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I am going to jump into news with respect to the South Asian Pacific, but before that, I will go into what’s happening to Monero So the last time I checked, Monero was trading at $8000[1] So, what's been going on with Monero? From a charting perspective, it saw a classic cup and handle formation It was just a matter of time until it went up

From a fundamental perspective, there is news going on that it will be added to an exchange Besides that, some big buyer came in and bought a whole lot of coins This huge movement in price was not due to a small investor at all For those of you who are not familiar with Monero, it functions just similar to Bitcoin It is a decentralized currency

And it has a limited supply The coin is also mine-able assuming you have the right equipment And no I have not tried mining it at all That's basically all i can tell you about Monero

Will it go up or down from here? I can't tell you guys Typically with this type of surge, a pull back is often healthy That’s all I have for Monero before I move into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news as it relates to the South Asian Pacific So feel free to leave or stay if you want to hear about what’s going on in with Bitcoin in Australia, China, and the Thai region Vitalik (pic on the side) and OmiseGo Meets with Thailand Banking Officials I will first start with Thailand where supposedly Thai Central Bank plans to met with Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin and OmiseGo, the new ICO

[2] The purpose of the meeting was to see how they can leverage OmiseGo and the Ethereum blockchain to basically help Thai officials improve their banking and financial systems That is basically what the Thai people are starting to do There are interesting moves in that area with China looking closely into the Ripple technology and also establishing their own public blockchain to compete with Ethereum So all I see is competition within the blockchain space as more countries try to push on updating their financial systems Remember Thailand is a key US partner in the region

So it would make sense for them to get involved in Ethereum And with OmiseGo, let’s just call it an Ethereum-like bank on the blockchain to help facilitate payments Given the price of where Ethereum is right now, a deal like this could justify its current price for the smart contract China and Australia to Regulate Bitcoin Exchanges Like Japan The next news I want to talk about comes from Australia and China[3][4] We have more Bitcoin regulations, and if you guys have been keeping up with my channel, you should not be surprised

Australia wants to look at more measures to regulate Bitcoin just like Japan And what is more interesting is that China will offer similar moves to regulate Bitcoin exchanges They argue that this is as a way to combat fraud and money laundering I think we will definitely see more KYC and AML laws being passed For folks who do not know what these terms stand for, it basically means Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering Laws

Currently the regulations that have been put in Japan appear to protect its citizens You have exchanges that must have cap requirements and function with a certain amount of liquidity You also have people being required to validate their identity on these exchanges before they can transfer funds Currently the regulations that I have seen which have been passed in Asia, Australia, and even in the US have not negatively impacted the price of Bitcoin, which is good But we will keep a watch on what is going on around the world

Just recently, I posted an article on how Australia wants to make Bitcoin an official currency At the end of the day guys, it all come down to control and nothing more Therefore keep close watch That is all for today ladies and gentlemen…The info I have mentioned is not coming from any place special You can check out similar references to topics that I have discussed right below

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