Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the disrupt Meister welcome to the one Bitcoin show today is june the twenty six twenty nineteen strong hand though your what the bitcoin having hype uncompensated one bitcoin it was one bitcoin offended by selling don't phone all commotion alright people check out the links below everything i talk about is the Islan is talked is linked to below tch be alt yeah tech bolt follow me there on Twitter it was my biggest Twitter day ever today we're not talking about that in a second this says Satoshi like Satoshi Nakamoto you could get shirts like this link to below so let's jump into the having hype let's jump into the having hype back in 2016 and by the way if you have any questions I answer questions type in bitcoinmeister so I see your questions I answer your questions when I see him alright or you can do a super chat which is always great now back in 2016 before they having Bitcoin was like four hundred dollars and I knew that having was coming so I told people let's start the hashtag having hype let's try to hype up the having so people the mainstream media will write about it so people will get excited about because Bitcoin was so small then I thought that yeah just as a youtube channel a guy was a you could start having hype now the people use the having hype hashtag on Twitter and the price actually went up to $700 now it wasn't because of me that the price went up though to $700 before the having a event and went down and then at the having was about $600 but I was happy and we did spread the word and and people did start typing to having on their own the media did start talking about it again it wasn't because of me but there's always going to be having height before I think we're starting to enter that period because some of the mainstream media people are writing about it so we can do our part it doesn't hurt Bitcoin to hike to having to tell people about the halving because so many people do not know about the having their day just who knows why they got into it because someone said all you should buy this off calling old coin base and that's why they got in there and then they store their a theory I'm one coin basin would have no idea how to move it off of point base okay so if you tell people about to have either used if we should all get excited about it it's coming in May that the supply of new Bitcoin gets cut in half this is this is a financial instrument unlimited supply there it's a scarce commodity we should be proud of that that's why I've got into it it's not like dollar bills it's not like everything else so they keep can keep on printing and printing and you know people are fans of that stuff but this does the real thing baby this is the deflationary currency it will be and instead of what we're used to we're taking a different track in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that have having's it well assuming that they won't change their fixed supply because some of the alt coins are so weak that they they switch around things they don't stick with the rules a Bitcoin it sticks with the rules it's set in stone having coming up we should use the halving hype hashtag I used it to promote this show spread the word about the halving but it does appear to me that some people or maybe some institutions who knows are buying Bitcoin now because they're they're starting to figure this thing out and they understand that there's not going to be as much of it on the market after May 20-22 tell more people about that tell more people about the fact that there's not gonna be as much Bitcoin in the market after after 2020 after the halving and so we can get everybody getting people excited doesn't doesn't hurt it's good and it's spreading knowledge so pound that like button for the having hype and yeah I know it sounds kind of funny saying I how pumped I was for Bitcoin to hit $700 but for before the 2016 having a me today it went down by $1400 in about a minute and at one point right and we'll talk about that again by the way this week it Bitcoin is Friday 10:00 am

Los Angeles time 1:00 pm East Coast time BTC Benny will be on GG will be on Steve barber will be on that there's last two guys have never been on before they're very interesting dudes so you've read GG stuff before Steve barber is the guy on the Alberta Saskatchewan border that mines Bitcoin with natural gas waste from oil rigs if you've heard about him before I found a fab atom a year ago I heard about a little over I met him yeah you're going man I found out about over a year ago and been talking about him for over a year now so speaking about the old days and you should again thought seriously follow me on Twitter at Tech Balt when I tweeted out today what basically went viral a little video of mine Josh Owen says getting his Bitcoin out of the cold storage shot you bitcoinmeister getting is requited yeah I keep the Bitcoin in the freezer at the Airbnb in that and Los Angeles found that but like now I wouldn't advise keeping up well who knows maybe I keep you keep your recovery seeds in freezer that's a very interesting concept I haven't heard of that one yet that that might be you might be onto something there Josh Owens thank you for the the statement there but yeah today I tweeted out and I just took about this 2014 to September 19 2014 video before where I I tell people to spend $10,000 on 238 Bitcoin and well that's what it would have bought you then because bitcoin was $420 then and actually in the video you will notice this is in the video I still have the same water bottle yet Bitcoin was $420 then and now it's twelve thousand five hundred and you better believe I have a more big coin than I had that but I still no need to buy another water bottle despite my long-term thinking and what it has brought me but you can look back on that video and see and see that yeah I've been saying the same thing all along and that uh thousand dollars worth a Bitcoin that I advise people to buy on that day is now worth over $300,000 and that does that doesn't include the be cash and the be gold and the VSV that you would have got so please retweet it it's been spreading like wildfire it is linked to below it says September 19 2014 it's just a 45 second clip on Twitter I hadn't really done that with Twitter before but it's uh apparently people like it and I it's pretty entertaining so I on Twitter who follows me I was really flattered when he said this to me so glad I listened to your show religiously during the bear market no FOMO here and I really I really like that no FOMO here people who've been watching my show for a while there shouldn't be any FOMO at all because you should already have gotten your Bitcoin when it was cheaper when it was $3,000 maybe way back when he was $200 or 400 when I was when I was talking about it and because again yes I did I did have videos when it was up to 250 dollars or something like that when I I said it's the perfect gift for children I said to buy point one Bitcoin you know to give it to a kid at his bris for twenty-five dollars and I actually did that my friend's son it was a he was born in with his April or May of 2015 I spent $25 one point one Bitcoin and he has that point one Bitcoin now that's worth like you know over $1,250 that was a great and the kid is only four years old he probably has a lot more Bitcoin than a lot of the people many people who watch this show unfortunately because he's a she's got to be cashed in the be gold too I guess but but but but but the point is is that no one who watches this show should be FOMO they should be quite comfortable with the stash they already have if they've been watching this show long enough because they didn't listen to me no good buy it now by now don't trade don't lose it just stash it now in the future you will be buried think 2020 having well if you thought 2020 having you wouldn't you would have bought it as soon as as far away from the 20/20 having as possible as that the first time you grasp that concept so I love to hear that you know my viewers are not FOMO now but there are many people out there that are clearly faux mowing which is great for us the holders great let the foam of it it they didn't want to listen they didn't know about the having they didn't know about this that the other they thought buying litecoin was a good idea or buying whatever the flavor of the month was was a good idea buying things that you could find steam was a good idea when you can get that for free never buy anything you get for free pound that like button another one of the sayings on this show hey I know people remind you about these sayings but why do you buy things that I get for free what are you I'd rather have sayings than waste my money on things easy my sayings mean things you should you should just say oh you as a stupid saying it's a real thing you're the dude who bought the steam and it's worth nothing now I'm the guy who got the free steam eternity the big point and that bitcoins worth I'll hack out a lot more than the steam that I was earning back in 2016 pound that like button yeah and pound that like button it's the same but it supports the show whatever you know you want more people to hear about this kind of thing to know to be holders I want more holders of last resort holders of last resort are great Bay man no fancy sister graphics so you know it's only gonna only gonna attract a certain caliber it's all I got you know selling attractive 20 percenters be proud and loud be 20 percenters yeah baby all right it's conviction baby its conviction stick with it long term for thinking don't be impulsive deferral of gratification look how much great watch that video today watch that video that I just recommended from 2014 and see how I deferred gratification I still have the same freakin water bottle that I travel around the entire world alright I need to buy a new water bottle even though I'm okay so you're talking about the lag lack of FOMO by the 20 percenters very good guys again just wrap my strat comm you can see all of my old shows you can be proactive and actually watch them and learn some stuff or you can just wait around on Twitter until I tweet out a 30-second clip or whatever so here is a rumor that Vinny link ham tweeted out and I I'm gonna comment on the importance of Vinny Lynn hey I'm not tweeting this out a second and two guys we're talking about this Krueger who's what I think this is a dude who might be on my show soon um does someone know something is is when I'm wondering here theories on this Bitcoin is trading as if a large nation were about to announce the inclusion of Bitcoin as a reserve asset that's how bullish price action has been the buying pressure during the Asian session was extraordinary all right and then someone else mentioned this theory lineally ham back in 2016 predicted that soon enough some country out there was going to buy Bitcoin put into its reserves just like they might both gold just like they buy dollars but of course the nation could not admit it was doing that because then every other nation once they found that would try to do it too and it would cause a pump in this you want it if you're a nation and you're buying up Bitcoin you want to be as discreet as possible about it so people don't realize that you're doing it so that everyone else buys it before you could buy it on the cheap so some people now are thinking that maybe some nation is doing this and someone is figuring it out that a nation is do or some insight or knows that some nation out there is doing this and then is why a lot of people are buying it right now that could be part of it but I do want to give any link Lincoln credit he talked about this theory in 2016 perhaps we've reached a day when we're gonna find out if it's really happening and again you know a lot of people don't like Vinnie now for whatever reasons dude if you were following him back in 2016 you'd probably be quite happy right now like I am because it was that one of what that article where he would he talked about that that was one of the things that just made it click in my head and I went on a tremendous big point buying spree in 2016 before the having reading around when that article came out I think that article came out in April and I really increased my position by quite a bit back then and so yeah you know Vinnie he's not right on everything but that was a that was and he said but you know Bitcoin will be uh he said would be three thousand dollars by the end of 2017 or something like that would be three thousand dollars and people and people thought oh but that's that's tremendous and that really clicked in my head too I was like okay let me put myself in a good position i I think it's gonna be three thousand dollars at some point in 2017 let me put myself in position where I got a benefit from that and yeah again you gotta set goals you people are always asking me how much Bitcoin do I need how much Bitcoin do I need you're gonna figure out do you want to be a millionaire well how much do you need to be a millionaire and how fast you want to be a millionaire by I mean that's something you have to figure out for yourself you based on your knowledge based on the stuff you read when do you think it's going to be twenty thousand dollars what do you want you or do you think its billing going to be a thousand dollars next month like bikini babes all right so uh or do you just like watching hot women on Twitter and you just draw and you like to waste money I mean you can do that too if you want to nothing I mean it doesn't hurt me personal responsibilities new counterculture don't come don't come begging for money for me though uh all right are there any s Josh Oasis are there any estimates on what the member Wimble airdrop ratio will be well no I estimated it in the previous show i I thought would be a hundred I thought would be a hundred to one and it's gonna write I think the last thing Chris said and I could be wrong I don't want it that they 35,000 Bitcoin had been registered and so I assumed that 60,000 Bitcoin will end up being registered so 60,000 Bitcoin are registered and they're giving away six million to the registrants there you go that's a hundred 110 60,000 is a six million so I think it's gonna be a hundred but at the pace all of a sudden look like the pace he picked up so it could be less than a hundred again I talking about its own previous Joe we shouldn't be typing it up too much until after the 19th once we have our free memo wibble there's the more we talk about it now the more people will register the less free minimal will we will get but whatever that's it you know I'm I don't work for the team or anything like that and these in charge in the marketing a lot of people like our enemy has the Rick point how the heck why on the debt member we'll go to the middle MWC MW look at who works for the coin one of the people is andy hoffman he's getting he's getting MW he's getting MWC for it chummy that's how he's getting his MW he's being compensated I know it's an old-fashioned concept to get paid for your work but there we go guys for the people how does it get any of MWC right there nothing's hitting over there MW see that MW again for those you don't know what the heck I'm talking about when you hold big point you get to register for air drops you get Forks there's a crypto dividends you get interest for earning your Bitcoin if you control your own private key if you keep it at coinbase you get nothing so I mean and you don't really own your big-boy so get yourself a treasurer put your big point on there and register for the air drops and watch it show you get the insider information here and hardly anyone knows that insider information that if you control your own private key you get crypt of dividends you're a reward people don't get this concept that you get interest on your big point and you get crypto dividends it's unfortunate but hey insider information right here a pound that like button a lot of people have benefited so then watch this show at least but Josh that thank you for the question thank you for question so I guess I hope it's a hundred to one ratio I want to get as much as possible turning the Bitcoin what the heck it's free and then of course I'm gonna love it I'm sure Oh July its 20th July 25 I'm in Israel the day after the registration ends there'll be people like how do i buy MWC how do i oh god alright so so I have said strong hand and that we've had that you know you have a strong hand in good times and bad times and that there that we got a rollercoaster day some days days some days it can drop by a thousand they can go up by a thousand well today when I was about to take my nap cuz I only slept for hours last night and then I went running like 6 miles and then I got on my computer and I saw I I was just so happy that that you know everyone was happy and people who retweeted my thing and I just got carried away and right when I got to take my nap Oh a sudden the Fiat price drops more than I've ever seen it drop in such a short period of time I mean it was like in five minutes and went down like $1,700 and I was I just went this way buzzing I don't know what's going on I'm just going to sleep that's how much was strong hand I had but eventually eventually I found out that coinbase had an outage that coinbase stopped working and thus there was a panic and he's reminded me of 2016 so much this happened a few times back in the day coinbase could handle the the traffic and it would stop and people would panic and there'd be a drop and then and then people would try to get on for Chitti I think it was actually once it was so crazy big Phenix got hacked the price started dropping so fast and so much it's like from 700 to 580 that everyone got along the coin basis tried to buy it and it and you couldn't buy it on point base it just stopped work well today coinbase just randomly stopped working and it wasn't random it's a bullish sign actually so as Bitcoin was going up today so many people were buying it that a broke coin base and thus when coinbase broke all the speculators start spreading panic and start selling so other people starts on so they can buy a back and anyway it it's enough nothing fundamentally wrong with Bitcoin at all it was just that that that's what happened but those of you who have been in this game for a long time like me have seen this happen but the funny thing is and it isn't that most positive thing in the world on to this aspect that coin base which is the biggest on-ramp for Americans still can't handle surges so it's still early days guys if coinbase this mega funded company which many Americans use to buy their Bitcoin and store their Bitcoin stops working during a FOMO period the de states that's not good but there's nothing wrong with Bitcoin and again we've seen this before and so I just those of you we're wondering why did it drop so suddenly that is why that is why you couldn't they stopped working but we this this has happened before so again it is a little bit of a someone some entities I would think it's just regular people regular retail people or we're buying so much Bitcoin that it's not working on coinbase but maybe they're just some larger entities that's how they get their big point I don't know it stopped working that's good that queer base is getting that much traffic that it breaks so USA Today has an article about this actually um Bitcoin rally to its highest prices Jerri 2018 on Wednesday before dropping $1,000 after us markets closed oh my god so what's the biggest part of that story there well USA Today is his main stream and he didn't he didn't turn what write this article after us markets closed Bitcoin market never closes just because the United States stock market closed it doesn't mean the Bitcoin market has closed I mean I get there confused what's going on in the article it repeats it again the title it said it in the article it said it so no this is the thing dudes if you're still in that mentality where markets closed it closed then I guess that's why you buy gbtc or whatever because the gbtc the market closes with gbtc okay but Bitcoin market never closes welcome to the 21st century 21st century this is where the big boys play there's no closing of markets here the Bitcoin price went down at 5p whatever it was I guess it was in the afternoon when the East Coast I don't even know yeah I guess it was about 5:00 pm

on the East Coast i B's is gonna take the nap around 2:00 pm here I think I know but again it's just don't get your Bitcoin information from us don't get any information from USA Today USA today is like a total of Disney World I can remember being in Disney well as a kid and I would love it because you'd wake up in the morning and you go out and they give you the complimentary USA Today and you can see the Orioles Orioles ah one hopefully so but yeah the two of Disney is a it's like Disney it's make-believe basically fantasy is USA Today they're living in a but I mean some people love to be in that world I mean I get a lot of you tonight we're watching the Democratic I mean a lot of talk on Twitter today was to talk about the democratic debate don't know a thing that happened about it today I know about what happened a big coin though so who's gonna be better off in the long term the people who knew about Bitcoin today or the people who knew about beta or Roark and Elizabeth Warren picking her nose and not doing a Tomahawk Chop I mean did you who who's gonna be a better shape in in four years I mean it's ridiculous that people can't keep up and if funny thing is I have a video from like twenty fifteen or twenty fifteen or sixteen talking about Hillary Clinton and everybody hi any you know why do people waste their time with these politicians I said and I didn't waste my time all these politicians clearly I was talking about the big point having so you could have healthy in 2015 are you good at Hillary who's doing better the Jews that had heaven or the dudes that have Hillary you know who's doing better because the Jews that we're talking about Hillary are still crying out there that they're poor and they need they need to be a the Bernie to pay off their at their college debt and everything like that I mean if you'd have no college debt anymore if you were note knew about the having at 20:15 town that like button okay I need personal responsibilities if this that's the difference the people have no personal responsibility they put their faith in Hilary the people have who have personal responsibility put their faith in mathematics of having okay know me faith is mathematics is okay that there's knowledge of mathematics okay we talk about terms of dividends we talked about USA Today um what a steak the USA is in today lovely but again you don't have to worry if you're the 20% if you're in the Bitcoin overlay it's just laugh at all of it all right when I was running today and again I haven't listened to music for quite some time because of I'm in the mourning period still I cuz I thought about the song magical mystery tour by the Beatles a song I quite enjoy but I haven't heard for us a long time and I'm just you know thinking of it in my head and then I'm like magical mystery tour have a magical mystery talk this is a great term the bsv people so many of them is magical mystery talk that's the way they talk they talk about is these nebulous predictions you will see and then they throw in technical jargon and Jim Jones will reveal by the time of the 20/20 having in a default thing they put in some technical jargon some nebulous predictions some it's never can be very seats magical mystery talk it makes me it's completely yes basically but it sounds kind of fancy sounds kinda mysterious sounds kind of psychedelic maybe you can mention local you can kind of picture George and Ringo and oh yeah you know you picture Jim Jones and other sociopaths wearing psychedelic clothes I guess and saying things that make no sense but it's a you will see you will see its magical mystery talk the magical mystery tour is coming to take you and yeah it's coming to take you away so quickly there's another uh another comparison coming to take you away oh yeah don't get taken away by that don't get taken by that okay it's great to be a holder no stress as a caso 20% er yeah dude it is great to be a 20% or it's great to be a holder no stress at all you get to watch it all baby alright alright here final tweet of the day this is from pirate beach bum who had a nice profile of me on his blog recently I was show from a month ago or two months ago yeah I was still in Baltimore he did that that was very nice he says had a Harvard MBA tell me that money from Bitcoin will move to Libra and tenth the price of Bitcoin this is a perfect example of how an Ivy League degree doesn't mean you are smarter than a scrub between plebe good luck with that so yeah I mean he actually might have a higher IQ than a big point plebe but he doesn't have knowledge he doesn't have wisdom wisdom and IQ Toto different things okay you can have dudes at our IQ very high IQ getting the drugs and I knew I know I figure out one guy specifically so impulsive just telling you so smart and just it just it never never clicked for him and even he would say things like that he's obsessed with politics now too I think and he still does the drugs I think but but but even a Harvard MBA you would assume okay that person's not that person is just really smart and they got an MBA they should understand business right but this is this is what a whole new world this isn't doesn't go by their traditional things where corporations can well-funded corporations to take things over can take the space over they can play with the big boys here but it's apples and oranges through the Facebook coin and the big big point apples and oranges but that being said Libra and all its hype that will happen there will be Libra height why would your own ripples tell I don't I don't get why you would own a centralized corporate coin like ripple when you could own a brick branding centralized corporate point like Libre Deb don't give it away for free they've already got a network of back I mean they've got a gimmick we're all we're gonna make people in Indonesia rich and all all this stuff I've heard yes we're gonna turn the third world wrench and a good lock launcher if they could give us the third world people so Facebook point and you can easily change that Libre into big point then that will be awesome I'm looking forward to it but I think it is going to hurt some Hawk points so this MBA guy he he if he just replaces the word Bitcoin with all points and he's on to something he's definitely uh he's also so we'll see how it plays out again don't fall on up coin so you don't have to worry about this because Bitcoin doesn't have to worry about Libre some all coins especially those super centralized pre mind ones like ripple which is basically what libras gonna do yet they might have to worry but I ripple alright I'm Adam I I stirred the big point mention to disrupt meister remember i mean just because some semi hot woman told you to my ripple i mean if your stuff tell that like buttons well I have to say bang that belt button so you get reminders when this show goes live or maybe you will depends on what you do feels like doesn't matter follow me on Twitter though you'll know when this show goes live at Tech its Tech ball tch be alt click on those squares to see my past shows the recent shows I will uh thanks a lot guys and I will say hi to all of you in the chat that's Satoshi that's that's real that's not Jim Jones alright see ya