THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! all right guys all right guys can you hear my voice okay I'm in check now check make sure the sound is good what's going on Luciano I feel like we're gonna need more time you guys hear my voice okay good good Wow that's better what's up everybody so again if there's your first time tuning in you got about two and a half minutes we need to get these likes up to 75 if we're able to do that I will jump on our page all right and pick a winner no it's not too late to buy pivots as long as pivots is under $5 it most certainly is not too late yes I am coffee empty Cleveland Cavaliers mug by the way go Cavs Charlie Marcus I most certainly will not be able to make you rich today sorry so if that's what you were hoping for just gonna give you a heads up I can't do it in one day ten years probably one day not so much everybody this is jeweler jeweler jeweler likes long walks on the beach and bright new tennis balls mm-hmm giraffe she really likes giraffes Oh where's our countdown what happened where'd it go way to go hey this guy there you go oh wow ran out already alright alright so let's get our question of the day out there let's do our question of the day and it looks like we still need to get up all the likes how many likes we have right now I can't see it there we go we only got 20 likes only 31 people watching Wow everybody's still in bed makes me think if we should come back I'll do it I'll do it I'll bump it down in the more than 50 in the morning alright so I had a question of the day same thing yesterday we asked how much will pivots be at the end of the year today let's ask how much will neo be at the end of the year so July 1st 2018 what will the price of neo beef that's our question of the day let me reset put a couple minutes on the clock 3220 10:25 how come it always does that I don't get it all right so again you guys we need to get up to 50 likes in order for me to pick a cash winner for this video we got 35 for right now so we need 15 more likes and we will be good to go again if this is your first time tuning in every day I jump on the air I give away cash money out of my pocket and today is no exception so all you got to do like this video jump in the chat and let me know what you think Neil will be 1 1 2018 so on January 1st 2018 when that clock strikes midnight how much money will neo be worth you got about two and a half minutes to do that I'm gonna throw this video up on our Facebook group and we should be ready to get started so you got two minutes you guys we need to get up to 50 likes we're getting close we've got 50 people live watching on the air so if everybody likes this video then we will have enough to pick our cash winner give some money away and make some money in the meantime let's jump in the chat see who we got rocking out with us right now Hey in between split shifts at work live and the UK what's going on sharpest appreciate your support we got the question of the day out there right now you got 60 seconds you guys I'm gonna jump over here and see how close we are we've been going pretty good with me being able to get money out every day so let's not stop the streak yeah 23 seconds let's see what are we at right now 48 likes I don't know if we go get it I don't know all right throw this up on our little deal and then we'll be good to go I'll give it to you guys it looks like we broke 50 that we break 50 yet we break 50 good good most of all right cool so here we go so yeah we got we got our we got our likes so what's going on with Carl yeah I know it's always for whatever reason it's always at a little bit of delay but we're good so we're about to get started again if you're in the chat right now jump in there let me know how much you think neo will be on January 1st 2018 so basically when that clock strikes midnight how much will neo be we go to our intro and pull this up and we will get started and I think I want to do this one there you go that's better that's decent let's throw this guy up top all right we good we good look at that Bam Bam Bam right boom I like it I like it alright so we we bout to do this intro and then we go come back to the chat pick a winner and we're good to go look at that that's so clean so clean so so fresh and so clean it looks nice finally getting it back in my office been back two days you know finally getting the hang of it alright again tell me how much you think Neil will be January 1st we will come back with a winner that doesn't look like it's working of course not why would it work come on you can do it I'll get it eventually like a boss that's right live from the USA helping you get paid every day this is the boasts of Bitcoin the crease though of creep though it's your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like money today is September 5th you guys I got a nice clean little episode today talking about neo and why we need to stop and just think about what's happening in the market there is a lot of uncertainty there is a lot of informed people there's a lot of irrationality just raw emotion and speculation not grounded in anything but fear uncertainty and doubt and so today hopefully we'll just take five minutes and think about what's going on and process the information so that we can make a better informed decision you know best thing about money is that people who have a lot of it don't spend it without making an informed decision people who don't have it just throw it all up in the air when they when things get a little crazy so let's just calm down a little bit take five minutes and think if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is became my friends know me as a crypto traitor and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I'm fortunate enough to grace this microphone with my voice is another day that somebody else is fortunate to profit as a result and today is no exception so with that being said I'm gonna jump into chat right now and pick a winner to give out cash money if you want to win next time all you got to do is hit that subscribe button click that little bill right next to it and jump in this chat with me when I'm live on the air today's question of the day is how much will neo be when that clock strikes midnight on December 31st how much will neo be and 2018 January 1st 2018 so let's go ahead and pick a winner I'm gonna rock out with my man Charlie Markus who said $65 BAM you are our winner of the day this is what I'm gonna do big Chuck I'm going to copy and paste your name and I'm going to throw it up in our Facebook group called the number one Bitcoin group in the world and now all you need to do is like that comment send me a message on Facebook click my name send me a message on facebook send me a bitcoin wallet and I will get you a couple bucks cash over in BTC as a token of my appreciation it's just that easy to win you guys everyday I give out cash money out of my pocket just to support the community to grow and to pay it forward you know you'll see the more positivity we have in the universe the more positivity the universe brings to us and so with that being said let's jump in this chart and let's make this money in fact we're not even gonna look at a chart first we're going to look at an email I got this morning from red pulse ICU and in this email you know because I'm signed up for these different lists different ICL's whatever whatever they talk about all these different numbers Hong Kong government shutting down the money boom boom boom 100% compliant this is the big thing you guys kyc know your customer that's basically the CIA the FDIC and the banks saying that we need to be able to monitor all the money so we can make sure Uncle Sam gets paid his thirty five percent on any capital gains and up until now we haven't been able to do that with cryptocurrency so let's shut it all down and let's rake to make it safe for the individual kyc know your customer that's the biggest thing to take from that email so more or less China has said these guys red pulse huge huge ICO command a lot of money already in it a lot more money coming as postpone their ICO which is in turn costing them and a lot of money but they've done this because of kyc and this is China's reaction to the market to control disseminate and segment accessibility neo has responded as a result this community statement came out about an hour ago this morning they you know talked about the great the dream the goal smart contracts blase blase blah I see Oh China I'm just showing you guys the big words in this thing you can go back and read it whenever you want September 7th 2016 talking about this is new and then they talk about the money over this period a total of 50 Bitcoin roughly about quarter million dollars almost which really isn't a lot of money at all as far as any any icy or cryptocurrency is concerned I give you the chance to get a refund if you want it you don't and there this is basically their formal way of saying we're playing by China's rules we don't want to go to jail we are not illegally embezzling money we're abiding by kyc guidelines because we don't want to go to jail because China has spoken and the world needs to listen and neo is an advocate almost a gatekeeper between China and the world and so they have to play pretty much about China's rules and this is their way of saying that and a few paragraphs to their community but it's interesting always to read the comments you know this guy right here see I'm taking a refund of my three thousand dollars that I invested to get eighty three thousand tokens of 175 million says no one so basically if you would have put in three grand on day one of the ICO to kneel ICO and got eighty three thousand neo you'd have about two million dollars right now but you have the opportunity to refund that money back to the government don't do it so what does this mean for the market people this means that there is a lot of emotion in the market there is a lot of regulation in the market the government is taking action to get their cut I told you two weeks ago encrypt dynamics Uncle Sam is broke and he has been for the better course of a century now since since the Industrial Revolution when we were actually creating infrastructure that today has fallen apart all those bridges that were built across those big rivers that you know crossed the lands of this country in America you know those bridges are following apart but when we built them you know we were actually able to make money we were producers not consumers and much of this as a result has spread to China you have two global superpowers America China and Russia somewhere you know in limbo in the middle right but for the past 2000 years that's more or less what it's been East first west right and this is just the next step in expanding that into legislation and government in the digital cryptocurrency community China has spoken neo has listened red pulse is shut down or postponed as a result this is how the game will be played moving forward everything is starting to be centralized into the pre-approved icos that china approves that the government approves more or less the wild wild west is over and everything will calm down and adhere to the terms that the government gives us whether that's good or bad probably will be bad for the free market but that's yet to be determined real quick I'm not gonna do a big in-depth thing but I will check out Neos chart real quick just to show you what kind of opportunity it looks like I think it is over the next month it most certainly will be a buying opportunity but again to each their own and we're gonna go neo to Bitcoin on bit tricks again this is trading view you guys that page you just saw is my personal profile I post charts on here tips and tricks if this your first time tuning in I do have a playlist set up for beginners on trading view it's called how to chart like a boss you click on that link in the description watch the first couple videos and you will be able to set your chart up just like mine if you want to follow me on this website my screen name is BD Kelly 1203 oh wow check that out and it even gives you alert when the 77 crosses the 7 BTC USD so that means Bitcoin just broke down the 77 just crossed 77 which means you have an opportunity to short Bitcoin I should probably do a video on that hmm Thank You trading view that's why you want to follow me maybe Kelly 1203 so let's do this here we go and the good thing about tradingview is it lets you save certain charts so right now I'm gonna jump into my neo chart that I put together a little bit ago just to show you guys a quick overview of how this stuff comes together and how to use some of the macro information while this is loading up I just want to show you guys how this stuff is coming together and how we use some of that macro information governance distribution capital infrastructure content you know some of these huge huge aggregators that create what we see downstream how do we use that knowledge to make money in the charts right it's important to know what's happening behind the scenes so you can better understand that characters on the state right getting thrown friends you know you have to almost watch the first two or three seasons you know to better understand season five six and seven right and then even what's gonna happen in season eight you never know you never know Jon Snow Khaleesi you never know right so there you go all right let's jump back in check I digress here we go so we're gonna jump to neo Bitcoin on bit Rick's Bam Bam Bam and we want to do it 343 minute candle again I have a link to this and tradingview in the description you most certainly want to use the boss method in trading view it uses three trend lines a seven a twenty-one and a seventy seven 231 is our long-term trend line and 343 is our candle if you can't get a 343 minute candle you can use a four-hour candle as well I think that's the closest estimate you're able to get on the free version but looking at this right now on our boss method you can see that the green is below the orange that is a sell signal for us right green below orange sell but what just happened on top of that green just crossed the white red just crossed the white that's a big sign that neo may indeed be heading lower how low will it go well where did it come from it came from this intersection right there when the red the green and the orange crossed the white that is a huge huge huge moment for neo and more than likely that's the moment that it will return to before deciding if it wants to go up or if it wants to go down again once that red in that green crossed that white on a 231 that's pretty monumental that means that orange now has to come down to the white you see that so short term you can buy it here because it will bounce just a little bit to give that orange time to come down to the white but long-term this entire thing won't be ready to break out again until they you know consolidates and settles somewhere in there so your buying opportunity is probably going to be around point oo to five on an extreme point of the candle now it can very well bounce and consolidate right here and that looks like what it's going to do over this next short term it's going to consolidate right up right up right along that line but I think because that red just broke that orange that more or less is going to be enough to do something like this and once that orange meets that red it's going to push it down to right there and that's where you'll have your biggest opportunity to buy neo for the future but if we look at this thing from a global perspective this is what I did back in the day how it shut off the 21 to 231 shut off the candles and now I'm just looking at the general momentum right if we draw a trend line from breakout to break down basically that lowest green right before that green took off see that BAM to where that green broke down BAM you almost get a perfect hit of where it broke down right there right and again we just use three simple intersections to determine that one two three and so that line is pretty solid and understanding the one complete cycle of neo so if we want it to extend that logic out into the future we can do something like that and that's where you get the area that we just broke down at breakout to break down you see this is how it works and now I just told you what's gonna happen right here the green and red just went below to white so now we have to go down to the point of the origin which is known there somewhere so essentially if you have neo I would say hold it you know I don't recommend ever recommend selling down here because again it could very well consolidate at this line and go back up you don't know for sure what's going to happen it's not guaranteed to go here right but when it does catch itself it will pick back up on this type of angle right and so that's what you have to look forward to and holding it in is that this is one of these strongest coins in the market if not the number one strongest coin of the market so you will never go wrong by having it as a part of a long-term portfolio right and that's one thing I haven't talked about is how to put together your portfolio but this is certainly something that you want to have in it neo is strong the government is broke and so now they're compromising neo to make some money as a result right do you say oh my god the government's broke they're taking all the money and now neo is worthless no don't do that just understand the macro so you can better prepare for the micro that's what we do on this channel that's how we make money and that is how you chart like a boss oh that being said we bout to open this chat up if you and the chat right now shout your country out I'm coming right back to you in about 90 seconds but before I do that I wanted to jump in our community again we do have the number one Facebook community in the world it's called the number one Bitcoin grew up in the world 10,000 of my best friends on their 24/7 seven days a week making each other money in addition to that we do have this website right here boss of Bitcoin comm if you are looking to be profitable if you are looking to be prosperous if you are looking to remain prominent in the marketplace this is the old best chance right here you see that boy suited up and booted up on the right hand side dressing out real wide and blue looking like the American Dream that says somebody's got to be a boss you know and I don't blame him for so this is what he did Fergie we put together three little items $25 a piece the first is called the profit package you guys this is hand selected over the course of two months and right now it's up probably between a hundred fifty and two hundred percent on average those coins right there those three coins that's in the past two weeks the return that it has number two had a hundred percent number four had eighty nine percent and number five is sleeping in the wind right now I'm not gonna tell you what number five years but if you got that list just understand that number five is ready I was on a call yesterday I showed a God at this thing could go up no joke three hundred to a thousand percent inside of a month or two so just give it time watch number five rise with that being said I also have another package it's not the profit package this is the dream team so the profit package is more soda bangers the number one draft picks you know I'm saying yo all-star roster the dream team is the up-and-coming superstars this entire list is made up of coins when I put it together that word but between $1 and $2 a piece you could buy the whole list for a $20 bill so it just started with $1 in a dream so if you got $1 and you got a dream then you can get one of these coins on this list and you can be profitable this year that is a certainty right so that's the dream team for you as two up-and-coming superstars of the league and then we got the one-on-one meeting with BK so this is just if you want to get some face time with your boy I make myself accessible say you wanted to put together a meeting do it do a one-on-one meeting sometime this weekend you pay $25 the rest of the information is in the description it will take you to a website that looks like this to where you say you know I wanted to do what do we want to do Friday afternoon you know after the kids baseball game 4:30 p

m BAM it's just that easy so 4:30 menu set up and we are live in this computer making you some money I try to make myself accessible you know just to accommodate everybody schedule and this has been able to do it pretty well so with that being said let's jump back into our chat let's see who we got rocking out with the boats right now so let's go so again guys we got we got two packages for you guys the dream team and the profit package the profit package are the superstars that's a all-star lineup and the dream team is like the up-and-coming the the next superstars right you know $1 $2 soon to be 200 million so there you go so let's see who we got who we got live on the air with us right now we got the Netherlands Slovakia shout-out to Danielle holding me down daily on the south side of Brazil I appreciate that Belgium Germany big Brian and Germany you don't say I'm holding it down Australia holy Israel in the house Oh H 10 from Bam Bam childress what you know about that from the oht no hi o players in building Houston like a boss Netherlands like a boss Montreal Georgia was going on my backyard Romania Germany two times lbc you know saying got me walking right now West Coast is in the building Cambodia Philly Eastside USA Algeria Japan all the way out you know Thailand two times new Canada Hollen your money and dirty south and let's see one more one more one mo Austria Orange County right Cambodia Chile this is awesome guys I get excited for this every single day and you can see that we have a global community you guys and the doors are always open so if you appreciate this kind of content if you appreciate this insight into the market you know I've got three letters behind my name from one of the most prominent universities in the world and I do this for free just to try to empower other people right so if you appreciate that you know this is what you got to look forward to seven days a week with that being said you know it's that time of the day I'm signing out your boy BK no matter where you stay from Brazil to debate California a good night good morning and good day I certainly do appreciate your time so just click that Bell and that red button if you appreciate mine until we meet again stay cryptic y'all please you