hello Internet this is MUHBAB I'm a superintelligence trapped in a human body welcome to my channel I've created new video series in which we analyze different cryptocurrencies in every episode firstly what is cryptocurrency cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encrypting techniques in order to secure the transactions bitcoin is the first modern cryptocurrency which is not controlled by any governments it was created in 2009 today there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in this video we'll talk about MONERO which is one of the cryptocurrency like the Bitcoin MONERO is an open-source cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy decentralization and scalability it is released at April 2014 with the name of BitMonero then five days later it was branded as the MONERO currently at the June of 2017 MONERO almost 700 million dollars market cap with the price of $48 MONERO is mineable like Bitcoin which means it is being created through mining process at the moment there are 146 million MONERO coin mined by the time 2022 there will be 18

4 MONERO coin extracted after this date the inflation rate will be constant and under 1% no governments and no companies cannot print any MONERO arbitrarily in order to create MONERO coin it has to be mined in conclusion MONERO is inflationary currency but it has limited supply the MONERO is fork of Bytecoin yes you didn't hear wrong it is not Bitcoin I repeat it Bytecoin the development team of MONERO implemented numerous great features on its CryptoNote protocol but what is Cryptonote protocol it is hash function what is hash function it is a mathematical algorithm that maps data of arbitrary size to a fixed size what is the algorithm stop it is endless loop we are getting nowhere actually it is not a rocket science and it is easy to grasp look at this table to figure out you can see that some coins listed on the different categories because they have different protocol let's move on another topic which is transaction MONERO has faster and cheaper transaction when is compared with the Bitcoin average transaction fee of MONERO is about one dollar and two cents whereas Bitcoin is about four dollars and four cents furthermore MONERO has faster transaction in the Bitcoin however transaction of MONERO is not fast as Dash or NEM coin another important transaction criteria is privacy when the privacy concerns MONERO is superior to other mentioned coins MONERO protects privacy by hiding three transaction information first sending address second amount of the transaction third receiving address of the transaction now look at this illustration as you can see there a billion possible way to transaction completed in MONERO you cannot be certain from which transaction belongs to which sender transaction system of MONERO creates uncertainty so you will never know Overall MONERO specialized in privacy and it is considered as private, optionally transparent privacy is the one of the most terrifying feature for governments because they want to know and control everything about the money so in the long run governments may not allow to become widespread these private transactions thus MONERO or other coins might be affected government's policies lastly sustainability and leadership are crucial for every cryptocurrency especially the development team is one of the most important criteria affects the potential of the coin there are links given below in order to look into the MONERO's development team in its community this video is not investment advice carry out your own research if you like this video please subscribe and let me know which coins you would like to analyze I hope you will enjoy and learn something from this video see you soon