Hi guys, hope u doin good ! Fisrt of all, thx to all new followers and subscribers during my journey, means a lot for me ! Today we continue calculation of rentbility and today it's Monero time ! The second crypto we can mine on genesis-mining Like on video for the Ethereum, same informations = prices when i do the video

Also 3 simulations = 60 H/s, 1000 H/s et 3000 H/s Like usual, to know if profitable or not For the first one, 60 Power and power cost still 0 don't touch difficulty (will change like all others altcoins) Price 0

018668, we are good ! Hardware Cost = 4849 $ with promo code for 3% off Click Calculate So we have 021$ daily and 621 $ monthly

ROI = 234 days (78 months) and 1282% per month A currencieMonero is rising too Good rise and can be a good one in top 10-15 of altcoins

Second simulation, 1000 H/s and price 79443 $ Here and price 4 days less, 230 days Near 7

5 months, not big It's not very significant 345 $ daily and 10343 $ monthly 2 years contract, no fees, like Ethereum

For the third simulation, It's notdifference is not big for 232703$ 6 days less Not also significant here too 10

34 $ daily and 31030 $ monthly A little less than 75 monthsfor ROI And 13

35% per monthnot big but still profitable cause 2 years contract Monero will evolve and price will (for me) rise in long term Here's what u need to know about Monero

Up to u to buy contracts Monero is profitable, and will be more if price pump like others altcoins, if u have some in stock 😉 See u guys maybe tomorrow for an other video, Ethereum rentibility will be done And in 2 days, back to Monero i will alternate between those 2 until others comes back That's why i put date, to have a "follow" on all simulations we do here and when price change

Have a nice day guys ! Thx to subscribe and if it's not done yet, smash this button ! :p If u have questions, i aswer as fast as i can, so u can go on as much as u can ! 😉 Have a good day guys ! SEE YAA !!! PEACEEEE OUTTT !