(Block chain) the largest challenge is to decide what to deploy A lot of things you can by this technology

The past few years, we have this discussion unfolded in various locations (Our services) to resolve the various problems of the bank This (block chain), but technology is applicable to various fields, there is a need to focus on one as a team Ripple is a distributed financial technology This technology, in money and value that circulates in the world, we believe it is a big game changer

Distributed financial technology, it has enabled the "movement of value" for the first time without a central operator So, we call and this is the first moment of the Internet of Velue (Internet of value) We have to focus, it is also a mission, is to move the value to move the information instantly on the Internet Today's distributed financial technology, you can remove the uncertainty So, or it fails in the middle of international remittances, never or gone money

Because directly from the Bank of Japan to the Bank of America because the payment is made In the past two days to five days took in time of international remittances had, it is possible to reduce significantly to 3 seconds to 6 seconds So, it is basically done for immediate transaction And this will be free of the foundation (for users) So, it is exactly the same as sending the information to Japan

Quickly that If you do today, and basically it can now be performed free of charge That is the value of today Like the time there was no Internet We are moving into a world that can be provided free of charge that there is value Japan is a very important market

Circle is an international currency The world there is a large three banks I now believe that one of the global bank that is 50 lines, we are working with 10 lines Japan Among them is a very important presence That we want to tell as an important message, to everyone to make cross-border transactions Ripple is, the uncertainty in the movement of value, delay, that you can solve the problem of huge cost

Eliminating the uncertainty in cross-border transactions, you can enable the transaction in real time Banks, we can accelerate the business (using the service)