Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show one love for Bitcoin that's a shout out to Ansel he pointed that out to me hey thanks for the Bitcoin someone has been sending me little say WIC transactions because I might Bitcoin address which is listed below always check out the notes section below yeah I do I have a sacred address so people would send me three cents keep doing that I appreciate the three cents I I appreciate it say what works it's great that people are trying to do that so always check out the links section below my uh my address my all source of cryptocurrency dresses are there Thank You Boris yesterday in the super chat for the five bucks strong hand long-term thinking buy-and-hold 2020 maybe a twenty percent IRR I forgot to say that you know when I said today did I say today is October 21st 2017 I don't know I'm all confused today because bitcoin is still the world reserve cryptocurrency remember and you can follow me at tech bolt on Twitter that's important and you can email me Adam at traceur help calm crypto consultation I can help you set up your trade or we can talk about all sorts of things Adam at reservoir help calm but again on Twitter today this is where I started learning about this coin base situation so i retweeted that i retweeted book ledger send out also so that's why you have to follow me at Tec HB alt on twitter i mean it twitter has been wild so coinbase is wrong about be gold now before i say that we're going to have a debate about beagle soon on this channel abby cash first vehicle guy stay tuned and by the way tomorrow is Sunday Simon Dixon will be on the show alright and that's not the debate though he's just gonna be on the show and uh what time is gonna be on 3 am

Eastern Standard Time that's three I am in Singapore Hong Kong and 10 am in Tel Aviv 9 am Spain 8 a

m I don't know just to check it out I think it's 8 am in London so cool yeah coinbase says that the fork has already privately occurred at a point known only to Bitcoin be gold development team look I want to say it the big old blockchain will be made publicly available when the Bitcoin blockchain reaches block 4 9 okay the point is this they say that be goal has already formed but that is not true that is not true this is huge that coin base is putting this false information out there why they are doing that we have to think long and hard about that because think about think logically here if if the fork has already occurred that means well there's nothing you can do now would ever be gold you're gonna be entitled to you're entitled to you can't you you whatever amount of Bitcoin you have it's set in stone but that isn't the case in fact you could and so and then clear base goes on to say that yeah they might give you be gold eventually if they take it seriously and they say they have they're thinking about being a shinto ex of course but Biegel yeah whatever and they're basically what they're basically doing i saying that the fork has already happened is they're saying no need to take your big coin off this exchange off this platform there's no need to do it because the for guarding happened you're not going to be able to get your be gold anywhere else so just you do do it here and we might eventually give it to you but that's not the case now so some are you're gonna are saying well they're big qox supporters they they're coinbase a sign that agreement do you think that's why they're doing this and that might be part of the reason they're doing this but they don't want you to move your Bitcoin off their platform is obvious think about it think about why they would would then why do I move it off to get your be gold when the forks already happened why they already got it taken care of for you so here's the deal you should always control your own private key this is a lesson right here you should always control I never I've always said that so you should be keeping stuff at Bitcoin base right now but because of this I think everyone should take their Bitcoin off of coinbase if they want to get be gold if they want because you're not getting it this way okay they're playing games here now read between the lines a little bit here read between the lines they want people to keep their big coin there for some reason why don't they want people to pull Bitcoin off of their platform remain remember what I said and I'm not I I made a video it's the flashback video of the day actually I'm just gonna say the title of my old video because it's tough let's let's talk about something else completely different this has nothing to do with coinbase nothing at all to do with coinbase what the name of my flashback video of the day is from October 2nd it's called possible third party Bitcoin insolvency issues exposed by crypto dividends question mark the guy I talk about a scenario where how you know people had their Bitcoin somewhere and then everybody wanted their crib of dividend that they got but that extent exchanged that platform couldn't give them their crypt of dividends everyone had crypto dividends because they didn't have it but they didn't have all the Bitcoin they said they had originally so those are two separate stories two separate stories there so going back to anyway always control your private key people found that like button I only say that once so I mean this thing is really worth point six Bitcoin which was the futures market I'd link to the futures market below I link to who are these guys that big star split site just just check the links below or very important today people have all these questions the coinbase press releases they're the coin based article whatever you want to call it is there but if it's these worth point oh six people want it people are gonna want it here is the man so if it's shady I think this is gonna be easy at some places it might be hard in other places for whether it be political reasons or who knows what reasons but to say that the fork has already happened when the fork hasn't happened yet the people you know people can still position themselves for this correctly when you say the fork is happening there's nothing you can do anymore you can't so again October 25th people October 25th is the fourth date and you control your own private key don't rely on these third parties who knows what is going on check out again check out my link below to the flashback video of the day only one okay so yeah I said uh there is a again if you go on social media it's really weird because some of these I would say coin basis leans toward the corporate side of Bitcoin obviously they support two acts that's obvious but some of some of these entity those corporate typing entities are totally playing down the be gold thing yeah if you go on the social media I have never seen excitement like this before everyone's piece asking me these questions everyone keeps tweeting about it on Twitter every there's so many questions there's so much curiosity and again people it's free I'm not saying to buy the stuff you're getting for free logical Peter a lot of logical people out there they won't know how can I get my free crypto dividend how can I get it and by the way if you guys again I send this in a some of my past videos we had a legal guy on the other day you gotta check that out you got to check out this week in Bitcoin yesterday as I have said if you're so pure that you don't think you don't like poppy gold this might be have a little bit of a pre mind if you think beagle is a scam or whatever then send me your be gold your nephew or you don't want to get bitcoin because of it yo you guys are saying that you people are saying that no no it's a scam so if it is a scam and you don't want to sell it for bitcoin that you will send it to me okay or they are been shut up then shut up with your foot if you're not if you can't do that but either it's a scam and you want nothing to do with it you're scare you don't want your free Bitcoin you want to remain poor in the poorhouse and so you'll send it to me and I'll become wealthier or you like ready to say maybe it's you know this is a Adams right here it's you know who cares what they stand for I'm getting free Bitcoin because of this I might get 6% more Bitcoin because of this I I better think logically you're sorry you mean I can I know most people out there well anyway we know the 80% 20% role will be part of the 20% people be part of the smart the smart group here all right ledger ledger has a and a now an announcement out there too and I linked to below letter will add immediate support for be gold fork if when the code is available with replay protection and successful valid okay so they're they're putting it off a little bit but they give some qualifications so the code will be available and there is replay protection so it looks like ledger is publicly on the road to getting this thing done that's great that's cool alright so yes I linked the big star split below n on the big star futures market it's around point zero six point zero seven that's more than me cash these futures market says say that B gold is worth more than media now I'm not going to say that's gonna stick that's gonna stick but dude I mean at point O two you're talking $120 that's that's good this is a serious thing that's going on anyway I have evidence give me things I have a correction from my land of opportunity video all of you should are in addition you should check that out link to below I forgot to say you know you don't have to go to college and you don't have to get into college debt to do well in Bitcoin okay it's a land of opportunity opportunity out there the land of Bitcoin you don't need college you don't need to get into college debt and that also connects to my you don't need credentials video which was the previous video for that again check them out below you can be just some random dude in Zambia and you can have no greedy but you can be a millionaire bitcoin expert because that you there are no barriers to entry into Bitcoin because you don't need qualifications because this is an incredible new world of opportunity so i'm adam meister and you know if you're getting free crypto dividends take advantage of that opportunity – what can I say or you can send me your beagle please I can't wait to get my big old addresses when all of you all the big talkers out there all send me their people I'm sure they will all right now man de Maistre bitcoin I should just run my stew remember subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out the notes section below we'll be back at 3 am

in the morning Eastern Standard Time I am London time tomorrow Sunday for Simon fixing open the show