Very good to all and welcome once again to BlockchainDP today I bring you a new video facing the graphics cards with the ASIC processors and I'm going to explain from my personal experience as well as a brief explanation I will include As much the pros as the cons of each one, let's start! The first part of the video I'm going to dedicate it to graphics cards The graphics card is a hardware that connects to the computer's motherboard to increase the performance whether in games, design, rendering, etcetera

The GPU or processing units that are on the graphics card itself have advanced a lot in recent years, especially from the AMD R9 series and NVIDIA 900GTX as far as mining is concerned These graphics cards that were used both for work and for play now they can also process algorithms with a high efficiency of calculation either to mine, to do artificial intelligence calculations or to decipher passwords Now let's start with the pros and that is that good part of buying a graphic card designed to mine in comparison with one if it has a very good recovery of sale If you bought the RX570 graphics card for 249 euros in March 2017 today the You can sell for the same price in the second hand market because of all to the lack of available stock although if you bought that same card graphic RX570 new but instead of 249 euros you bought at the worst moment which was at the end of 2017 and early 2018 for 399 euros at 2 years the You can sell half the price and recover some of the money, another point positive is that they have a 2 and 3 year warranty and in some pages you can extend the guarantee three more years for only 19 or 40 euros depending on the graphics card although I remind you that if you modify the bios you will lose the guarantee since it is a manipulation of the article at software level that affects to hardware, another positive point of these cards graphs is that you can look at different cryptocurrencies for example I have a Very old RIG which could no longer mine Ethereum due to the increase of VRAM to 2 gb so I started doing tests on other cryptocurrencies less known as bytecoin, croat and so on, some algorithms can be use simultaneously as Ethereum and Decred or Siacoin so you you can mine two cryptocurrencies at the same time with an increase in consumption clear electric, another point in favor is that they are easy to buy although they have had some months of limited stock even at the worst time if you were very attentive and you were updating the page every few minutes you finish hunting Another point in favor is that they have a very low consumption or rather the consumption that you you want to add or remove graphics cards and depending on which ones you can easily reach the desired consumption, another very positive point is that you can look in a normal apartment with neighbors without having to condition that room especially for mining since decibels are hardly even issued depending on the graphic card model and your weather you can use that same room of the rich for other things as I do although if you make life in the same room the rich will create much more dust now we start with the contras the first point against mining with gpu for me the worst is that is slightly complicated when it comes to installing configure it will be missing the help from a computer friend so that I can help you partly in the assembly and the configuration because although they are computer components it is not the same to mount a desktop, you will also have to see several tutorials and forums of incompatibility problems although this last point hardly passes since now there are power supply motherboards and graphics cards dedicated to the mining so these problems are no longer seen so much, another point against is that takes more space compared to an ASIC, although if you carry a shelf of 5 floors with RIGS you may already have reached the maximum electrical power contracted and the last point against that I can think of for me the worst is that they mine much less an RIG than an ASIC processor than what is usually take more than twice as long to recover the investment although as I have said before you can always sell the pieces and recover Sure 50% of the investment And so far the pros and cons of the graphic cards now we will move to the second part of the video the processors SO C ASIC processors or integrated circuit for specific applications as its name indicates, they have been created for a single purpose in this mining or the calculation of algorithms, nowadays the greatest producer of these processors for mining is the well-known BITMAIN where it offers a wide range of specific ASIC processors for each algorithm such as sha256 to mine Bitcoin, Scrypt to mine Litecoin, X11 for Dash, et cetera Although there are more alternatives to BITMAIN and well known in Asia such as Baikal, PinIdea or Hanlong Mining and now we started with the pros and that is a positive point for the ASIC esque is that they come already assembled so when you get home in a matter of minutes it will be undermining as it will only have to be connected to the current and open a web interface where you put the address of the pool and your wallet and that's it, to count bills

Another positive point for the ASICs is that they do not they have a rival in the speed of hashrate while a RIG of 6 cards graphics 1080TI gives a hashrate in Cryptonight algorithm of 4kh / s an ASIC processor that reaches 220 kh / s Specifically the Antminer3 model of Bitmain Another positive point for the ASICs is the price, in the example from before the RIG of 6 1080ti graphics cards with a speed Cryptonight of 4KH / S costs more than € 5,500 while the ASIC of 220KH / S It costs around € 3500 Another positive point is that the processors ASIC are smaller than the RIG but not much less Now we pass to the negative points of the ASIC processors, the first of all for me the most important is that as its name indicates it is prepared for a single mission, although some of the new ASICs can look at two algorithms different but not simultaneously, another negative point are the repairs there are hardly any specialized stores or people who know how to repair one of the plates and if you find someone you will not get out cheap, also in case you burn only one of the plates ASIC the entire ASIC will stop working, thing that does not happen with the graphics cards because if you burn one you can continue running smoothly as long as you remove them, another negative point is that in case of becoming obsolete the ASIC processor will cost you a lot resell it can even become obsolete before its sale as it has passed to people who bought ASIC processors to mine Monero (cryptonight algorithm) but now Monero has changed the algorithm so no you can look with ASIC, another example is the ASICs to mine to make Ethereum though Vitalik Buterin warned that these ASIC processors would be obsolete before go on sale, another negative point is that no company that sells ASIC processors accept PayPal and also do not accept returns so you have to be very sure of the purchase you are going to make another negative point is that they only give a 180 day "guarantee" illegal guarantee in Spain since it does not reach the minimum that is two years in addition that "guarantee" has a long list of clauses and conditions which make it completely useless so if you have any problem other than a Factory error is going to give you many headaches, another point negative that is not known much and happens very often are the problems with European customs and that is that when they send you an ASIC processor they tend to retain customs and two things usually happen, one that if the price declared does not it agrees with the real price of the product you will have to pay enough money in rates to be able to get it out of customs this mostly happens if you do not buy it in the official store, if you do not pay the fees you are retained and they will not return the money, the second thing that can happen to you is that customs consider it to be for industrial use and therefore ask for a company CIF so that you will have to have a company or become autonomous to receive a simple processor, and the last negative point is that the ASIC processors that usually emit about 80 decibels to give you an idea of what is 80 decibels is like having an old vacuum cleaner connected maximum power so if you want to use an ASIC processor on a floor you'll have to spend more money on soundproofing a box and conditioning it so its consumption and size will increase

In conclusion I do not think there is one better than another the one that best suits you, if you have a company or you are self-employed or you know someone who is and only want to make money in the short term possibly it is more profitable to buy an ASICí although it entails enough risks as you could see for me the worst thing is the customs and the noise it makes besides encourage the useless sense of hardware that soon will not be more that scrap unusable instead with an RIG you earn less but it is safer I have friends who became RIG last year and with the money they made watching they paid the RIG and then they disbanded it by pieces and bought a pair of more pieces to be able to assemble high-end computers taking advantage graphics cards, ram and motherboard up to here the video today I hope you liked it and especially I have If you can help me, you can leave me your thanks in of like comment or sharing the video in your favorite social network that I thank you very much, and do not forget to look at the description of the video where I always leave some links of interest what we have been talking about during this video next to the link of the BlockchainDP website in addition to full tutorials you will find relevant news and analysis about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency a hug and see you next time! : *