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com back for more information i'll link to it below thank you very much to the moon arrow person who sent me Monero what a great community because this is like the third person in about three days who has sent me my narrow and this has been during this incredible price rise so i guess there are some fans of the the bitcoinmeister over and narrow in the community and I really appreciate it guys maybe you guys notice that i've been covering Monero a decent amount of time maybe that's what you appreciate I don't know but thank you very much another Monero fan actually told me about a coin called Aeon and what it is is a forked version of Monero and I had no idea that was even a fort version of mineiro will this coin you can check it it has gone wild in price during the surge as i alluded to in my previous video there's all sorts of anonymous type coins that Serge well this one Wow and I know nothing else about it I just thought it was neat that mineiro is big enough to have a have its own fort coin and we will narrow right now that dollars in 61 cents and I think that these great down for earlier obviously and i still think we're in for correction at the end the week but I mean if it goes down the point 01 Bitcoin six dollars whatever that's still great ok it was at two dollars two weeks ago all right it has so many more people know about it now it this is a huge victory for anonymous coins because that people are finding out about all sorts of an honest this coins be a on or dash for the cash or whatever this is their articles being written about anonymous coins so some others are doing well but the bottom line is it's beat mineiro is leading the way because of this dark market news let's see how it plays out but again don't be disappointed if there's a correction like within becoming 48 hours 96 hours whatever I another mineiro comment question i have someone asked me about my narrow mining I had no idea about my narrow-minded you know i'm not an expert in mind at all the only thing I know about mining is that cloud line this camp and so mineiro mining chiming might royal viewers and tell us about mineiro mining if a regular person can do it still if it's worth it someone shine in there i know there's a to people especially who probably all jumping on it I Steve it has a new promo feature like you can pay steam dollars to promote your post which actually i think makes the site better if they're probably doing it so people don't cash out as as much as they did before because if you use your skin dollars to promote your post and they just get really burn the steam dollars so that's deflation airy and it prevents a person from you step using their state dollars going over to Bologna exit getting Bitcoin for it so this is an interesting move on their part maybe they did because they saw the price of scheme dropping so watching and by the way now the person's name is over a dollar again i believe so this might have something to do with it that is that it's logical so we'll see what's going on over there very interesting a very interesting development that Dom has had a huge huge volume lately lot of people trading it and someone told me it's the speculators cashing out of narrow just putting their money in the factum I have no idea i I don't have any idea what that even is so I'm sort of your back with fans Adam you should learn about it now this is a sign maybe it is but I don't know and that's an interesting theory i just thought i would mention it is people are noticing that the price is going up in the volume is huge I yea sorry about this background everyone i know the manhattan skyline a little bit better but I wanted to give a more informative not rushed video i'm adam meister the bitcoin meister i will talk to you later