tells crowd beauty beginning there by mining is monteiro I'm not keeping my own live internet in Brazil so we have to do as the cei catch the only thing I'm here to see if caught is not the then we are talking chat with me chat It is operating the transmission or not because sometimes it falls right not goin to mining from January to description you grow to account mining mining They are even doing well in only savior He came to me and please super mario 64 mining and who want to create account registration link and mining pass will last more or less have an interest in taking in any way is the currency that more crashes beyond shame in Brazil due to exchange also people were held and halt began to catch something a touch for me I called here I could not conveyed 400k initial Voynich Mining is a mining the processor because only the what happens or mining the board video will catch everything so I'm mining level by the processor 334 does not has problem processor proves nothing I already have 005 manner in gala gala cost I have a northern group of saf mining who want to enter only talks about Coins mining but has q mining has also become straight but has you're always just want to get mining leave the whatsapp chatting I add in group 3 in the group out I It maintains more contact but there is It will only stay in the group who have mining in his eyes there and see you're not mining will not take good group and also has no problem mining I'm managing to take more or less that the 60 to 70 reais per month using a pc only 45 8 gig ram video card of 2 70 reais per month to pay at least at least the Portuguese and then gives to pay quite worth it whoever wants learn more about mining and start mining pass the artist there that we just in But that goal has're always Mineirao and if not his view that're not mining not only speaks of the group take miguel othon legal way there not 160 beds will pass this year because all pc to transmit announces courses iI gala also does not leave the pecém appearing or I get on the computer so if more because hilling pregnant and give a little attention to I'll throw it up there the domain Sun now speak gao mano beauty max etar is a mining we all are improving also I'm no longer in message month the wet season and never let time I'll open a page gift starts there putting enters created Register the number I'll send the link You need to send the link already Kritzer create registration is already in the network and mining then he made two and the next is to create first account or website that I sent Thaicom clean low which will in sending again and only create the account easily download the program has minint a little program will send the link Download also right in the face program 277 upside there who's on the street mining the mobile also has sorry can not share who share and will disclose the more people have the Knowledge is nothing irregular It does not give to the race in such a rate Mining reached the street Arapa home guy is on the street and can share be at ease 4g and I left they gave me this mining mega money in 456 mining which is divided for those who for those who are using 2010 score reached said screen nac the number of staff only get here coach also not following the Miner screen in front of the background ii cup here not here is the program where touch mouse is the program here is the site then give to you quietly at the cool hour site see who else is fighting gives a Cavadinha family Digão in cell quiet I have now I will back in a little while I did what I did a touch in gay router still a 504 braked so it requires a lot of download processor for inter alia Best hell Mirassol also 3 reached here leave a little to there and I think we fought because that maybe for you it was here to replace the dollar let's dollar so here is the mining start yesterday in the then 20 Mining gave 50 cents dollar little more for just that I left a pc just call down and be most computers end up yielding more there is also a model can decrease several other currencies for now my focus is off monteiro line does not give to girl does not like internet for you to make a mineral binding speaking not give only result was the internet for do feed travadinha beauty I am well am nube in a moment I will play a little give to control the game by other work lately'm focused on other activities if I could speak a bad word spoken 6 months I speak but I tried to avoid talking bad language a lot of children and adolescents who wants watch the videos because it tracks the analytics statistics together and 15 20 percent of people who try to come please everyone but a channel does have a while now since I started making live the truth a little while ago for mining v2 now download the program chat just this program and the linux windows and windows low miner I I'll send the link to create your account but the account was created the program after moka and the canopy that you created then when you have to do this and me a touch we start begins mining the well FACIM beauty 2 for those want who want more mining just give I'll touch on that giving assistance to and for those who want we'll send cell here the program's link to the mobile mining send to you just a little moment had x videos aquino my favorites and have discovered the jair mining on the phone to install shaq program show that it is installed on your phone I can not find the hot girl since the last wave will I participated in the beauty program so v2 It is not that way just left this way and then go there in prehistory that appears a bid only is there in place of the normal with the computer program 26 steps up there on that screen that touches the table is the name of allah depends on what you want mining if you want mining for example if you want what I advise mining you girl mr x so here is the firefighter is the same that feral x mr that currency here O I'm now stopped mining so if you want to sell there also another kept cool saw no or heard're not looking for you you mark currency you that is mining can score can also okay I only taking cmr beauty right for those who have video card mine the mining lighter video card the processor basically two beauty options then you start mining It is that I will leave you alone even mr x the time just click here or mini-ready start started mineral Two automatic send print your screen if it is possible for me to see what the Speed ​​his master gender is you can not download the level and keith ellison understands 4 cool that when you start mining there website when the model turns green you pause it went offline in Cape Verde program if you have ten computers here that will get 10 shows the total rate of mining not with mining after confirm it plays out here and here the top miners in rather have guy who was too much I'll send the link to another way the download link for windows and low put it rock beauty who cited xp but here I am in each jury aldo more forward then gives a Improved I come back to play well because Itafós and stream live It was also very expensive to internet play unless the print save there 31 when I was color can save using intimate clothes for school play if it is to play only think mobile internet tops towards a way is to use the internet in the same computer with internet just for the game and another just to convey to understand that but for now I'm focused on something else to mining front has I was with 51 cents only just now to live was 50 and now has over 52 to increase six rounds and will leave miranda and go-go manufacturing whom want good to me gave last month last 30 days not looked show you voters have to send me a link Direct still in effect has a link Live here in unprofessional chances to your link the cup has already understands take a look at ale girl kinda cool just ran for mining time – and you have to leave directly connected with the My computer said I stop mining when I go to play make catching LAEP jumped good quality how're brings a touch for me is now locked in the light because He fought among 43 people she began to give a locked now is because three people personal beauty and paid by the Comments're leaving me two He began leading the key let me see here if you seemed to close this google break ramon comes we are improving'll take a look at chat will continue playing super mário beauty super mário da hora I do not I not like a lot but it's cool Romeo playing beauty transmits right now and covers 700 not at the top of my internet transmitted in sao paulo and I did not come I know why the problem has people They are complaining that is what I'm mining not only his personal way're complaining that no one is here showing the phantom know here is the time green has a problem searchable site later to see what walking with my skype has the decision but all my my rights rafael only skype or do not enter really do not have much patience does not many people who end up fighting all is not locked to the counter to a meeting and can even play now in skype just take a look there for a long time until I do not go sent into the skype here to look attentive Ceiling something to okay having a party when the skype Mining continues in full swing this capital but what I use as soon as to be here that I use to see two that mineral would understand the question I'll download a little mining because the program that I use dodo to broadcast live're already I saw so here I always stay here installed benches to download skype bd other had a little I will download the skype only excuse is download skype to make it to see this gives certinho program name is the youtube itself into several blocks can use what I liked most this program does live that happens great we do live is to be live twitcam does live by facebook tuenti had voted against something lack mining ana there you can see lack with poison in mining to 42 was 53 54 campuses already have to show that I have to show that withdrawals in a moment I will show those who download skype which also has no escape standards You have to be careful now that skype he is willing to change your provider search I came here to talk to me I have skype and a half is also item 1

6 after whom I want I'll put in the year I was trying to install or install We had Stay on skype who came to show you will come off the bench and paused mining city program complaining earned and 28 by the presence in a moment They will close more also mining skype now was the two spoke I will give a mining I will give pause live longer okay with another 40 minutes longer after you do another there and I know when I think today still left to be worth