Ripple and coinbase are investing in the first crypto exchange in Mexico, and Booking Holdings is the latest company to walk away from the Libra association Let’s start the show

The Government of Montenegro International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and a 45 million-member business network in 130 countries and blockchain development company Perlin have recently announced the signing of a tripartite agreement to develop blockchain pilot programs, advancing entrepreneurialism and innovation in the newly independent country with ambitions to join the EU The Memorandum of understanding gives Montenegro access to Perlin’s Wavelet blockchain, a scalable and secure public blockchain and the option of experimenting with enterprise tools already developed How this partnership affect all the parties involved from here on out? Coinbase’s US customers are now getting an interest payment on their USDC deposits

Paid in monthly installments at an annual percentage yield (APY) of 125%, the initiative is meant to encourage users to leave their coins on the exchange, rather than convert them to fiat The interest rate is similar to that offered by a conventional bank account But adding interest to the stable-coin market turns it into an ongoing battle between platforms For the end-user, there is very little to distinguish one dollar-backed cryptocurrency from another

To keep users who can so easily transfer value into another stable-coin, providers will be forced to raise interests as high as they can to remain competitive How will this move affect the stable coin marketplace? Just a reminder, we have a brand new website – jump over to cryptogntcom and have a look, we have all the latest news from the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency You can find a link to our site in the show notes below And now, back to today’s episode

Booking Holdings the online travel company has parted ways with the Libra Association, the governing consortium of Facebook’s proposed Libra stable coin Booking Holdings has thus become the latest in an array of companies that abandoned the project, leaving it with 21 founding members out of the initial 28 organizations, Booking Holdings — which stands behind travel sites bookingcom, pricelinecom, agodacom, and Kayak, among others — became a founding member of the Libra Association in June

With Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and now Booking Holding jumping ship, what is the fate for Libra? The Italian Banking Association (ABI) has processed the reconciliation data of an entire year of local banking activity on a blockchain platform The association announced the successful test of the Spunta Project’s system in a recent press release Now that this has been a winner for the Italian banks, will Blockchain become an integral part of their systems from here on out? Ripple, which is the firm behind XRP, has led an investment round in Bitso, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the Spanish-speaking world Ripple has led the new investment round to support the first cryptocurrency exchange in Mexico The latest investment round involves major investors including crypto exchange and wallet provider Coinbase, Jump Capital as well as existing investors such as Digital Currency Group and Pantera Capital

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