The most important problem in the sports industry is that media owners receive all the profit while the fans don't get a cent We decided to solve this problem by combining blockchain technology with a strong economic model

Our solution has three core principles First, supporting Scorum cryptocurrency with the real economy Second, rewarding all of the participants of the Scorum ecosystem And finally, distributing benefits in a clear and fair manner moderated by the user community As we create Scorum, we follow a simple and straight-forward goal: build a beautiful and functional product that fits into sports fans' daily lives

We adhere to a user-centered design approach and work in close collaboration with sports bloggers, journalists and analysts This helps us to define the value proposition of every single feature and provide a seamless user experience Right now advanced sports data is only available to a limited number of people BUT We are making sports analytics easily accessible to the public by integrating Business Intelligence tools from Microsoft

Scorum writers can take advantage of these instruments paired with editorial tools to create stunning content packed with data-rich visuals In the world of modern sports analytics, nothing beats cool data visuals We are building the Scorum blockchain on the Graphene framework and are going to utilize all the power of its free and fast transactions There are two things in Scorum that I'm most excited about The first one is the reward system powered by decentralized profit sharing and the second one is the distributed development fund

All of these blockchain-empowered technologies ensure a stable, secure, and transparent economic model Our company has an ambitious goal — to change the way people look at sport And we have everything necessary in order to achieve it: the latest technology, strong economy, and, the most important, is our experienced, flexible and skilled team All this provides early adopters with a remarkable growth opportunity Don’t miss the Scorum crowdsale!