Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is December the 19th 2017 at least it still is in Honolulu strong hand what's up to all my people in the West Coast in Honolulu in Anchorage I am in Tucson Arizona right now it's late here but I'm doing this show because I do a new show every day here people no matter what and so I missed a lot of what was going on today and what a day it was it was deja vu all over again this was just like November 10th 11th and 12th of this year I have been predicting this day for a while it that'd be cash would pump again I also said eventually coinbase would be dealing with be cash and I thought he would that the ignorant masses you know some people would want to buy it on there you know I could not foresee everything that happened today I mean that's that's the magic of cryptocurrency you never know what the players are gonna do behind the scenes you never know what the 80% are gonna jump on and pump up but if you still had some be cash today it was a great day to make some Bitcoin I'll tell you that so let's let's let's get into this let's get into what's what's going on here I'm trying to read my notes so you guys have to have a strong hand on days like this I mean I if you don't have a strut if you don't understand that now that you're never going to understand the concept concept of the Bitcoin strong hand that they're going to be days when certain all coins are gonna pump especially be cash and all the little people who follow it king of the trolls everyone is gonna start pumping it putting out propaganda and you're just you you're supposed to ignore it you're it's called crypto noise we went over this in the last two videos so now today was filled with crypto noise Andy Hoffman I linked to his a cryptic old centralcom below he goes over it there he actually goes over in a tweet tweet of his that I meant to link to that I will link to that's what I was supposed to link to not everything's linked to yet but by the time most of you watch this everything will be properly linked to so someone emails me and asks me a question oh and he uses king of the trolls name I don't say king of the trolls name do you see why I don't say his name now why he shouldn't be given attention people who get all worried about a beef hash pumping that it's the end of Bitcoin you see why I don't give that troll attention he's the king of the trolls today you see why he's the king of the trolls by some of the things that he's put out there he's gonna be on CNBC tomorrow if you want to watch him if you want to see his pretty face if he want to be an eighty percent or believe when he says he says nothing this is the same thing over and over against the same line over and over it has nothing to do with the subject matter it has to do a censorship this man anyway I digress the person email me is like continue the trolls really do this is because going to take over for Bitcoin come on come on I mean were you guys around for November 10th 11th and 12th or do you just have horrible short-term memories are you all smoking weed all the time and you just lost your short-term memories maybe that's what it is pound that like button if you like Adams reference toward a smoking marijuana being bad for you because it does but it messes up your short-term memory and from these emails I received and from these tweets and from these panic that I see from you we can ders out there you weak I think you're all stoned all the time losing your you forget everything we went through the same it's deja vu all over again Google that what that's all about okay it's we went through this in November I said it's gonna happen again you know there were a lot of people said all because she's dead it's dead I'll never but of course it was gonna pump again of course of course it'll pump again we're gonna the same thing will happen another time in another time in another time its opportunities to dump your be cash for Bitcoin on the 80 percenters who are just clueless and listen the king of the trolls and who just listen to all the crypto noise that's out there who and who accurate and it's beyond fun is beyond you know it's just it's ridiculous it is ridiculous but so we have corn-based some people think there's some insider stuff going on over there I'm not gonna go over everything don't I linked to vortex his Twitter feed below and I linked to an cilinders Twitter feed below both of them cover this point what's the coin base coinbase irregularities okay that maybe some people knew beforehand is they be cash was about to be listed there first of all be cash all of a sudden was $8,000 on coinbase okay and that's very strange and that helped pump it – there was a it winstram big tracks for oh it went way too high it went up to over 25% of a Bitcoin which was good for some people and I mean people were getting 25% on their beat cash today unbelievable if you had you had four be cast you turned them into one Bitcoin what a glorious thing for these fools to give up there be cash for Bitcoin you got big core you traded in your be cash for some big coin today great job great job if you were able to do have a you know hold off this long with some of your stash and you know it is it's about AI about having a strong hand in Bitcoin that's the most important thing and having long term thinking a Bitcoin if you happen to hold on to an altcoin for some reason they all pump eventually okay the top tier ones and yes be cash is a top tier one a beagle beagle pump today I don't even know why that exactly happened but he's happy in what maybe some people all the criminal dividends are taking over now I don't know the reason I don't care about the reason but people it got up to 0

25 again point are 25% again so aetherium will pump again so so these things these are just when these Punk's happen they you think of them as an opportunity if you happen to hold these all coins for some weird reason well first of all you got them for free with be goals and be cash that's these are the days where you're like you know to get 25% it's pretty good I'm gonna I'm gonna get some more Bitcoin today I'm gonna get me some free Bitcoin today that's the way you think of it so someone in the someone just did a super chat Gabriel $10 Thank You Gabriel 9 1 3 8 love your rants Adam hahaha most informative and entertaining crypto challenge on YouTube you know what I appreciate that and I appreciate that you appreciate the you know the information here the entertainment because I try to bring it I try to make it fun at the same time I try to bring you information and and slants on the information you're not gonna get anywhere else ok and to link you to good people like vortex and Ansel and those are real those are good people those are good people pound that like and andy hoffman of course of course now andy hoffman really in his in his links and his twitter feed today he calls out some of the schmoes out there that i won't even say their names okay the crazy silver guy you know who he is who thinks uh the Gold's in the Grand Canyon that buffoon then there's a guy down in Mexico who does all sorts of drugs who's a worshipper of king of the trolls you know and and eat straight up he explains what these people are about and of course and and he brings out the crazy man went by – I mean it just the ludicrous people that some of you ask me questions about these people who deserve no respect none just dude I mean maybe web bot might be he might be okay okay the other two I mentioned it's crazy so silver guy Grand Canyon guy and and uh drug addict in Mexico I mean come on you take Smita seriously you take you still believe a word that comes out of that guy's mouth because you guys don't have short you do have any source of memory no long-term memory short term you've nothing so first of all okay if you're not gonna have memories at least think long term and know to hold your Bitcoin and not that panic on ridiculous days like this so with all the nonsense being thrown around with all the crypto uh crypto fear what would sit I came in to think of the terms that I use anymore here anyway with all this other fun in the air right even yeah I mean I want to play in all day so that's the best way to ignore this just be on a fly i it took me a few hours and catch up to everything that's why I'm part of the reason I'm doing this so late by the way it's pretty cool it's interesting weather out there interesting area here in Tucson Arizona I got a/c during the day I'm looking forward to it all sorts of plane delays today by the way rainy and Dallas lovely stuff all right so let's uh let's let's move up so yeah king of the trolls is going to be on fast money tomorrow at the same time we have people newbies on on so many newbies on coinbase who are gonna be buying once they for first of all when be cash went up to eight thousand dollars they stopped selling it on coinbase okay so it's not you can't buy it right now but they're going to start again tomorrow morning so what I'm expecting is that in congestion oh he's gonna pump it on CNBC people are gonna get excited about it the newbies are gonna be like oh bitcoin is dead I now have the chance to get this it's a cheaper version of big it went up to $8,000 yesterday so it's on sale so it'll pump again tomorrow probably be casual public in tomorrow we're probably there be called Bitcoin the real Bitcoin will probably go it's gonna be a lot of volatility tomorrow so just have a strong hand and if you can't take it go on a plane and go somewhere or just go play in a park with your kids I don't know what to do stay away from the computer tomorrow if you're gonna have a weekend and sell your Bitcoin and buy some not and buy nonsense whether it be be cash nonsense whether it be iota or any of the other things and you know IO does worse worse than B cash it really is it really is at least be cash is a friend was a fork it is a crypt of dividend of a Bitcoin it worships up and Bitcoin okay you got it for free I gota you actually have to pay for so you know I'm sure the people in South Korea now will fall back in love with P cash pub pub pump they scream and they really do scream man as I was told okay you know check out vortex below check out ansel check outs I got just put Andy Hoffman ignore the crypto noise that is what I was saying I was able to ignore it because I was on a plane but I mean I'm able to ignore it because I have a strong hand I mean I am able to ignore because I'm not a child okay I'm a man I'm a grown-up I know how to take care of my finances and not do impulsive things I'm not impulsive on the other hand the 80% and of course they make up the majority they were to be called to 80% if they weren't the majority they do the wackiest most impulsive things don't be them don't just be a 20% and and they just it's times like these that just make me wonder if you really do have to have a certain IQ in order to make it through things like this I mean I I don't want that to be the case but I mean if you have a top 20% IQ you're probably I'd say there's at least a 90% chance you're gonna make it through these things and if you're below that you're gonna have some problems it appears because it's the same every time you guys send me the same nonsense you fall for it every time some of you and I just don't get it I don't get it the same panic the same we candidness it's sad it's sad in a way because you're getting poorer king of the trolls is getting richer I'm getting richer we're in it for different reasons he's gonna be richer than I am but look I mean holdin the 20% is getting wealthier and some and they're laughing at you they're laughing at the people who are doing this the newbies and newbies you got to learn your lesson the hard way you're gonna so I guess some of you there are newbies who were not around in November amazingly enough I mean time a month ago now is like it is the equivalent of two years ago it's amazing all right um yeah I don't know why be gold surged the 8% will buy anything great they maybe they got confused and thought it was be cash if that's possible I want to warn against their or fake claiming sites for super Bitcoin and Bitcoin diamond there's a fake bdub a fake bead I meant the called B diamond I'm tired yes super BTC and B diamond they're all sort of fake stuff out there this is not their fault these are scammers taking advantage of impulsive people who can't wait until these crypto dividends are listed on or split by the trésor guys don't try to find some back-alley way to split your Bitcoin into B diamond and super BTC just be patient because you're going to end up losing your Bitcoin you're going to be impulsive and it's gonna really end badly all right someone else just sent $30 on Kong dollars gonna spend tomorrow and in a plane traveling from Hong Kong to Jerusalem Oh beautiful can't wait to visit Israel Merry Christmas Adam yes well that is awesome Henry law and I hope you enjoy your time in Jerusalem the eternal capital of the Jewish people the eternal capital of Israel long live Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel and it's nice that the president of United States recognizes that now but we Jews do not need the recognition of some sociopathic president we don't need the recognition of some embassy because we know we know what the world has always known Jerusalem would be nothing without the Jews you wouldn't know its name you never would have heard of it it's a Jewish City it will always be a Jewish City it will always be the eternal capital of the Jewish people so that I enjoy your time in the eternal capital of the Jewish people and everyone over there in cryptocurrency land in Israel you're awake right now actually it's the middle of the day there I'm sure you guys are loved in life with all this craziness that's going on with the cryptocurrency Strayed they have strong hands so those guys have some strong hands at the atella be bitcoin embassy town that light button all right so speaking of Jews at my mother was at a Hanukkah party yesterday and some guy that she sort of knows came up to her and was like we mention adam meister to her asking her he knew who i was and was you know wondering about lee adams your son it was brought up it was flattered he's fly so you know they're people who know my mommy whir I have found my channels it's uh very interesting maybe you're watching right now dude from the Hanukkah party that where you saw my mom and I see someone in the chat I don't usually should even say this but I just checked down the chat because I hadn't opened because people have been doing a super chat someone says Adam is gay no Adam is straight he's had sexual intercourse with quite a few women in his day he doesn't value his life in terms of women okay I value it in accomplishments in experience and just loving life you you can't waste your time on women all the time this a cryptocurrency is the greatest thing ever man this is this is the free market this you don't have to fit in that try to get the girl that your friends are gonna like you for or the brat or to just get some girl to brag to your friends or have a to have something nice with you so you fit in no come on people don't don't value your wealth it's such superficial nonsense like that but if you want to call people names go you know go ahead beep you know say whatever you want to about me but just a clarification I am a pretty looking guy so some people do think I am a homosexual I mean that's or whatever that's just life that's just life anyway so um so interesting comment over there and interesting thing you guys talk about in the chat when you should this is why you're broke a lot of you in the chat why none of you own because a lot of you don't know a Bitcoin in the chat because you're more concerned with calling people gay and just less for oculus things ridiculous things just a short term short term pleasure you get it's about long term people think long term here great Polonia axe fist their steam steam dollar situation so if you had steam and steam dollars stuck in limbo Apollonia axe BAM you could turn that into Bitcoin now and trust me I know someone who did wink wink alright and yeah and still that the steam back dollars are still being sold at a premium I'm gonna look into that more in another story it's for tomorrow what else do we have here oh you check out the nose section floor okay you below get your treasurer ledger nano all that good stuff at a crypto hwo calm and your t-shirts at cryptography D this is one of his don't don't ask me questions about this t-shirt about like what's why is there a chase symbol undershirt if you don't get this then you're part of the 80% seriously if you if you don't get the irony okay all right so um it tracks has a they halted new user registration for the time being that just shows you how many people trying to get into cryptocurrency here if big treks is just like No Mas no mas we can't take any new customers for a while okay Nick Tao vention McDowell has posted something he sent five dollars super chat get accusations of homosexuality all the time we hear it often it's boring peace freedom and prosperity that's the Macau way yes vention of course big towns get called that they there's people say they're homosexual it's shaming language all this shaming not oh you're gay you're gay come on yeah go ahead and make my day call me gay call benching gay too it's just it's shaming language why you have to use shaming language to make yourself feel better I have no idea I have I have no I I don't know buy some Bitcoin and get some crypto dividends from open firms I mean that's a better thing to do with your time and someone says Jo world he gives me five pounds he says Adam be cash removed from coinbase no Jo that's temporary that's only gonna be temporary because they couldn't handle everything it will be back there it will be back there because it went up to eight thousand dollars and they don't know why that even happened there's controversy behind that it'd be cash will be back on coinbase again and you know that's that's their right they can list it if they want to and we're gonna get we're gonna get into that in a second we're gonna get into that into in a second and yeah I am taught very very tired it's because back in Baltimore its 4:30 5:00 in the morning and that's what it feels like to me but and I've been up I've been on planes okay so I could follow me on Twitter at Tech ball I didn't get to tweet very much today but tch be alt yeah bitcoin is where the big boys play cryptocurrency is where the big boys play and the B and the people who are doing who are fall for this nonsense are not big boys they're gonna get beaten down by the big boys the big boys are gonna end up with their lunch money with their Bitcoin lunch money that they went to play at the beach cash playground with okay you take your big coin lunch money to the be cash playground you buy some be cash when it's set like all-time highs you're gonna lose your Bitcoin to the big boys all right and that's that's unfortunate that you fall for that but hey watch CNBC tomorrow and watch watch king of the trolls on there okay and watch it pump or else do I don't want to skip anything here I'm trying to go over this slowly I'm yeah at steam it I'm bitcoinmeister and again watch my most recent videos to to see how you can be productive or productive on the steam it there's some people who have called me recently who have emailed me obviously I've been traveling and preparing to travel so I have to get back to you guys sorry they were there gonna be some delays alright so so here is a tweet from Alistair Milne that I held off on do talking about the other day but I'm glad I didn't he says because he calls it Bitcoin classic I call it B Clash the original B cash Shayne's difficulty has dropped so low it is now mining a block every couple of minutes popcorn time which exchange will try to support it first you know so that that pertains to today there are people that are saying no one should list B – the way we should protest is get exchanges to take B cash down and I disagree with that I think the solution is to get exchanges to list be classic okay you see what happens with all these be cashed rolls if exchanges start to list be classic and someone's gonna have to do replay protection on that thing okay they're gonna be major issues and but but at the same time I want those of us who still have some be cash left to get a be cash crypt accord be classic okay whatever everyone should be happy I think I think it's a great solution to everything that's going on and then clear the trolls can talk about be classic also an address like well why were you able to fork off a beetle because be classy is really the original be cash how were they able to you know for golf so it's like a dictatorship or something it's like I mean it that's their governance over there just one leader says we're gonna fork and everybody agrees and well not not necessarily everyone because be classic has survived miraculously not as miraculous as the Hanukkah story nice got dull hi-yah sharm a great miracle happened there in Israel where Jerusalem is its eternal capital oh praise Hashem oh can i I cannot wait to go to Jerusalem again and hopefully one day go atop the Temple Mount and hopefully one day see the route the Third Temple built on top of the holiest place in all of Judaism what an honor it would be to survive to live to see that day that the holy temple is built on top of the Temple Mount where it once stood in the eternal capital of the Jews Jerusalem oh what a great on it would be the greatest thing a greatest event of my life to be to see the Third Temple built the greatest event I mean how could there be anything better in any Jews life than to see the Third Temple built I don't I don't understand how that there could be anything better because it is said that the Messiah will come when when this occurs so I mean how could we not want this to happen alright and yet I know some of you people out alright so some of you think the Messiah has already come I think he came but again I'm not gonna miss it say what Messiah means in English I think you can guess some some of you think that there was a guy well would you call him yes you yes you you call him he lived around the Year Zero that he's gonna come he was the Messiah or something all right okay um anyway so where are we here I'm talking about Judaism talking about be cash see it be cash is over three thousand dollars which is hilarious because when Bitcoin gave birth to be cash when be cash unfriendly forked from Bitcoin it big coin was not even three thousand five I mean it's like it's just amazing how this stuff gets inflated over time and then Vinnie lingham actually pointed that out Vinnie lingham I mean he really gets caught up in some of these be cash tweets during these be cash moments he really gets caught up in them and he adds to this aura of crypto noise I mean I mean he's gonna he believes what he's gonna believe what you mean like it seems like it's a little borderline there Vinnie some of the stuff I don't know anyway I have a strong hand when you're reading Vinnie stuff trust me vention reminded me of that earlier all right um what else do we have here yeah beat beat Diamond okay get the beat diamond main net is gonna go long it's gonna be live soon okay I will tell you as soon as it is live okay so be prepared the futures are around three percent of a Bitcoin and you know that's when you take into account that it's a ten to one ratio that'll get issued and also take an account with be diamond since you will get ten be diamond for every Bitcoin that it'll be cheaper in the sense that people will be like oh I only have to pay fifty dollars for one of these and the Koreans love that they love the cheaper coins so that could add to a be diamond pump in the future but anyway their main net is going to be live soon and check out their Twitter feed I don't know if I link to it below but check out my Twitter feed on I'll keep everyone updated and and on coin market cap they're listed still be diamond obviously as futures but super BTC as as a legitimate coin already so I mean I guess they're going with that it is it has been forked but again you cannot get these on your treads or yet alright I hope I'm not skipping anything oh yes I almost skip something that's very important hey a South Korean exchange was hacked I link to that below or I will – I will major losses it's going out of business and I predicted that a South Korean exchange would be it would be hack soon because everyone and their mother in South Korea keeps their funds on the exchanges they do not control their own private keys so control your own private keys people I mean there's a lesson right there okay don't you just because your United States don't think you have better security and maybe we do maybe our exchanges are better than those in South Korea I don't know I don't care you should be controlling your private key if you're not you're part of the eighty percent but you're going to lose your Bitcoin okay it's just it's nonsense now if you're trusting these exchanges if you're trusting these third parties if you're trusting cloud mining oh my god cloud mining shame shame upon the people who should know better that participate in that really you should read guys you're gonna-you're mean if you haven't learned yet you're never gonna learn you're just gonna keep your bitcoins to ask you this keep on going down while mine will keep on going up I mean just I mean if you think this sounds obnoxious you can have that opinion okay okay if you don't like Oh Adams gonna do well because I'm doing bad but you could prevent it dude you can prevent it so like prove me wrong and and don't and don't participate in this nonsense okay um well you're probably proving me right because then when you're not when you're not participating they're not since you're doing well like me learn your lesson learn your lesson the easy way instead of learn your lesson the hard way by losing your Bitcoin all right here's a funny link to it's called for Gentek point-and-click easy anyone can create their own Bitcoin Fork okay so it's fork Gentek use coupon code module arif ID for 30% off this week only okay I don't know how real this fork Gentek is maybe you can make a clumsy little of bitcoin fork if you wanted with it check it out that's all for today I want to go to sleep i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out the notes section below pound that like button there a lot of you up this early well i'll say hi in the chat line