what is going on my Coen brothers and sisters welcome back to crypto lab my name is Matthew Timothy and today we're gonna talk about Ripple since I did a video last week about ripple got so many positive got like a bazillion likes on the video so I'm gonna cover another topic about Ripple can you actually mine Ripple because a lot of people have been asking me how to get your hands on Ripple I've done a video about this earlier how to get how to buy the ripple but can you actually mine ripple the answer is quite simple it is a no and everybody that says that you can they're trying to ripple you off see what I did there anyway yeah that's that's basically the end answer let me give you some context though to this you know most of you probably already know that you can mine Bitcoin and etherium and all these other coins ripple is not really like them and for this reason ripple is not being attacked by banks or any global financial system repo is a central digital currency controlled by one company I just produced a hundred billion units and it's an official number that will not increase or decrease and there are about thirty nine billion of them on the market like you probably already know bitcoin is produced by people who have turned their computers into a part of a large global mining or data distribution network and it's resistant to transparency while emitting centralization there's only one way like I said to obtain ripple if you want to buy some XRP ripple go ahead and click on the video here in the cards and that will take you to a video that explains how you can actually go ahead and buy XRP Ripple and seriously if anybody tells you that you can mine ripple with these cloud mining deals they come with this great bitch don't believe him because they're trying to scam you into some some shady deal and we don't want that so in short you can only buy ripple you can exchange it you know you can use Bitcoin exchange it into Ripple it is a digital currency for banks and knowing this for me it's an important part of my portfolio because really with the political situation everything it can go both ways and I think ripple is a good one to have in there especially knowing that the price is really low right now so you can buy a large amount of coins relatively cheap and I see the price going up I started looking into ripple when I was 3 cents went up to like 40 45 cents went down back again to 20 now it's at 25 ish and I think it's a good investment for you know 2018 definitely because we're seeing a lot of new movements in a cryptocurrency space a Bitcoin has a hundred and ninety-two billion market gap I believe and it's just gonna get bigger and bigger and cryptocurrency like I said in my last video it is the future we just don't know where we're gonna go you know moving forward which one is the best who wants to hold so we're building portfolios to get the best of of all of both worlds basically and to get the best for ourselves and on this channel I continually like every day I'm gonna do more research I'm gonna share with you I really appreciate all the comments here in a comment section because your input is what moves this channel this channel is as much yours as it is mine and I think that if we can all stick together and build this great community where everybody kind of hold helps each other and chips in with new information that's coming out we can build something really awesome here on YouTube and for that I thank you so digital currencies for banks in addition the ripple XRP is primarily targeted banks and financial institutions that can be used to accelerate financial transactions so the remittance industry these institutions can also use their blockchain techniques without the need for this currency investors in this currencies are betting on the tendency that banks of banks to buy large amounts of this currency in order to improve their services not to sell them and provide them to their customers it doesn't come to replace the dollars the dollar or currencies like I said for this reason ripple is not being attacked by financial institutions and banks like Bitcoin is for example more than 80 banks are currently adopting this technology which is awesome we some sometimes we get some news some big players moving into ripple that's awesome there are explicit calls to take advantage of the service of this company for the above reasons we make sure that ripple XRP mining is not possible unlike Bitcoin and the digital currencies that a dog decentralization so if you come across a declaration that it can be mine or obtained in any other way that's bullshit that's what I wanted to share with you guys in today's video if you like this video give it a like subscribe to the channel and turn on post notifications if you haven't already and I'll see you tomorrow peace