Hello, it's Patrick, the community manager of the platform Otcrit, and I will introduce you in this video some of the features of our platform Please keep in mind This is an alpha version that includes only a few of the final features

The first page you will see by logging in is the expert report library This is where we will list the reports made by our team of experts on various projects such as WePower Vechain, Power Ledger, Monaco and these are just a few examples of what has already been achieved

You can click on each report and see more information about each project These are in-depth analyzes of each project: who is the team, what do they offer, an analysis of their white paper and other information about the project You will also be able to to make a request If you want to learn more about a project you can click on the 'make a request' button at the top of the page You can choose on which project you would like get a report And here are some of the available options: business plan analysis, competitive analysis, execution, industry, market projection, white paper analysis, these are the different types of reports available

And you can choose the language you want Finally, you can set the price and the number of tokens you would like to use We suggest a minimum price, but you can select your own price and if someone accepts the project, you are ok Another feature of this main dashboard is the possibility to add your favorite tokens and track price increases and decreases on the right side of the dashboard Add others choose your favorites, if a project no longer interests you, you can delete this dashboard token The newsfeed is also on the dashboard and it's an editable feed of your favorite media for cryptocurrency and bitcoin news and you can change what's posted in the news feed by clicking on the source buttons

You can add different news sources and search keywords If you are interested in XRP you can also add the different twitter accounts you want to track and look for # hashtags Once you have saved all of this, newsfeed preferences will be updated and you can see the different news feeds here Otcrit also created a database of projects it will be a database always up to date and available in which to search different cryptocurrency projects Reference information will be available on each project and you can search for projects by name or by token symbol Let's look for 'Monaco' As you can see, a page with different information that we have compiled about Monaco is displayed with a section 'Presentation' and also a list of reports that have been written

These include expert reports as well as community reports You can click on the team tab to see the people involved in this project and other features will be added later, such as a news feed and comments You can also click on a report, you will see some of the statistics of the project and the token listed here In addition to the expert reports section, we also created a community reports section and this is where community members like you can contribute and add a report about a project They are very similar to expert reports but these are created by the community As you can see you can click on the 'publish' link and you can enter the name of the report and just like with expert reports you can select different projects Once you have entered information about your report, you will write following a defined pattern and this is where you get the information and complete your report

and send it Thank you for watching this video, I hope it is useful Come back soon for more features and please join our Telegram group: @OctPlatform Thank you