Hey, so I wanted to make a separate video about signing up to Coinbase, because normally I trade on Etoro – normally I just go there, and I buy Bitcoin, and I copy trade people And it's all fairly simple If you don't know what that is, I'll leave a link in the description, or I'll link to it, sort of up here somewhere – there – there But, I wanted to find the other crypto exchanges – I wanted to buy other coins – smaller coins like EOS, or like IOTA, or just other things I wanted to find out about the ones which aren't listed on Etoro

I wanted to buy Bitcoin, because you then put them on other exchanges, and transfer them for those other coins But the first thing you do, is you have to buy Bitcoin, or Ethereum, or some major big cap cryptocurrency So I went looking, and the one which popped up mostly was Coinbase This one here So, this is just Coinbasecom – I'll put a link, again, in the description So, I wanted to make the video, because it's a bit of a hassle I've signed up to exchanges in the past – to Etoro and stuff, and they asked for all these, like, validation documents, and they they make you jump through a few hoops – which to me were quite frightening So, if someone hasn't done it before, kind of – it makes sense to go through it

Now, this one – Coinbase – I've kind of already – what I've done, is I've come to this site, and I've registered I've put my name in, I've put my email address in, they sent me a link to my email to, sort of, verify my account – normal stuff when you sign up for a website That's, kind of, where I am now Okay, so here's my main screen in Coinbase I've signed in Normally, what they do is, as you're signing up, they ask you to put in your phone number, and they send you an SMS to verify

They want to link your account to your phone, you know – it's quite standard, again, with a lot of websites now, they want to especially with exchanges, where they're really kind of security conscious – they want to link the account to a phone, to make sure you are who you say you are Now, I bypassed that step, because I couldn't get the verification message to come

What I can do here – because I have to do that before I can buy / sell If I go to 'buy and sell' now – see 'phone number required' Just here, your dashboard – this bit here shows the Bitcoin price over the last month – on this, you can either buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin Those are the three currencies you can buy on Coinbase What I'm later going to do, is transfer them to other exchanges, to trade them for smaller coins – for other coins

But, for now, that's it Here it's, you know – 'Complete Your Account' I've confirmed my email address, I need to add my phone number then verify my identity, which is a bit of a hassle, but all exchanges ask that Then, I have to add a payment method My portfolio – I've got nothing at the moment, I've got zero of everything So, I can go here, to 'Add your phone number' So, I'm going to add my phone number This is actually an Italian sim, so I've got to

I just add it in here And here, I've already set up two-step verification, hold on – I'll show you how to do that later Okay, so they should have just sent me that code – we'll see if that comes through on my phone, and I'll just wait for that code now, and when it does – when it comes through, it's going to come through as an SMS, to the phone number I put in, and then I'll be able to put that in, and I'll have added my phone number So there we are – I've got a text message

So if I just go to my phone, I've got my messages, and I can go here, and 'your code is 2297206 So 2297206 – put that in and boom, my phone has been verified

So, there we are – my phone's been verified and I've just got another text message which says "welcome to Coinbase, download the app for more install" So, there's a mobile app there, which I can download as well – which I will do later on But, for now, that's it – so I've got on to the second step

I've confirmed my email address, I've added my phone number, the next one is 'Verify your identity' Okay, so here's where it gets weird Now, all right let's go to it, and find out

So 'ID Verification Required' and it's loading this little screen A lot of people get freaked out by this I know, when I first signed up to Etoro, which does this as well – and I've signed up to about ten exchanges now And they all ask for this sort of stuff So, here we can see 'Select ID type' So, they want to see your passport, or your driver's license, or your photo ID, okay So I'm going to click 'Photo ID'

'Choose an upload method' Okay, now – what you can do here, is you can either all right, if I click 'Webcam', it enables my webcam, and it says 'First we need a picture of the front of your ID card" So, you're meant to, literally, get your ID card out – I'm going to press 'Ok', and do you see this hello! So, what you're meant to do, is literally hold your card up to here, and when it's there, you click 'Take photo', and it will literally take the photo of your ID card And it's really quite a simple way, to get it to upload to the site Now, I tried that a few times, because I've done this with my ID card – the front, the back My driver's license – the front, the back The problem is, sometimes there's a lot of glare – a lot of glare comes off the webcam, it doesn't show up cleanly, and it doesn't upload You can try this method, and it will talk you through it, and how to do it – you can try that method, but if it doesn't work – if it doesn't work, the other way to do it, and the way that I found works with, kind of, all of the exchanges is – I just got my phone camera, and I just put my ID card, like – on a table, and I just took a photo of the front of my ID card, the back of my ID card I did the same for my driver's license – the front of my driver's license, the back of my driver's license

So, here – look, we see that one of the options was that one, the webcam The other one is 'Mobile camera' 'Upload from your mobile phone

' So, you can just upload photos you've taken So, you can take a photo, and make sure everything's showing up clean – make sure the text is clean, and everything's – nothing's blurry Take it in good light, and I found that is the quickest way There's no delay – it went through, and they all got verified So, look here – 'Upload from your mobile phone

' 'Click the link we just sent to Ba ba ba ba 59, and upload photos of your ID" So, you know, if I go back to my my phone, and have a look at what they've just sent me – hold on a second So what they've just sent me – here they've sent me another message saying 'To verify your identity, upload photos of your idea ID here

' So there we are, they've given me a link, so I can just take photos of my ID, and upload it to that link, and that's kind of great And I found that's the easiest way to get through it all Usually, they ask for your ID, and sometimes they ask for a utility bill

What they're trying to do, is they're trying to match the address you've put in with an actual physical address in the world, you know And a utility bill, like from an electricity company, or a gas company, or a cable TV company It just has to show your name, the address and, sort of, the name or logo of the utility company

And that's what I used Now, it's a it's a bit of a pain, you know – what I did is, I created a folder which just had my ID documents – photos of my ID documents in, and then I'd just upload them I had them all, sort of ready – you know It becomes less of a hassle if you're signing up to lots of exchanges That's what you have to do here

So, once that's done – I'm not going to do that now, because it can take like, two or three days, or five days or, at the moment apparently, because so many people are into Bitcoin and stuff and are signing up to coinbase, there's big delays – it can be a week before they verify your account, because they have to go through that manually, and check that everything's okay So, if I do that now, it'll be a week before I finish this video – so I'm not going to do it But, that's how you get through the 'Verify your identity

' The next one is 'Add a payment method' And, when you buy Bitcoin on Coinbase that's where the money comes from – it will come from your credit card, or – we'll see the options here And also, if you withdraw it from Coinbase, it'll go back, obviously, to that same account So you have to add your account methods So you can use a bank account for investing large amounts, or you can use a credit, or debit card

'Please verify your identity before adding a card' 'Uploading your ID' So, you have to, obviously, have verified your identity, before you can add the payment method, okay Now, another thing which I wanted to show – so you have to go through these steps, it's just – it's a bit of a hassle, and it looks difficult I've seen other sites which are much worse I've seen some crypto exchanges where you literally have to hold up your – a piece of paper – after you've done all this, they then say 'Alright, now you have to take a selfie' with yourself, I'm not joking – A selfie of yourself, holding a piece of paper

On that piece of paper, it has to have the name of the exchange, your name – signed with your signature, today's date, and you have to hold that up, with your ID card as well and take a selfie of yourself, with that It's like some sort of, like – a negotiation process or something – it's ridiculous

But, they're really going to great lengths to try and make it secure, and – you know Why do they ask for all this stuff? They say it's because of international money laundering laws, you know They say that they really have to do this, because they need to keep tabs – that people aren't trying strange stuff – not complying with laws, and all the rest of it

I don't know the full reasons Obviously, they want to track everyone's money, and what we're all doing – but that's why they say – it's for keeping in line with international laws So, all of the major exchanges will ask for some sort – this sort, of identification when you sign up All right, so let's say you've signed up – you have put in your identities, they've said yes, and you've added your payment method Another thing you can do – here, go to security – another thing is 'Two Factor Authenticator'

Now, two-factor Authenticator – it's also just called 2FA a lot of the time, is another way you can secure your account, and make it, you know, that much safer The one I use – there's a range of authenticators, but, kind of the most useful, and easy to find, and most used one, is obviously Google Authenticator Google – because they do everything, you know Maybe I'll make another video about that one actually – how to find, and how to download the Google Authenticator, because it gives, like, an extra level of security onto your account So, that's basically it

What you've done, is you've verified your email, you verified your phone, you have to upload the documents to verify who you are – really more completely Add the payment methods, and then add two-factor authentication And one of the things that they do, on these exchanges, is – they'll let you buy a certain amount of Bitcoin, but the more verification you add – the more types of verification you add, they'll usually let you buy more, and it will increase Sometimes, it just increases with time – you can buy 'this amount' for the next seven days, then after that

it depends on the exchange But, for Coinbase that's kind of how you sign up So, I'll link here, to how to do the – how to get the Google Authenticator, and the next part, which I'll also link, is about "All right, how do we actually buy the Bitcoin now?" "And then what do we do with it when we've got it?"