Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is October the 7th 2019 strong hand long term thinking baby unn confiscate able bitcoin is the next bitcoin now your wealth in bitcoin one bitcoin equals form bitcoin offended by selling hey conviction we're gonna talk about that bitcoin is the next bitcoin line when I discussed the Andreas Antonopoulos video hello my elite friends check out the links below everything I talk about in this video is linked to below tech ball on Twitter I haven't between that much lately because I've been busy but I'll be back to back to it soon but follow me there retweet me there that's a great way to support the show disrupt meister comm this week a bitcoin bitcoin tina was on check that out saturday's be on bitcoin show awesome and then the other days of the week we just do the one bitcoin show you never know where you're gonna get doing the one bitcoin show okay and this show is live so if you've got questions type in bitcoin meister i will see it my elite friends and i will answer it and I am wearing the honey badger shirt today you can get shirts like this link to below it's it's been a while since I wore the honey badger shirt but bitcoin is the honey badger and remember if you're watching this tape played at 2x it saves you a lot of time so here's a tweet from BTC over Fiat in my opinion pensions are slowly becoming insolvent well that's not just your opinion do young people working for corporations or governments should not depend on their pension plan for retirement they should get into Bitcoin and save bitcoin is a pension on steroids for the young savors yeah I mean if you're betting on receiving a pension from your corporation or your government uh III don't know how you're still betting on that but they're plenty 80 percenters that blindly follow Authority and of course my company will pay me what they say they're gonna pay me when I'm 75 of course the government is going to pay dude a better way to take care of yourself because that's not taking you that's letting some third party take care of you okay in old age don't let a third party take care of you in old age you end up in the hospital rotting away take care of yourself in old age make Bitcoin your pension plan Bitcoin is my pension plan pound that like button it's something to remember something to reconfigure your life around there because most people aren't thinking that way they're still relying on third parties to take care of them in the future you got to take it personal responsibilities new counterculture dudes and dudettes alright let's talk about personal responsibility here here's an example of some people that aren't very uh well they don't understand the concept of personal responsibility and it's this is where the freaking big boys play today Roche Freeman LP find this is from Kyle Roche the lawyer filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of those who own cryptocurrency against tether and BitFenix and others for manipulating the cryptocurrency market to create the largest bubble in history okay so this law firm which defeated fake toshi they date they're dealing in cryptocurrency lawsuits so they were on the right side of the fake toshi thing although the prop they may advise their client Kleinman or Kleman or whatever his name is to just to settle and lie signed something that says that fake Toshi is Satoshi Nakamoto which is course I mean the it I would be surprised if they encourage their client to do that after reading that they're associated with this lawsuit with dudes there's some guys that are disappointed that they bought a bunch of freaking altcoins and lost money on them okay and they named the altcoins that their clients own okay that this that one of the replies was this is not tether this is copy coin speculation your clients were speculating with no value thesis and the market took their money as it does to the ignorant and greedy this suit should be summarily dismissed yeah I agree these people did not they don't have personal responsibility they're not part of the counterculture they're sore losers you know you you buy the second tier third tier altcoins and you lose so this is what you get you lose move along be a big boy but no they hire these dudes they want to do a clap that they want to like a trillion dollar it's they want a trillion dollars or something like that okay when they're saying saying something as vague as tether and beef in X manipulated the market I mean it was a tremendous market and how many billions of dollars do you guys want here for just being irresponsible by buying these freakin I mean if you were watching them this channel you wouldn't you would understood that bitcoin is the next Bitcoin one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin don't FOMO and all you fo Moton all coins and now you're suing tether okay and this also show this should be another lesson tether BitFenix centralized entities they can be sued frivolously bitcoin can't be sued pound that like button so that that's a weakness of centralization right there you can be sued by who are these guys roshun freeman by people who don't understand personal responsibility let's talk more about up and responsibility let's talk about the glory of Bitcoin that Bitcoin is about defiance while ripple is about compliance I won't be talking about ripple here but gab and I've talked about gab before their social media platform that no payment processor wants to do business with they sent out gab sent out like over a million emails to their followers or I guess the people subscribe to their email list talking about the glory of Bitcoin how Bitcoin is free speech money how they're basing so much of their business around Bitcoin Bitcoin I'll read an excerpt but it is linked to below this this letter that they sent out Bitcoin is free speech money it is now approximately 30% of gabs operating revenue as of this writing we expect this to grow going into 2020 and beyond 2020 having gap needs Bitcoin in fact it can be argued that gab is the ultimate use taste for Bitcoin that is a legitimate argument gab is illegal US business selling software subscriptions and hats but can but can't process payments on the internet why because the social justice lynch mob says so because banks say so because a cabal of tech corporations say so Bitcoin makes them all irrelevant buying Bitcoin is the ultimate defiance against the entire establishment order so gab didn't stand there and cry they said okay PayPal doesn't want to do business with us we are going we're going all in Bitcoin support us with Bitcoin supporters and their and they're going even deeper now so they're 30% 30% of gabs operating revenue was was because of Bitcoin so good luck to them keep on innovating with Bitcoin keep on spreading the word of Bitcoin how its unsensible how even though the payment processors have cutting you dudes off you are still operating and yeah I don't know I don't agree with everything that's all toasting old gab but I do think that they're using Bitcoin in the correct way to get around the third party's discriminating against them and that's the thing you can complain against being discriminated against or you can be like I'm getting around this with Bitcoin pound that like button they are they are showing that Bitcoin is all about defiance they are defined they are defying the system okay what is here in this chat one two three no scopez said bitcoin meister the best feeling is when you stash another point one BTC and no you aren't going to touch it until 2030 – maybe 2036 I love the mathematics behind the having's as do I 1 2 3 noscope keep on buying point one at a time or converting your crypto dividends into 01 at a point one big point at a time whatever you may be doing and of course yes save that glorious Bitcoin for as long as possible offended by selling now we're gonna talk about andreas and andreas says in his latest video I forgot that the title is something like Bitcoin his next Bitcoin it is a very good video especially toward the end of the video he really takes it to a new level at the end of the video but there are some things that I disagree with him about in the video things I wanted to point out and I you can still admire the dude and loved the video and find some points that maybe he could improve upon and one of his weaknesses is he does curse too much i I think he he sometimes uses swear words at points that it is not even necessary it's a little awkward to even use it a curse word at some places that he uses curse words so I think it takes away from his presentation when he uses the f-word um especially that one the S word is bad also but he uses that word and hey but that's not that's my take on one thing but he I mean he's still a genius and he is wrong about he said he explains how he the Bitcoin in 2012 and how he bought like 50 and he bought another 50 and then he's like you probably think I'm rich but he's like of course it went up it went from $2 to $8 and I bought a new xbox he's like and then he says you know all the old-timers are like that so many old-timers they they bought and they sold to everyone when they get these is everyone when they get in the Bitcoin they buy it and it goes up by some and then they sell it and then he says raise your hand if you do that and a lot of people raised their hand and some people didn't raise their hand sling or five people didn't raise their hand or whatever um I gotta say something here I didn't do that I knew right away it was something that you don't sell right away I I mean as a younger person I remember maybe the reason I learned my lesson was as a much younger person I bought a stock and then it went up but like I sold it a week later or something like that and then my father told me about short term capital gains and I at that point I was like I'm not doing something like that again but no it's interesting Andreas to share that aspect of his Bitcoin story and he I get a lot of people do do that with Bitcoin the whole point of my channel is you value your wealth and Bitcoin from the start you buy you aim to get one and then you just don't sell that one you aim to get two three four ten 100 but he does say back in it but I did want to point out and correct him but no not everyone does that not everybody wants to buy an xbox when their Bitcoin quadruples and let in value they know not everybody goes out and buys my xbox then now he's does say if you need to act so when he's talking about he says people ask him all the time what what's gonna be the next Bitcoin and he tells them bitcoin is next Bitcoin and one of the things that he correctly points out is that there are many people out there that feel the need to ask other people advice on well should I buy this coin should I buy that coin if you even have to ask that question you should not be buying that coin okay that means you don't know enough about it you could you don't know its benefits you just want some third-party confirmation to make you think like oh you're doing the right thing you're not doing the right thing okay you're not doing the right thing if you need to ask that question because you don't know what you're talking about if you have to ask that question that's what he points out there which is something he really sums up nicely there and I alluded to that before but he puts it into words very nicely now and was he buying something okay I said that so he makes a rabbet comparison he talks about evolution and how if a species is introduced into environment and they dominate that environment rabbits that were brought to Australia and they just started breeding like rabbits and they dominated it they were well suited for for that environment and the other species died etcetera etc and then once they're dominate you can introduce some other animal that'sthat's better suited for the environment but there's so many rabbits there already that the other the other animal is not going to do well it's going to die because the rabbits are there so many of them it's going to eat all the food they dominate the environment they dominate another species will fail and that is the comparison he makes with Bitcoin Bitcoin dominates the environment um you might come up with something that's better than Bitcoin okay you throw it into this environment it's not going to take bitcoins gonna eat its lunch Bitcoin everyone already did people don't know what it is bitcoin is well established it dominates this environment if you've got a cryptocurrency you've got a new purchase you gotta find a completely new environment for okay something that it specializes in debt and then he brings up aetherium and he says that a theory and and torna Meester has brought this fact up before that it's apples and oranges if you're is in a different environment it cerium is not the next Bitcoin aetherium does not bitcoins environment etherium is in some hole another environment now is this a great environment that's going to stay alive or is it going to sing into the sea who knows but it does dominate its environment he points that out he says aetherium is the next aetherium and for all the people out there who said you know andreas took your line bitcoin is the next bitcoin it's not it was not my line again I thought vortex made it up I know I've heard things like it before I started saying it andreas can say I can save or Tex can say I will say this I was the first person I ever heard that said etherium is the next etherium and he also said that he did not get that for me but I will say that I am the first person I've said it in past videos that aetherium isn't and I don't even like a theory I don't really care about it the area I talk about aetherium so Bitcoin people can just not worry about it like it's apples and oranges it's not dominating aetherium x' and it's not dominating bitcoins environment so you let them do what they're going to do and I think but egos is not taking over a theory and if the area is well established in its environment say what you will about its environment it's got many many developers working on it it's got big conferences all over the world including in Tel Aviv where I just was and yeah it's it's the next aetherium so Andrea says that in the video also and yeah it's a great video so so definitely check it out especially toward the end of the video he really rocks oh wait is that the Bitcoin rabbi I see in there hey Bitcoin rabbi what is that man I was hanging with the Bitcoin rabbis brother in Tel Aviv all right let us we've had some other questions here Tabo dacra says don't you think swear words are 80% vocabulary who really sees anything is it I think it yeah 80 percenters tend to use words like that yes but sometimes 20 percenters use that language I don't think it's I don't think it's necessary hey I say I say bad words I say baby I I make it a point not to say them on the show I try to make it family-friendly I've heard that certain people's teenagers watch the show and stuff so that that has you know I have a strong hand to not to not say the I have some discipline when it comes to saying nothing bad words but everyone slips up every once in a while a couple times in the show before and but now it's some people have filthy language there's a there's one word I think is especially filthy the N and no one says that word in the cryptocurrency space but that that words the filthiest of of swear words in the United States at least and to hear people of all races use that language no matter what race you are and I you know in the inner city here a lot of people say that word it's just such a it's such a disgusting word it's so so filthy and it's so low-class to use that word anyway that got me off on a tangent there one two three no scope says so I don't get there's a lotta 80% of that used language like that and it's it's usually quite unnecessary kind of off topic one two three no scope says but do you ever think you'll have a drink again no I won't I don't think I will in the future do you ever see think you'll have some scotch on the rocks and reflect back on the early years of it no I I don't know I don't think I'll have ever have a drink again i don'ts time fairy disciplined it was just um a spouse of a sibling of mine they were eating some pizza the other day and I was off for pizza by this spouse you know I know I thought you maybe you would like some I said I'm never gonna have any peace again for the rest of my life so you don't you don't have to ask me and no I won't have any pizza like don't eat bread I don't need I don't do that um so no I won't have it no I won't have a drink again for the rest of my life alright so but good question and Saturday shows or the beyond Bitcoin shows I talk about all sorts of stuff just like bread and health and not drinking and I used to drink a lot people I I was a party animal luckily I was not addicted to alcohol I know a lot of you have problems with that stuff and I don't want to downplay that I know it's very different appearances it's hard to get over now call a dictionary for me I just I just stopped drinking because I wasn't addicted to just something I'd used the party and whatever that's all sorts of store all sorts of stores I don't remember now because hey I was drinking some stories I do remember it's not healthy people it's not healthy I know I got a big smile on my face when I'm talking about it but it's not it's not healthy I regret doing it I don't know what it's done to me long term I who knows who knows who knows alright so um I don't worry about it I just try to be as healthy as I possible you don't you don't regret the past you don't worry about the past you live for the few you live a healthy life here in the present and the future and what is this best Bitcoin dips in hindsight it's okay this is not about regrets just like I said but this is something so all of you people who always freaked out when the price goes down you can see the price has gone down other times and and these are good memories this is from robustus says January 2015 capitulation $155 August 2016 BitFenix hack it fell to 475 now I want to go back to that one daddy's a classic so many people do not remember but I remember that one show vividly because it was after they having they have it before they having it had gone up to 700 then all of a sudden it was around 600 in August and BitFenix got hacked okay and people panic and he dropped the 475 but when he'd hit that 475 I will never forget coinbase crashed at that point because so many people were trying to buy at that price when it went below 500 was everyone everyone knew that was a deal at that time so this guy is reminding us that that it's more than hindsight to remember that was a good deal there were so many people at that moment around the BitFenix hat when it went to 475 that wanted Bitcoin that coinbase totally crashed you could not but people were very angry they wanted to get 475 Bitcoin and they could not so that's a good memory March 2017 ETF rejection at Dalton and then December 2018 capitulation 3122 so there's you know you look back and you see these low numbers and they were just buying opportunities that's all they were and they also can trigger your memory and remembering these good times that you had a strong hand and that you did not panic cell and that maybe you were buying who knows what you were doing I know I read all ggest 2016 I was trying to get a few more at that point I do I do remember that and I do remember coinbase that was classic when coinbase whenever there'd be whenever would there be some major event in Bitcoin and people would want to buy a lot of Bitcoin base would crash that was such a classic legendary a 99 said dropped the f-bomb once live but we don't talk about that but yeah I dropped it once of actually recently I mumbled and I think but I was on I was doing a show with Richard Hart and he was so casting it on his channel and I pushed the end button on my channel like two minutes into the show and so I go oh and I said that word and so you did hear it on my channel but you sure as heck hurted on his channel oh how times have changed with Richard Hart was a different person back then or well he acted differently back then he was the same person little did we know all right I'm gonna go for that about that house he's hex how's that hex crypto dividend I thought it was supposed to be last month clearly it hasn't happened yet there's no one's in for us I don't watch this channel but the minute someone tells me hey it's really getting closer I'll update you guys on what I'm doing obviously I will I won't try to claim the the be hex crypto dividend that he is this ego coin that he's making for himself that all these people will blindly baha'i for some reason and that we will get for free and that we will turn into Bitcoin because with the Sorento dividend I learned that I felt come as II it's the same way of claiming it that you claim this Iranian crypto dividend which I played around with so I'm confident that it's it'll be fine to do with a meta asking all that ridiculous stuff that he's doing alright you got me off on a tangent when you're talking about how I drop that bomb that one time have you been the Stonehenge no I have not I've only been to officially I've only been in England once I've been in an airport a few times but I was in London just for like less than a day on the outskirts of London I I slept in a house from 1300s wow that was that was called never been in a slept in a house that old but I was yeah I was only in London for less than a day in 2017 June of 2017 but no I've never been the Stonehedge I like those pictures I've always know I've known of Stonehenge since I was a little kid I do know that don't know why I even knew about it then hope your health is better my friend who who'd he say who John who are you saying that to who's sick my health this my health is fine I don't know who John John might have been talking oh he's saying it's a vention you say intervention then she's doing well then she's doing well mentions in there right now he's in the chat right now we were all thinking eventual expansion he's doing a great job of uh managing his health check out his channel man he's very proactive he's not just sitting there and letting some doctor he's not letting some third-party doctor tell him what to do manage his life again if he let some third-party doctor manage him he would not be around too long all right so uh he has lost 61 pounds so far vention has which is just a great that's really getting toward being a healthier person now he's got some bit he's got some challenges obviously to take care of it we'll see I am i watch it whenever van should approach the new video I bet I watch it as soon as I can because I I am keeping up with his saga of treating his illness through what what are considered non-traditional means by the 80 percenters by the 20 percenters these are that what he's trying to do is he's using his head he's being proactive he's trying alternatives which perhaps should really be mainstream stuff okay so Ben wash for instance channel bear very good stuff he's got over there and he's I'm very confident in him he looks great it looks great so what else do we have here okay uh the final thing I want to talk about is from yesterday's show we were talking about how Masari has that chart the stock the flow ratio it's talking about for for all sorts of all coins and one thing that it did not take into account when it should be cash and bsv that be cash at PSV have the same stock the flow as Bitcoin but so many of the B cashes in the B SVG's have never been claimed so it really should not have the same stock to flow as if you take it down to that next level a Bitcoin because if there's just there's they're really not that many compared to Bitcoin B cash and B and especially bsv out there so many of them will never be claimed okay so even if their their stock the flow is is lower it's lower than bitcoins and so it would be great if somehow you could combine realize capitalization with stock the flow somehow the combine is the wrong word but make a incorporate both measurements into a new measurement all right all right that that's uh that's the end of show you can check out yesterday's show it's linked to below i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video pound that like button bang that bell button subscribe to the channel and of course I meant to say bookmark the page and yeah I'm just seeing if anybody else said anything else to say Oh nomadic giant is in here to the tallest man in bitcoin is there's all sorts of famous people in that chat tonight well I'm gonna go uh go to the chat right after I push the end button if I can find the darn and but okay ending the stream will have an earlier show tomorrow because its era of yom kippur i got to get in the show before Yom Kippur I will see you later bye bye