There is a mystery whose current relevance, the impact it could have on our lives overshadows that of any other Who, who, or what is Satoshi Nakamoto? Almost everyone will have heard of Bitcoin, a virtual cryptocurrency, who was born with goal of becoming a system other than the traditional business world of money, that is, a coin with high standards of privacy, and out of reach of dealings of governments that could not influence it in their own interests

A kind of medium-long term release of oppressive economic yoke which has turned the traditional system The history of cybernetics currency is absolutely exciting and surrounded by mysteries that nobody has been able to decipher His public story begins in October 2008, when someone under the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, metzdowdcom he published in a research paper, explaining the operation a new virtual money Just over two months later, on January 3 2009, Nakamoto launched the Bitcoin software, creating the network of the same name, and throwing the first units of virtual money

During 2009 and the first half of 2010, Satoshi was very active in everything related to Bitcoin, he struck up conversations often and answered all emails and messages that quoted Gradually he was surrounding himself with a group of collaborators who gradually delegating decision-making Gavin is the case Andersen visible head of Bitcoin today Nakamoto became increasingly less active until his last post in April 2011: I've moved on to other projects, "Moved on to other things " Since then nothing is known creator Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, diluted in a thick fog that nobody has ever been able clearing

By the peculiarities of the currency system, it is known that amassed a fortune of nearly a million bitcoins, about 400 million dollars currently, and has never touched a single one of those bitcoins He disappeared completely, leaving behind a million-dollar amount ¿Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, is working almost single-handedly killed for I get it going, and then disappeared from the map renouncing his million dollar fortune As soon as he reached success? Well, that's what he did Satoshi Nakamoto Since then, countless curious people, programming professionals, cryptographers, economists and investigative journalists have tried to find Nakamoto, but never no one has had proven success Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Or who? Or even better, what is Satoshi Nakamoto? To find out, we must go back a little and look for data that are known he

Accompany Satoshi said he worked on the project for two years, and to carry it out, it took so essential knowledge very advanced in mathematics, economics, cryptography and programming among others

This makes him a genius, or simply Satoshi was not a single person, but a workgroup The study of more than 500 public messages he wrote not reveal a specific time pattern, and sometimes even seemed never sleep, although it suggests that he could live in America and not in Japan as it appeared her profile The language was always English, but both British and American, meaning that or trying to disguise their nationality, or were several people The study of code blocks that created personally shows that should have access and total available to between 6 and 58 extremely powerful computers, which only restarted to create a backup every 100 hours Do you know many people you have in your house 6 latest model PCs? Moreover, any programmer knows, that no matter how polished you have a code, especially if it is complex, always arise bugs, or details that need to be tweaked to improve usability

Software Bitcoin no It worked like a charm from day one, which given its complexity It is given by impossible Everything indicates that the software had been previously tested for months, for users who have never been found There have been many who have presented possible identities for Satoshi Nakamoto, and perhaps the most famous is that of Newsweek magazine pointed to Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, a physicist of Japanese origin, resident in California, who had worked as an engineer systems in secret American defense projects, and as a computer engineer for various companies, although his writing, compared really did not look anything from the creator of Bitcoin, nor does it seem the kind of man than his 60 years would able to embark itself on that project Another great suspicion pointed to by The New York Times, is Nick Szabo, Hungarian-born American who spent several years working in a very similar project called Bitgold, and was very close to the group members Satoshi recruited working

Nick has the knowledge, contacts, style similar writing, and 3 days before being released Bitcoin, wrote a post suspicious in his blog, which he later changed the date to make it go unnoticed But enough speculation and apply a crushing logic The Bitcoin, is a threat to the tax system, that growing up can damage very seriously the economic order now with clear victims, who control the classic coins, and especially, It can be assumed in 3 or 4 decades, a serious threat to the dollar Really someone thinks that the Federal Reserve, the US Government, and the National Agency Security was going to allow that? Bet virtual currency as a method alternative payment beyond the reach of governments, has such importance that all Agencies World Intelligence agents should be dedicated solely to know who It is the one behind all this, and intentions It is also curious choice system encryption, although excellent, is not considered the safest way to do it, and the system chosen will find a vulnerability that was defined as intentionally

Of course, and as you can imagine, the encryption system, like almost all comes from the National Agency American Security, NSA Will the USA conspiring against themselves? Something like Bitcoin was coming and would not it be masterful, create yourself your enemy before no one, to avoid the success of rivals who do not control, and thus prevent harm you? Satoshi Nakamoto is possibly a working group hired by the NSA which formed part some of the candidates proposed by the media, among the few people in the world able to create it Hence the facilities to use large amounts of computers, and strangely polished project from day one Later, and the nick was calling too much attention and had to get him out the back door and delegate powers to visible heads but keeping control Thus, one of the greatest threats against the dollar, would be held by the same dollar, even serving as a shield against external threats

And if you need the ultimate test, there is an important country which has banned the use of Bitcoin, and another where restrictions have been applied Their names: Russia and China If I have reason, and the NSA funded the BitCoin, I have no more to say, you are bastards, but I take my hat off because the play is completely masterful Neither I nor anyone knows who is Satoshi Nakamoto, and does not even matter, because I truly relevant is what is behind all this and not the names of who or who took him finished What looks like a liberation, sometimes more can be a yoke on our necks, product of obsession to dominate the world from the harsh economic control

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