing what does it do that's different in the real Bitcoin I mean we're talking crazy I mean they're using the name Bitcoin and this is a psychological thing and I guess some people who are gonna try to buy it they're not thinking like well I'm wasting $200 on this there's a different psychology involved they're like well pretty etherium for this I'm trading a Bitcoin for this but you're that's real value they're dudes that feel value try to like try to think of it in a different way anyway if this thing stayed is legitimate for more than 24 hours and there's a part of me that's gonna be really shocked by all of that I mean I just can't I'm just the kind of thinker who just can grasp for such a rational behavior and I mean no baby can last longer than 72 hours but I mean I'm improving I didn't wrong before and anyway I just don't see how a random all coin that does not exist at this point becomes a number for cryptocurrency on on earth in a few days I mean it's just think of it that way but um and I want to point out that's something that might lead you to believe that this thing because it's using the Bitcoin name could surge could do something is that if you look at this Bitcoin dark that already exists in Bitcoin Plus that already exists I believe that's their names that you've done well in the last few days they've like double in price or something and I don't know it amuses speculators buying it up to trick newbies you think that this is the new Fudd coin that's about to come out I don't know or are newbies that prevalent if newbies are that prevalent a lot of all these are about to make I do quite well on selling our FUD coin because I mean I'm not doing anything with that fun coin you know that in the first 24 hours of it but again if it stays around the value of 10% of one Bitcoin oh my god so then you sell your stash of FUD coin and you increase your bitcoins – by 10% oh for these fools these greater fools I mean you have to do at that point you're gonna have to do it um so I mean I'm warning people though I'm warning people like I really don't want to see that happy I mean what a situation we're about to enter here it's it's I mean there's a certain level of excitement you can tell it by voices stuff and if you watch this week in Bitcoin we covered this kind of thing so let's go let's let's move on a little bit and again notice how I did not pound that like button people because I haven't said it yet um what was I gonna say so let's move on again notice how I don't say that Fudd coin by name you can look it up you can look up all the players in that I don't mention them by name either because there's no there's no need to you know make it seem legitimate because it's not legitimate at all right I mean interesting August 1st was gonna be interesting I'm gonna be on a plane that's how much I care and I'll be in New York for a few hours on August 1st you never know who I'll run into uh I want to know now I want to talk about that aspect of August 1st so there's a tweet out there by trust nodes chromebase seemingly facing an exodus Bitcoin withdrawals delayed up to 12 hours due to a large volume of outgoing Bitcoin transactions okay so Bitcoin as economies has really slowed down now and if you that's unfortunate and it and people want to ops you're doing the right thing they don't want to keep their Bitcoin on a on a third party which is you should always not want to do that I mean come on but some people are doing that because they want to get there flip point and I don't think coinbase is gonna give you your free foot point so there's a little bit of the market psychology that there's you know there's some psychology going on there if coinbase would have said they've given out the free fun coin maybe it'd be different unfortunately it shouldn't be different but one should never keep their Bitcoin exchange look what just happened to be TC – E and speaking of that there is a tweet out there that says that from the BTC – e situation whatever you want to call it closure that 92 million dollars worth of aetherium has been seized by the US government by who I don't know so maybe we're gonna have an aetherium auction one day a government auction one day that that's that's your the interesting um but again that's a lot that's a lot of lost cryptocurrency there a lot of people are gonna be really angry that they're not getting their etherium back or their Bitcoin back or their litecoin back so again I want to point out that you need to have a strong hand people wait two weeks until after we've got seg with uh locked in and after this fun coin nonsense is going on and I think you're gonna be happy with the Bitcoin price and whoo yeah I mean we're gonna if things get is crazy the people are silly and start buying this FUD coin or whatever who knows what might happen to the price of Bitcoin and we're gonna get into that when we talk about the Michael Krieger scenario here yes and someone asked me in the in the comment section about anyone just fork off and create their own altcoin just like yes at any time anyone can create their own altcoin from bitcoin like this flood coin is doing this fun coin is is picking this date to create the most fun possible and there you're doing it for leverage for strategy for who knows what reasons but you can fork off a bitcoin anytime you want now what people and it doesn't matter and just create an altcoin that's all this is that's all this is and usually doesn't get any attention it's getting attention because people are about it making seem legitimate it's using the big boy name it's it's there people are talking about it who have been given legitimacy who have should never have been given legitimacy we're already way down a road where why this is being given attention but it's no different than me I could just get some dudes together and we can create Adam Meister coin at a Meister Bitcoin and it would be the same thing but what people are worried about is when aetherium classic type of situation now a lot of you don't remember that but aetherium had a hard for where the people behind aetherium said okay we're we're hard we're making a new version of aetherium but this is area so it so and we're just leaving this but the rest the old atheria behind and we're gonna forget about it and some people decide we're not going to forget about it so that's where the contention comes into play okay that's where the bat one person saying this is the real etherium the other person saying this is the real theorem and the majority are saying the new aetherium is the real aetherium but original aetherium is still alive so they have a legitimate claim that that's the real aetherium so we don't want that to happen to be qin that's what we've been trying to avoid with Bitcoin where people decide you know what there's no nothing technically wrong with Bitcoin but we're stuck we're gonna fork off we the majority say this is a new Bitcoin and we're letting this old Bitcoin behind everyone's gonna forget about it and then not everyone forgets about it someone continues that old chain and that is the situation to be avoided at all costs but that's not what we're in right now um so I I hope people understood that I tried to technical way we are not there it is not a contentious heart for what is going on so there's nothing to worry about in terms alright so this this this all coin that's being created though it I decided it is the official coin of the food court so if you are in um if you if you're eating in the fun court with Peter chef and all big guys who create the fought against a Bitcoin you gotta use this as your uh this that's how the you pay your your Peter ships how you pay for your fun food with the flight event maybe that's it's good use once it's worth five cents you know you buy up use a hundred of them and get yourself a hamburger at the food court I don't know Peter Schiff burger some pound that like button oh my live viewers out there we got about a what a hundred of you here at 8:30 p

m on the east coast or 8:20 pm on the east coast back home back in Baltimore and New York and all you guys out there how you doing so uh chumpies actually brought up something that was really interesting that I was thinking about lately that you know for some of these exchanges you can only withdrawal $2,000 worth of cryptocurrency in one day which is another reason why you don't keep your coins on these exchanges so some people are now worried that any wait a second if BTC knees got shut down then maybe we're gonna get shut down over here so I gotta start getting my cryptocurrency off this well some people have like a lot more than $2,000 worth of cryptocurrency apparently on these exchanges huge mistake but what I was thinking about is if this BCC know if this fuck coin that's being created this blood altcoin if someone has like 30 of them or in exchange for this thing I'm sending my 30 over there right now to sell holy everybody take a few days to sell it you know get all of your Bitcoin off of it but obviously you're gonna sell it for Bitcoin how glorious if you've got thirty of these things and you sell them you get three Bitcoin worth of them Oh oh my god well it's gonna take you three over three days to get your Bitcoin off of there so that's an interesting scenario and then how to fit the unfortunately then during that three-day period the exchange goes bankrupt and closes down that would be sad but that's just a fact of life with these limits on the exchanges a coin journal dotnet is reporting the genesis mining which is something none of you should get into it's basically a scam a cloud mining is a scam cloud mining is a scam but Genesis mining is saying they have been hacked whoo have they really been hacked or is the gig up is the jig up is it oh I mean are they being you know a lot of people say they've been hacked and they just disappear I don't want to start any fun but you should never been messing with clown mining in the first place so keep an eye on the Genesis mining hack that has been announced all right toward the Meester's got a uh a awesome tweet out there crypto if cryptocurrencies are life forms you better get it you better get it largely right at launch or you risk creating Frankenstein's monster that that pertains to the situation of today in many different ways with all coins that are coming out with a lot of coins that are coming out with the ICO that are coming out all right I'd link to uh Michael Krieger Liberty blitzkrieg he's been on the show before he is not a Bitcoin guy he clearly says he's not but he's I mean he's a lot of fun raised on the show and he he does Bitcoin related up coasts and he's got this one out there about the flood coin and he gives some strategies and he talks about how there are people out there threatening to buy up this FUD coin and dump their Bitcoin for it in order to dump the bit make the Bitcoin price go down he goes over all sorts of scenarios and why you might have want to hold on to your FUD coin for a week and then can sell your thoughtcoins as a way to fight back against these bad actors who are dumping their Bitcoin if these people have they are insane enough to dump their Bitcoin to sell Bitcoin for this coin as of today doesn't even exist okay if they're that insane if they've gone that wild if they're that psychopathic sociopathic whatever you want to call them they hate the current situation in Bitcoin that much if they want power that much then whoa we're in for a crazy crazy ride and there's some bad actors and then I'm ready to profit off of their insanity and just you know fight back by dumping their FUD coin back in their faces and getting paid three hundred dollars a five coin my god if they were to buy my I mean who I just I cannot imagine I don't keep repeating myself I'm a long-term thinker this thing is in the long-term in it's not a long-term thing it's a short-term attack on Bitcoin our short-term way to prepare for the November attack on Bitcoin I don't know a lot of newbies are gonna get hurt by this man and a lot of buy-in holders and people who hoard are just gonna be laughing laughing what everything that they did nothing and eventually dump this Oh coin um finally I mentioned again reminder trays ORS are gonna be available next Friday Joseph says that Croatia are you all calm use my affiliate link below I mentioned how people have been complaining to me about litecoin and traceur and the new EMA dress I have linked it below to the a place where you can convert your litecoin and address into a light point three address or your like point three address into a like M addressed if you don't know what I'm talking about then that's cool but if you're a holder of like point you might want to look into this type of thing I'd be comfortable or the situation just people have been having problems sending litecoin back and forth to their trays or and there's just some transition that's going on right now and you won't have to worry about it if you do this conversion thing time that like button i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe to this channel like this video share this video do check out the new section below there'll be some new videos coming out at weird times from me now because I'm going to be travelling I'll see some of you in the Gold Coast soon enough Brisbane is it has been great it's lovely here in Australia count out like button I'll see some of you in the chat bye