What is going on snipers name a low, baby here i hope all of you guys are having a, wonderful day Today let's go ahead, and dive right into our daily cryptocurrency analytics for today we're going to be looking at a watchlist that i've developed that over the past couple of days to ensure that i personally can focus in on a Couple different kryptos we're Going, to be looking at ripple neo mineiro as, well as bitcoin Cash Now we're gonna focus in on bitcoin just for a second here because, we see, some price movements, we saw This, initial consolidation this correction of about 30 to 35 percent, which was extremely Healthy, and if you guys know, what a correction is on our discord this is a free resource by? The way open, and available to each and every one of you guys all you have to go is go to the description below Click the link of the discord you can, join in it's free you have this, whole chat area We were blowing up the bitcoin, chat, we had a ton of different charts being posted a lot of cool People just learning the charts and talking about their Gains and then if you go here to the tools area to trading 101 you can, see here what a Correction is if you look at the definition a correction is a reverse movement usually negative of at least 10% on a stock Bond commodity or index to adjust for an overt valuation Corrections are generally temporary price declines interrupting an uptrend in the market or an asset and that's my favorite part, about it it's Interrupting an uptrend so that's exactly What i see with a bitcoin i see an uptrend here of course There is a channel, forming here there's some minor support levels here around 15,000 670 and we are seeing, some resistance here right around 16,000 117 dollars but overall We are seeing this upward trend here you can see these resistance levels continue to just shoot up and continue to go up Forming, this slanted upward trend so i definitely can see this ascending over the next couple of days guys, and Bitcoin is gonna influence the rest of the market if we look here bitcoin is currently at a 274 billion dollar market cap And the whole market is at 610 billion so Obviously it's taking up a significant portion of the market when i started with a bitcoin man this Would be insane to even think about i mean the market cap, was so low Back then, less than a billion dollars and to see it here at 274 billion is just Astounding to me and it really is a big feat for a bitcoin so we got to give it up to bitcoin Volume is just at all-time Highs 29 billion in vol over the past 24 hours so let's go ahead and transition into the rest of the altcoins that We want to talk, about here so xrp first and foremost the most popular with You, guys, and you guys know, i like xrp i especially like What the prices have been doing over the past couple of days you can See that we've maintained all the levels that we've hit and then when, we were at 25 cents We were really shooting between 15 and 30 cents for a very long time, we saw This, parabolic increase you saw the channels form again, support formed around 74 saw channel back up now We see the support here around 99 Cents, what's interesting about ripple is we saw the consolidation in the correction with bitcoin and it did not affect The ripple one iota if you guys look at the price here it's maintained its Highs, we're, now seeing this channel for it broke out of this channel and now we're seeing these, new Highs for now, we do see some resistance here right around dollar and 17 Cents you can see the resistance is right below our previous resistance which, is that one dollar nineteen cents So what i'm looking for right now with ripple as you Guys, know in a bubble market i like to take different strategies and different approaches and typically with a Bubble market i like to buy it break out so i can, make my quick Gains as a swing trader it's something that i like to do instead of buying at the bottom of the channel Buy at the top, so i'm gonna be waiting to see if we can't break out of this as soon as We break out i'm gonna put my buy order in so i'm actually gonna set up a trade alert right now and if you guys Don't know you can actually go a trading, view the link is in the description below as Well i add it to all of my descriptions but you can, add an alert on the trendline and click create that will Also, eventually be sent to all of my patreon as, well so you, guys know i called the bitcoin Rally, yesterday so we can, also look at all these other coins, and update you guys with, that as Well so we look at these, total market caps Numbers here we're at 49 billion total with Ripple 610 billion dollar total market cap once again so we're pretty much taking up a good portion of that definitely over a couple percent And what's interesting about ripple my pen is the volume is just? Skyrocketing a billion 300 million in volume so you can See prices are looking good ripple is on its, way up rank number four so in ripples Prediction i think over the next couple of weeks we're really, going to see it test, these all-time Highs if it does pass that it will probably go to a another big even maybe around one dollar and fifty cents up to two dollars and Do i see it breaking this pattern i don't see it going downwards and if it does we will most likely find support around 72 Cents so that's worst case scenario and best case scenario so Let's transition into bitcoin cash a lot of you guys have been asking, about this over here you can See a very clear pattern, form here there's a very clear descending triangle here now Some would argue that this is a pennant however it was following a negative price movement so i'll show You, guys, exactly, why this isn't a pennant if you guys look at our? Discord here once again this free resource open to each and every one of you guys the link is in the description below You can, see how A pennant looks when a pennant, is formed it's typically from an upward price movement that just kind of you know Almost like a breakout you know and then you see it form the pennants so in this case it's coming Down it's not coming up if the pennant was up here this would have been a pennant, but this is Considered a descending triangle because it's coming from a downward price movement so it looks a lot More like this right here so pretty much you saw the downward price movement

You see it kind of forming a pennant And that's what we're seeing right now now it is rising in price you can See that these support levels continue to increase at first it was around 206 2649 then 2730 now supports at 2790 so i'd be interested to see if we can follow This, triangle to see whether or not breaks positive or breaks negative in my opinion, bitcoin Cash could certainly break positive and we may be able to test these all-time highs around 4270 Especially if bitcoin starts rallying back up so if bitcoin can see all-time, highs i can, see bitcoin cashing all-time Highs just like bitcoin as you can see it did follow bitcoin with, this huge correction as, well but, we did see Some price movements for bitcoin cash, over the past couple of weeks we've seen it go from around $300 passing a thousand passing two thousand and now it's maintaining itself around two thousand eight hundred And forty nine so interesting price movement if it does end up going downwards i think we'll see a Huge downward Price movement for bitcoin cash being that there's not much support levels here kind of like, how Ripple had, some support levels you Don't see much the the next support level is right around 1800 so a Thousand-dollar decline would be pretty significant and rough for bitcoin Cash, so that's best case, and worst case scenario there when, we look at the total market cap, we're at 51 billion so right over Ripple but i feel, like, ripple may be able to take this spot guys Leave it in the comments below, do you think bitcoin Cash is gonna take ripples Reign or do you, think ripple is gonna reign over bitcoin cash put it in the description below Guys, if you, guys, think ripple is gonna beat bitcoin Cash then, like, this video how, about that we'll see how Much legs, we can get from that one but uh-huh interesting chart there so Let's go ahead and move on to neo so if you guys, don't know This is aetherium competitor right this Is the chinese etherium so to say let's go ahead and clear these charts out for the newest traders just to make sure that We can show you guys a clear simple chart here what i'm seeing here in terms of pattern is an ascending triangle If you can see there was a? Slight consolidation but this is really, where this, new pattern starts to form you can, see if we draw These lines out it's Going, from down here around 51 84 shoots back up here and then comes right around the corner around $66 we're seeing, some resistance levels you guys Don't know how an ascending triangle looks it's pretty much The difference between the descending and an ascending triangle it's almost like the opposite so prices Come up from it increase and then you see it have this decline back down Back up and now we're seeing this very clear descending trial you can, always over stretch These lines too just to get a clearer view of what you're looking at And sometimes i'd like to do that especially if i'm trading this as a swing trader i want to make sure i have the full Perspective of the pattern that's forming and sometimes it's good to, also look at Previous patterns to determine future patterns guys so as, we get more technical i can Do a little bit more advanced you know lessons with You, guys, but i want to keep it basics i know a lot of you guys are, basic, so with the price movement Going, upwards right now remember you can, only determine price movement never the actual magnitude of the price movement so you don't know Where is the price gonna start heading but you can, always look at previous resistance so right now we're looking at $79 eighty one dollars eighty-two dollars previous resistance we're currently at $64 i think if we continue to rally upwards and we start testing these resistance levels kind of how ripple was testing its resistance levels i We can, truly see a breakout for

Neil, i don't i'm not surprised i wouldn't Be surprised i'm sorry if neil was around you know $100 in 2018 i think it has a lot of potential my opinion is when china banned bitcoin when china Banned icos i feel like it had hindered neo from really progressing the way they really wanted to and i feel like as China, figures that aspect out of the regulatory systems and their laws i think Mia will truly have an advantage in the market so if you look at the total market cap I mean we're at four billion, i mean that's pretty stout for a coin, that truly isn't i mean i guess you can Say it's just not at its max potential Yes so it's at rank Number 13 it could possibly start heading towards the top 10 and as you can see the price movements haven't been too crazy It's just been pretty normal which i like because that shows You that there may be more upside in the future so neo Is definitely on my watchlist guys and then to end things out let's look at manero manero is gonna be big over the next couple Of days because you see a lot of different regulatory rules coming up, where people might need to use privacy coins And people are willing to pay that premium if you look at this chart here it's very interesting you see this channel Performing upwards, and we just saw this breakout, which pretty much broke this, whole chart up at first We were seeing this turn into a triangle but, now we're now Pretty much past our resistance levels, which could mean a lot of upside for manero so you can see 379 it was the resistance but now We've just surpassed that i could see mineiro breaking out over the next couple of days guys i mean the next resistance is around $471 so, we have all this room to grow as soon as this pops up so this could be a good trade right now Guys, and once again it's, also pretty safe in my opinion Because you, do have, some support levels here around 311, which is much further down 387 so Pretty good in my opinion i definitely, want to make sure that i can Add this to my watchlist over the next couple of days to make, some constant trades as a swing trader You know i'm a Value investor but i do swing trades so you know, swing trades are quick and they're fast you know you can Have 20 trades in a day just make quick profit so i think this is interesting to see If it does, pass this resistance level i think, we can start seeing mineiro go up Maybe past the five six hundred dollar level we've seen, some very Consistent growth of manera which is what i really like, about this coin, obviously you saw This, huge correction because of the bitcoin correction but now we're seeing, again it's, way Back up i think a lot of the market is really being influenced by bitcoin, we look at min there Was market cap or a six billion, we are in the top ten and i think manero is slowly? Gonna introduce way forward prices are not so Manipulated just yet so i believe there's more upside from there coming in the next couple of weeks so that's pretty much it for today guys i hope you enjoyed this video and once again, guys i Want to thank each and every one of you guys for watching this video and being part of the sniper students community We hit over 10,000 subscribers i think we're at like 12,000 now so that is just astounding guys i can't wait to just continue this journey with You, guys i do have some new, equipment coming soon in terms of a webcam i do have a New equipment in terms of live-streaming equipment as? Well and just a ton of different stuff to enhance the experience thanks to our patreon and our? Community, members so with that being said Guys i'll see all of you guys on discord if you're not on discord yet the link is in the description below And with that being said snipers out