Rio de Janeiro Brazil Congress Center Sulamerica Global Summit in Rio, January 12, 2018 Preparations for going public Terry O'Hearn, President of DasFinancial Hello all! It's great that we could visit Rio

We visit South America for the first time It is a pity that we have no more time, because it is beautiful here Let's start, because there are a few interesting things to discuss before us In short, it can be said that 2017 was the year of coins We've talked about our priorities over the past 18 months

One of them was the introduction of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream We are getting closer and closer This chart shows the value of coins in circulation last year Huge growth, popularization, the industry is worth 17 billion USD Daily transaction volumes increased from just over USD 100 million up to 50 billion USD on certain days Last year was also exciting for us as the alliance of companies We've achieved a lot of successes, we've grown our business A lot of changes have taken place in our ecosystem

As Michael mentioned yesterday, 2018 is the year of the ecosystem What does it mean? For us, this means many things shown on this screen However, if you look at them closely, 28 00: 02: 08,728 -> 00: 02: 12,861 at this stage, it's all about financial technology In 2018 we can expect numerous advances, implementations and activities, which will result in significant changes Not only in what we do together, but also in our everyday life

Cryptocurrencies really enriched us The fin-tech industry will also have an impact on us Thanks to fin-tech, now we can go to the grocery store, unload the trolley with food items, leave the store without putting goods out of the basket to pay, and the payment for purchases is charged automatically When we look into the future and think about where the market is going, how different solutions will develop and connect with each other For example, imagine the world of the future, in which we move independently by driving cars Get in the car and say that you are in a hurry to go home Your car uses cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, smart contracts, uses the technology of the "Internet of Things" Money will be circulating everywhere, in all aspects of our lives

We will not interact with this money Artificial intelligence will decide if we can spend the money we have You will tell the car that you are hurrying home today When he'll take you there, artificial intelligence will determine which belt to drive on the basis of the analysis The car will pay on your behalf, to navigate the fast lane

Thanks to that you will get home on time It would be nice if I was home in time, right? Interestingly, when all this money is circling around, not only flow, but also influence You can receive payments in the same way Others may not hurry that much Their cars can move in a slightly slower lane

They can receive compensation for driving him Money flows from paying to them I think the world will go in this direction It will be dynamic It will never be permanent, it will change smoothly

We will observe huge increases as these different worlds approach each other We hear things like: "it's a bubble", "nothing stands behind it", other comments, made by people who do not fully understand this space It's unbelievably exciting to be able to imagine the future, potential applications and possibilities

I have already encouraged you on the occasion of other events, to get involved and be creative Try to think about new solutions There are many iterations and many events ahead of us that will change the way you do some things

Cryptocurrencies have given us new opportunities, but fin-tech will also have an impact I would like to tell you now more specific about what DasFinancial will be working on, actually what he's already working on and will work in 2018 Works on the exchange technology are already very advanced I will tell you about my work in a moment We were very active in the field of payment technology, developing DasPay, which will be the main payment tool

I will tell you in a moment Through the third ecosystem office, located in London we will provide consultancy services on many things that are key to them ICO, the first issue of coins What are we still working on? I think we all realize that that payments and everything that is involved, with our ecosystem, this is a challenge, especially for some countries There are many interesting solutions available Many of them are developing very dynamically

I put them on the slide, a few events ago They are referred to as "competing banks" We work on a digital solution in the style of a "competing bank", which would allow us to attract customers from 150 countries in less than two minutes We're working on these kinds of solutions We hope to announce more, hoping that everything will go really well

We will find out more in the second half of the year A lot of work ahead of us, also regulatory issues It will give us a lot of new opportunities It's a bridge between the old banking system, and the world of cryptocurrency The first one is well served, the second one starts to be

Work on combining these two The second thing that we devote some time to we study and analyze the possibilities it is connected with the world of artificial intelligence It's not about artificial intelligence in general, but specifically about its use in financial services An interesting year is ahead of us Artificial intelligence is a plot that does not enjoy such popularity, although comparable to cryptocurrencies

Let's talk about DasPay now I will discuss the progress of work on it This is a slide that everyone in this room has seen many times It presents the functionality of this solution We work with Carta who were recently in Singapore

They were also in Belgrade Brian Semkiw and Rui Mendes We counted on Rui, who is Portuguese, will join us today, but we have not been able to rip It would be great if he could give a presentation today because of his Portuguese roots We challenge them as well as other partners from this plot

We want to go further in the development of innovative solutions We're working on amazing things that nobody else does I can not wait until we announce it officially Work on them is still going on Maybe you've read on the internet, on Visa canceling cryptallable payment cards

I'm not sure if you have full information on this topic Visa has finished cooperation with the WaveCrest card issuer Visa has no problems with cryptocurrencies Do you have fears, questions or doubts? You're welcome Apparently, according to Visa, WaveCrest did not comply with their terms of service

It's just a business problem There is no need to worry We have received several questions in this matter There is no need to worry Everything goes according to plan

I have already talked about the road ahead The network we are building must develop We have 2018 Michael has already mentioned, though it was probably Richard, after all with a tenfold increase That would be a great result

The larger the network, the better, from the perspective of DasPay This will provide us with the necessary performance Technological integration, which I mentioned earlier, is in progress We're working on this site The next official update is planned for February 28

Its topic will be discussed during the webcast, which Michael McGhee spoke about It's about Wednesday's webcast with Pretto I will take part in it, maybe others too We will provide you with the latest information about the progress, related to several issues Among others with ICO

We do not have the regulator's approval yet We can not conduct the ICO without obtaining it I think we will get it It is indispensable to us I hope that we will provide more information soon

We have prepared a great marketing plan, I will not say anything about today From this are James, Ed, Pascal They did a great job

Thank you, colleagues! Do not miss this because we should have lots of interesting information for you During this time, we will enter several external exchanges We need to work on fluidity so that DasPay will work when we're in Las Vegas Michael McGhee give us your address Will you organize a party at home when we come to Las Vegas? Great! There will be a party in the pool at Michael's

Speech about the second quarter, assuming that everything will go according to plan, just like it's been until now Then we will launch our product in Las Vegas Now let's talk about the entry of DasCoin on the stock exchange It will be an amazing year We have a strategy, we have plans, we have communication

We are engaged and we continue to engage in conversations and strategic discussions The goal is to introduce DasCoin on as many stock markets as possible Some exchanges are by definition a challenge In the case of others it will be easier We will not announce the list of stock exchanges to which we will enter the event organized in London

Know that we are working on it, to enter as many exchanges as possible This will not be a short-term project, but spread over time In addition, we are working on something that we have already talked about It's about an exchange, for which we have a codename We call it the Apex Project

This is a very exciting initiative The work is very smooth We have an interesting structure and a chance that we want to introduce in the world of cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies are governed by their laws Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges were created almost organically, somewhere in someone's basement

Some of them have become really large entities Our approach is different Because we're talking about institutions fully compatible and functioning on a fully regulated market, we want to use the billing organization Entity with the appropriate license and fully compliant This billing organization, or the clearing house it will emit, so-called stable coins

This is a token whose value is related to the value of a currency We will tie it to the American dollar We will be able to acquire customers through the billing organization New customers will receive "stable coins" With them, they will be able to move to the stock exchange

Another advantage of this solution is that when the coins are already on the stock market, you, the original purchaser or other user of the platform you may want to withdraw money, and I do not know if you ever tried to withdraw money, for example from Bittrex or Poloniex You can withdraw the cryptocurrency, but certainly not the money from the traditional currency It will be possible to obtain stable coins that will be worth the same as the dollar You will be able to transfer them to the billing organization Almost in the form of bearer bonds

That way, you could withdraw money Thanks to this you will be able to easily and without problems, regulate the payment of traditional currency from exchanges in a regulated manner It will be a powerful solution We will also make them based on the blockchain system It's a token

It will be very transparent There is one more similar solution, which is based on this general concept However, it has some immanent flaws at the level of the project itself Money exchanged for tokens will be kept on separate accounts In this way depositors' funds will be separated from the others

It will be a very powerful solution that will shake the industry In some cases, a stable currency can be made available to other exchanges It will give us a lot of additional benefits We will have many cryptocurrencies, but also access to traditional currencies Most competitors do not provide this option

We will create derivative instruments, or couples, contracts for differences, etc We have a unique marketing team that develops a great marketing plan Thank you again, James, Ed and Pascal He is great I will not talk about it at the moment

We have a world-class team of advisers About 10 people from different parts of the world he works together on our project This, among others former vice president and director of security for FXCM The team consists probably of the best technologists in this plot We also have a person who for many years was a currency market dealer at Deutsche Bank

In London, we have a team with over twenty years of experience in this plot They managed really big companies They have excellent relationships with liquidity providers, etc They will bring a lot of professionalism Meet FCA requirements

They managed huge teams, networks of brokers built from scratch in Russia, China, Switzerland, France, Great Britain and Australia This will be very strong support It will help us achieve many things, not only increase the turnover on the stock market, but also implement other plans that will allow increase the DasCoin value We need to work on demand, on usability, on the rarity of good, and increase the value of capital, and this is something that we all want

And all this with high liquidity Blair is the head of the team, developing an investment grade solution, being cryptovalta-based insurance, which would be attractive for institutional clients and retail traders or investors It will be amazing It's something completely new The Cryptographic asset will of course be DasCoin

It's an amazing thing Let's look at the world of ICO and what we want to achieve in this area At the moment, we have about 13 million coins Over 400 million have been forged About 13-14 million have been transferred to hot wallets

We call them supply in circulation At the moment the exchange starts, it is difficult to say how many of them will be Let's say there will be 40 million in circulation It's not much The current rate is just over 50 cents, so the total value is 20 million dollars, or the euro in our case

If we would carry out at least one ICO on our platform in which investors would take part, using dascoin as an investment asset and only 20 million dollars are in circulation What will be the effect? This will cause a sharp increase in the price It will increase liquidity

It will increase demand Because of the increase in value, some will start collecting coins, not wanting to sell them This will help to ensure the rarity of this good Michael has already talked a lot about deep treasury contracts that we implement This year, we will begin to implement many solutions

It will be an extremely exciting period We have a talented team of expert experts participating in the changes and standing at their head I can not wait I would now like to talk about something and someone to introduce you Before we get to it

February 7 will be the webcast on Wednesday We will provide more information about the stock market We planned him, because a lot is happening there

I would like to introduce someone to you Look at his competences and achievements Excellent education, great connections, amazing experience in our sector He works in London It's an amazing and very authentic character

If you met Matthew Rocksborough-Smith, you would like him right away If you do not know him yet, be sure to get to know him I would like to invite the president of DasFinancial AG to the stage and ask for a few words Thank you, Matt! I am pleased to work with Matthew for 5 months and it is pure pleasure Thank you! For my part too! Thank you, it's just "bromans"! Thank you for presenting me in such a wonderful way

Bom dia, Rio! I am extremely excited and delighted that I can co-create DasFinancial and a wonderful DasEcosystem Terry perfectly explained what DasFinancial is doing now He discussed our most important projects I just wanted to add a few words, especially about ICO Terry mentioned them in his presentation

I wanted to talk about ICO external entities Can we move it forward? A bit too early at the end As you know, DasFinancial responds for cooperation with ICO external entities, who want to join the DasEcosystem

One of the main features that we pay attention to analyzing potential ICOs these are the potential benefits that DasEcosystem can provide We were fortunate to look at many ICOs Some did not meet our requirements I admit that they are quite high And they will stay like that

Some, however, have met them We were lucky to cooperate with extremely talented people, that had great ideas We work with them and we analyze their ICO and the potential contribution to our network In the coming months we will share our thoughts with you Finally, I would like to encourage you and people in your networks to share your ideas with us

If you have a great idea for ICO, tell us about it If someone in your network has a great idea Tell us about it Even if the idea has someone outside the network, First of all, enter this person into the network, and let them share their idea with us Obrigado! Thank you all! I can not wait for this fantastic year!