Hey hello everyone this is Adam Meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is November the 5th 2017 delayed gratification learn it love it goldman hold strong hand long-term thinking buy in whole 2020 be a 20% and of course value your wealth and bitcoin that i just said a lot of a catchphrase there didn't I all right so remember follow me a Twitter Adam it's at Tech ball te CH be alt I have five thousand uh followers there now Shalom someone said in the chat Jana I'm not looking in the chat though but I did see someone say Shalom I'm still in Israel yes I am having a blast here again remember to check out the notes section below we have all the links you can get shirts down there your Tresor crypto HW wallet comm etc etc and I'll be talking at only about two or three links are going to be referenced in this show because it's the one Bitcoin show and our one topic today is 2 X is nothing but a flood tool to weaken Bitcoin and pump be cash that's a question that's a question that means people a lot of you are worried about 2x people are emailing me people are leaving comments in the chat under thee in the comment section and I I thought I made myself pretty clear in my past videos and please check out my past videos the last week of videos all linked to below you can check out my archive of like I have hundreds of videos I make a new video every day and I've been saying to X is nothing to worry about it's nothing if you're a holder you just keep your Bitcoin held as you usually do on your treasurer and you sit back and you let other people make foolish mistakes but still I'm getting questioned about this so we're gonna get into some specifics about maybe what's going on behind the scenes why this is even happening and what the big players are thinking first of all I watch the video very recently tone bays and jimmies song or I guess they were out in California and they were talking to some developer dude and they were talking and tone is you know acting quite I guess fearful toward to exit confusion almost coming out of his mouth and the video is linked to below and I got to tell you that the video the video is it is confusing and Edie it does give off an aura of fear and in the long run it's just another reason that be cash is going to pump to be it's going to probably get up to 20% of the value of Bitcoin again I had I it would not shock me because people are going to come on and Jimmy and everyone is playing they're playing in to be Cash's hands here they're peak and I'm gonna get into this there are people in the be cash community openly saying that you know there's 2x Bitcoin thing oh they they have their problems this replay protection who's going to win we're the true Bitcoin we don't have you don't have to worry about replay protection with us come to our side come here invest in us look it's pumping right now it's pumping right now and then some of the big whales behind me cash or pumping money in the be cash now sell and you know what those guys are multimillionaires some of them so they can do that by the way they can do that it's a free country and they're dip they're manipulating the price and they can do that there no there's no government to save you your guys from people doing things like this you just got to think and have a strong hand and not get affected by these things so the be cash people are doing what is their what their right I mean they have every right to do they're creating a lot of fun and scaring a lot of people and are just adding to it so if you are a person who's a fan of the real Bitcoin like I am if you're creative these videos that are confusing people that are saying than 2x you're scared that you you might lose all your Bitcoin my good you are just helping the beat hash people you really are because I don't think they're any 2x people I think that you know there may be a couple 2x people but in the long run there are many be cash people who are just going to use 2x as a fun tool to scare you into giving up your Bitcoin and to maybe getting you into B cash and so this is their of really their last big attempt so and it's quite an attempt it's quite a genius attempt to pump up B cash because this is not it is not a simple thing that's going on here so again I want to be very very clear don't don't play into the hands of FUD do not move your Bitcoin I mean I mean that's what I'm saying that's what I do I never move my Bitcoin anyway it's all my storage devices it's on my traceur it's safe there people it's safe but if you for some reason I mean you just gotta sit back and relax and not rush things because you're a long-term figure you cannot be impulsive and use something like okay so they're going to be opportunities to split your into into the 2x coin if you happen to split your coin don't move your 2x until you know it's safe you're gonna get this 2x crypto dividend once you split your coin and I don't know what what opt you know Trez or might give you an option to split your coin I don't know and I don't care about the option will come and I am not going to take part in that option of splitting my coin until I know it is 100% safe to split it and then a hundred percents place it's the safe to move my 2x to an exchange to sell my 2x because again you can get into this with if they don't have replay protection and you move and you get a 2x coin from splitting your Bitcoin and you move your 2x point then you could lose your Bitcoin if you move your Bitcoin you're not going to lose your Bitcoin you can lose your 2x coin but again ever had the 2x point to begin with it's a free crypto dividend so again moving keeping your Bitcoin in one place like you probably usually do anyway you're not spending it out on coffee you're not spending it are you are you I mean maybe this video isn't for you if you're a person who's constantly suspending your Bitcoin because you're a fool if you're constantly spending your Bitcoin to be honest I mean your head it's gaining value every day when you're buying coffee with it I mean that's ridiculous it's ridiculous that's not what this channel is about so again you can go someone else's channel if you're interested in that kind of thing but again if you're a holder anyway just keep your Bitcoin held and wait till things get safe so um let me read some more things I have here yeah and again this all makes me wonder if beef hash is behind all this it would it would be quite a genius attack plan again the solution that the 2x solution will come again and 2x they might start doing replay protection once people starts threatening them in a very threatening manner I mean there's gonna be if people start losing millions of dollars hundreds of thousands of dollars because there's some guys that might have 50 Bitcoin or whatever and they might not listen to me and they might split their 2x and they might move there to X and they might lose their Bitcoin and they are gonna be angry individuals who may threaten violence against it may want to start tracking people down that I don't encourage such behavior don't don't threaten violence but don't get into the situation where you're gonna get that angry I mean don't get into that situation but I do feel that there is no replay protection implemented before the the split that they're gonna they're gonna be some very angry individuals out there that are gonna lose Bitcoin because of this so and then there will be and then they'll be forced to do this replay protection but the damage might already be done but once the replay protection is there the day you know have anything to worry about so let the 80% do the dirty work and lose and get angry and force replay protection so you can easily get your free crypto dividend alright so you don't so don't be impulsive people here be very calm yeah if you're a holder of Bitcoin you have nothing to worry about and again how many different ways can I say here because again people are emailing me keep your Bitcoin on your trace or you will be fine don't get greedy and rush to X until a solution is out there I will tell you I'm gonna tell you when I move mine okay when I split mine I mean and you but you as you want to do just don't listen to me here but I will say when I split mine okay and when when I feel it is safe to move it I you that you can watch my channel but I mean right now I have no plans I am in no rush to split it I mean no rush to move it I mean and again so if you're still confused now people you can email me questions but you're gonna have to pay me okay because I'm getting a lot of these questions and I thought I thought I've made it pretty clear here all right if you're if you're cut if you want to talk about this you're gonna have to pay me because I've given it to you for free here so if you email me by the way email me and see Anna what should I do if my to actually keep it on my trees or which I do I'm just going to simply write back we are setting let's set up our appointment now this is what I'm charging you that and then we can we can continue talking otherwise I'm not answering your question exists it's all here and I'm tying to be frank a lot of people just been emailing me about this and I thought I made it pretty clear already I think it's pretty simple the answer don't move your Bitcoin if you're a holder you're fine don't try to do anything rash don't be impulsive okay and I just can't keep answering the same questions over email over and over again for free for money sure why not if you if you want if you want to pay me for something that's already freely out here which I put out here be my guest okay and again if you lack listening comprehension skills then you probably do not want to be in in the Bitcoin space in the cryptocurrency space because you're going to lose because you're part of the 80% you're not very intelligent and you're good and in this space the smart people win the 20% win so if you can't understand a word I'm saying if you don't have listening comprehension if you don't have reading comprehension if it just all go through your over your head you've got to get out of here you're gonna be a big loser you're just fueling the rich getting richer here which is fine I mean whatever but I'm just giving you the warning okay again we're holders here I mean how often do you have to move your Bitcoin why suddenly move your Bitcoin now this is a non-event it's like just it's a non-event so why do you move your your Bitcoin when the Astros win the World Series no it's a non-event it has nothing to do with you know with you being a long-term holder when the Astros win the World Series or when your foot your college football team loses a game it has nothing to do with your long-term holding a Bitcoin as does this 2x script of dividend you're gonna get the three 2x eventually be patient don't be greedy and say well I want to get 20% of my money instead of 13% of my money just be patient all right so yesterday I won correct one correction from yesterday oh and I said this is the one Bitcoin show pal that like button I only say it once okay so one note from yesterday I was talking about you know a Bitcoin anger you're not going to get rich by watching slash creating Bitcoin be cash drama and like cheering one side on okay the you you actually have to own some Bitcoin to become wealthy to take to be a productive here okay so if you're just some some person that she's like yeah man I'm a big cash man i'ma beat a Bitcoin man do you actually own any I mean what's the point I mean I guess you could make your own Bitcoin drama channel out there I mean you could here here look I'm not giving you an entrepreneurial idea if you're just a troublemaker type of person you own your Bitcoin you just like to scream and shout and you're like 19 years old and like to talk about body parts in the chat section or whatever but okay this is what you do you create a Bitcoin drama channel and you spread thud and nonsense and you have clickbait titles all day long and you'll probably make some money but I mean they're a lot you have a lot of competitors out already so I don't know how lucrative that is again so you know trying to track if you're if you think this is a big war or something great cool but do you actually own any Bitcoin that that's that's the first step guys one Bitcoin well that's why it's the one Bitcoin sir try try to get one Bitcoin instead of like hanging out like just spreading my coins number one without actually owning a coin alright so I linked to I don't say this guy's name he's in charge of a social media platform that's a competitor or worse demons he graduated from Washington University in st Louis like I did but but he in his video which I link to below I do link to his video at least he is straight up saying that 2x situation is a pump opportunity for be cash I mean and that's what I've been saying I have been saying that all along I mean and he plays out scenarios of beef hash winning because of the 2x situation and I don't agree with that scenario be cash is not going to win but he is openly and he's not hiding it he's not hiding it he's saying that whales are gonna dump and speculators are trying to pump be cash because of 2x fears and he's saying it in a very polite way they're not hiding anything here he he is a B – dude he's be cash all the way he built his business around B cash okay and he's not hiding that they're they're trying to scare people with 2x here so it's easy to guess your baby they are using this news 2x as a tool to weaken Bitcoin and pump B – and they those might be the majority of the 2x supporters out there now because again I don't think anyone really wants a 2x coin and omit and it just it's all like boiled down to a complex he did semi hidden Bitcoin verse be cash battle and the 2x is coined is just a distraction it's just a tool and I wonder if some who have remained around it and you know I shared the New York agreement they were just sharing the New York agreement to pump me cash just like there were people who have cheered on the New York agreement because they wanted segment to be implemented so think about it from that that that perspective that you know there were a lot of people who were like yeah this New York agreements fine because we're getting segment which was I mean I was like that fine we're getting segment well there were probably some people are like well this means work agreements fine because in the long run we're gonna use it to pump upbeat cash all right so I've linked to the his video watch his video see the truth is out there for you he's not hiding anything from you um and again this is a free land they are welcome to try but I mean they will have to deal with the consequences once this fails I mean if you own a business and you're pumping up to X now in order to scare people to buy B cash and pump up your be cash then you're gonna have to you're gonna call it out afterwards and you're gonna have to deal with your business gonna have to deal with the consequences so have a strong hand now B cash is going to pump I mean but don't be tempted to buy it because you're just going to end up giving away your precious Bitcoin to the 20% long-term thinkers because there's some 20 percenters out there that will gladly give up their B cash that they still have to get Bitcoin from you and in the long run bitcoin is gonna win but again I'm putting all of this out there to lessen the FIDE and to lessen the drop the price drop already I mean what did the Bitcoin drop $500 today I mean we did you just get used to that kind of thing I mean that's gonna keep on happening I mean I've said that for a long time big firms gonna have its thousand-dollar drop days it's $500 drop days is $500 up days if there's less FUD out there then and there's there's more clarity to this situation then the Bitcoin drop price drops are not going to be as bad but I'm only one man I can only do so much and I fully expect Bitcoin to drop down to five thousand dollars probably you're in the five thousand again it could be worse it could maybe it won't be as bad again be a long term thinker this is about the year 2020 the Bitcoin having the Year 2024 you're not some Johnny come you're not some guy that just gets in this the flip and get out vision if you're just some flipper trader you're gonna lose I mean you've already lost a lot already and yeah I mean again this is Bitcoin is an investment it isn't a game all right people so it'd be a big boy be a grown-up don't panic when it drops $1,000 when it goes down to $5,000 don't don't let this fudge scare you off don't do anything impulsive I'm gonna keep I keep saying the same thing over and over again III just think it's really clear what I'm saying again if it's if you see if you're gonna email me with questions about this video you're gonna have to pay alright so because there's I mean how many more ways can I say the same thing in this video and that I've been saying for months now all right so perhaps replay protection won't be implemented until be cash is at a certain price and I think that'll be a telltale sign that there was a plan all along by some of the people out there that they're just wait they're just using this 2×2 stick to scare people into P cash and then once P cash gets to a certain price and people are really getting angry that they're losing their Bitcoin from the lack of replay protection then they'll implement the replay protection and everything will be fine so so so keep an eye on that ran the replay protection is implemented is it at a certain when would be cash hits 20% of the value of Bitcoin and that'll give it away that there's some people behind this that are again just using to access as a way to pump up the beat I just stared you out of your Bitcoin and most likely need to be cash so uh so there is some logic so you're probably asking why would anyone want to be a part of this plan anyway why would people want to use 2 2 X to pump up B cash well let's take coin base for example their big player they've been in supporters of 2x here point base can say hey look look how smart we were for holding your be cashed all this time but remember they still haven't given people their be cash with first you know we were been holding your be cash all this time now that it's worth 20% of a Bitcoin will give it to you this is why you should always rely on us and keep your big here look how smart we were we held on to your B cash until and now it's 20% because of all this Q X 5 and now you can have your B cash and people will be happy people will be like yes Oh coin B she was so wise I was so I was so wise to let you control my private key and rely on a third party even though Bitcoin isn't about that at all look how you manage it for me oh I can't do it on my own don't be one of those people control your own private key don't even get into the city but again you know if this plays out the way in my play up some of these major players they have reason to let it play out this way because they can twist it around to make it appear very beneficial to themselves and people are going to fall because again that's a leg that you might think it's a liability that coinbase holds all this be cash you know that they are not giving it out until January the 1st but in that gets leveraged because they could give it out at any time and maybe they're just waiting until it's it really reaches a high price so people will be very happy that Oh coinbase managed this for me and look look how you know if I had managed it myself I only would have gotten 5% of the value all right a final final thought of the day are you guys still paying to see movies and Netflix and all that stuff and and then you complain about the price of Bitcoin that you can't afford a big point and then you say and you're also one of those people are like oh Hollywood's so disgusting but you're like you're funding them I don't understand that logic it's just to totally get rid of your Hollywood addiction people you can if you want to watch those type of things you can watch it for free you can figure out a way to get it for free you don't need it right away and you surely don't need to pump up that industry instead of in you know pumping up your own wealth by it by buying Bitcoin because you know so many people I can't cut my expenses yeah you could cut your expenses dude you don't need to have net I never I don't even know her I hardly even know what Netflix is I've never paid for it I don't I've never gotten one of those things those things in the mail or what I don't know what I don't even know I don't watch movies and I watch all the movies I live you know on the internet you can watch on YouTube there's some on there I love love some old movies but again I don't I don't know just just get out of that paradigm people you don't you don't need to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster or the latest Kevin Spacey oh he turned out to be a pretty normal dude didn't he alright so and they felt in Baltimore they've done one of those you know pay-per-view shows or whatever that I think Kevin Spacey was in King Thrones Game of Thrones is that they used to our no

1 on North Avenue they used to have all those trailers out there filming something alright finally say the one saying of the day and I've used this same before I'm gonna use the game and it's from stefan molyneux conviction wings the future alright have conviction people we're gonna win we've already won I mean just don't panic don't play into this bud don't play playing into all of this stuff state remain calm and it's it's a non-event just keep your if you're a holder keep holding your big coin that's all and then you know keep watching the channel I'll tell you when I split my 2 X 1 I think it's safe and when I move my 2x 2 and when I think it's safe to move my 2x but if Tina just don't do anything impulsive that's all alright i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out the notes section below we've linked to those two videos that I referenced and please oh the sun's coming out here in Israel please check out the archives and my old videos and everything I'll see you some of you in the chat now bye