What's going on get people this is Mike again with another video and today I want to present to you pixie your chain, but before I do this Let me just think you know that this video is sponsored by pixie your chain I also want to let you know I am NOT a financial advisor I don't tell you what to do you decide what you want to do on your own anything? I say in this video is just my opinion and for educational purposes only put that out of the way Let me tell you about pixie or chain one of the best I cos I've looked at and I'm telling you right now If you look at the white paper, and you read every single thing in it you will be very very impressed This is a phenomenal opportunity, and I am so proud to bring it to you so the first thing What is pixie your chain do so pixie your chain is a secure block chain based exchange for keyword? Personal data, how important is your personal data? How important is your private information? And when you call somebody and you give them your information over the phone How do you feel? Do you feel like you could be taken advantage of? You become vulnerable for identity theft you become vulnerable to be taken advantage of somebody that can impersonate you take your information Act on your behalf without your knowledge let's not forget about Equifax

Which is perfect this example Why that is so important and when they got hacked they didn't tell anybody and everybody's identity got stolen It was a disaster so that is very important to us with that being said with big CEO chain businesses as well as yourself are going to be able to share your data use your data and Get paid for sharing your data With whoever you want to you can share that data and that company that's going to receive that data is gonna know that it's 100% Authenticated because it's secured and that's where fix your chain comes to protect your identity through the blockchain To provide businesses with data That is 100% Authenticated and to monetize it as well so both bodies could receive monetary compensation for sharing data Or receding down and this is in a nutshell What fix your chain is but why do I like it first of all they're partners with neo PwC Capgemini and earnest and young I mean if you don't know who these are then you need to look them up You need to pause this video and look them up especially me They're hard capped at 30 million But the total supply is 83 million which is very very low their ICO is open the price is one meal gives you 150 Pkcs total tokens for sale during the IC o—- they're gonna sell 36 million pkcs which is 434% And right now They are currently open This is how the distribution is going to happen strategic supporters are gonna get 5% presale in tokens sale 33% neo allocation 5

4 Percent Be to see growth pool 158% bound is 01 Percent so obviously not a lot of referrals b2b business to business premium inventories 25 percent the team gets 8 percent and the advisers get 77

Percent now they do have their social media and the communication Avenues right here you can actually check them out, but let's dig deeper a little bit about the project I want to share it with you some key points Pixy your chains it says enables the collection Certification and exchange of personal data now this of course happens between a business and another and that's how businesses exchange your data Like I told you guys everything is Authenticated through the blockchain it protects the individuals data while making that acquisition and management easy for businesses So protects them and you can only share your data with whoever you want to and you can share half the data the whole data or Parts of the data with any business that you choose to pick CEO chain is proving the world's first monetized Personal data marketplace, this is revolutionary guys This is new nothing like it the first of its kind in development for three years So they have been in business for three years guys, and they do have a parent company match up box and they want prestigious awards already strategic partnership with me yo earnest and young Capgemini and PricewaterhouseCoopers these are billions of dollars companies guys, and they're very very successful Usually if you don't know what you're doing you follow the winners right and the people that are making money if you hang out around Them you follow their footsteps you end up getting a piece of what they're trying to do they do have a video right here I? Want to share it with you it's one minute long But it's worth it data drives 21st century business and personal data is the most sought-after and valuable information of all Increasing kyc and AML requirements are driving up the cost of compliance and draining businesses of resources add to this the coming implementation of the e use general data protection regulations, and it's clear that organizations need a new Cost-effective model for the verification and exchange of data a new approach is needed and in Decentralized blockchain networks, we found the answer We've harnessed this power to create the CEO chain which lets organizations create new revenue streams through the exchange of personal data with each other and their clients using pkc the token that Monetizes the network for the first time businesses will be able to turn the KYC into a profit center and individuals will be able to see a return of the use of their valuable personal information pick CEO chain is a GDP are ready plug-and-play solution that operates across all data formats Enabling the automatic verification of an exchange of data making it ideal for use in the financial services sector Big CEO chain can be used by any business no matter what data formats or platforms are in use Our customers use pic co to access and exchange this data Knowing that they're doing so in accordance with owners permissions, which are automatically enforced by smart contracts Secure verify exchange and monetize so you get the gist of it is a unique Idea of one of its kind and it offers a lot of solutions, this is the first of its kind And I think this alone should get you to get excited da Hong Fei is the CEO Neil and he put in three million dollars of his own money and He's the owner of the leading Chinese blockchain platform If you don't know what neo is it used to be an chair at one time and they rebranded into neo But they have been successful it went up from $2 all the way to I think right now It's 130 dollars We talked about the strategic business partners and the key partnerships as well They do also have clients already since they have been in business for three years They have won a lot of awards and these are huge companies some of them are medical So telemedicine so you can use pixie your chain with the medical field as well because you know people get to know through your data What kinda allergies you have what kind of medical problems? You also have if you scroll down you look at the awards right here FinTech challenge They won in 2016 left French tech, and they all wanna in 2015 I mean they're stars This is a superstar I see oh I don't need to Really tell you about it all I need to tell you is just go and take a look at it and read a little bit You will be impressed so medical services pick C your chain can supply both certified identification records and medical data in the space of seconds providing comfort for the individual and the opportunity for the institution to deliver the highest standards of care financial services the constant growth in Regulatory requirements we all know how the KIC works we all know what payment But all these regulations are bringing and the financial services sector is seen as a burden It is a burden to me It is and I'm sure to you it is as well by both the client and the company's big CEO chain Directly addresses this issue creating a smooth and streamline for all parties involved Amazing token sales and listen to this is very interesting as well today's token sale processes anything by user friendly We all know many people have difficulties Participating into icos and I TOS and all the stuff because their Knowledge is limited right and you really require some kind of tech savviness in order for you to participate in IC o—- Pixi your change intends to make token sales much more user friendly by creating a token sale wallet that makes the discovery and participation in token sale as Z as buying a product online So think about it when they offer the solution if you want to participate in ICO All you have to do is just click one button so yeah, it has a lot of use cases And it delivers a good promise This is the team I want to talk about the team a little bit the team is an all-star team honestly They have ran companies they ran big data algorithms and big data companies They know the name of the game

They're just branching into a blockchain to make it a lot more smoother This is the CEO and most graduate and philosophy and masters in mathematics I mean it's an all-star This is the co-founder right here He's worked for the French Department of Defense as a team manager in charge of the network Security so as far as security goes They know how to protect the data and all that stuff through the blockchain another doctor right here This is a developer and we look at the advisers We scroll down look at the advisors the advisors also are an all-star team They all own companies They're very popular I suggest you take a moment and go and read about these people they're pioneers in the blockchain Technology and certainly with businesses that they have ran now you scroll down right here, and you look at the roadmap now They have documented their journey from 2014 2017 and then of course 2018 and what the future plans are I want to show you their white paper real quick we're gonna dig deep into it now some People so I want to share with you about this I see all right here It says some key benefits for fixing your chain fraud proof that has only been exchanged with the permission of the data owner that a theft pixee your users stored their data only on their own devices So nobody has it no company has it's not laying out there somewhere in a drawer Where somebody can just reach out and just pull up the file and read everything about you your banking information Your Social Security all that stuff right speed of transaction by using a third-generation Blockchain platform, it's instant I also want to bring you this to your attention storing the data on users devices while the hashes are stored on a permission blockchain makes pixie or chain fully Gd pyaare and similar compliant if you don't know what gdp are It's general data protection regulation So it's widely used in Europe pic Co is currently a platform aiming to transform into a protocol within the next two years So it's a good long term old guys by offering a library of modular smart contracts We will enable clients to build their own custom marketplace on top of the big shield chain protocol Fantastic, I mean there are so many cases that you can use pixie or chain especially in the medical services I think this will hit it right there on a nail and make it very successful because look it says here the positive identification of Individuals, and the timely arrival of medical records can mean the difference between positive and negative health outcomes that is 100% True because time is everything when somebody's having a heart attack so knowing what kind of allergies They have what kind of health problems they have is very important and imagine if you just have it with a click of a button Because you don't have to verify it's already been verified now There are some products that they already have picture you me for the individual users and it's a mobile app they also have pixie or Pro for the business pixie or lab for the developers and pixie or tokens sale wallet for cryptocurrency enthusiasts like you and I and they have in details what it looks like what it does and what it's going to do in the Future this is a comparison between them and other projects that offer similar messages however if you look at the Differences right here this just nails every single one of them and the market cap is lower than The big ones like civic civic for example is a big competitor, but look at the market cap comparison with a civic I think we will crush it so guys This is what PCO chain has to offer I'm gonna put the link for the website down below if you want to go check it out this year taking consideration only stars invest and stars And I always follow their footsteps because I know they know something maybe I don't all right so guys I'm gonna leave the what address in the description below if you want to go check it out and do your own diligence I'm also gonna need my telegram crew laying down there for you to join and see what kind of polls do we have on pixie or chain and other as well with that being said I appreciate you guys always listening to me hit that subscribe button if you're Not a subscriber and until next time stay safe