tells crowd beauty we are starting another transmission channel live to put to you image here on the computer but ahead there for you today we will be talking a little about mining bitcoins of the case which pays more bitcoin clash with Monteiro in what is best for mining in which plata pays more there remembering to leave your computer on Direct only in mining bitcoin silva up to you just a moment I 'm there this year what happens start talking and mining only wait a little save br watching everyone there if you are some personal questions just asking if I was answering back I take a little bit also for then it's complicated I saw the well-being how bad communication're also by isaf so it's complicated I saw the well-being bad how the Communication is also the TAM complicated beauty I will enable that my my screen for you are seeing is He echoed because I have I opened for me the same movie audi a1 now I think I should already be normal come has 77 people air between the brt br between profession also save she laments Grandpa resolution is talking about Cell whistle also the resolution also see if I can hit Video okay so I just came laughs for you I'll take a break now was the best because I have a break in a bit transmission I think now it's better personal life for sale good expressionless Mining is bitcoins militia tony site already rolling in what happens has many of you are by mining your bitcoins using around your computer you can at PC graphic graphic software program saving more even hit resolution not really a little twisted and what happens I I really like to use the site MINERG for me for now it is the best site to mining since it tests more One year does not fall we are not the bitcoins it covers some thumbtacks to take but it is good thing untraditional video only dodo browser and what happens you have various types of mining is on quite like the MINERG who want testing and china live can now go on Miner gate site I will play and 9 years and are seeing if there will create the Register to already start Mining you will create the clean personal records you will have create start mining today but if you want to leave won best that resolution hello transpersonal wine back here just for I have good sense to register only name is the program and I I guarantee to you site I guarantee You will not have any problem in speaking and He gave me a locked time when she gives pants even piripaque team will down a bit resolution plate 2000 2002 then the following somewhat the locking I think the internet is not collaborating very down a little bit Resolution 2000 transmission parts she has time giving a belém if I I can improve here now are you out I have to pause my live to improve a little this same come on in the month that now was better improve the situation of Orange use getting making live and no one're seeing chocolatado there ready now think taken now returned now lacked beauty staff returned it seems that is not catching more so good come on let's start talking to will pick up here to create your your registration and beauty while playing linkedin will not for those who did not see the game itself will take is to create a records that the couple leave you stuck will wait for you two minutinhos You are creating the site's registration had download a little bit for those who created the personal registration you will have access the expoinel here the details of the coins I will change the Portuguese language by you are seeing Coins for loading fish is watering carried his see how many people They are watching annual beauty I will I stay I'll cut my audi now I think now improved it is to see a mess but does not way I've done some not playing I think a good quality okay and then let's let's go mineral can Ibaiti with modern phantom run almost didactic light bitcoin is only by command line and does not give to mining It does not give to the mineral programming you download the graphics program good we first download and created the register on the registration link in description of the video that have to be download the program click here the Mineirao gate you'll be doing download the program Popo the girl on the road download blog I will put the download link the live program also here to play Download mining program you are making the donation can download its version of the computer you can install and usually I I will open my sick boy here to It is normal to give a personal fought a little patience and if you always happen in videos not because they are not edited personal I do not forget when you go to They have registered as mining register Amid the holiday you help me and help yourselves because what happens and will be creating a mining like a Piranha has so everyone will find helping and I will help everyone also been able to share father sharing in that personal force begin the return if you return personal I'm not care about myself hear me not to get off the normal time live your see if I can broadcast this because I am 15 15 mega can share and only those who want want to share can share quiet and do not have no problem really hit come back to live gave a crush of sharing and personal that force I think back to live again itaú I think I gave my watch to talk and do not have to do because to transmit need a pilot pastiches to watch think it has not not much to do down the program settled the business program where that program the MINERG mining illegal nifty little program ie will place what he did and will log in the same way program you created on the site on the site you will long for the program make easy mining in making Login It is not as personal laine transmission he stopped again Here it says that is broadcasting transmission stopped again After settle online that I will come back leave my sound softly for me to see when drops to observe and when it falls is the stick here I refused free Free do not pay anything and you will pay the conversion fee rate personal LAEP it hangs even just locking time is the same it is normal now improved Now think now okay good download the program and sic log in and access now okay this screen I will come back here for panel already at low embassy and installs them and He warned me that I give continuity good staff I've done several calculations direct and coconut to the subject is a mining computer is a heavy program anything that you are going to mineral require a lot because I'm getting Tuesday the chair or makes noise shots mineral oprah CETEM to pause and no legal mining disable all the programs you have to wheel and disable programs that are here or corner the more you disable only better does not disable and audio on my phone if I take one that loses quality audio and is bad for you too 're normal functioning when the mother giving car there will or will not move joseph fernando macedo defending him You can leave activated the end good back here on the subject around the world already downloaded and not downloaded has started I can get personal problem or wait a little ie a site sp I'm already up to him O here shooting longer a video lesson written on my channel will soon receive notification that new video before to do the hawks then I wore it in our country the bike so far excuse and a little less tension walk in Manhattan talk to me at atl whistle have to give a little attention tomorrow tomorrow wednesday I will make the video then it is to wait and have enough thing with personal partnership will then have good thing there for you want reduce taxes if you put someone like if the holidays and will earn an additional 10% everything that the other is not move or whatever convert it deposit it one bitcoin you will receive 10% the scheme only for those who is my godson Beauty then now then that week on the calendar is the sixth Monday I will publish this video is the this good I'm under negotiation with staff for you to see that I do not am selling form will only open and my mail box for you to see personally sent an email is does a few days the video that sponsor You can see here there are support guy emailed me to your beauty postage it is personal video sponsor the unesp who sent this video to me this email to me I'm closing a wake up I know that is not the issue but you played the game the game I have I lied my desktop is here and gta just to give that relaxed but I I like very much But before playing I had a little mind without time desktop without investing more time now just not It is taking a long time to get back to business mining that happens you came here my mining program program is the money then good base program that will make the login and password login but because it will read anything we will and will accept the first thing that comes in front will be mining year use it miner regular benchmarking mining not You need to move activities do not need mess it will use basically only we opposed here you can minimize to service bar can start then east to turn this option on eec name any program you choose what you want then mining developed mining moneiro XLR appears this line then I'll mining result unbranded show that BC wants mining here will mark what you want mining mineral recommend only once start mining bitcoin and he moneiro It crashes a lot and it was just nothing Best you just one thing mining We think more bet alone bathroom it crashes and ends up here at Mineirao just one thing good staff then here you go mineral let's start mining the bandeirão baseline program it cause staff to leave live only in cisa screen not only get through messy there for you to see appearing think he did not show up opened my people're not looking Now what I noticed your conscious because a lot of people back to cheney cup Meneguetti not seem funny bet we will do alexei said Mukhin They had indexes fall the MINERG we're not looking repairing prince that strange screen and I was no longer looking here we think with ice cream program appear here the meeting already without kers who have an image of live through the sma environment a truck go here just another aumentinho that erred in staff makes up more surely I have no doubt that is an honor because it is what else I have tested is what pays more seminar will give an hour Monteiro 50 mining cents an hour in bitcoins mind is what is best so if you add here an acting screen dominic thus how the plug only those who I was in the shower this computer program will log loginasp harvest mining only mr x only mr x mineral precision that option here under this examination is play on the left side of the mining cpu side ine statistical law is to the mining for free you can not to have to create facebook I think you should mining at facebook I already have those I could not mining at facebook and the waiter apologizes and so alone start mineral I'll start mining Firefighters x mr beauty of mining yoplait 40a in second rech in Spain 47% when you drink milk in the senac Hitachi command again monomer ie the state is online and offline pause mining mining he was off-line I'm seeing someone do something question something so when you make mineral'm going to start again that's what he's mining and processing power conservation without for he came here announced it will show the total mined is that it will show it cool up here he It will show how much you miner right here O full unheard than you undermined our history on the site ses here is the increase of both drive if you were denied me ten computers and started reading here It appears three hits authorities great mining will begin to enforce worth my phone there you will see here will start mining by phone if you will see that appears two years he lived like me I have no computer at mining cellular she has appeared also two pause mining will start phone number appears as 21 more you have better mining excuse so I stopped a little talk excuse the mess but it is known to take this error I give the island team and only me usually a problem of problem your browser is then you're doing cleaning cash finally solves program I recommend the fights ccleaner and cni brought to sneak a peek this little program that's pretty cool zinho hell is not showing the side here in a budgeted program on top of everything and It does not show the more programs you knows the lower face is there is cleaning wearing correct program lot of things the program is very good then mining personnel worldwide when you have a certain amount in cash you will have to transfer to your digital wallet you will have to take out your wallet digital was that we'll have to talk and a fireman or bitcoin will already know you knew a beach in great debate difference to bitcoin mit met here worth more to Bitcoin or less 11 3576 now a byte with y beats Cohen said he had but I want bitcoin mining bitcoin take sun very very heavy mining here moneiro me again in combat with Mage Bantam better way currency is lighter and that it is better and then you convert in bitcoin this process itself is nothing Just then it is quite interesting I want you to install the agreement I sent in and start mining model the next live 22 Wednesday the next live nation Mineirao there to see how many models you will have then I'll teach you to withdraw the current bitcoin beach if that's there until the next I will spare them bows saving some videos and return to make a new video class chosen channel in a little while is the best program to improving're simpler Miner 2011 pause and earned