hi everyone this is Cameron from crypto cam hope everybody's having a fabulous start to the week here a so I've decided to do this little video here and give you my top 5 out coin picks I think it was about time the markets being troubling along pretty good so I've had a lot of time to look over all the various coins out there some of them are really good some of them a total waste of time I wouldn't even bother invested in them so this is what I have come up with as far as my top 5 alt coins are going to be so we're going to start off with number 5 on my list is economy now the reason I do like economy is because I've been investing you know for many years in the financial markets over 20 plus years and the good thing about sort of financial markets is you can buy mutual funds so you know if you've been in retirement funds and stuff like that or being a part of a 401k the chances are your money was in a fund so a fund is basically a basket of stocks and it just spreads the risk out so we've one stock tanks and goes down dramatically or goes out of business it's barely going to have an impact on the other stocks in the fun so what economy has done is they've created what they call a digital asset management company platform which also has its own funds which is an index fund just like you know like a S&P 500 but it's just basically in the cryptocurrency field so basically you will be able to buy into these digital APIs you'll be able to buy a basket of funds for a buck identities added so they could be made a Bitcoin it could be made of confirm an arrow – or girl factionless may take Manero all these different coins so you could be an part of so the cap is about a hundred million coins now the coin is the iconic coin which is the ICN coin but you would also have access to the platform if you decide to register and join and also in the future I believe what's going to happen is you'll be able to actually create your own basket of cripples therefore diversifying your risk as well so you'll be able to pick out your own you know say a basket of ten or twelve Kryptos like you could just pick Bitcoin for back term or for several of us that you like and create your little kind of funds that you will watch or manage yourself and then it will probably get rated in the future and according to your how grating this do other people might say hey I'm gonna buy into that phone – and if it's my money in it and then you could get maybe like a small commission but I'm not sure exactly that's 100 percent going to happen but I think that's that's kind of what the idea is around this economy coin so the great thing about it is it's allowed to fuzzification in the new crypto world rather than just buying each individual asset yourself you can just go look a basket of what you like and then just take it from there so that's the economy that's served my number five pick currently trading at around two dollars and 87 cents okay number four we have like coin like coin is a great coin the reason being as only 84 million that will ever be made so 84 million like coin is is the cap it's a digital decentralized online currency and the good thing about it is it's basically was developed for transactional purposes as a currency so used to purchase goods and services online with low or no fees to receive payments and no worry of any charge backs for merchants as well you can send it like going to anyone anywhere in the world instantaneously and the great thing about like cornets found on all the pretty much all the exchanges coinbase as well which is both biggest in the US so it's just a very easy transactional coin to use fast efficient and it has uses out there and I see that going up pretty good in future it's already gone up quite substantially and like coin is currently training at 46 dollars and 15 cents so a very good coin and that's my number four pick all right number three a very an affair iam etherium all by myself him what can we say about the theorem well if areum is one of the most widely used out coins out there and a lot of the ITRs are based on the Aquarian platform I mean it is just an amazing coin a lot of people call for the demise of aquarium and I don't think that's going to happen because it's so well known so widely used it's solid it's got a great foundation you know it's a it's just runs smart contract applications and it is just very very stable very widely used and I think it's just going to stick around for a long time in fact you know there's been price projections of if areum there were being about 400 by the end of the year I think $400 is quite reasonable by the end of the year and then beyond that you know and several years out from now it could be over $2,000 so if areum is got a great future ahead I don't think it's going anywhere it's here to stay and to me it is one of the top power coins out there the price is on the rise again we could have a sell-off of courseware but that was for all the alkynes when we have Bitcoin down back about a few weeks back before the big run-up so it looks like it's doing pretty well and it's widely used widely traded and it's my number three pick so if areum number three all right we are getting down to it now my next pick is going to be probably pretty controversial to some people out there because it is just pretty much brand new and that is Bitcoin cash about a month ago nobody even knew we would even have a Bitcoin cache we thought sigrid was going to be activated and it was all well supported and we didn't know that you know some of the miners were actually gonna you know join the Bitcoin cash for a and decide to you know branch out and do a user activated half-orc and create the coin cache song Bitcoin cash is my number two pick now why is it my number two pick well it carries the name Bitcoin Bitcoin cash it's like the little brother the little sister of Bitcoin so it's widely known and it is absolutely going to be widely accepted in fact coinbase and G Dax which is one and the same the largest us exchange is going to be distributing their bitcoin cashed all their customers and unless I can't be on their exchange by the end of the year and all the other exchanges are all pretty much jumping on board and if they haven't jumped on board already they're going to be jumping on board already you can just see all the exchanges right here now there was a little bit volatility because as everybody got access to their book on cash way below get it out of the wallets and onto exchanges and then start trading it we did see em both back up at the beginning and then a sell-off as everybody started you know the ones that wanted to liquidate liquidated their Bitcoin cash but dropped down to about two hundred dollars stayed above two hundred dollars pretty much and then now it's just rebounded and as you can see is trading at freeze 2317 so why do I think Bitcoin cash now these this is just my own personal feelings and for some Bitcoin cash here we go as fast transactions that can just get confirmation it's reliable network that ones without congestion no fees some money globally for pennies easily use no hassles stable a payment system that's a proven store value and secure the most robust blockchain technologies you know coming from Bitcoin blockchain is just being this solid absolutely sighs so that is my you know bull case for Bitcoin cash it's not going away you think about all the other outcomes that are out there or the joke all that crap you know garbage that's out there and then you take a look at Bitcoin cash how well it's supported and it could actually complement Bitcoin quite nicely because if Bitcoin has a lot of transactions this kind of just spreads it out as more and more people come under their network they want to keep some bitcoins maybe we'll be like your global reserve store as well and big con cash will be nice where you can fairly transactive not honest is all speculation nobody knows what's going to happen for sure but Bitcoin cash is my number to pick as controversial as a big town all right so we're getting down to number one all right drumroll please the number one out coin my top pick is Bitcoin and that's simply because to me bitcoin is the king bitcoin is where it all started back in the 2008-9 with Satoshi Nakamoto and it's just been solid and it has come a long way if blockchain is been running for eight nine years now and as it's just been proven solid instead of being hacked and it is just the most well known out there you know when people get into crypto currencies never heard of it public crypto currencies you can guarantee they've heard something about Bitcoin although they don't really know exactly what it is so Bitcoin to me to me is the king it's number one and will stick to my board prediction and say it's going to run about five thousand dollars by the end of the year and some predictions out there are for a fifty thousand dollar bitcoins all the way to lend on a Bitcoin in about ten years time so as it becomes more and more accepted and a lot of people know it with still in the very very early days of Bitcoin and and all these crypto currencies but people will eventually begin to become more aware a lot of interest now on Wall Street in these crypto currencies once Wall Street gets on board they're slowly coming around a lot of fund managers famous big fund money like Bill Miller people in CNBC some of the commentators on there some of the contributors have declared bitcoin in their portfolios I mean just a year or two ago they were afraid to say that they own big but now they're like I have Bitcoin I own because Bill Miller has Bitcoin so yeah there's a lot of people out there that are Tim Draper of course from the differential capitalist as well so Bitcoin to me is the king it's number one that there can only be 21 million ever made many have been lost of course and it's just going to be that reserve you know it's like transacting now three times the price of gold almost so it's just been going up and up enough so Bitcoin number one the king well I appreciate your listening to my video today and basically this is just for entertainment purposes I'm not giving investment advice everybody should do their own due diligence before they invest in anything because you are the only one that realizes how much you for to invest always and basically no risk and of course without any risk there's no reward so anyway I just wanted to thank you all for listening please like and subscribe to this video in the box below and I will bring you more great videos out pretty soon as well just keep them coming to you all right well thanks very much and you all have a great week ahead and for talking five minute