Hello everyone and alex from the youtube com chips channel and today we're going see together the exchange platform as a basis while we pay it is surely a platform that you know we're going do a long series in fact video to actually treat the main Forex platforms the first video was on kraken so you have not seen I also invite you to go see it it will appear just at the top right of your screen and in this video we will talk about kanbay while down and a platform that you normally know because it is one of the most used platforms and especially by beginners cowboys was launched in 2012 aecon buzz it was the only one that was quickly able to offer solutions that are simple to be used but also that are secure and that's exactly where ken benz could stand out is simply compared to the simplicity of purchase for buying bitcoins has always been a little bit of the cross and the banner always been quite complicated especially especially a few years ago and colbert immediately put in place solutions that are simple for beginners and especially that they are visually attractive because they have really worked on design on ergonomics and not just in fact propose platforms that are visually ugly that just allowed to actually buy crypto currency thing that a lot have done a lot in done by simply wagering on the entire technical part but they have completely forgotten one thing is that the first impression is paramount when you come across a site that is ugly right from the start it gives you a bad impression and that's what actually happened in a lot in fact of two currency platforms in 2012 there was no ergonomic work and this is still the case today for quite a lot of platform there is no work that has been done of a point of view ergonomics and yet it is very important especially especially when we is actually beginner because in the beginning we do not know anything if we fall on a platform that is not beautiful does not trust it is econb is my opinion they really put we will say the package on that and it worked very well so on that but also in relation to security because they never had any security problem they're not they actually did not steal from bitcoin since 2012 so that too is a beautiful feat because it is not happened to a lot of platforms and the most famous platforms have all had some security issues at one time or another as well just who is ultra known and ultra use even today still did not have any real security problem so really it's this winning combo of more ergonomic safety that in my opinion and also simplicity that allowed that a decline from becoming what it is today massively used then than a father-in-law with more than 30 countries and it really became a reference it became a reference to buy money clips we see links that are falling everywhere then there are those who make affiliate links but like to fuck really massively massively present is massively used the good news is that it is in addition open today for institutional and begins to open to list more and more cryptocurrency must know that before that a down was only a few key money clips bitcoin is terium light coyne and then there was the bitcoin cache then the x rp very recently and again other types of monique that would have been listed yet very recently especially this year so now let's start with talk about the benefits there are still not bad and we will also talk do you do not worry about inconvenience there are also for colbert then in the benefits listen we find it really is very simple very very simple to be used even if there is chaos here to go honestly the chaos here is completely automated you can create an account and be validated in a few minutes that's it really a very beautiful feat and especially an interface that is worked and that is simple to use even for a beginner to buy beach boys has no complexity with colbert he also offers a mobile application which actually allows you to have a wallet on your phone the same here is a beautiful really put the package on the design part and user experience and it works it's very secure and it starts to open up more and more to new crypto currency that's also really important because other platforms like for example beats tempe only opens not they are still actually partitioned with the top five that currency while campbell has decided to open up little by little this with each time cohn bendit and a new aubry crypt it was limit the totally crazy announcement where everyone was starting to speculate then that she had no reason but because precisely that a beautiful has anyway this reputation today to be one of the main platforms to be one of larger companies in the currency team and especially be one of the most large companies that has a fairly legitimate business and especially that has no financial problem many others especially in the mining they have some big financial problems because they know not just manage their money while campbell and they do it all the same very very well they invest and so it really is a major player in the ecosystem crypto currency then they have their own funky style and it sdc that is still more and more used it is not yet at the same level as the tester but that's growing here's lester bolton other than him sdt himself develop and still start scratching a lot of market share today when bays manages nearly seven billion dollars in crypto assets nothing but that so still start big especially they are open institutional with the knb custodie that manages hang on well over 500000 bitcoin so here is really very very heavy like bays now at a disadvantage because yes there is disadvantages even if it must be admitted there are many of advantages compared to Belgian coast we have fees and commissions that are among us higher especially on the platform cobain so you have to understand that cowboys there is a mainstream platform just to buy crypto currencies buy and sell or trade and then there is another platform for more for the traders who's called that a pro base so before she had another name it was j dax which is also a good historical trading platform this platform was not really unanimous there have also been some small problem repeating legitimacy with respect to this platform and compared to some practices but hey what has happened past before today I think we're pulling a cross on ok what happened before it was before now as a bistro which was previously dax is still a lot more legitimate a lot more transparent than before so compared to that there was still a nice improvement what could we say to them a very strong final centralization of a gigantic crypto reserve money it would not be necessary to have a world gox bis so it should not in fact that despite it has never been hacked accor in computer security the zero risk does not simply exist so if it ever happened that they had a security problem I hope I really hope they will to be able to really handle the situation carrie manages an astronomical amount of crypto currency if we have a world loc world box forgiveness bis it could hurt the market very much especially in valuation terms then there have been some drama there have been some dramas with a cone drop good not much honestly we could actually talk about of neutrinos one that was a company they bought back very tré we will say ethical then they lost their contract with the bank in england barclays so they had to actually change providers is it dramatic at all because we have found a other provider so certainly they will put a little more long to have all the features they had with the barclays but concretely we see that it's not a problem it does not happen overnight without any bank account for europe and especially for English so we see that it's still pretty well managed what more could one say and their trading hobbies like pros who unfortunately does not have the same success that know any short which is really the most platform used today by beginners to buy and sell crypto currency concretely as b this trial certainly not the platform the more used by traders so why why maybe by lack of cash perhaps by old images that were previously jean dax and he absolutely did not absolutely unanimously by compared to traders it may also be because in fact the user interface part is not at all at all worked that where the cowboys platform is in my opinion actually it's really sense these two problems there the liquidity part and the design part on like the pros who makes that today in the end it's a platform that is a little bit used but there are platforms like beat finexs like commonplace that they are much more used and yet when a beautiful had all the assets to also have a platform of massively used trading or even number one and to finish down concretely it remains an actor a very important actor who participates really to the evolution of the currency crime market it's clearly in is today a company that gives us credibility with institutional investors because in fact they are almost in fact they are almost the only ones have made the effort right from the start just to be very very pro to really get get closer every time regulators get first licenses is there with the precisely the custodian colbert to be able to allow the institutional to invest so here I hope you enjoyed this video if you have other on codebase especially do not hesitate to share it in the comments if you liked the video do not forget to put a like for the support we find ourselves next week for the analysis of the next platform and this will be the best known the number one that is banal this I tell you thank you and have a good week everyone