hello in this video today I want to explain what Blockchain is a very simple way and in less than a minute therefore it is a real challenge let's try I'm going to explain what Blockchain is with one of the most common transactions in the world buying and selling a house Juan has a house and he loves it sell to Marta we need for this a notary public who is the notary normally to make this type of transactions I say normally because when I got Blockchain how will it work it will work this way Juan has the house and Marta wants to buy the house Blockchain will certify that Juan is the owner of the house and Blockchain will certify that Marta has the money to buy the house once the two get on agreement they will exchange some QR codes that you can see an example here of these QR codes is not a real QR code that no one will try to use with these QR codes we will exchange the information and that information will be stored in a Blockchain chain that what it will do is certify that this transaction has been made we would not need a notary not we would need a property registry we will not need anything else besides that information will be saved on hundreds of servers but thousands of servers servers will ensure that this information is correct and that no one you can modify imagine the amount of information that can be saved and the amount of things that can be done with Blockchain We can certify millions of contracts with this technology thank you very much