What's going on snipers 90-mile baby here, this is our livestream today, so if you guys are watching this once It's already published feel free to use the 15 X speed in the description below

Hope you guys enjoyed this video Don't I'm gonna be talking about my portfolio, and how I'm gonna be positioning myself coming towards 2018 I am rebalancing my portfolio as you guys know if you guys have seen some of my previous videos And I'm also looking to invest in new coins long term I'm taking a very different approach with this portfolio Coming around so let's go to just kind of look at a couple different things here We have our BTC chart pulled up of course you want to talk about where BTC is headed right now We do see a channel forming And I am extremely excited that bitcoin is finding some support around this level not that there are clear support levels however We are seeing some channels form and over the next couple of days We're gonna really see what's gonna happen here with Bitcoin as you can see we have this ascending triangle forming here I'm gonna Just draw this out as a channel here Just so that we can see these two support levels forming looks like we have some minor resistance right up here Hopefully it can pass that resistance level here and then break through that channel And we can definitely see Bitcoin going up in value over the next couple of days the RSI is in the beautiful position right now We're looking in the our side right around fifty six point one seven Which is extremely good because the end of the day when the our side is under 60 that means it has a lot of room To grow we can definitely see some breakout coming over the next couple of days if you guys haven't noticed already you go to coin Market cap if varium is up Despite Bitcoin being in the red now Bitcoin did recover a little bit so aetherium just didn't go as low so as Bitcoin Recovered it is still kind of following bitcoins pattern But a little bit more of a dramatic way, and as you can see the drops are more dramatic But the Rises are more dramatic as well, which is interesting to see here with aetherium and as you guys know I'm really going long on aetherium from now on just because all of these icos are built upon a theorems platform I think that's something that's so important for you guys to understand just the fact that aetherium is holding all these icos Aetherium is really the one that's really enabling individuals From all around the world to have the ability to really raise funds for their idea their company or what they want to do Within blockchain community and so forth so let's do we have let's go ahead and see who we have here on our live stream What is up guys who do we have tuning in today? We got Joey King here? He says thoughts on verge now that it's pretty low Verge is definitely on my portfolio, Joey I'll definitely tell you that we're gonna talk a lot about verge today Who's on here Jaden said let's go Dave said? I like how I have all the coins in the ten of your live stream Thanks again I ain't no problem Dave Good to have you back Nadeem is here

Thanks Good to have you the tan one Aaron Manning good to have you Jaden Saracino I like that an Italian last name Peter Peng What's up Peter good to have you I like you thi due to mr Ping mr Park would eat shirt and die Peter paying man I I just realized that you've been with us for such a long time, man I remember giving you moderator status a couple streams ago I noticed that yesterday was awesome What up, Donovan went up, Wolfgang went up Shawn went up, Stan what up Josh can went up Lars Mol's David Bitcoin Brian? Jamie Enrique clues this sounds like a movie actors named Giovanni or Ramirez like it What's up guys Shiraz monster crypto lon Chanel? I'm seeing a lot of females come into the market guys

What's up, Muhammad Jamie in the reggae cruise they want to kind of Kevin Lopez I like that that's a popular guy's last name What's up? Scott good to have you on you saying smash that like button scott was mad because yesterday We didn't have we had like 88 likes and 500 viewers or we always said we typically have Way over up to 300 likes to smash that like button guys don't let us down But Scott's awesome He's our promoter, and he's doing such a great job Merry Christmas to all of you guys Did you guys enjoy your holidays yes or no if you guys are celebrating holidays I know there's Christmas Hanukkah There's tons of different holidays going on right now

I think Eid as well for some people I may be mistaken Merry Christmas gamut now What's up? Gavin Evans peace to you brother What's up, Joe Well rule what's up Alvin? What's up from the Philippines, Joseph yay, and I'm planning to go to the Philippines Joseph message me soon, man Maybe we can meet up when I'm out there I was just in Thailand

What's up, David? What's up, Joey King Aaron Manning? Judo said yes, sir I need to know some doggie coin Please say some bro Nadeem We actually started a doggie coin chat in Discord so you guys can check that out if it does die down I'm gonna delete that but for now we do have that up on our discord What is your nationality? I'm actually Middle Eastern so my parents have come from Iraq and I was born here in Orlando Florida and I love that the United States Ruvo shout out to Romo shot – Dave shoutout to Wooley greetings from Korea wow Man, you must be paying a premium for your Bitcoin What's up, Sam poo Cara Andrew keep up the great vids

Thank you, brother Denial what up the tan one? Do you speak Arabic? I'm Lebanese shui Yeah, just a little bit what up Jamie? See you in pH Man yeah, man Did you bang a ladyboy? No I did not bang a ladyboy Josh can David merry Christmas to you, man Electra Neum Frank said electrum, I'm Portuguese But a god though legend, but I God though What's up all things profit Ladyboy coin who Lee said oh yeah, LOL joey king? What do you think about John Mack fuse pumping coins? I think that's awesome to be honest with you Hey Alex

What's up Alex? The other think it's awesome from Kashmir Wow No omni's ago and discord yet Oh, I'll probably have one of those Andrew good Call can you put that in the feedback so I can remember What's up, Australia Billy blendy I'm gonna go out there I knew has a beautiful scenery out there beautiful Kashmir I got you man Don't worry

I'm Javanese greeting from Java land That sounds like a fun place Ahead CVX PTC says looking forward to watching John McVie is owned by New Zealand Wow aesthetic Phil that is awesome nem, bro, you gonna talk about Stella that you missed last vid um Did I did I miss it? I think I did I may have missed it in the video But stellar are you guys sure I missed it I think I had to I recorded that video corrupted the first time around which is so frustrating but no big deal Israel Wow good to have you we'll talk about stellar today for sure that's one of the coins on my list by the way TRX in nem I'm gonna be doing a video on TRX soon, so I know a lot of you guys asked about Tron so just a check Peter What do you mean check Peters Twitter? Why do I need to check Peters Twitter? Andrew said he had definitely how many countries have you been to not many I've been to Dubai I've been to I've been to Thailand I've been to cut that I've been to The Dominican Republic, I've been to a couple places Tyler said by now Brooklyn in the house What up Brooklyn you speak Arabic named Osama I speak Troy

Yeah, I Understand Arabic completely, I just can't speak it unfortunately Artificial Just kidding okay guys, so let's go ahead and talk about a couple things here that are on my mind I know I missed stellar of course On the video, I'm not sure why I missed it, but I really like stellar guys You know if you guys don't know what stellar is let me kind of show you guys a little bit about stellar And Peter even I can tell Peter is a fan of ether and I do like ether a lot I like anybody that's a fan of ether I think there's a lack of fans of ether I think we are lacking people that have belief or at least have the You know the belief in themselves to invest in ether because I feel like it's just overlooked I don't think it's because of the technology I don't think it's about anything other than the fact that It's just number two and nobody's watching it people are looking at everything But ether and I just have a lot of belief in ether Especially after talking to some very very successful individuals in cryptocurrency You know some of them I consider my mentors like he is on and and Who was a Ryan and you know guys that have created coins created blockchain? technology based applications, and you know at the end of the day, it's all built on aetherium I mean it is it's the Linux of crypto I mean it's the most in my opinion most it's the safest and most diverse investment you can make And that's what you want to do look nem is killing it 20 point three three percent up But stellar why do I like stellar right? We look at stellar here you were you know just kind of cruising around we have a total supply of 103 billion circulating Supply of 17 and as you can see we have a volume here at 66 million market cap for billion dollars We did see this huge run-up That's not something I like to always see when I'm investing in a coin However, I do Love the fact that stellar has a you know a very strong founder behind it and you know he's had some some Mishaps I mean who doesn't but then a day he's had a lot of success He's impacted industries, and that's what matters at the end of the day whether or not you like him or not I know he started mtgox, and at the end of the day that wasn't really the best You know I did end to the best way, but It was a very successful exchange

You know little to None of you guys probably have used it because it was around quite a bit of time ago But it was one of the first most successful exchanges a lot of money was lost though Just due to some stuff It wasn't like it was a hack nor anything He didn't take the money, but it was just you know just I I would call it improper handling is what it was and You know but prior to that he started a file-sharing company in the 90s And he took advantage of the dot-com boom and he became extremely successful I think he created a 14 million dollar passive residual income he hired a CEO to run the company recently doesn't have to work there and do anything anymore, so the fact that he's had success and He created ripple by the way so he created ripple And he left ripples so at the end of the day ripple is a technology He'd left behind So with all of those things on his Bell all those belt buckles that he has all those those notches on his belt It just kind of makes me feel like you know stellar is definitely something that I would want to put my money in and not Only that I believe in the technology It's pretty much What ripple is looking to do Just in a different way

You know not only does he want to help banks, but he wants to help the unbanked become Bank so at the end of the day You know it's it's a different market than ripples It's not gonna compete Whether it bore my opinions Just gonna impact the industry in a different way very similar to how ripples impacting banks But to a different demographic which is necessary So that's my my thoughts on stellar That's definitely gonna be on my portfolio for 2018 I haven't completely finished my portfolio I'm not really worried about where prices are at right now because the way I invest See I I'm almost like the type of investor that doesn't matter when I invest I'm not ever rushed to invest if you guys ever feel rushed to invest You know I would be a little bit weary of doing Any sort of investments with you to be honest with me because you should always be confident about your Investments because it's not really about it I mean yes part of it is timing at the end of the day You know if you have your stop-loss is set up correctly if you have you know your your alert setup if you have you know your your positions in line and you're prepared to know when to take profits when to rebalance your portfolio and so forth and you you pretty much just Can invest at any moment that you want to invest in and what happens to the price you will act upon it It's not the price that controls you, but you control the price

Oh, then that was fire write that down I'm gonna spit fire today guys was that fired What do you guys think am I spitting fire? I? Don't know how I feel about people from mtgox doing a crypto Not only is it people hits the founder unfortunately Name, can you help someone who has been in crypto for a week learn about stop losses? Yes, Michael B I made a video called how to Trade bit in a Bitcoin bubble how to make profit in a Bitcoin bubble watch that and it's all about stop losses Michael be set how to set it up I mean yes, that's on my videos or just join our discord and on or disco Too you can find some help

I have all my resources listed on there Dave stuff said know that Peter Pan said yes, you are spitting fire Thank you Peter, man Peter is always on my side you guys know how to be on my side at least I got Peter on my side He said breathe more fire bill said make 500% – unless you have to wait eight days for money – it yes MT ox is shady We'll check it Thanks awesome, Michael It's red coin eight good coin I think everybody's talking my red coin

Just because of John McAfee Tweeted it now They said will Virge reach 50 cents possibly right name Can you tell us when do we take profits? You know I like to know I don't really look at it as taking profits I like to rebound it's my portfolio if you guys know what I read But if you guys dunno a rebalancing is send money Haiti, debt City you're spitting lava That's even better isn't it? Kevin Dee said I don't know why John my face pumping red coin red coin will be when will it be on Finance Man shout out to Scott lorac by the way he does so much work on our live stream in our Twitter Everybody say Thank You sky, everybody say Thank you Scott

He really helps out He you know he promotes the right things on our Twitter And you know things you know promotion is necessary especially when you're running a community you want to be able to Expose the community to the right people and let's all say, thank you to Scott I just want to give him a shout out real quick And we'll talk about rebalancing so you guys can understand when to take profits because that is part of taking profits Everybody saying thanks Scott love it Thank you Scott awesome guys love their fries Jason, so what is rebalancing What does rebalancing mean right if you guys have traditional finance background? Do you understand rebalancing? But we'll go ahead and look this up here, so we can give you guys a dummies Definition because that's typically what you find on Google, right? Rebalancing is the process of realigning the waiting's of a portfolio of assets rebalancing involves periodically buying or selling assets in a pro folio to maintain an original desired level of asset allocation What is asset allocation huh, let's go ahead and pull up asset allocation I talked about asset allocation all the time and for me It's my form of risk management asset allocation creates risk management What is asset allocation It's the rigorous implementation of an investment strategy that attempts to balance risk Versus reward by adjusting the percentage of each asset in an investment portfolio according to the investors risk tolerance goals and investment timeframe What is risk tolerance let me go ahead and pull up that definition here? So I have a very high risk tolerance in a bubble why? because prices at any moment can drop So risk tolerance is the degree of variability in investment returns and investors willing to withstand in economics and finance risk aversion is the behavior of humans when exposed to uncertainty and attempting to lower that uncertainty so Understand this for me personally when we are seeing a market here that has seen over Thousand percent growth over the past couple of months thousands of percents of growth You should have a high risk tolerance in my opinion because at any moment in time that's why I was able to save myself right on top here where Bitcoin crashed, I'm Let's not say crashed it correct if it itself It was a healthy correction and I was able to sell my Bitcoin at eighteen thousand two hundred dollars Why two hundred fifty dollars at the minimum that was my last 50% sell, and we I sold on top of that But I sold at eighteen seven fifty 18 five and then 18 to 50 and The reason I was able to do that and walk in my profits is because I have a very high risk Tolerance in a bubble market, which you should too This is a trading advice once again legally I cannot inform you guys and give you guys trading advice however I am going to be doing some pro folio reviews as you guys know somebody asked How do you get for folio reviews if you guys don't know? Well obviously John two for six doesn't know you pretty much go to our Disk order the link is in the description below, and if you are a patreon you can pull up our patreon page And we actually are I think we have one more Spot left I'm not sure if we have one more so we may have sold out with the portfolio reviews But I may add one or two more just because I am still working on the system But anyways the link is in description blah, I'm doing portfolio reviews if you guys do need those done But I'm also doing trade alerts and stuff like that

It's all under in the patreon down below Just go to VIP access here click become a patreon But at the end of the day what I really want to talk to you guys about is understanding What risk management really is and if you do have a portfolio? And you guys aren't getting that portfolio looked at by a third-party This is what I can tell you right now You have to balance your portfolio in a way where other coins can almost inversely act according to your your coins in that portfolio, so Let's go ahead and look at a little bit more of a deeper definition here of rebalancing Now that we're getting towards that are you guys with me by the way you guys understanding? What rebalancing means say say yes, if you guys are? You guys understanding rebalancing Do you guys understand what the definition is? Let's see Are you guys understanding asset allocation Johanna Hernandez said yes Mr Parker said yes, Donovan Peter said yes wonderful

Can you show Manero for me? I need to get out of my position You need to get out your position as if it's like a shift you're trying to get rid of Brian, O'Connor yes Daniel yes mark yes Kevin yes Peter Pan just posted his longitude and latitude I'm just kidding acronym Yes Tyson Yes, Nick Yes see schraeder crypto futures no Yes, yes, Joey Brian Billy said yes Mark suit good, Nathan hit twenty thousand crypto futures is the only one that says no Ben says yes bill says yes Hank says yes She Schrader says no as well Well at least the majority said yes You guys are probably you probably you guys have to probably become Patriots if you don't understand it because if you don't understand it with these basic definitions and even do your own research or You know seek professional help, or you know or take a perspective from a person who has experience in my? My perspective

That's what I would do That's what I did You know I looked for mentors I looked for people that were in life where I wanted to be Doing the things I wanted to do and that's how I was able to you know really start becoming more Proactive about my investments and what I was doing and that's really what helped me do a lot shots a Brian He just became a patreon shout-out to Brian shoutout to Nick grace as well for becoming new patrons So let's go ahead and just kind of complete our definition here, so We're looking at rebalancing here and ask to allocation For example say an original target asset allocation was 50% stocks at 50% bonds, right I? Probably I probably already know what this examples are they say But we'll just read it here if the stocks performed well during that period so let's say if the altcoins Why don't we replace this with alt coins and bitcoins so for example say an original target asset allocation was 50%? Bitcoin and 50% alt coins if this if if the Bitcoin Performed well during that period it could have increased The bitcoins weighting of the portfolio to 70% so now bitcoin is 70% a portfolio and all coins are now 30% An investor may then decide to sell some Bitcoin and buy alt coins to get the portfolio back to the original target allocation of 50/50 BAM that's a less asset allocation We're not gonna have to get any more deeper than that Did that help out guys did that make sense at least you understand the general concept now You're probably asking yourself well How could I apply that how could I enable that that's a different story? That's more, so strategic You know understanding looking and seeking for from different perspectives What other people's assets look like and if you guys are not on our discord? I will soon be posting my portfolio first It will be going to our patreon and not only am I gonna show my patreon the portfolio I'm gonna have a private discussion with them and actually go in depth and screen share exactly what I'm doing And why I'm doing it for each and every coin So that's going to be for our patreon and you know and and that's for any patreon Will actually know there's gonna be specific tiers on that sorry And then I am gonna also post it on our Discord and announcements when that is complete as well so all of you guys honor discord and have the ability to see that as well So if you're not on discord, I would highly recommend clicking the link in the description below We actually just added some new definitions here So you have all these trading patterns here to teach you guys how to really trade in the cryptocurrency market as well as understanding Trading in general because trading is not just cryptocurrency It's a universal principle that can be used in forex Stocks and so forth so you also have your helpful read sections if you don't understand Bitcoin here's something I want to talk about really quick cuz this is important And I'm not just saying you're trying to show you guys books But at the end of the day you have to educate yourself before you you Invest in anything if you listen to any famous investor any professional investor

They tell you this all the time They say first understand what you're investing in because if you don't understand what you're investing in then it's gonna be really hard to Make decisions based on your lack of knowledge because you're literally making these Pedro said nice jazz music selection Thank you, brother This is stuff I listen to now my focus zone, but you're making decisions that are almost like Uninformed decisions, and what do you rather make informed decisions or uninformed decisions posted in the chat right now? What do you guys rather make informed decisions or uninformed decisions? We're gonna have some people say uninformed decisions just watch Somebody said invested Tesla, I know I am to Mars lmao, Matthew Albo said have you heard of DRG n it was created by Disney no I have an alibi look into that Disney is right across the street from me literally in Orlando By the way Israel they are developing its own IOS Cryptocurrency

I don't know how to feel about buying Israeli cryptocurrency I bought how to get the free money book awesome Let me know how it is go the success stories and post it informed Peter ping said informed YouTube said MC and blue said No condom I'm sorry should I've never read that Joey King said no my ears what recommending books is the stuff that makes me? Immediately respect you that is awesome, man Thank you Just tell me where to put my money, so I can go to the moon Daniel Trainor well You might just need to follow John McAfee, Gori said, so there is a name to what yes There's a name thoughts on HST Haven't looked at that rended Sorry informed all the way to the moon Yep, wandering being said uninformed is more exciting Lol

Well You must be an extrovert casual German said uninformed high-risk That is I can't believe you guys said that That is not that right anti whatever guys This guy is a complete noob if he doesn't know what DRG n is Well, I am looking at hundreds of other coins so Sorry that I didn't look at your coin that probably isn't even on the coin market cap top fifty So why don't we go look at it right now DRG N dr GN her dragon chain Let's pull it up Yeah rank number 80 so i'm sorry that I don't know about rank number 80 at 89 cents with a 213 Million dollar market cap that can easily be influenced by one whale so i'm sorry that I didn't look at your coin That could be manipulated by price extremely easily I'm really sorry I just didn't know about it i'm a complete new because I didn't know about it Yeah Give me a break a lot of you guys need to really get informed

I think you guys need to start understanding What even what is the what is a distributed ledger? What is blockchain? What is it even? What implications can it have on real estate right what implications can blockchain have on? other aspects of title management right car titles home titles land titles right That jacob said Elva He just took a Something on that coin Ripple to the mood yes verge burned yeah Blockchain for voting mr Parker, yeah, augur right augur is a really good coin matter of fact This is something I look aside Gore

He said I love driving blind That's not fun Here's another coin I'm looking at for my portfolio of next year augur right somebody just mentioned decentralized voting thank you for mentioning that so augur is implementing the exact concept and It's basically the concept is put your money where your mouth is One thing I do like about augur I'll show you guys just in a second shout out to Keenan yield mass for becoming a new patreon I'll be seeing you around soon What I do like about augur as you can see there's not much of like create a crazy breakout Just yet obviously you see this parabolic increase in price but it's not as dramatic as you see with some other coins like Virg for example if you were to pull a verges chart look at Virg and This is I mean this is a basic principle I mean We're just looking at a chart, and how it looks But at the end of the day that does matter because you can see all right has this really had a breakout yet like if you look at Virg Virg is just completely you know Distorted and I'll show you guys right now as soon as this loads up But when you look at the verts chart look at that look how crazy that looks? Compared to the one we just looked at you can barely see where it was a couple months ago because it went so high up So you know that I'm not saying that it's a you know a reason to just not look at something Maybe it's just because people are valuing it a lot higher now, but at the end of the day sometimes for me I'm just kind of like ah do I want to buy in a long term You know do I really want to have my stop losses trigger? You don't want your stop losses to trigger? I don't want my stop losses and trigger I wish I could just buy a coin and let it ride its way up Which I've been Really focusing on for my portfolio in 2018 because it's just kind of hard to Set up a portfolio when you see all of these gains over the past couple of weeks Not even months like it's just the past couple of weeks So I would say be very careful setting up your portfolio for 2018 guys, but that's one thing I like about auger and yes It's decentralized prediction Markets, so honored combines the magic of prediction markets with the power of a decentralized network Somebody said what is a prediction market it's going to show you guys the prediction market here guys know What a prediction market is It's basically voting but we'll go ahead and show you guys the formal definition here prediction markets also known as predictive markets information markets decision markets idea features event derivatives or virtual markets or exchange traded markets created for the purpose of trading the outcome of events The market prices can indicate what the crowd thinks the probability of the event is so if you guys want to see a quick little Image that explains what this is you can just kind of look at this how a market predicts right so? It's talking about prediction markets use investors opinions to generate a price for shares in a given event it's almost like having Shares of yes, and no right so that's kind of what a prediction market is And it's cool the fact that we're finding this in a decentralized manner because it was it's a prediction markets are who extremely successful but seeing it decentralized and that's another thing I look for guys um I Look for something that was successful

I look for a concept write this down if you guys are taking notes I look for concepts when looking at I SEOs right I've been meaning to make an ICO video about how to analyze I SEOs because You know I analyzed many many icos and that's why sometimes when I get requests It's hard to take all the requests, but one thing I look for is a concept net was extremely successful in a centralized manner that can now be transitioned into a decentralized environment And then become even more successful because if it didn't work in a centralized way why is it gonna work in a decentralized way? That's just my opinion because at the end of the day decentralization wasn't even a concept decades ago but Centralization was so if the idea see we're not in a world we're refining Yeah, we're gonna find new ideas You know what blows my mind social media before guys check this out social media Corey said get me some bread to mr Smith No one on the planet claims to know the future markets That's interesting K3 control we look at OST please we're not doing predictions right now just we'll take some requests soon though, so 88 promising yes, so Anyways I? Was talking about Centralized versus decentralized Ideas and how centralized ideas are pretty much Brian O'Connor how important is that I keep track of what price was BTC? I Am I cannot even read that whole question anyways so uh? So that's the concept by the way guys I do want to mention

I am looking for somebody that can build computers I am looking for a couple different individuals for some expansion that I'm doing here Now that we've got our patreon started obviously now looking to find some people that we can start You know helping people that can help out with the development of snipers tube so if you guys are interested You know we can definitely get you guys recognition if you guys want that or you know we can talk about you know What we can what type of deal we can cut here? But I am looking for somebody that knows how to build computers Just at least has some knowledge that maybe can help me you know determine What parts I might need maybe even walk me through a little bit of like Where is the best place to look? In terms of guides on building the computer something that's really strong for streaming because I am looking to stream And then I also would like to I'm putting the background music down a little bit, sorry I'm also looking for somebody that can Design websites, so if you are a web designer I would love to have you you know you reach out to me I'm looking for something that can start developing our snipers tube Official website, it's going to be a resource for all of our community members to access And then I'm also looking for a graphic designer, so if you're a graphic designer, and you would like some exposure and some Some medallions, you know definitely reach out you can message me on discord Here's the best thing you guys can do really it's just send me information like immediately I'll give you a graphic designer make a logo or make even like a whole logo pack Give me a YouTube an or Twitter ban or face Give me everything send it to me and that's the first message You send me I'm looking for somebody that can take initiative quick Not somebody, that's gonna Ask me about okay You need this you need that what type of you know what type of you know how many lines Do you want your logo or like just? Go make if you if you're confident in your abilities go make something and then send it to me and then let me know what You know and for the web this for the web designer You know obviously? I'm not gonna say go make a web site, but um you know I'm not saying I don't know what I'm looking for but You know I feel like most people know what they're good at and if you can make something that's gonna really help the community That's pretty much probably what I want something that looks really nice, so That's just a quick You know message that I would like to put out there if you know how to build computers and stuff Maybe you can just send me a list of parts and stuff on disk or because they get tons of messages hundreds of messages If I don't reply message Allen He's the one of the admin on our discord And that could also be of your help if you guys want to look at what we're doing here if you guys aren't on discord The link is in the description below you can just click my name and private message me And Alan as well he is one of our admin, so you can message either one of us And then if you guys don't know what discord is it's just a community that we have open and it's a free resource to learn And communicate about all things cryptocurrency you guys so you have all these different chats here So you can look at Bitcoin talk about Bitcoin etherium ripple ripples and Poppins people have been blowing ripple up but yeah, so Computer somebody I can build a computer if you can send me a list of parts That would be best for streaming Simultaneously through twitch and YouTube a web designer that knows how to build you know you know html5 Java Websites that can really bring a lot of you know aesthetic beauty to the plate, and then a graphic designer that can just make things start looking a lot better, so That would be ideal, and I just wanted to put that out there, so With that being said let's take some requests guys

We'll take some of your YouTube requests here and Whatever you guys want to look at we'll look at some coins right now And we'll continue talking about some of my picks as well Maybe if I see a request that I like that is gonna be in my portfolio We'll look at that how about that? What do you think about electron um future I really like electro Neum mr Achmed You know I have electroni 'im I have a long position I don't plan to sell and that's it javascript Nelson say Can we look at OST I think is a really good steal right now? 88 verge iris install my extra P at 1:16 shine invest back into the coin I rebalance extra P doggy look into icon ripple with doggie coin OST x VG d GB gigabyte Tron OST did you buy alright, I keep hearing didja byte Tron and what else I hear did I hear did you bite, Tron and a Couple others, so we're gonna look at digital bite in Tron first and doggy

I hear about that sure That's a Rick we be he actually just Pledged became a patreon Thank you so much for becoming a new patreon Rick But let's go ahead and look at did you bite Tron as well as Verge I know you guys wanted to look at Burgess go ahead and also pull up the coin market cap as Well just to see what we're looking at here in terms of coin pricing here Let me go ahead and just update something here on my chart, I'm gonna add some indicators here, so I Do want to add? my 50-day moving average as I look at these coins I may start getting a little bit more advanced as we start Getting into a little bit more into like the late December time Early January, I want to get a little bit more advanced with what I use in front of you guys because I Feel like a lot of you guys are getting it Are you guys getting a lot of what we're doing guys say Yes, if you guys are understanding You know RSI and volume and stuff and if not just say no, let me know so I know how many of you guys are still you know beginners quote-unquote or Professional right see what you guys say Karen deep saying what are your long-term holds? That's exactly what we're gonna

Talk about today, brother Yes, yes Steinhardt said yes Stan said yes Wolfgang said yes crypto ken said yes, Brian said yes, awesome, Jen said yes Where in the US are you from Orlando, Florida could ystos, Orlando, Florida Let's see Yep Yep Yep Yes nobody said no interesting I like it Beautiful that means you guys are pretty much all up to speed you guys know what you're doing That is exactly what I'm looking for so What we'll do then we'll start using a little bit more of a complex chart and You know especially when we have less than 500 viewers

You know once we start getting a lot of viewers We know there's new people so we don't want to you know be overwhelming on the newest people but for now we can definitely look at what we're Planning to look at here so pretty much Let's pull up doggie coin first I know you lot of you guys have asked about that I think this was one of the only coins that were up today There was like four or five coins that were up today And then we'll see here What is poppin Without you coin Why are we seeing this price? Just start you know? Parabolically going up obviously prices are going up

There's no doubt about it Let's see if there's any indication as to why this price is going up Seems to me that there's not really a pattern that is forming at this point no mature pattern what I do want to see here, though is where could we start heading over the next couple of weeks and In complete honesty, you know we're seeing a lot of by volume You know this volume here is just insane I think that has to do with John McAfee I think he tweeted this coin out and I'm not sure I'm pretty sure he did He may have not but I know he's been tweeting a lot of coins I know he tweeted out several coins And bringing a lot of tension towards these cones almost like promoting which I know there are some of the gala tea issues with that but This is interesting there's not really a pattern as you guys can see if you guys don't know I Tried to look for pattern, so you can't really predict prices I love repeating that statement so you guys can just understand the fact that nobody can predict prices But you can always look at patterns so for those of you on our Discord if you go to trading 101 you guys can see all of these patterns here This is what I'm looking for I'm looking to see are there any sharp movements in price happening or even any sort of resistance and support levels being built and as you can see every single pattern has a support and resistance level and That is what you're looking for if you cannot see a support in a resistance level built on a chart It's going to be really hard to form any sort of pattern so obviously there isn't any right now And if we do go to like a 30 minute chart we can probably see maybe a small pattern forming I just don't think the 30 minute chart is accurate enough to really look at if you are trading in you know in the Hourly chart, it's a lot more reliable in my opinion I try not to go too close in sometimes I use the 1-minute chart from really swing trading, and I'm really you know getting serious into it but at the end of the day You know it's not necessarily the most accurate chart to look at because that can be very distorted and You're not really seeing a long-term pattern you're moreso seeing what is the price gonna be in the next couple of minutes if you're looking At the 1-minute chart, so I would say to just let this chart mature a little bit you know Probably just give it some time and then maybe we can see what happens so that's doggy coin Let's take the other requests here I know if somebody said xvg Beautiful beautiful pennant look at that I see a pennant

Let's go ahead and clear this chart out I move all indicators as you guys can see If you guys know what a pennant is we'll go on our discord And I'll show you guys exactly our opinion looks pennants are one of my favorites cuz I don't know for me I always have good luck with pendants But pennants are pretty much where you see the price pattern Start to form and get a little bit more narrow after a recent rise in the price So you can see the price rose up in the pennant, and then you see that it starts to kind of create these small Support and resistance levels, but it gets more and more narrow, and it's exactly what we're seeing here with the xvg chart Which would be good now? What's gonna? Be interesting to see is is it gonna break out positive So that's really where you want to make your position when you're looking at a pennant or at least That's where I like to make my position when looking at pennant as you can see it's pretty much where the pennant is forming I Would even say just kind of like right there It's just a slight slant, but that's nothing to be afraid of So I would watch this To see is this gonna continue in this path And really what you can do at this point is just kind of see if is it gonna pass the 24 Cent level and if fruits does pass that level I can definitely see and see another breakout in the scope for verge I know a lot of attention has been coming to this coin because of a lot of different reasons you know I even covered the coin on one of my youtube videos because I Like version, it's one of the coins that I definitely plan to implement into my 2018 portfolio, so you guys are wondering? What is my fully going to look like in 2018 verge is definitely on there because the end of the day What verge for me is is a substitute for Manero? or even a competing Cohen with Manero So That's Virg, let's take some other requests guys post your requests, let's take some YouTube requests Name, can you do it beginner perspective for the next one if you asked a majority said yes, but I'd still appreciate Mykleby Yeah, we can do that man I'm not gonna use the crazy stuff yet our Scion Virg Let's look at the RSI Farhan good question Yeah, I removed my indicators I Remove my indicators, we'll probably do a more advanced one you know I Really don't want to do advanced ones on the youtubes in general because that's not what this was meant for if you think about how All of you guys have started with my youtube channel or our YouTube channel to say it better It was when I started showing you guys basic graphs, though We want to be able to give that privilege to all the newest people as well So they have the ability to really start off with basic graphs And then as they get into the community into discord they can start seeing a little bit more of a complex visual of what charts can really do in trading but volume an RSI are pretty much the two that you have to have if you don't have your volume an RSI open in my Opinion, you're a blind trader It's like having your blinders on You need to know the volume you need to know the RSI and what they stand for If you don't understand RSI and volume, I personally don't think you should be trading I think you should hold off on it I think it would be better for you to just be a value investor like I am in some cases Or you know a value investor and a traitor, but get into trading slowly

Don't just rush into it because Trading is an art It's a skill It's something that you have to develop over time so once again if you are trader you have to understand What is trading so RSI relative strength index if it's over 70? That means it's over bot and I'll give you guys an example of that So here's how you can use RSI and on a day to day trading And I'll show you guys how effective this is and if you've never used it you would be really screwed, right? So you might ask yourself, okay? I? See the price Let's say we're looking at this chart for a verge, and it's just like this We don't know the future of this chart right and we're seeing the price decline and you're a new investor You're like oh, man I'm gonna get in on the dip and you're like alright This is the end of the dip Right because you're not looking at anything you buy here well guess what the RSI at that point was still right above 40 That's not the end of the dip if you if you kept watching the RSI And you set your cell right if this thing hits 30 I'm gonna buy guess what hit 30 right down here So you would have bought right here if you are watching our Sai So just because you were watching our site instead of buying up here you would have bought right here because you saw it hit 30 and that indicates that something is under baat and Is most likely gonna rise in price anything around 30 if it goes under 30? That's a bottom that pretty much indicates the support for the most part unless we see a negative trend so You would have bought right here and guess what because you used our site guess What would happen you'd have gained all of this, and then if you look at our site soon as it hits over 70 sell So I would have probably stole it right here, and I would have gained all of this right here And that's what swing traders do over and over again every single day over and over again, and it almost becomes like a job That's the truth so that's why I like Value investing as well Looking at the value of something so that at the end of the day doesn't become a job It's something that could sustain itself over the long term because if you invest in the Microsoft of blockchain today You're gonna be a very wealthy, man so That's that How do you look at these chart patterns? It's on our discord, so? You know I know I repeat this But there's a lot of new people so if you guys are new We have a discord discord is pretty much a free resource that we've built For you guys to really just chat within the community talk to me Talk to others within the community we have admin and moderators as well And just kind of learn crypto for yourself the link is in the description below you can access it There's no ads on this It's literally just a free resource that we've built for you guys You can look at all the news here as well if you guys want to keep up to date with news You can talk about wallets taxes mining charts any coin

You want is right over here We also do voice chats by the way tonight We're gonna be having our night owl, and and our night owl is gonna be in our discord so if you guys are on discord then we're gonna be having a night owl where we can chat back and forth if you want to listen and you can just Listen it if you want to plug your mic in and talk you can plug your mic in and talk, but yeah Just click the link in the description if you guys want to get into discord We have tons and remember I think we just hit over 5,000 members on discord so pretty exciting guys Let's take some more requests though, so if you guys want to post your requests Let's look at it did your bite has a five minute transaction time per block which is about thirty times faster than Bitcoin and ten times faster than an Ether well, nem has a very fast transaction time to Stuart Why don't you invest in nem? It's not just one thing that you have to look at you have to look at a lot of different factors You know I'm not just putting you down Just saying that's the truth Lake Robinson said no cryptos have low RS eyes right now, so should we not by? Pieter paying anyone get into Gollum

I haven't looked at Gollum I've heard about it though Peter I probably should k3 control said QST Intimate said blue Cute um Brian, O'Connor, that's one of the pics on my portfolio Yes, it is a good job I spent the whole day doing this Yep XR p OMG XRP XR p XR p Can you give your opinion on BRD fairly needed by Nance? XL m Please any M Stewart's at any M hunter Harvard

Did you go to Harvard hunter? Jeremiah bone it LOLOL Oh Mr Smith said what has the fastest? Transaction time I believe it's nem if I'm not mistaken It's very fast

Have you heard of cute tongues creator some shady I think Hugh Tom is really nice I looked at cute um and You know it's definitely something I was looking at I do want to pull up extra piece chart, though You know we did title this video with extra RP so I am Almost obligated to show you this and I want to show you this because I know we've been seeing a couple different patterns form here with XRP but let's go ahead and Remove our drawing tools here So as you can see XRP is starting to stabilize around the dollar it went over a dollar pretty much stuck its way through what I'm seeing right now is just a very volatile coin, and I think it's being this volatile just because of Bitcoins price movement just being all over the place It looks like we found some support here on 89 cents But then it went all the way down to 77 cents at one point which is kind of scary to be honest with you The fact that it's doing that and you can also see that these levels of resistance continue to drop You know you can see a clear decline in this resistance Which could indicate a negative pattern for me at the end of the day? It's not reaching the highs that it reached before which was around a dollar and seventeen cents Then it went to a dollar 14 cents, then it reached a dollar eight cents now You're seeing it around 99 cents, so When you look at ripple? You just have to be cautious to understand the fact that this thing was worth 25 cents for a very long time and then automatically just shot up out of nowhere as we started seeing a lot of speculative value go into the market and At the end of the day we could still see another run up upwards at the end of the day If guess guess what if this market continues to go to 1 trillion as I expect it to do towards? 2018 in the beginning of 2018 I believe that we can see coins like XRP rising in value along with that But if that doesn't happen then at the end of the day you have to be cautious and weary about these trades guys, so You know I when I saw a sharpie that high I sold Because I don't mind repositioning myself and actually people's one of the coins that you know I was holding it But the end of the day it is a centralized coin and a lot of you guys argue about it's not centralized Yes, it is It is centralized It's not something that you can just go in mine right now if you wanted So you can't just mine ripple you there's a lot of things about ripple you can't do And it's very centralized You know ripple pretty much has a lot of control over it You know not saying that the coin itself will go away if Britt will stop but They still have a lot of you know Control over the coin itself, but you know with this pattern

I would say as it continues to form There really is anything That's clearly forming right now If you were to think something was clearly formed I would say that whatever pattern was being formed broke when it we did hit? 77 cents and that scares me to be honest with you the fact that we did go that low I Don't like to see that in a pattern because that for me almost indicates that there's a lot of weak hands here And I I wouldn't you know I wouldn't be surprised a lot of people had their ripple at 25 cents I believe ripples it'll be worth a lot I think it's definitely gonna be on my portfolio for 2018 I love ripple It's one of my favorite coins You know ether is my favorite coin At this time and that switched recently you know at first it was Bitcoin and so I had that conversation with my friend that had the ICO and You know he really opened my eyes You know especially because he's had a lot of success So that's what I think about ripple did that helped out a little bit guys just a little bit of My thoughts about it because you know I know a lot of you guys have some ripple may be holding ripple Maybe you guys are thinking about whether or not you want to sell your ripple, and that's really my opinion upon ripple It's just the fact that it's more so a decision you have to make upon do you want to take some profits? Do you want to rebalance rebalancing is always a good way to ensure that you will get the most out of your investment, so? It's really up to you guys what you guys want to do with the ripple, and how you guys want to trade it so Let's go ahead and just kind of look at some requests here on our discord So I'm gonna go ahead and open up a specific area here on our discord that you guys can request Some coins to look at we'll actually go to the patreon chat here

You are on our patreon We'll take some patreon requests here first And then we'll also take some requests from the request tab so if you are patreon Feel free to just post one request on the patreon chat you don't need to blow up the chat or anything But we will take some patreon requests here first And then we'll look at our main chatroom, which I'm going to open up right now on The livestream tab so we're gonna look at substratum king lucifer asked for substratum if you guys want to request as Well, and you're not a patreon I'm gonna open this up right now under the livestream tab on our patreon So just go to the livestream And I'm gonna open up your permissions so that you guys can get on this as well as for the night owl tonight That you guys can tune in on so that is currently open just go to the requests here under livestream If you're not on discord the link is in the description There is a desktop version There's also a web version There's also a mobile version Which is pretty cool because you know yesterday? I saw bitcoins I saw the prices dropping and I announced it to everybody on the discord I was like guys prices are dropping Just that you guys were aware of it, so We're gonna take our Patreon requests first so King Lucifer asked for substratum, so I didn't look at substratum Thank you for being a patreon King Lucifer Let's pull up a substratum request here Yes you be us Dean I Actually did have some substract

I do plan to get back into I really like sub-strategies vision I think over the long term if they can continue to fulfill their vision of having a decentralized web If you guys know a sub strand, you know what it's trying to do It's basically trying to create a decentralized web But I think that's a little bit far-fetched from you know two thousand seventeen eighteen nineteen But I think over time we can definitely see it getting some adoption In the future unfortunately, it's not pulling up on our training of you But I will show you guys this chart, so What I do like about substratum It's not diluted guys look at this it's still an Undervalued coin in my opinion and the reason I say that is you can see the price movements And this is an indicator that the prices have it moved substantial Like a lot of other coins like Virg, so I'll show you guys and even at 30 percent You haven't seen this really go up that much If you look at Virg look at the difference here look how? diluted this chart is compared to a coin like Substratum look at that you barely can see where the prices were because it's so diluted here And it's primarily because it was so low for a long time But at the end of the day, you know that's obviously not a technical chart, that's just more of a opinion, I guess I would love to look at the technical chart or sub strand, but it's not pulling up on our trading view But at the end of the day, I like the concept I think it's a good value investment That's what I think about substratum at this point It's just not necessarily

Oh, I'm sorry my charts aren't pulling up Oh my gosh That's it I keep doing that guys That's why I have patreon because I need to get a new computer with two screens So I can actually have a lot more efficient life, so you're sorry about that guys god I hate when I do that But yes it looks a substratum look at this chart with substratum, and then look at a verjus chart So this is substratum

You can see the price movements you can see the volatility you can see the up and downs and Then you can look at verge and then look at the difference and this is Not a hundred percent of a way to determine RA Is this point undervalued or overvalued, but it is a way to look at hey how significant of? A price move it has this coin seen in the past or present and with verge if you look at this chart It's just almost insane what you see you see this huge Like do you guys see the difference say yes on the chav you see the difference you guys see the difference in those two charts Scarin deep said please tell me about litecoin I'm a bit confused there I have not chosen like coin to put on my list and outside There are several different reasons why? Huge Hendra said huge Brian, O'Connor said yes, mr Parker said yes How do you feel about digital note? I gotta look more into that Sam Oh, I only like to talk about things that actually I have compensate on verges closer to Bitcoin charts correct 1967 said yes, Wolverine said yeah, Sean said yes Alex said Sat to say who controls Ripple coin mr

Smith said that actually the CEO of AOL is the CEO of ripple? Pack CEO of course What do you thing about Tron? I'm gonna make a video on that Jimmy I kept Cydia smart cash Keys are said yes Clear as day TRX good good So you guys are understanding? I'd like it How many different coins should be part of a portfolio Luke asked how many different coins should be part of your portfolio? I would say 12 to 16 coins Depending on what you're investing how much you're investing at the end of the day and what type of portfolio you want I'm going with 12 to 16 sometimes 20 is a good one

I actually read a book by one of the largest hedge fund founder his name was a Ray Dalio He started Bridgewater, and it's one of the largest hedge funds in the world and he actually said you should have a minimum of 20 Assets and investments So that it creates proper risk allocation and asset allocation So I have the hiccups Oh my gosh So yeah, that's that So that's what I think about substratum, so let's go ahead and take some other requests here We'll be doing our patreon so If you're not a patreon you can always get into the patreon link is in the description below And then you can get these exclusive rights to have first div and have a little bit less of a diluted check Stan said oMG, so oMG is going on my portfolio as well guys I really like oMG and I'm definitely planning to Invest in this it's also another coin like substratum that doesn't have Much dilutions with its price movements in the history of it as you can see it's pretty much sustained Pretty significant growth over the past couple of weeks I'll go ahead and show you guys right now So this is oMG and We're gonna pull up the cryptocurrency market capitalization chart as you can see not a diluted chart at all I like this type of chart because it shows you that ok

It's ranked 24 maybe people overlook this with the past couple of weeks that we've seen these parabolic games because It really hasn't seen that much of a gain I mean it went from like $7 to maybe around $16 just doubled you know and that's kind of low in the cryptocurrency Market, if you're not making a hundred percent returns, then you're pretty much not doing as good as everybody else in this market right now So I think this is also pretty undervalued It's another coin that I'm looking at for 2018 to put into my portfolio once again, I'm still working on the rebalancing and the different assets, but It's really nice You know all needs to go to public etherion based financial technology See this is what I'm talking about guys aetherium look at that OMG, it's the number 24 on the list it's worth 1 billion dollars over a billion dollars and It has everything built on aetherium That's why aetherium in my opinion is one of the most diversified asset classes in cryptocurrency right now Because you see all of these platforms I'm sure Pete really liked seeing that because I know he's a Theory of an and and you guys should be too to be honest with you Somebody said what's the future of iota uh? I don't know too much

I owed ax for me You know I need to do a little bit more research cuz I was a fan of it But now I've just been kind of you know let off the pedal a little bit But in terms of OMGs price range as you can see I've been trying to find a good buy point But It looks to me that we may be forming a cup and handle a Very small one, but it is a cup and handle as You can see Wow beautiful Yeah, we may see some price movement here with uh So check this out guys This is really nice If you guys don't want a cup and handle this show you guys exactly what it is We want our discord here by the way This is a free resource open and available to all of you guys The link is in the description below you guys can just get on discord click trading 101 here and then go to cup and handle as you can see a Cup and handle it pretty much gets its name from the obvious pattern that makes on the chart the cup is a curved u-shape while The handle slopes slightly downwards in general the right-hand side of the diagram has low trading volume and it can last from seven weeks up To around sixty five weeks obviously those numbers are different here or looking at this type of market That's just an extremely volatile You can still apply these patterns, but as you can see you see the price Initially going up here this creates the depth within the cup, and then you see the base pretty much form here It's a very small base, but there is a base here And then volume is extremely low around this point like we want to see the handle is forming right over here You got the cup base right over here? and then The perfect buy point in this type of chart and a cup and handle is right on breakout so breakout would be right above What are the handle lies so if it does go to this point? I am gonna put my position in that's just Something I already made a decision that I want to get into so I'm gonna actually set up a trade alert right here So I can lock in my position as soon as it crosses I like to buy at the top here at the breakout so it confirms to me that the pattern is true And we're gonna see a breakout so I'm gonna go ahead and set my price alert right there through by trading view chart and I'm gonna be able to be alerted to that if you guys don't have training You've never used this The link is in the discord if you go to resources here I added all of my favorite resources so you guys can actually check this out on the discord as well as our helpful reads So if you guys are new to cryptocurrency I would recommend the internet of money This is a very basic book about crypto, and it really helped me starting off then mastering Bitcoin by the same author a Little bit more advanced almost like a textbook of Bitcoin if you're willing to read it and then this is for you thrillers that don't Like to read it's a more simplified book, but it gives you the past present and future of Bitcoin which is pretty exciting so Yeah, guys

That's what we were looking at here in our discord Helpful reads and then resources This is the trading of EHR somebody asked, so yeah, that's oh, I'm G for you man Hopefully that helped out a little bit, dude This is if you won't take a quick screenshot of this choice um some of you guys like to do that you can take this Screenshot, but I am going to be putting a bye position right there around 15 dollars and 36 cents I don't mind buying there by the way if we look at the all-time high It was you know a lot higher than that anyways so I feel like prices are pretty low here I think it's a good time to buy as long as we don't see a another market correction See all time I was at 21 so I can definitely see some gains here with oMG over the next couple of days, so I'm definitely looking to buy into oMG and That's that so you would buy there instead of the lowest point No chart bro I'm so sorry What are you guys talking about you guys can see it now, right? Are you guys seeing it now, that's why I need more patreon so I could get another screen No, but I am getting some computer stuff That's why if by the way if you guys know how to if any of you guys now to build computers I'm looking for a computer somebody that knows how to build computers I'm looking for a web designer for our website that we're gonna be releasing soon as well as a graphic designer So if you do have any of those skills feel free to message me on Twitter Feel free to message me the best places on discord the link is in the description below Just create an account most of you Probably haven't used this cord in the past, but it's a new social media platform that Nobody's talking about I think it's gonna become the next big thing The first thing I asked my friend when he showed me this was could I invest in this cuz I think this is one of The most awesome platforms that we've ever been on and as a community We just say over 5,000 users, so it's really poppin and it's the best place for cryptocurrency And you always message our admin as well, but I am looking for somebody that knows how to build computers I need help I need to get a streaming computer You know something really nice I Just don't know much about it

I need somebody that knows how to build beautiful web sites and stuff like that and then a graphic designer so Thank you guys for those of you that do message me I know I got a couple of messages here already So let's take some requests here Hopefully that helped out with OMG great fine Thank you for requesting OMG i'm probably oh we also wanted to make us chat here So we'll make a chat here for Ami's go so if you guys want to talk about this on discord We'll go ahead and create one for you guys as well, so There you go You guys have your own chat there Now you can talk about everything you want about Ami's ago So we'll look at our patreon chat really quick before we get into the main chat Xlm please so shout out to stand for recommending oMG because I was looking for a buy point and sometimes It's hard to find that when you're looking at so many That's why I say focus on a couple different coins That's what I would do if I were you guys focus on a couple different coins If you guys don't know what to focus on if your patreon I do have You know my top coins every week that I focus on so I can send you guys the charts And then explain everything to you guys you guys know what I'm doing every week But if you guys aren't on that or you guys want to create your own Just look at specific coins and focus in on them That's my best recommendation for all you guys so xlm Homer said xlm USD So xlm I Think this is more of a maturing chart You know I can't call this You know this could potentially become a cup and handle because you see this left hand side going up You see that

There is some depth There is a base forming, so I'm gonna let this slide a little bit Let this one mature if it does form a cup and handle, maybe we can look back at this later Or maybe you can look it back at this for those of you who requested this I would be looking to see is it gonna go back around 24 cents if it goes right around 24 cents Don't be worried to make a trade right now Just wait to see what happens here, and by the way if it does go around 24 cents it Also is gonna break this downward pattern So that would be two indicators to buy so let me teach you guys something really quick sometimes You'll find two reasons to buy a coin Oh my gosh Do I not have the chart up shoot? Dang it start it guys all Right I got to stop doing that um so Here's pretty much the chart We're looking at so as you guys can see there is a cup and handle right here on the right hand side guys Sorry about that by the way That's not gonna happen ever again

I Mean that happened, but I'm not gonna do that purposely now I'm gonna have upgraded equipment very soon Because you know I valued this and I value what you guys bring and I want to make sure I bring you guys the best quality So yes as you guys can see this is the xlm chart there is a cup and handle forming in my opinion because you can see this left hand side you see this depth here and Then you see this cup form there is some depth There's a base forming here, and then it rises up and then a handle on this right hand side may form But what's interesting is you see this trend line that we had we had drawn out earlier focus on the top red trend line guys So this top red trend line right over here Was something we drew out earlier And if guess what if it does form a cup and handle it would have to cross this trendline so that would indicate two different Indications that this is a perfect buy and the price is gonna go up so when you see two indications typically for me That's automatic go Because with two indications it gives you more confidence in what you're doing in the trade is What you're going to do? I just got a I just got a notification about John McAfee pumping crypto currencies Let's pull this up you guys want to pull this up really quick Let's look at what this article says And that is hilarious I Don't really look at too much and use cuz I don't you know I look at news if it's something That's worth Looking at you know I don't look at news that you know it's trying to give me any sort of advice or something But like this is like news that it's kind of funny Says, it's John McAfee pumping crypto currencies for cash matter He stands accused the court of read it of shilling cryptocurrencies for money the jury's out John I heard my cryptic That is ridiculous That is crazy Pretty sure that's I don't know I maybe he's done his legal work to make sure that's not Illegal, but we'll see so yeah That's what I would do with xlm so you know I would look at this tomorrow on our live stream But it may already form the cup and handle and break out by tomorrow by the way our size pretty good, too So that's a third indicator We're very low under 70 so if this goes up if exilim goes up I'm actually gonna set up an indicator right now and alert You know and if you don't buy it your alert then maybe you're out for dinner

You don't buy don't get mad I mean there's always opportunities in trading But I'm actually gonna set up a price alert here that I can potentially buy on when it does form this Pattern because I was looking to get it to exilim as well for my portfolio So Yeah, there you go I would say if it does cross this barrier That's two indications three indications with our side that it is a perfect buy, so it's going to look at some other requests here No virgin your portfolio equals you're an amateur I do have urge So we got a couple different requests, I'm not able to look at everything on the patreon, but I will take a couple more here Red coin, please stick it I don't think red coin is on This to be honest with you, and you know the being that what is here they do have red coin But it was pumped, and yeah look at that this was John McAfee He posted the coin, and it got pumped There really isn't a pattern here as you can see especially with this huge pump This this is literally what a pumping up is that's what John McAfee is doing I mean There's no denying it the way you know that look at this RSI as soon as he posted the tweet it Just just dumped in value So at the end of the day, it's it's more of like I just wouldn't be able to draw out a price movement here because I mean, I would I would imagine that it would go down Because it was pumped But yeah, that's what I would say about red coin at this time I need to do more research on red coin as well Oh my gosh

I Did it again? There you go, so it's it's been pumped as you can see so That's definitely a coin I would just kind of be hesitant about getting into right now You can see look at this RSI you see that it just jumped look at the purple our size in the bottom It's in the purple, and it's it's where you see that blue Crosshair at and you see the 43 goes right up to 70 or 80 – and then it drops back down That's that's a pump and dump you can see this volume The cell volume just went through the roof after it was pumped I Don't see that as a coin I would want to invest in right now So let's go ahead and look at our discord patreon chat here Ad a I'll the offense at a DA Let's look at ad a really quick ad a BTC Interesting we did break this negative pattern however It looks like we're still heading down so he may go right back into this pattern This is pretty simple because we're looking at Satoshi chart I like to just say this Obviously you see some support levels right here around 2611 Satoshi's let me just redraw everything here because I was probably tired to do this how cuz it's not as good as it could be But you can see there's clear support here right around 2600 Satoshi's I Would just kind of watch this channel keep this one simple Just kind of see can it stay within these Satoshi levels, and if it does that's good if it does break out of this channel You know the real channels right here by the way This is like the actual resistance level But I still can consider that a point that I want to watch and that's how I set up my lair trade So let me teach you guys something really quick so when I see a chart like this, right And I see that there are resistance levels and a channel being formed, but then there's this previous resistance close to this channel I set up another line on top and when I make my trades I like to bind the breakout so I would most likely if I were to buy Let's say this eventually starts going upwards right and I want to place a buy order on this coin This is exactly How I would buy this coin, I would look at this and say I'm gonna go ahead and purchase right on top here I'm gonna make this green here, so I would purchase Let's see here I'm gonna make this So everything that I would purchase is going to be in purple, so if it did break out this yellow, which is the? resistance in the channel I would buy 25% of my position here I would probably buy another 25% right here and then if it does go beyond this and breaks its previous all-time high I Would put the rest of my 50% position right up here? I would set up my stop losses So I the the purple is the buy prices? And Then I would set up my stop losses in terms of me Selling just in case after I buy let's say I buy 25% 25% starts going down I would set up my stop loss right down here so I minimal profits 50% 50% just in case I like to wean layer trades because it ensures that you're not just going all in all out back and forth But I hope that isn't too advanced, but that's kind of like my meth ology almost like my algorithmic manual algorithmic trading so that's how I would play 88 which I do plan to get a position in soon, so I feel like we'll be in that channel for quite a while

It's going to look at our discord somebody said how are you requesting on discord the discord link is in the Description below for those of you that aren't on discord This is not just a chat this is also a resource so we have tools here that you guys can look at Definitions charts we have some book recommendations that I've read and I truly recommend it really helped me out in Trading understanding the technology, and then I have all resources here the charts the exchanges that I look at the wallets I use Crypto calendar if you guys know what crypto calendar is I would definitely check this out if you pop this open Let me show you something really cool What the crypto calendar? If you look at how it will actually show you all of the cryptocurrency Events that can affect prices that are upcoming and this is a good way to stay ahead of the game We actually talked about this in our niteowl yesterday But we talked about how you can stay ahead and an advantage that you guys all have in cryptocurrency is delayed Transactions most people can't even buy the Bitcoin they want to buy when they want to buy it because it's just too delayed so If you guys can find out that something's gonna happen like okay, you know let's say you find out that ripple Just merged with Microsoft Because you were looking at crypto calendar and nobody knew that nobody depressed knew it nobody on Twitter knew it well Then you go buy it You know buy some ripple put a position in and bam, you know it's almost like what John McAfee is doing But it's actually gonna be permanent cuz it's legitimate news that is influencing the price, so that's an advantage I call it a slight edge You can say neo bitbake gross coin So if you guys want to look at all of our resources we have many of them on our discord You just have to go to our resources tab and look at them, so Let's continue taking our let's finish up these requests So we do have TRX here Crypto ken said what are the most undervalued coins? Which you think will go up soon well crypto if you were paying attention we did mention a couple of them Ken so we mentioned oMG was one substratum was one And then we're gonna continue looking at more I think Hugh tom was one as well, but there are a lot of undervalued ones in my opinion But it's just something nice not something interest on the top of my head Being that you are a patreon when I do my portfolio review depending on what little tear your at you know you'll receive more information We're still working on the reward system with my team We're gonna make sure that it's just really nice and valuable to you guys, so No, don't worry about it You're a patreon You'll know exactly what I'm doing and my portfolio and stuff being that you are a patreon because obviously we value that a lot but let's go ahead and look at TRX here guys So let's pull up TRX and We're gonna take some more YouTube requests as well soon We'll take some discord requests We just want to you know help out our patreon

Oh, yeah tier X does not pull up here unfortunately But we'll pull up this chart I don't mind pulling this up right now We'll pull up the Tron chart on coin market cap So I will be making a video on this very soon And the reason being is it's almost like verge just ton of people are eyeing it And it's had some pretty stable growth It's built some pretty strong support levels It looks like around three cents, so I am gonna make a video on this coming up soon But what I do like about this coin is it doesn't look like it's overvalued Just yet You know you don't see a crazy graph yet

Like you saw with Virg It looks like prices are on the way to breakout because you see this constant breakouts, and they keep on hitting three cents It doesn't look like it's going any lower than that so I like that about Tron Obviously I can't do a technical analysis because there's no Chart to do that, but that's what I would say about Tron Good question cryptokey, and I would like to know the answer as well there you go That's the answer those are a couple in Tron is also added to that as well crypto again Interesting I thought trying to be a little bit more overvalue, but it wasn't Worldwide super computer using aetherium interesting We'll have to look at go of them Thank you for posting that king was super easy tha goodbye right now I bought some ETH recently Ali If you want, we'll pull up the ETA chart really quick I actually did put position in I liquidated some of my Bitcoin for ETH And we did see a breakout As you can see we're forming a almost like a cup and handle right now as well Yeah, this is interesting Wow so if you look at what ETH is doing? You can see that you see some price break out here You see that it is building some depth for the cup it does have a base forming down here and Then as long as this handle forms correctly, and we see a handle come to these levels right here, which it's about two It might need to do it soon If it doesn't do it soon and this company handle is just gonna be deformed but What we're gonna be looking for if you guys aren't the livestream just go on our discord and go to our trading 101 and just go to cup and handle So you guys can stay up to date on what this looks like and then if it does form that? The breakout is actually indicated here as well on our discord, so I just bought you know what I'm doing I for aetherium I'm dollar cost averaging my etherium so if you guys don't know what dollar cost averaging It's very simple the definition is also on discord so once again This is a free resource don't you know don't miss out on? Just getting the ability to be a part of a community you guys I how do you encourage it? I want to see all of you guys there by the way I have a question for you guys if You guys think that if you guys think that ripple offeri 'm and Let's say ripple etherium and litecoin will do very well in 2018 like this video right now Let's see how much people actually Have belief in these coins look At wow oh my gosh this really just got a ton of likes out of nowhere, so obviously people like these three coins I think these three coins are definitely gonna see a lot of growth in 2018 just because people have their eyes on it At the end of the day, maybe we should do a survey I want to pull up a survey as well I think a lot of people they undervalue The true value of a lot of coins such as aetherium you know Because once again aetherium somebody said I think Bitcoin cash versus light coin That's that's true Peter

I agree I think but I think Bitcoin cash will outdo litecoin 100% I think I mean cash is it is I mean there's no doubt about it Bitcoin cash Surpasses like coin in every way shape and form as a currency It's just way more advanced That's just the truth So extra peat hot Oh Interesting you mess in Bitcoin cash Peter, so we'll look at our Discord here take up another request here on patreon here Go do Gollum Gollum USD based on a th Alright, let's do Let's do Gollum really quick, so we'll pull up Gollum know you guys requested that Beautiful beautiful, okay, I see very interesting char a lot of volatility here It doesn't look like it's seen too much price moving upwards you know at least Vertically it looks like it's been pretty stable as it reached its new highs Looks like it is building some support

I would call support right now Around this level of around I'd say 49 cents Did you see it did touch that twice here? This is what I would do it This is pretty simple for me You can see that it did drop quite significantly when it hit 68 cents I'd like to see is it gonna pass 68 cents if it does pass this Then there is a potential opportunity for me to buy when I see a truck like this that has all this volatility what I mean By that is you see this huge red Patterns, then you see this huge green patters and ton of red ton of green obviously people are selling their coins But also people are buying it and at the end of the day what you want to do is be Strategic with where you place your trade so what I would do in this case I would place my trades once again right above this so-called resistance level And I would really want to make maybe a 25% of my purchase here once again We do have another resistance up here What it looks like it to be an all-time high around 73 cents? So I would still maybe at the all time high purchase another 25% then around You know I'd say two or three percent above all time I'd do another 50 percent trade and then that Right there Would be how I would Strategize against a coin like this especially with this much volatility just ensure That I have a good position because if it does cross levels of all times highs then you can most likely see a breakout at the end of the day Shout-out to Cole Cole for just becoming a new patreon good to have you man So let's pull up our this chord chart really quick here, so Co vesting Ralphie boy said Cole vesting let's pull up Co vesting really quick Co-investing Yeah it may not be on training of you unfortunately that we can pull up this one right here Co vesting Yeah for somebody that is not pulling up I do apologize Maybe I'm not searching it right CoV Yeah for some reason it's just not Yeah, it's not pulling up I do apologize uh Somebody said let's see 10x Just look at 10x real quick So pull up 10x 10x is also on my List of purchases, so I do plan to also buy some 10x I really liking the chart I think it's also very undervalued just to add to the question that we had from Who was that crypto Ken? He asked? What is the most undervalued coin? I think this is also another very undervalued coin I also show you a chart here that you guys can look at a Lot of these coins came from me talking to some of my friends that have had very successful You know very successful portfolios in in the industry If not had their own icos or had their own coins in the top 20, so When I look at it coin like 10x For me it's extremely undervalued You know you've got a recirculating supply already of 104 million and You're looking at 43 million in volume, but just look at this This is graphs that I'd like to see this is how I like to like you know sometimes it gets kind of knowing just seeing crazy graphs all the time and when I see graphs like this that are just level and You know just doesn't look like any Sort of crazy thing happened to it

I'd like to see that so With this coin obviously, it's forming an upward trend It doesn't look like it's for me anything specific in terms of pattern but you can definitely see a channel forming from down here all the way up to around this realm and What's clear about this coin is it's going up right now But the arse is still fairly low so when our side like that is low and you see prices going up That's a good indication that it's potential buy I think we may see a potential break out here being that we are approaching these all-time highs looks like an all-time high here around 4 dollars and 91 cents And we are approaching that I don't think it's ever been that high It's gonna pull a one day chart Just to ensure that There wasn't any all-time high maybe in the beginning there may have been Yeah, there was some back in the day But Yeah, I mean Looks like it hit 5 dollars and 17 cents at one point And what if the ico first came out it looked like it was on 9 dollars and 37 cents? But that's not a bad thing that sometimes good It's good to know that all right this coin has had a lot of Success in the future in the past, and it looks like it's going up It did break this channel that it was pretty much in for Since let's say I'd say September All the way up until around December it broke that channel and Now it's on its way up I would also watch to see is they gonna break this previous all-time high I wouldn't consider the initial IC o—- sell off as an all-time high because most IC o—- see that But at the end of the day, I would say the all-time high is right here around the levels I've talked about if it does break that I would definitely invest You know that's why I see this in my portfolio, and it's it's already been in my portfolio because I've been watching this coin So that's what I like about 10x

Let's go ahead and look at these think gotta have my chart open on that one, right Let's look at these requests here Go when we looked at that I believe we looked at that didn't Go along Gollum GNT let's pull up GMT really quick on coin market now We're getting that request quite often, so Golem as a coin I am gonna look into this in terms of maybe doing an eye seal review on it But I want to look at prices here Okay, cool very similar to what we just looked at with 10x Prices are not in that diluted yet It doesn't look like too many too many people have a really traded this coin Just yet it looks like or see approach its previous all-time sigh it looks like it

Just broke its all-time high I Don't think I can pull up G&T on My training view let's see if we can Yeah, we can Oh interesting awesome Oh, I've pulled that up before Yeah, I love this type of chart guys at the end of the day what we're seeing here is a coin that just hasn't seen The parabolic run-ups that we've seen with all these other coins yeah, you see, it's increasing in value of course But that's because there's more people in this market at the end of the day This isn't seeing you know five six hundred percent increases yet so You know in a market this early if the technology is good, and it's there You can definitely expect that This is really easy for me, you know I have this channel already pretty much built out For me I would be sitting up by positions on top of this major channel And then you see this all-time high right on top here I would be setting up most of my positions up here so 50 percent on top of the all-time I maybe 25 percent here and 25 percent in between And that would be a confident trade for me because you know prices here They look good

They they haven't been Overbought in my opinion our size is approaching a little bit of a high level so we may see this pullback if it does That's no big deal If it follows this channel That would be nice to see as well so I would be waiting to see our resistance levels in a break at this point and then going ahead and Determining what trade I'd like to make at that point so LSK looks good, just got pumped interesting, so let's look at what we've got here Ikon, I'll do em it's an icon Let's pull up Ikon really quick Iconic Icon There's nothing to pull it up on our trading view however we can always look at this coin market cap version of it And then let's see what other requests people are having here So it looks like we're also knocking out a lot of these normal requests as well, so It looks like we also have these are our normal requests on discord somebody said PPT iota DG B We did D G B No we haven't done we can do that I own a PPT litecoin Stratus Tron I'll make a video on Tron so we already looked at that litecoin km d comodo Yes, I do have some Komodo I think I may have sold like moto I Would have to look into that Iconic very similar it doesn't have doesn't look like it's – it looks very similar to Other charts that I looked at so I would say it's same call on this I would watch these prices See if it's gonna break past you know these levels here at around What is this Twenty-eight cents US dollars they can break past that which it's almost breaking past that then there could potentially be some Huge gains on a coin like this especially because it's such an early coin, so I don't want to talk too much about coin That's in 772 of a rank I think that's a little bit too far right now it can have a lot of price and interpolation so I would be careful about price manipulation with that type of coin, so I Am getting a little bit tired here guys

I'm gonna take one more request here because I do want to do a night owl But if you guys want to tune in to our net out tonight Just go in our discord and go to voice channels I'm sorry go to a live stream on the left hand side and then just join our night owl chat here I'm gonna be opening this up for you guys in just a second and you guys can actually get in here and Start to use it And you know we can actually chat back and forth, and I went ahead and opened as you can see people already joining in But we'll talk in the night owl and we'll just kind of go through a couple questions if you guys just want to listen in I know some of you guys are a Little bit, shy er that's completely fine as well Just listen in There's a chat as well, but I'm gonna take one more request We'll do another live stream you guys we do it every night So don't you know feel bad if we're not doing your request yet? I know I get a lot I want to make sure I prioritize my patrons because obviously they're contributing and that means a lot but I see a lot of Iota even in the patreon chat here people were asking for iota here k3 control and We're going to pull up iota IOT USD so so then look at what we've got here Okay, beautiful beautiful, I like this Looks like we've got a pretty just small channel forming here as you can see I would just watch this channel It's very simple we see here When you see a channel this type you can really start to Watch it to see when is this going to break out of this channel? Sometimes these channels can go on if you guys remember a couple days ago We were doing our live stream Ripple had a channel like this go on for our days And I told you guys they just watch it, and eventually it broke out of this channel So we actually predicted a couple coins like litecoin We predicted pretty good when they broke in I'm not always gonna be right guys once again I'm just giving you guys my perspective guys You just need to take this in and say okay now I am set to you know name said this is his perspective Let me find out my perspective and then maybe you go on our disk, or do you ask somebody else for another perspective? Sorry the chart isn't on There you go So you just get different perspectives from different people, and it will enable you to really understand what you're doing so As you can see it looks like we have resistance small resistance around three dollars and 55 cents and then three dollars and eight cents three dollars and 53 cents is what I was trying to say and I would just watch this channel It's a small channel But obviously it is a channel because as you can see even it when it tried going up it still saw resistance But every time it tries to go down it stops around this area, so I like seeing small channels like that It's not something you see quite often to be honest with you, and what's cool about channels is you can track them easily? You can see exactly where it breaks out Whether it's positive or negative it brings out positive you set your by positions on top so I do want to mention this really quick guys before we Finalize this stream once again

We do these every night, so make sure you turn on your post notifications on YouTube I know a lot of you guys are subscribed Thank you for being subscribers, but also turn on your post notifications because I do these streams sporadically as you guys know You know I want to make sure that you guys get notified on these streams So you guys can have your requests taken and then once again if you want our discord feel free to go there But I am looking for three different You know we're really gonna be expanding snipers tube, and I am looking for somebody that knows how to build computers Maybe help me out Maybe send me a list of a really nice build on discord or something the best way to contact me would be Twitter discord But I am looking to get a new streaming computer so I can stream simultaneously, or if you know how you can help with streaming I just need to get a stream up on twitch and YouTube at the same time my computer can't handle it You know like we stream and stuff, but I know there's ways to like do it through other systems I'm not sure how but you have any idea about that just send me a message that could really help out We are looking for somebody that knows how to build websites as well for our official snipers tube website we're also looking for a graphic designer, so If I were you just send me graphics just work on something You know if it's really nice, and you'd confident in your work, and you send it to me And I like it will use it and obviously will help you out with whatever you need But that's for sure guys, then you guys enjoy this say yes or no Did you guys enjoy this was this a good live stream? Do you guys learn a lot? Did you guys did this add value? That is our goal here at sniper students to add value to each and every one of you guys I look forward to seeing all of you guys tonight in this Nite Owl, so it's all everybody go on our patreon I'd love to meet some of you guys talk to you tell me guys and maybe you guys can just hear a discussion that might enlighten you and give you ideas that you probably would have Gotten if you weren't there as you can see we got a full house here, so Everybody can join in right now on our night owl It's gonna be an awesome time tonight, and I Really look forward to it Yes Spencer said yes Edwyn said yes M'kay litecoin, we'll have to talk about that you're very welcome Peter Thank you brother the cardi man Said yes, Pat man says always you do good work Thank you brother Thank you, man

Hank says Thanks a lot, man Thank you brother Thank you for the support K3 Control says no all I wanted to do was look at OST What the f all right? Why don't we look at it? He's getting a little bit frustrated Let's see what happens with OST Oh she's not pulling up Let me see if it pulls up here on our charts tab Let's pull up OS to you really quick Yeah, see this I Don't like to do too much on these I would have to do it this would be more of an ICO review for me type of video because I don't know The chart number when I can't do a technical analysis number two The market caps at 49 million that can easily be manipulated guys and price manipulation is really big as you see with John McAfee He can easily pump coins in the top 60 so if that's the case imagine a coin ranked 195 I mean it could easily be pumped That's why I try to stay away unless I really like the technology, and I believe in it So I would have to do more of an in-depth analysis for a coin like that so anyways that's about it guys Thank you so much

Thank You Zachary I'll definitely check my messages brother Yeah Mac for the win right, but not for streaming That's the larrya sec, but yeah Thank you guys so much for tuning in if you guys haven't already The discord link is in the description below our patreon link is in the description below There are rewards for doing that and also on discord It's your number one place to just get all of your cryptocurrency news and updates Thank you so much guys once again We are approaching 10,000 subscribers I really appreciate each and every one of you guys You're welcome k3 I really appreciate each and every one of you guys sharing our videos sharing our channel because I know a lot of you guys are Doing that and that's why we've grown so fast

I think we're the number one growing cryptocurrency channel right now on YouTube You know I think we've grown I don't know how about five six thousand subs over the past week or two so thank you So much for that guys that really means a lot I really couldn't have done that without our admin team or mod team as well as you guys Just continuing to support the channel and supporting the cause of educating everyone about cryptocurrency in a free manner where you guys can choose whether or not you guys want to learn and Upgrade and enhance your education so I really appreciate that guys Thank you so much Thank you Peter appreciate that and Once again I am very grateful for you guys I hope you guys have had a awesome holiday season spend time with your family and friends guys This is your time to do it

I mean at the end of the day That's what matters And you know you want to spend quality time with them You know my mentor always taught me He said oh shout out to Tony w just became a patron Thank you brother But yeah, you know my mentor always time He said you always want to be around family and friends when you have the chance because you're not always going to get time with Them so you know have fun guys in the holiday season I know winter times kind of 2018 s coming That's gonna be an awesome year We'll look at more charts tomorrow and take more requests, so Once again as you guys know smash that like button if you guys haven't already we got 300 viewers Let's have 300 likes how about that? That's the least that you guys can do to help out too? So thank you guys Love all of you guys once again snipers out