This is Joe He likes: – the independence of cryptocurrencies; – the genius of the block chain; – the opportunity to earn via mining But there is a problem here The more miners there are, the lesser Joe's earnings become This is Bill I mine Dcoins

The more miners there are, the better it is for all Dcoin works through the blockchain It has no central servers and belongs to no one How are Dcoins created? You only need to indicate how much cash you are willing to give in exchange for Dcoins at a personal meeting You will be awarded Dcoins just for operating as an "ATM machine" Even if no one wants to exchange Dcoins for cash with you, you will still be getting Dcoins

You can exchange your Dcoins for cash with another miner like you All Dcoin transactions are recorded in a public ledger called the block chain Dcoin does not rely on a central server to process transactions; it works only through miner nodes With the mechanism of exchanging coins for cash, Dcoin can function anywhere, even in those countries where cryptocurrencies are prohibited because Dcoin does not need exchanges Sounds too good to be true

So what's the catch? If too much of the coin is created, the coin reduction mechanism will be launched Once the amount of coins exceeds the promised amount, the coins will begin to reduce in all the wallets of all users They will continue reducing until they become less than the promised amount

You just need to watch out for the following two values: – promised amounts; – amount of coins More new miners => More promised amounts => Less reduction in amount of coins SUMMARY It's all very simple: 1 You add a promised amount 2 Keep track of the total amount of coins 3

Get a profit After 1 month It's all cool now The number of miners is growing, and my earnings are equally increasing You have any questions? Please watch the next video at dcoinme