Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is August the 16th 2017 by an old strong hand hey I'm leaving Dublin in a few hours I don't know if I'm even gonna sleep tonight hey you see something there crypto hwa wallet calm get your trace or use my affiliate link below check out all the links below get your leather case all those goodies ledger Nano etc etc yeah I'll be on the road again soon so let me open up my notes we're gonna have a try to get this done faster again I'm going to Quebec City in a few hours I will be there for a month all you Quebecers come say hello so kkona Chuck a guy who is he's from Hawaii he comments on my videos he's a great guy he said on the comments if it were so obvious that Bitcoin will go to a hundred thousand or a million that everyone would realize the inevitability of it all and it would already be at a hundred thousand dollars or a million hmm interesting interestingly think about I've never really thought about that option before but I try not to get people excited I thought I'd read it though Hall Andy Hoffman is going to be on this week in Bitcoin this Friday on this channel at 9:00 am

Eastern Time 2:00 pm London time other guest on that show also our caliber we always try to bring you all-stars on this on this show so town that like button if you like the guests that come on the the show but 2:00 pm London time on Friday Aaron ban weird um he's a writer that you've all read he's got great stuff about segwayed out there maneet Riggs he's got a very popular Twitter and so all three of those guys are going to be on this weekend bake Bitcoin this Friday on this channel we have one every Friday it's a different time every Friday was we have to accommodate our you know our worldwide guests but it's gonna be 2 p

m London time 9 am New York City time and I guess everybody in Europe is going to be really pumped about that one since two of the guys will be actually coming from Europe and Andy will be coming from Colorado actually so that'll be exciting we have you know a lot of people contact me I this is a little insider thing a lot of ICO people and all coin people and other people in the space trying to promote themselves they come to me and they're like Adam I want to be on your show let's let's cut a deal and I don't do that this is not this is not there are no advertisements like you don't get an infomercial there's no such thing as an inference now you know if I obviously I don't like ICO so this is I'm not gonna like say oh this ICO is really cool I want to give them a show just off my head but I mean there are people out there who are doing legitimate things in icos in all coins in other endeavors I mean doing things out of the goodness of their heart and I will say this if you guys I know a media consultant out there who can help you guys so if you want to contact me at Adam at Trey's or help calm I can get you in touch with this media consultant who can guide you on how to get onto mainstream media shows the newspapers and just spread the word about yourselves I know I mean you guys are trying hard you're trying to get on shows like mine but I do know someone who could probably get you on some big things so if you're if you're in any space and you need a media consultant I know someone it's not maybe it is so email me at Adam atras or help calm if you need any questions Adam Metra's or help calm and I can give you a crypto consultation also and help you set up your trays or it's a guy I have for clients coming up it seems like in the next few days so that's fun Bitcoin is uh you know solve a silence back to 40 340 350 again I didn't even know notice today you know that's good that's healthy if you didn't know it's today that's just the way of the world he shouldn't shouldn't get enamored with the price so yeah I'm still way behind on my emails and I do again thanks to all the people who retweet me and I'm a tech ball at home Twitter at Tech ball Tec HB alt so big quote so here's a tweet from re David Paul I've been in contact with him before maybe he'll come on this weekend Bitcoin one day or some other show if Bitcoin collapses 50% from current levels it will still beat every asset class for 2017 returns whoa that's pretty hardcore dude all right Tour de Meester he's got a tweet out there the list of non supporters is huge Bitcoin 2x is not heading to a Bitcoin upgrade but to a chain split and likely altcoin status so ok everyone knows that in November there's the threat of the second part of Segway 2x where the big blockers are going to fork away and create a big-block version of Bitcoin which will be nothing but an altcoin as Tour de Meester says and I agree with because they they might list some supporters but the list of non supporters is huge and we've already seen what's happened with be cash i theorize that they probably aren't even going to try to go through with the 2x hard fork that they're just gonna go with their final stand with be cash that king of the trolls and his buddies are just gonna throw a bunch of money and mining power and whatever you want to say in the be cash and say this is the real Bitcoin now because if they go this q8 Tetsu XR out it's just gonna be another altcoin that everybody gets for free more confusion so there'll be two fake bitcoins competing with one real Bitcoin and it will be obvious with the one real Bitcoin is so I see them you know logically I I'd see if they they want to have a good last final stand go with the beat cash but who knows what they're doing there this who knows hey I again Google uh I guess this Google uh water bottle now man thanks a lot my friends over my friends over at Google it's been an interesting very interesting experience here in Dublin Dublin has a lot of corporate offices here obviously Google a facebook there's a lot of familiar names I think there's tax incentives to be located here and as the Google offices were cool lies the Facebook ones are like right around the corner it's you know it's not Silicon Valley obviously the way ahead the weather here is interesting so alright so but I will be in Quebec City on Thursday by Thursday and 6:00 pm

so let's hang out Canadians back in North America so wale panda he says be blockers have be cash bitcoiners have Bitcoin no one wants to hex the agreement was already broken by I'm not gonna say their names king of the troll via BTC and that guy you know in China whose name starts with a J this sounds like jihad yeah good point again good point anyway sense something about all my traveling and I mean of the people that I'm meeting and by the way go down to the links below get your cryptography t-shirts 10% discount with my store code but anyway people need to get themselves out there I you know I say what's my saying about a you know getting getting out there and being active what is that saying I have it you know it's uh my where's my dorm sayings I know my sayings anymore being motion be in motion people and that's just basically about you know the more you network with people and you can do it through social media too but the more social you are and you don't them into a social person the world please you can do this over the Internet it's like you don't you don't have to fear rejection but if you travel a lot especially you're gonna meet people it's gonna open all sorts of opportunities it's better than just sitting around complaining and watching and doing porn you have to be acting you have to be you can't be passive and just sitting there doing nothing and so you know and you can't let the haters bring you down but the haters will be like oh no oh what's up dude saying it's not true it's not it's just not true it's not true okay so you can either do nothing it you believe people say it's all fake and then you end up doing nothing everything's fake everything is fake you end up doing nothing or you can take a chance and it's not a chance and just get out there meet people you see the more that more places I go the more opportunities that pop out the pop-up it's amazing it really is amazing you have a positive attitude and when you just get out there and we can meet people and when you travel and don't like and then some people rule it's so expensive I can't it's not expensive or you're too cheap Adam that's why you're able to no anyone can do this anyone can save money there's no no to this people there's no no there's no denying it's true I'm living it okay so I urge you you're gonna hear more people say you can't do it then say you can do it if you're on the internet at least because trolls are the loudest there is a silent majority who wants you to do good and a lot of that silent majority are people who have lived lives where now they regret their lives and they want young people or youngest people to do what they could have done and there's they're silent about it but who knows maybe they'll contact you one day and give you $100 or something like that or give send you point one Bitcoin you know it's interesting the people who I get in touch with so there's your little message of the day that that wasn't exactly planned so pewter chef so we're talking about negative people here's Peter Schiff he has a new video out I link to it below and we all know that Peter Schiff is a gold and silver guy precious metal sky and we all know that Andy Hoffman is also andy hoffman of miles Franklin he didn't use even like Bitcoin at first but he changed his mind he loves Bitcoin andy hoffman loves it he's going to be a freaking guest on that this week in bitcoins show I mean that's how much he knows it he's like a Bitcoin freaking expert man people do email andy hoffman for bitcoin advice okay so peter chef could just be like andy hoffman and be like you know what I was wrong about Bitcoin I you know but Peter Schiff is stubborn Peter Schiff is stubborn and he loves his gold and silver he loves his precious nails he loves the the old school and he now he is commented on Bitcoin many times in many videos and today and just recently now in this video that I link to below the whole video is about Bitcoin and he admits that he's going to at the beginning the video he says this is gonna be about cryptocurrency or Bitcoin or whatever and it's not a good video it's just at times he doesn't he's not making much sense and you watch it yourself judge for yourself he says that it's it's greed that's that's boosting the price of Bitcoin he III mean I say it's a store of value and that and he died he doesn't really understand that people in other countries need this and that it really is digital gold and that got the people who buy gold from him you know they also like Bitcoin they're using it for the same things but he's blind to this he says people won't sell their Bitcoin because they're greedy well okay why don't people sell their gold I mean I mean you could ask him questions the things he attacks Bitcoin about you can ask him like well why don't they you know you replace Bitcoin with gold and there's no good answer to the question either so right watch the video it's it's odd even for him and again he says that line where no one he says people don't accept Bitcoin businesses that accept Bitcoin trade it in for dollars right away it's just a way of getting dollars it's just a way of getting customers and as I and then he does say it Ali says well maybe small there's some smaller people who might accept Bitcoin excite only liked I value myself in Bitcoin point one Bitcoin for consulting with Adam Meister alright that's what it is I don't care what that's worth in dollars but then he said you know he doesn't talk about overstockcom now that they day you're gonna keep at least fifty percent the Bitcoin that they they have and it's gonna be more and more and more companies that accept Bitcoin are just gonna keep their status with Bitcoin and not trade it in for dollars because of all the because the price rise so and because they know there's value in it and he he I mean he concludes as he always concludes Peter Chef is that Bitcoin is a bubble it's gonna pop one day but he you know he makes his little it changes things slightly all the times I quote I could go up to ten thousand dollars but it will pop and there will be many losers he says and you know what's gonna happen here people is that there will be a bit I have said it for a while you know Bitcoin might go up to six thousand dollars and drop back down to forty five hundred they'll be a big drop they're gonna be big drops on future days so those are gonna be good days for Peter Schiff he's gonna get on and say oh look this isn't the beginning of the end or something like that and he also seen he talked about his gold money thing again and he says one of the craziest things he says is that people in the future will price items that price the things they sell in terms of gold and I don't think even the biggest gold fans in the world some of the because will agree with that they that's not what it's you know I'm not I'm not attacking gold here by the way people at all I'm just I'm trying to get into his head in the Peter chefs head and you know for him to say they're gonna frighten it in the future things are gonna be priced in gold I'm gonna go to the store and buy an apple and it's gonna be listed well how much does this Apple cost in terms of gold I mean come on and I'm not saying and by the way says so that's where he's coming from it is that's how big of a fan of gold is that's how big of a blind blinded he is by goal just to hate on Bitcoin and um and by the way I don't care a Bitcoin I don't think Bitcoin is gonna be the the what people use for everyday transactions all over the world I don't think it will be I don't think it won't be I don't I don't think it needs to be because I've traveled this darn world that people need to use it to get around capital controls we're always gonna have governments are always gonna have governments making insane rules and limiting people from Zimbabwe from taking any money out of their country and sending it to South Africa I mean that's always going to happen in countries like that Mozambique whatever banks closing all these things are going to be happening you're going to need Bitcoin as a tool a mechanism of getting around government controls a bank controls all sorts of things there's many use cases for Bitcoin besides buying coffee so pound that like button if you if you like this and check out Peter chips uh link below and be happy that uh andy hoffman is the anti peter schiff and he will be on the show and miles franklin andy hoffman silver gold precious metals gotta love him over there all right someone a fan as someone on the comments section left oh and in the other thing peter schiff says the bitcoin has done any good he says the one thing I'll give Bitcoin for is they've done a great job of marketing I disagree with that I be coy and marketing be coined in Barkin II do you Bitcoin typically has done a good somebody Bitcoin is stepped up and done a great job of marketing Bitcoin would be worth a lot more money right now if Bitcoin has not done a good job marketing the forces some of the forces battling Bitcoin like king of the trolls he's done a pretty good job in marketing and Bitcoin I'm trying I'm doing my best here as a one man one man gang here travel in the world you know if you want me to speak about Bitcoin I'll speak about Bitcoin I'll be on your show talk about Bitcoin whatever and I've been doing that but big big no Bitcoin has not Bitcoin has some individuals who have done some good marketing but as a whole no bitcoins market could be better so I don't know what Peter says q ship seems bitter toward Bitcoin so yeah i person left like comments-section getting wealthy should be as exciting as watching paint dry professor Tim Taylor University of Minnesota Department of Economics and a guy in my comment section I forgot his name left that so thanks a lot man thank you town that like button for that guy okay here's another cleat from Alistair Milne I'm wondering whether it would be possible to retire on a hundred to two hundred Bitcoin cell ten percent each year or less if needed to fund living expenses well for the first part of the question I'm wondering whether it is possible to retire on 100 or 200 Bitcoin well I'm not wondering that so uh yeah it's awesome Bitcoin definitely if you have numbers above those numbers I think you're in really good shape I'll tell you that I'll tell you that so we know we say that 21:21 Bitcoin you're gonna be in the you know they're only being possibly be a million people that will have more Bitcoin than you so if you're a 210 Bitcoin there'd only be a hundred thousand people out there that would have more than you so if you're a 210 Bitcoin and that's alistair did not say 210 he says between 100 and 200 and do it and then selling stuff every year but dude if you have 210 Bitcoin right now I would hold my big all my Bitcoin and you're gonna be in good shape you will be able to yeah you're good you should be thinking about a retirement plan of some sort if you don't enjoy working if you're over 50 years old and you have 210 Bitcoin you probably should retire I mean I'm not a financial adviser so but you should really think about it so yeah bitcoin is also a retirement tool for early people who had the who had the fort of fortitude who had the you know who had who were willing to take the chance in 2016 if you're willing to take a chance a year ago yeah you can should be thinking about a retirement if you're of a certain age I guess it's very interesting very interesting situation helping uh change in this world and it's very exciting it's very exciting Twitter's a tweet from Alistair Melanie another one coinbase continues to add 33,000 users per day 200,000 in the last six days the total now is nine point four million so okay nine points so coinbase is an international company a lot of people out there don't like them because their site goes down when there's a lot of traffic sometimes and I don't know people some people just hate on corporations and stuff and you know I'm not saying Columbus is perfect but if you believe that number nine point four million that's they're a big on-ramp in America at least and you can extrapolate that number and just start you know doing calculations how many people are on earth how many American you know Americans and North Americans are much more likely to have Bitcoin than star in other parts of the world I'd say that yeah less than 1% of the world population is cryptocurrencies that's pretty obvious it it probably right now I would say it has to be over point five percent of Americans have printer currencies even a little tidbit of it so that would be that would be 15 million Americans right there I would say what you guys have ruined that that you think of at least 15 million Americans have some form at least a little bit of cryptocurrency for some reason or another I mean maybe that's a little high I don't know I don't know but I think I think we're getting it we've got to be real close to that I think the interesting thing about this coin Basin announcement is that clearly they're growing a lot and clearly they are gonna be the on-ramp for a lot of people and they're gonna get America to be one percent owner to have 1 percent of Americans or North Americans only Bitcoin pretty soon and I think since the would from my experience a lot of people still don't understand that you you don't have to buy one whole Bitcoin so what they do is they buy aetherium and litecoin because they are cheaper they think they have to buy the minimum you have to buy use one of each when you can you know at coinbase you can buy $10 or the Bitcoin if you want to so that the growth of coinbase is they very good for aetherium and litecoin it really is it really is if you think about it and it is a big deal to be listed on there those numbers are true they're a big on-ramp for Americans and Americans are the most Bitcoin savvy population on this planet I have seen are the what I mean are into it more than anyone I mean are either cryptocurrency more than anyone Silicon Valley capital of I SEOs on this planet basically and I'm not saying that's a good thing but that's just life all right so let's talk about international real quick a great guy who is associated with the Dutch but he's in the he's in Spain this awesome dude an awesome guy out there and he throw me this email it's a little it's not perfect there is a program on Dutch television and one of the things they were talking about was Bitcoin I think for 10 minutes an explanation what it is and then they said priced has 4x this year and someone was giving more information about it so I think some people from Holland and Belgium they can they also watch this in Belgium might might get interested in Bitcoin good to see and hear more and more talking about Bitcoin TV newspapers etc hey so I mean there's a little bit of an insight from from Holland and in Belgium that they're talking about it there and you know I've always known those areas have had an interest but it's interesting it was just on TV there tonight and speaking one last international thing check out I wish I have the links below I link to the the guys who make the Spanish bitcoin show we launched that pilot here a few months ago and they're still making it Wan Gul and the crew and you just go over there watch the show just pound that like button for them they're like button favorite it and subscribe to their Channel and just hook them up because we won't be you know there's interest in getting the Spanish language there's a huge managed language population and we we want to get them hope that with this show we want to get them hooked up with Bitcoin cryptocurrency whatever I actually talked to some people here about that too so i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember describe this channel like this video share this video pound that like button I will see you guys in Canada in Quebec for the next month and I'll just chat with a few you guys now so see you later bye bye