Hi everyone, welcome on my channel In this video I will finally show you what is Coinbase since in many of my videos I've talked about it Videos where I talked about how to win crypto currencies We begin that's the dashboard with the value of our portfolio in time After that There is the price of all crypto currencies Those accepted by Coinbase We will see, for example, bitcoin As you see, today 2/05/2019 the bitcoin worth € 478688 And he is in a small climb Here we go back to our dashboard So, here we will have to configure our account We must confirm our e-mail Add phone number Check our identity that's a little bit more difficult because It will be necessary to send the identity card At after one or two days They will ask you A document that proves that you really live in your address For example An account statement from the bank or A bill of electricity with your name on it Or a credit card document, I do not remember which one Because I do not have a credit card, so I did not consider it important I sent the account statement from my bank And then we can Add a payment method I have not done it yet I only added the method to withdraw money With paypal But here in case you want to buy crypto currencies We need a way to deposit the money here on Coinbase You can choose between current account or credit / debit card The current account is advisable for investing large amounts With the bank card you can only invert small amounts Let's go see the buying / selling section Here we are in the purchase section He will show us what we have just seen Here we can deposit the money to change it into bitcoins, litecoins, ethereums In the sales section We can convert crypto currencies into Euros For example With cash bitcoins

Many things are marked in French because I live in Belgium [Message for ITALIANS] Here we can make a deposit on wallet in Euros We will choose as amount 0,001 He will tell me that I can not because there will always be a tax of 099 € to pay In this case 0004 BCH Here I advise you to convert crypto currencies In Euros only If you have A large amount to convert If not it is not worth paying € 1 tax to withdraw 150 We saw that too We go on Accounts Here there are all crypto coins accepted by Coinbase And your balance All your operations For example Bitcoins cash

We can go see my operations here to make a payment for example in bitcoins we press send Here we write the address What you must have to send the bitcoins to the right person Here you put the amount And here a message After we press continue I can not because I did not put the recipient's Bitcoin address To receive crypto currencies We could press reception but I prefer to go to the tools section Where we can go to choose crypto currency We go on Bitcoins cash, they are the ones I use the most this is the last address To receive BCH that I created, you can create one when you want Pressing create new address Warning, lots of apps or sites (we will press details) that's the address I've already shown you But this one is the old address Some sites or apps ask this one You'll be careful because if you insert the first there will be an error So always try to put the second also before giving up Coinpot asks for the second For BCH For bitcoins it asks the first Pay attention to that The rest Here you can write whatever you want And it's good These are the addresses on which you can receive payments After there are the parameters Where is your account And all there is in the settings like changing the password Personal data What you need to put If not your account will not be validated Here at the beginning there are the dollars, I put the € so it's clearer For the settings there is no need for me Another important thing Here So

At the top right where it is marked "Invite friends, win 8 €" ($ 10) If you share this link here for example with your friends (Mine will be in description) And your friend agrees to join coinbase with your link You will win 8 € chaucun But, as you see here Your friend will have to buy or sell at least 89 € of crypto currencies This video finished here I hope I have explained how coinbase works Subscribe to my channel if you like videos like this Leave a love And we'll see you next time!