Pt 3️⃣ HOW TO BUY BITCOIN WITH COINBASE | BITCONNECT TUTORIAL and here we go this is the biggest investment I've ever made it is time to buy five thousand dollars worth a Bitcoin for bitconnect I get a balance transfer with my American Airlines Visa card at 0% for like 14 months and I could have waited a few months and save the money up but it just doesn't make sense I would have been missing out on $9,500 because now that's assuming that it stays at point eight point nine which it has been for the last six months oh yeah so $5,000 investment today in 120 days will give me a total of fourteen thousand five hundred and ten dollars – my principle of five K so I'll be losing out on ninety five hundred dollars so I'd rather just do it now worry about it later so what you're going to do is going to go buy max alright so I'll just show it to your going to buy max click that right there bitcoin you want to check that bitcoin that's my account so this number right here the reason why that drop down is because of the feet seventy three dollars which I'm not extremely happy about but it is what it is all right takes money to make money so I'll make that back in literally maybe two days because they'll be getting I believe somewhere on the forty fifty dollar range for interest per day so I believe this is it so buy bitcoin one point seven seven everything looks good I'll get it on the 29th just before the fork I'm pushing it I'm pushing it boom purchase is successful so the downside is since I used a regular bank account I need to wait until the 29th so you know is what it is alright so I'm going to do another one real quick because I'm going to be investing five thousand and ten dollars so on this one I'm going to use my instant which is what you may be doing so now if you're going to be doing a $100 loan okay you're going to want to put in a little bit more than 100 so I'll show you alright so your fee is 399 so if you were to try to send you know what you purchased over 2 bitconnect you're not going to have enough so when you do this transfer make sure you send maybe a hundred and I don't know 110 dollars or something just to be safe I know there's another fee it's lower than this but whatever just to be safe send like 110 bucks and so that's what you can expect I'm just going to do max just in case alright so max bitcoin with my instant pay gets me this number worth of Bitcoin if I instantly double check yes everything looks good confirmed by done now I'm going to show you the dashboard where it's going to show you exactly what I've gotten so far so just now I got 139 dollars worth of Bitcoin that's what I have total alright so as far as increasing your limits you're going to see this here always just click on that and then what's going to happen is there's going to be there's going to be things that you have to overcome to be able to increase your limit in this case for my bank account I have to wait 23 days prior to this thing I needed to overcome the previous one was to purchase X amount of Bitcoin through my bank account it might have been like three hundred and fifty dollars once I was able to surpass that then I had to wait you know now I have to wait you know 23 days as far as the credit card same deal I had to purchase a certain amount and then after that I had to wait I think it was 40 days so that that's how you increase your limits unfortunately it's not faster but that's what you have to deal with if you're using coinbase here the next segment and if these videos are helpful to you please give me a like subscribe in a comment and click the little bell to get your notifications thank you so much for watching Pt 3️⃣ HOW TO BUY BITCOIN WITH COINBASE | BITCONNECT TUTORIAL