hi everyone this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the Disrupt Meister the Monero Meister possibly hey thanks to the people who have sent Bitcoin and hey – also thank you vention for the – I this video I it just came to me I have all these ideas right now this is not one that I had bring down but the great viewer his name is Leo treasure and he inspired this video he mention more narrow and he said to me you know you should accept more narrow it's good and I thought to myself and I was like you know what money talks you know it you don't let me think here someone wants to send me more narrow I'm not just going to say no and I should say no to any cryptocurrency so I am now into accepting any cryptocurrency we'll get into that very soon at the at the end of this video um there's nothing wrong with saying hey money makes you think also because cryptos someone offers you some crypto it makes you it makes you think anyway there is no point in being vocal against at least for me there's no point being vocal against any all calling your crypto currency this is only going to discourage people from getting into the ecosystem into the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the Bitcoin not everyone has the same mindset and can be convinced that this is a Bitcoin central world and you should focus a bit quiet or ether litecoin or – or whatever people have their own opinions people want to get into their own things and it's i'm not going to stand in there i am going to discourage anyone to getting into critical of currencies this is all about getting a new wave of of Finance here let him get in there and they want to get into as i alluded to in to in my all video and my altcoins could be big in the near future video you should look it up look up all my old videos um soon enough they're going to be all sorts of people pour into all sorts of cryptocurrencies for the casino aspect of it but some we're going to have huge hopes for the future in these cryptocurrencies so I'm not gonna I'm not going to discourage i'm going to accept all cryptocurrencies so everyone can be pumped about all pro two currencies I think by me being willing to accept all crypto currencies that I am expanding the potential usage of all cryptocurrencies and bitcoins so i'm not going to become an expert in all these all coins but i will encourage fans of them to have their say and I will listen and if this just gets one more person into cryptocurrencies in it that it's all worth it coin market cap is a great site to look up how look at all the cryptocurrencies that exists there's like 300 500 model analysis summer trash but but but who knows also so and i'm a link to the corn market , that coin market cap dot com site my moon arrow

com looks like a good mineiro while its site and i'm going to soon have my mineiro i would have my mineiro address below here with my bitcoin wine and whatever else in the notes section of this video is to check out the notes section like this video if you want to send me some goodies so if you want to send a type of cryptocurrency to me i will gladly take it just mention it in the comments section and say you want to send me some and then i will get an address for that cryptocurrency i will mention that the currency in a video it might not be the major point of that video but i will mention it i will give the address I will keep that cryptocurrency address in my permanent addresses that I list beneath my videos so don't let any mainstream any defined what you should buy you never know in crypto coin land what's going to happen what's going to go creek to the moon of a sudden they're not all going to ask obviously but hey there's we should short term fun for a lot of because again so we're going to be pouring them you never know some Hollywood stars going to rip open your shirt at the Super Bowl half time party and it's going to be a big one arrow tattoo on her chest send the price through the roof I ahead of Buster the bitcoinmeister hello mineiro