>> Announcer: Live from San Juan, Puerto Rico, it's The Cube covering Blockchain Unbound, brought to you by Blockchain Industries (rhythmic salsa music) >> Hello, everyone, welcome back to our exclusive coverage here in Puerto Rico, Blockchain Unbound Global Conference where the leaders in the industry from entrepreneurs to investors and everything in between, from San Francisco to New York, Miami, South Africa, Russia, all over the world are here in Puerto Rico, The Cube's coverage

Our next guest is Naomi Brockwell who is hosting the event here on stage She's emceeing it all You go to her YouTube channels /naomibrockwell, check out her videos, hosts events all over the industry, Blockchain, celebrity, thought leader, futurist What else are you? >> You're very, very kind It's all not true, but I have been in the space for awhile and I love Blockchain text, so it's exciting to be here

>> I'm really impressed by your stamina and passion on stage What a line up today, so give us the quick highlights What happened today, we were here filming What happened inside the venue? We saw some great talks come through there >> Yeah, we saw some great ones A probably a highlight for me was seeing Alena

She was the former CEO of SatoshiLabs, which created Trezor, one of mt favorite hard wallets, by the way, and it was just great listening to her talk about security because that is something that is so important and people do not take seriously enough I have people telling me, "Oh, Naomi, I started up this wallet, and I stood my public in the" I was like, "So did you write down your private key and all that, it's in a safe place?" He's like "Yup, it's in my DropBox

" I'm like, "No, what are you doing, this is not good!" Hearing her basically say anything that has touched the internet ever, any device that has been on the internet ever is not secure Do not trust it, you need to use offline things >> There's a lot of wallet grabbing going on digitally >> Absolutely >> That's come up

I saw some stuff on Telegram, people that we know, be like, "Hey, beware, a lot of hacking out there "Got to watch your coins" >> And also, I mean there's just huge gains to be made, right, so it makes sense, especially we expect the price of Bitcoin to go up You have hackers just targeting at specific wallets, and specific vulnerabilities, and they just keep going until they get through, so you've got to be vigilant and you got to take every precaution possible Got to take it seriously

>> Is there a best practice that you observed? >> Absolutely Don't store anything online And another thing, people are telling me, "Yeah, you know, I have my private key written down" I'm like, "Great, you wrote it down twice?" They're like, "Yeah, I just printed that out twice" I'm like, "No, your printer stores an image "of everything you've ever printed out "and it's connected to wifi at all times

"That is going to be hacked "Do not print out your private key, "your paper wallet, anything "You've got to write this down" Paper and pen is the best practice you can use and– >> Going old school analog, big time >> Absolutely

And isn't that funny? You have this amazing new tech that's fantastic, cutting edge, and what are we doing to keep it safe? Pen and paper >> Yeah, turn off all wifi, put on some vinyl records, eight-track recorder, going old school Okay, I got to get– >> But holding your own coins, holding your own money, having control of your own money, no one said that's the easiest practice They just said it was the most secure and is going to give you the most power over your funds, and so if you want to do that, there's a price to pay and that is being vigilant about your security >> One of the things about that I'm interested in talking to you about is being someone who's present at creation of a big movement like this

You've seen the evolution What's the growing pains in the industry 'cause we're seeing a lot of people who are the pioneers, now that people, I won't call them tourists because they're still young and emerging, but you have a lot of get-rich-quick schemes Those are obviously being filtered out pretty quickly by the community, but you're seeing new entrants come in You have financing, got big numbers coming in, big money How has it evolved, I mean, what's your observation? How is it maturing? What's some of the vibe? You've got some factions over here, you've got some factions over there

People are still getting along What's the overall sentiment? >> I've been in this space for about five years, so in this industry, it's like being an absolute veteran, and what you've seen is it started out as this very libertarian space People were interested in taking their money out of the control of government and having more autonomy over their finds, having more control over their funds Blockchain was invented as a tool for giving people more freedom, and what you're seeing now is a bunch of people who entered the space who don't necessarily share that ethos, but what I love about Blockchain is that they're taking this technology that is inherently taking people towards a more decentralized free society, and they're applying it to all different industries So my point of view, it doesn't bother me at all that the new entrants don't necessarily share this passion for freedom that the people who've been here since the beginning have, but the fact that they are taking this and making the world a more free place regardless is really exciting to me

>> And that's the real opportunity 'cause inherently the ethos is Blockchain, so it's not so much a political orientation or this or that It's how you apply it >> Exactly, and so Blockchain, being a decentralized ledger is great because when you decentralize any power structure, no matter what industry it is, I mean, you're really making people more free, you're giving them more responsibility, and I like seeing things become decentralized >> Certainly we're a media company, we're kind of a new car, we don't believe in a central gatekeeper, so I got to ask you the question As a YouTuber who has a big fan base and in the community, it's really disheartening for me to see John Oliver take down Brock Pierce, although it was a hilarious video up until the point where he maliciously went after Brock in a very vicious way

How does one person have that power I mean, it shouldn't be that way, or the New York Times or a certain publication that, they're the gatekeeper still That was an example I looked at and said, "That's where Blockchain can disrupt the media" I mean, it's great comedy, but it kind of went over the top >> For me, I mean– >> He got fired by the Eagles project

They wiped his name off everything I mean, that's just, I just see that as a problem You, what's your thoughts? >> When you say how do these people get there, John Oliver is a funny guy I see how he got there, he's very talented, he has a great team, great writing, but that section, I thought it was pretty spot on for most of the Bitcoin segment It got to that section, I was like, "Oh, this is kind of sloppy research

" so that was disappointing I saw that Brendan Bloomer had a nice response that he posted He's the head of EOS >> What did he say? >> He was just very funny and playful with John, so that was nice to see He set him straight in terms of saying like, "What does this technology enable?" He was basically arguing Blockchain doesn't go far enough

It doesn't fulfill the needs that I see in society so I created this other thing which does XYZ He was authoritative in stating that, "no, you just don't understand the tech" He basically clarified the Brock situation and said, "No, actually having him involved was really great" He's not involved for various reasons Yeah, it was an interesting segment that the– >> It was so funny after that one point

I'm like, "Oh, boy" >> I was enjoying it up til then I was like, "Okay, this makes sense, you know >> It's funny >> And then it gets up to that and I'm like, "Okay, this just became an at home and I'm going to tag

This is a cheap throw, and people do that with Bitcoin Since it's inception, you've seen people in media and mainstream media in particular target Bitcoin and they're just adopting the government narrative saying, "Oh, everyone in this industry is corrupt," or "Everyone in this industry is an ICO scammer," or "Everyone in this industry is a drug runner "and they're all selling drugs on the dark web" It's like, you know what, you can do some research and do a bit better than that, so to see John Oliver perpetuating those at-home and I'm going to attack was disappointing, but at the same time, we are seeing that narrative shift, and you're seeing more news outlets become more positive about Bitcoin >> Also the data is the self-government and the community has the data The truth is going to get out there

That's the purpose of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Crypto You've got consensus, you've got algorithms, you've got machine learning Okay, cool What are you up to? You've got an exciting couple things going on You've got a lot going on, so take a quick minute to explain your big project

You've got some exciting, cool things, share it >> Got some fun things going on at the moment While I'm not emceeing 20 to 40 Blockchain conferences a year, which is exciting, but takes up a lot of my time, I am a television producer I have my own show It's Bitcoin, Blockchain-tech based

Then on top of that, I'm a film producer, television producer We're working on a really exciting series right now It's called The HardFork Series It's this dystopian future, it's a sci-fi thriller $18 million, or it's a large budget, and we have one of the guys from Ozark, on Netflix originally

If you haven't seen it, you should see it It's a great show Christopher James Baker is our lead and the community support we have garnered for this project is great because we have not only Hollywood types, our director is a Sundance alumni We've also got people in the Crypto Space who have a huge amount of credibility We've got Bruce Fenton, Jason King on our Board of Advisors

People who understand the space, so the community is excited about for the first time having a mainstream production that is being created with a large budget where people in the industry have control of the narrative We haven't had control of the narrative yet >> That's true >> The government's still controlling it, mainstream media's still controlling it, and so to create a series that could potentially expose people to this technology for the first time and to have control of that narrative is exciting >> Is it going to be inspirational, it going to be a comedy? >> It's going to be gritty, it's a sci-fi thriller

We call it a crypto-thriller noir Is that not the best genre you've ever heard? It's pretty cool It's this idea that in the future the government has their own Blockchain and there's Crypto Coins that they have It's all centralized and they control the populous with this augmented reality where everything is gamified Basically the idea is the government's trying to distract people from important issues, like gamifying everything

You have this group of renegades who comes in They're like, "No, we're going to decentralize this" They come and work their magic >> It's Mr Robot meets Black Mirror

>> Oh, yeah, no, it's pretty great >> Kind of thing goin' on? It basically is a tale about the power of decentralization and how it can disrupt all authoritarian role, which I think is just a great topic for right now >> What's your background? Where are you, out of LA, New York? >> I'm based in New York My background actually >> How'd you get here? >> I was an opera singer

That's how I got here I moved to New York as an opera singer and then pivoted into movie production, and from there went on to television production I got into the Crypto Space because I'm really interested in Australian economics and love the philosophy that Bitcoin was created on It's been an interesting journey >> You got addicted

>> Yeah, now I kind of– >> You went to the light >> Yeah, I'm bringing everything together now with my Bitcoin, economics-based, Crypto-thriller noir, so it's pretty exciting >> I'm super impressed Congratulations on all your continued success Great job emceeing the Blockchain Unbound

>> Thank you >> Great energy, great mind, great to have you on The Cube Thanks for sharing >> It's wonderful to be here >> your story Thanks for everything

It's The Cube, I'm John Furrier here Breaking down, we've got all the action in Puerto Rico Thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, people in the industry sharing their story Sharing the data with you, that's our mission Thanks for watching

Day two tomorrow, we'll see you then (engaging tones)