Hey, what's going on everyone crypto austin here today I wanted to discuss to you guys a little bit about the video that I put out yesterday about XRP getting to Ten dollars right I want to clarify some things I had some folks hit me up and they were asking me about the math And how did how would they figure a math if? XRP would actually go to three dollars versus ten to keep it a Short-term goal and I agree with those things We should definitely keep a short-term girl So I'm gonna go over that with you today now keep in mind as I was talking about XRP yesterday I was not trying to be negative I was not trying to go against XRP I'm actually a holder of XRP, and I'm very bullish on it, and I think it's gonna do really well especially in 2018 but The math going through it yesterday I think it enlightened some folks into Thinking of the numbers right and I want to make sure that we're not making the mistake of just Blindly investing into something and not sure what those numbers were Because even though I'm a fan of X up we also Understand the volume and the things that it will require to get to certain numbers right and so what I want to share with you today is that back in January first okay in 2017 XRP was at 237 million Currently XRP is at forty five billion Okay, so it grew a ton this year, and I think the growth isn't gonna stop right yesterday on my video I showed you a little bit about what XRP total valuation would be compared to other major companies like GE Amazon and so and so forth so you get an example there, but For it to get to $3 but for xrp to reach $3 especially in 2018 which I think it will It would take a hundred and seventeen billion Basically all that is is the current market cap for XRP

That's available supply That's a 38 billion a few times that by three you get that $3 so every time X RP reaches 38 billion it grow goes up a dollar Right every time it goes up about it And it goes up a dollar and as you know the XRP community is very bullish on it And there's a huge following one thing I found recent is that it doesn't really matter a whole lot what the technology is sometimes as Long as the community follows it, right You could see that happening with big point cash recently where Bitcoin cash just took off and it's because there's a huge following behind it right There's a lot of folks talking about it and big point cash disapper fine esse Sara Lee different technology a whole lot Different than Bitcoin it just increases by one megabyte right so anyways this isn't about Bitcoin cash all I wanted to say is that? the community behind XRP is very solid the the Program the technology the protocol everything is very very solid And I think we're in a good place and in 2018 I do see it reaching around the $300 mark by the end of the year And I just wanted to share that with with you guys, okay so I apologize if yesterday you felt that I was being a little negative on XRP which I Wasn't trying to be I was just trying to give you some math either way Please thumbs up subscribe Let me know in the comments section what you think if you think XRP will actually make it to three dollars this year or Higher and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and I'll talk to you soon Bye Bye