Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is January the 11th 2018 strong hand that's all I gotta say because hey it was pretty crazy yesterday wasn't it but I had a strong hand and I stayed up late last night I made one show yesterday you can check that out I will link to it below I haven't had time to link to it below as I just woke up at 6:30 in the morning in Los Angeles but I had to get in a show today so you'd all I said I'd be back it's SuperDuper late on a no it's not night anymore it's early in the morning that's how late at night it is alright so here's your second show so real quick I'm just gonna read off my notes because I literally just just got in the bed but I got to give you guys I got to give you guys the goods I'm your anti fun solution because all there's all sorts of fun coming out of the Asian continent isn't there first off April 13th the 15th I'm gonna be back in st Louis I'll probably be in st

Louis maybe a little before than a little after that also I just want to tell mi st Louis people Washington University in the house April 13th and 15th we'll talk about more about that later also last night before I fell asleep I booked the flight to Taipei Taiwan so I'm going to Taiwan on Wednesday so you can you can hang out with me in Asia starting on Wednesday so I you know I gotta I gotta get close to all this fun I mean I already saw the Korean flight I don't know what's going on in Taiwan in terms of Bitcoin the game touch with me here in Taiwan I'll be there very soon and get in touch with me if your st Louis get in touch with me here in South Africa I'll be there on March 7th and I did talk to it Lorien and everything set up okay I'm gonna be in San Francisco on Monday and speaking of San Francisco we're going to talk about that event a second but a guy out there who's involved with realtor said almost no one in the audience although over 250 mostly realtors own any crypto he was at a realtor event but and they were talking about for the currency everyone I knew who I asked said they did not own any very early in the game okay I mean that is very early the game is you think all the Realtors on this planet San Francisco wants would be the most familiar with cryptocurrency because that is the technology of Silicon Valley right below there is a technology hub of the world basically and if you have to pick up there's a lot of crypto startups there there's a lot of crypto people there if any Langham's out there and so if they don't own any yet and they're are so wealthy as San Francisco Realtors I mean it's early in the game they will there will be a way to this guy I mean I did I got a stay very vague because this person didn't tell me I couldn't even say what he told me so I'm paraphrasing everything but uh there will be interest there will be people using Kryptos out in San Francisco up in San Francisco is I'm in LA right now for real estate soon enough and that that's exciting is there going to be guys who have a lot of cryptocurrencies they need that are gonna want to spend it in 20 2001 houses in San Francisco you probably be able to buy a house in San Francisco for one a Bitcoin in point one who knows alright so yeah that looks big so I'm speaking in Los Angeles Century City meetup is tomorrow is Friday I'll into the specific event below okay click on that link to fully understand what you have to know and when you have to do to get there it's 6:00 pm or Friday I'm speaking at the end Anders is an awesome dude and he's promoting he's got to retweet it out there put it tweeted out there again man I will retweet it but this is everyone's reminder in Southern California come on out but check out the link below I made sure I got that link up there this morning I'm gonna have to put some other links up like Daniel the 21 million guy down in Mexico who works for himself now so proud he's in motion he took my advice he became an entrepreneur because of Bitcoin and he's in Mexico cost of living anyway I'm gonna live into his scheming page where he can you know you can vote him I uploaded him I retweet him I mean ivory steamed him he's got it if you need help with Bitcoin he's has a consultancy it's act the 21 million Club Act the to 1 million club I will link to that below once I get done with this I'm uh I'm at bitcoinmeister on steam it and that has been wild over two thousand people following me there now pound that like button if you're up early this morning or if you're in Europe I see some European faces over the chat if anybody wants to do the super chat out answer your questions who is that over there yes for motivation I can see his yes he's awesome he's in England and who else is it there cryptocurrency edutainment yeah dude he rocks both those guys have been on my show before pal that like button speaking of this week a Bitcoin show which both of them have been on before and you should check out their channels this coming up in a few hours we're having a real early this week in Bitcoin it will be 6:30 p

m in Melbourne Australia it will still be 11:30 at night on Thursday night in Los Angeles it will be 2:30 in the morning in New York City so just very soon 2:30 in the morning in New York City and 7:30 am in London Friday morning so just tune in here U+ print play repeat if you didn't hear this by the way some people think these shows take too long yeah they probably do but you can you can speed up how fast these go people say they speed up the whole thing so I guess you hear me talking really super fast and it sounds like own crack and for all you people who love to bring up drugs and stuff and say I must be on drugs whether you can really pretend I'm on drugs if you speed this up to two times the sound because it'll really it'll sound crazy but no I'm a health nut obviously I just have a lot of energy when you hey man I can just wake up at 6:30 morning and be on fire like this but the reason we have weird as Martin Davidson from us from the Melbourne blockchain centre will be joining us BTC sessions Benny he's going to be joining us from Calgary Canada and I want to visit Calgary this summer I mean this spring when it's warmer I would never go now it's like zeroD horribly cold there sorry penny min it's close I don't know how you can aim is do it renegade investor will be coming in from London so we really have an all-star crew for this week in Bitcoin renegade investor martin davidson and benny of BTC sessions those are great guys great guys from all over the world so we had to pick a weird time so it will still it would be 11:30 at night on Thursday which is today's in Los Angeles but it will be Friday 2:30 in the morning in a back home in Baltimore and in New York and Washington see and again 1:30 in the morning in London 6:30 pm

in Melbourne Australia what's up my Australians love you I'm not gonna be able to visit you this one who knows it maybe it'll be later 2018 not early who knows here's a guy who has and we're gonna get to the Korea and China stuff I know you guys want to hear about that I just ordered this weird this is high when I write the show it all comes from my mind okay so I take notes throughout the day and this was the order I wrote everything down and yesterday last night so you're getting it raw here it's a guy out there in California in fgz Southern California he announced he just opened his 12th big point atm I think maybe they're all in California the reason I bring it up is because he just was very proud that he sells litecoin and his Bitcoin ATM also he's easy coin access easy I'll meet him below eventually easy coin access on Twitter he seems like an okay dude and I don't know him at all but I I saw the retweet so cool speaking of twitter andy hoffman crypto girl in central com he's got a big Twitter storm out there again about the rhodium again and how it's in people's best interest if you're a holder a Bitcoin don't won't be rhodium to do as well possible and he's proud of it he's proud of and he's got he's got big dreams for be bromium and your big predictions and it hopes and dreams we all have hopes and dreams for Bitcoin and we'll get into a crypto dividends and what they really mean in a second but and he's doing his thing he's making some big predictions I stay very conservative and hey that the my my poll is done and it's it's an equal amount of people who think it will be below a hundredth of a Bitcoin which is what like $13 now and people who think it'll be 1% excuse me a thousandth of a Bitcoin which is 13 around $13 now or a hundredth of the big one which is 1% they think will be over which is over $150 so there's a lot of people think would be over 150 a lot of people who think it'll be below below 15 now me I mean I've been happy with 15 13 whatever it is I mean it's all free is free to me and I want these guys to do well think that you had the best English customer service out there in terms of crypts of dividends and they pointed that out he put out he points out a lot of things but who knows he's very very bullish on it to say the least so also with the poll more people though think it will be over $13 than under $13 okay so that that's a big thing and well you know what people think is what they think what they do is what they do and he thinks I'll uh he looked at some numbers and he calculated that a lot of these people who got in right away our holders are bigger holders of Bitcoin and are more likely to hold the V rhodium and it's good to hold hold to be rhodium for its price and I'm not saying to do that and again I it's true but you cannot get it now for free anymore just the way the airdrop works so if you want to buy it it'll be on exchanges soon yes but I don't say I don't tell people to buy anything you buy Bitcoin because you get these crypts of dividends you you have to be proactive you just can't sit there you have to understand what the air drops and I mentioned this in yesterday's show or the day for the other day you have to stay in touch with my show Andy I also missed 21 million above below above and the reason I even I the one of the reasons I linked to him above is because he is talking about the rhodium also so it's not just Andy and Adam now is 21 million down in Mexico 21 million Club and he is he's awesome so you got to stay in touch with with good shows like this so you know to be you know you got to do something to get this thing and time expires and I didn't know time was gonna expire as fast as it did because it's a man for be rhodium was bigger than uh I anticipated so for free be rhodium okay so it's all cyclical I'm have to have this written down I've said this so many times if you're in this game long enough you see it all happen over and over again be before everything went down with eight with South Korea yesterday be cash pumped to twenty percent of a Bitcoin again as I predicted and it was based on the coat the coinbase guy the owner and I will link to the story then link it to it uh yeah we pause trading on the on V cash US dollar book due to significant volatility caused by heavy market by the man that resulted in insufficient liquidity now who knows if that's true but what he just said and what he said was that so many people want to be gosh it was so popular so popular people want to buy it not that they were trying to dump in a ramp the site people were trying to buy it dad it but that that was the reason we shut down coinbase the day we debuted be cash suddenly now who knows I don't know I don't they say a lot of things over there a corn base but the point is when he when they start when you start talking about that news that's when the price pump yesterday okay and then everyone jumped on the bandwagon oob cash oh it's going well and it did go a lot I mean I I still had some I still have some left I was trying to trying to send some to exchange to dump it oops going on here again is 20% as I don't store my coins on exchange I don't set storm IV cash the herb is it is worth a lot I don't want to you know lose it if the exchange goes down if remember control your own private key pound that like button people pound it pound it that was what yesterday's crypto dividend show was about when I'm talking about xenon but anyway yeah it's good so then then once everything went crazy yesterday was South Korea it dumped again down the 18 18 percent of a big coin but it'll happen again it'll go up to 20 percent again Dave there Pete there are entities out there that are huge powerful wealthy and people listen to them and they pump persuasive king of the trolls they pump be cash and that's their business if they want to do that that is just the way that's the world we're living in that be cash is a top-tier altcoin because it is a krip of dividend a big point it's not a friend it was on a friendly fork it tries to pretend to be Bitcoin which is not good but there are there are some good people behind it there's some bad people behind it and look here look you here in Los Angeles sirens outside that's typical Los Angeles is UVA I love it man Los Angeles has a vibe to it that no other city does no other city thoughts there's an energy out there and you can get freaked out by it – I don't think forget about it but the the drug addicts here are like one of a kind the insane people on the streets one-of-a-kind one-of-a-kind in Southern California and that's not a good vibe but but it adds to them the overall vibe of just lazy la is LA that's all you can say just the Bitcoin is Bitcoin there's something do something about it it's the one la isn't the one Li is the free show but uh it's uh you know it makes you want to stay more sometimes the vibe it makes me want to stay a little I'm like Southern California I really like Southern California and anyway right I just went off on a tangent here but yeah be cash will be it will be pumped again if that's forward through that people double speed triple speed back like you're a meth head out there tell em so uh yeah I'd like this Airbnb but if you're not a city person and I am I am used to Baltimore okay if you're not a city person you're gonna get when you hear some of the stuff out there that sometimes happens I mean you're gonna get free the women bums oh god it's so yeah be cash will come again they've got people behind it and disco that's just party so we have to get used to that and we're gonna end just like we are used to the big coin going down by $2,500 and someday you'd like it yesterday and that was because of South Korea okay that's because people overreacted to South Korea because so many people are new or maybe they're just speculators out there who know they can do this who know that they can uh panic they can sell for hide when this happens and they know they can buy it back for low because everyone panics whatever whenever it used to be whatever China made an announcement when everyone a freaking government makes an announcement we're supposed to be in this community is supposed to be we're supposed to care about governments but yet so I'm money in the 80% freak out when a government makes an announcement relates Bitcoin so South Korea says they're going to get a crackdown on the exchanges they're gonna shut down the exchanges this is gambling so everyone sells it drops like it dropped close to three thousand dollars in one day who knows I don't even care I knew right away I'm like this must be China what was it China it was South Korea because now South Korea is the new China I've been through this before people you have to have a strong hand we're gonna be we're gonna go through it again they're gonna be days when big point drops like 2500 I'm a broken record here all this stuff I have said before so if you fret I hope you didn't freak out yesterday it dropped down to $12,000 and then now it's back up into 13,000 again it will recover all the way every time in his drop it has recovered there but again we've been through this for China just like we have been through to be cash pumps again before people are going to bid Korea is a big player in all this but who cares it's one country I was there and it was awesome and they are awesome if it disappeared off the if all the crypto people disappeared and couldn't trade some of them would find a way but it wasn't me it would make it wouldn't be the difference everyone else would pick up the slack Japan is tremendous but guess what Japan's government will make it announced in one day like this I'm sure something like this and you all are gonna panic again and you're gonna see the same thing happen again but guys like me are gonna have strong hands we're not we're gonna keep collecting encrypted dividends and we're just gonna laugh we're gonna laugh all the way to the bank because we've been laughing all the way to the bank be casual pump again we know it's not going to become a Bitcoin in fact some of us still have our me cash and we'll be laughing when we get you know 20% on our dcashman or maybe 25% yeah it might go up that so again this is all cyclical we've been through this again it's deja vu all over again they're gonna and altcoin pumps are gonna continue these minor there's gonna be all point flavor the months over and over and over again and you're all going to keep some people the 80% are gonna keep coming to me saying oh Adam what do you think of this one what do you think of Tron what do you think of that and I'm just gonna say it's the flattest flavor of the week it's the latest flavor of the month watch my other videos to hear what I think about these things they come and go and they all get pumped eventually so have a strong hand people and I will link to the Korea story below in a second once I get done the video again not all the links are there but yeah just think it's no big deal I think that the bigger issue is that people keep falling for it the media keeps picking up on the stories the media loves to blow these stories other proportions and some and then often people fall for it in our community and maybe they just don't when I see a community the critic current currency community is huge it's mostly 80 percenters is mostly people who don't fully understand who don't take the time to watch shows like mine who are just watching the either russia mainstream media are they hear rumors if it ripples the big speaking the questioner horrible channels pump channels and should they end up making the mistakes again learn how to send a bitcoin before you buy a light coin because if you learn how to send a big point if you learn what the 20/20 having is you're not gonna be funded out by these sixties events that keep happening over and over again and you're gonna understand why big point is the kingdom why you buy and hold like you buy and you just go panic and take a mean that's that's the deal that's what's going on right now and i can't wait to talk about crypto dividends on a Friday and in Los Angeles said since the city right below I'm in San Francisco Monday and we'll talk about that in a second uh oh yeah the other thing I want to mention when Bitcoin when all the cryptocurrencies went down yesterday all of all them went down Bitcoin went down by beliefs basically because people during the panic people try to get they try to get their dollars out okay but I think the second thing they do is they they go to safety in Bitcoin and this is just a preview of what will happen in one day one day one of these countries or some entity is gonna make an announcement that is very bearish for all coins but not for Bitcoin maybe South Korea said we'll say you were making all all commits under $10 illegal well what's gonna happen then a lot of people are gonna fuck fly writing the Bitcoin the Bitcoin price will pop just like yesterday it was you me obviously didn't noticed it because Bitcoin went down by a lot also but people did flow into Bitcoin from during their irrational panics although that was great they got out of some of those all coins it's not irrational to get in the Bitcoin but it's it is irrational to panic when when a country makes it because they have no power the country of South Korea if the genie is out of the bottle people no country can stop cryptocurrency no country can stop Bitcoin they don't they're fools that the good government bureaucrats are the last ones to understand this I'm talking about other realtors in San Francisco don't fully understand again don't worry they will grasp it a lot more better than the bureaucrats at the freaking MBA because they all all the people if you work for the government right now please quit your job just stop taking money for me okay I'm seer I'm really serious and I know it was easy money but if you're in it and and I said it was easy stealing my money but again if you're if you're watching this you are an independent thinker on some level if you're in the Bitcoin you cannot be part of that horrible entity the government bureaucracy that tastes that just is just it produces nothing look look look at the funny look at the funny creates that that's not a creep that's a negative thing that's it again another take away but it's a it's produces nothing nothing it's just a big MBA people just collecting checks and again it'll be great when these people can't get their pensions anymore because if they should know that they should never be envisioned ever bent on this thing okay you shouldn't back your future on a freakin immoral entity that just takes and takes and takes so you'll work for it now you know this is your first step if you're only a Bic would become an entrepreneur it's so great like the like 21 million like me like every leave so many guys Andy Hoffman worked for himself everybody work please don't work for the government seriously that's my health tip of the day because you look at those ladies at the NBA they don't look too healthy that's because they're they do not be sitting on their pulses all day yeah you like that Yiddish little of reference there anyway how'd that like button and I can throw in some Yiddish language I don't know yet ish there's a few it gets passed down we shouldn't speak Yiddish anymore because in the in the Jewish homeland of Israel we speak Hebrew that is the language of the Jews Yiddish was the language of the commute of our exile and the Exile is over the Exile praise the Shama exile is over so we do not speak that uh messed-up version of German anymore cos that's what the Yiddish is it's a weird version is a ghetto version of German and yet the Satmar in Brooklyn the Satmar Hasidim the SOT I don't even comic acidnam the Sodom are still speak Yiddish and I have the stock mark don't don't you know there's a lot of anti uh people who like us who use the Satmar as examples they're not that that's what they believe with the SAP Mart dressing up like it's 1840 in Williamsburg okay I'm sure there's some very nice people politically though they are clueless they they do not understand they do not that the Exile is over the Exile is over and the Land of Israel is the they should all go they have ten kids in Brooklyn no that's that's not good have ten kids in Israel and you you know what where you should be you don't speak Yiddish speak Hebrew speak English anyway so but again we choose we do all love each other we ought deep down I love them I do love the sophomore but they are I just want whenever that that's your and again you'll follow politics don't go pop that's religious that's a religious thing right there and and the Jews in Israel we're watching this now that's for you I guess because I love you I look at you that you are the best if you have moved to Israel that is what all Jewish moves is your I should move to Israel and it's it's I am going against um I'm still in exile I'm still in the eggs I mean you know it's comfortable here in the United States but don't be the Satmar in in Williamsburg though the Satmar Chabad is the trade area that if you want to follow us sit on the Habad down in um some some of the eastern parkway and then of los angeles – they're everywhere come on all right going back to Bitcoin I should have said maybe that's the end of the Bitcoin part of this show now visit Israel soon enough hopefully in the spring hopefully in the spring kind of San Francisco forget to give all the info I give the San Francisco in front a second anyway the Xenon show was yesterday go down to check the clip to check that out and it's just a reminder that a crypto dividend is the financial incentive to make sure you keep your Bitcoin and aetherium in that case off of exchanges there's a finally absolutely say because you're not getting the cryptid image you're not getting these if you're not getting the ethereal crypto dividends if you keep your aetherium on these exchanges I will tell you that I mean no one even knows about the zine I think get his pain if you control your own private key you're getting it you're getting it so again that was the lesson from yesterday and I'm gonna talk about that in my speeches that uh crimped of dividends are the financial incentive to keep to keep your money uh to give your coins off exchanges alright the United States of Bitcoin analogy that I have brought up before in terms of cryptocurrency well I should I sort of left my religious thing for the end there because people some people probably turned I don't know we got more viewers than we did before pal man like don't doubt yourself atta boy stur no I am you know I'm very proud Jewish guy so I'm going to talk about it what talk about it but I mean already dog but I think there's a sort of flow to the show anyway this is very important there are people out there to say bitcoin is the crimp and dividends are an attack okay the people that I respect you even say that it's an attack on Bitcoin Kripa come on guys go back to my united states of Bitcoin analogy they want to be part of the bigger ecosystem be gold and just want to be a state in the United States of being a Bitcoin so be rhodium also they're not trying to take over Bitcoin not at all they want they couldn't do better because debut better they're part of the Union each one's a little different each one's a little zero there's there's one that's like Hawaii there's one that's like Montana you think you can make all sorts of comparisons okay bigger not trying to take over the federal Bitcoin government okay they just want be a state in the United States of Bitcoin and they're unite now be cash is like uh it's an enemy that that's if that's not a friendly for okay but the friendly Forks the analogy we use there the United States of Bitcoin they all just want to be they're not hurting it hardly anyone's heard of them in and when they you heard of them they just hear them they just hear the name Bitcoin again and they get to make Bitcoin brand becomes stronger the more you repeat the name the more people know about it who associated with cryptocurrency so they're just again of a reminder that cryptocurrency is Bitcoin some people's mind that's all they are and so to say they're an attack these people are not the people behind them are not do not want to hurt Bitcoin they want to they are just jumping on the Bitcoin train now son and then there's just there's the ones I mentioned they just wanted you there not even Forks a Bitcoin and they're naming themselves Bitcoin what was that one I mentioned spread called the spread coin one there's gonna be bitcoins spread or be spread from spread coin and I haven't heard anything more about that lately but again it just shows you the power of the name that's not even par the United States of Bitcoin because that's just like a territory or something because this is not a fork of Bitcoin they're just usually they're just jumping on a Bitcoin name is that an attack because I'm a Bitcoin because minor 6-tier altcoin is renaming itself Bitcoin through a fork for by making a crimp of dividend out something something attack one Bitcoin no no one's gonna get confused because no one's even heard of it only insiders are gonna benefit from these friendly Forks and or for things like that that's not gonna friendly for coming with bad guys that's it but but only people who get themselves educated on what Bitcoin really is on what's really going on behind the scenes a big coin and why she shows like this we are all going to benefit by understanding what these interest payments are their interest payments their crypto dividends one-time dividends okay and that is what they are pretty good dividends I'm speaking about it in freaking San Francisco how call it what I wish and what everyone calls it that now I started it on this channel just like Bitcoin really isn't a coin people call it a coin that's the way it is and I know there's just there's a mentality among some people that are in the 80% they gotta hate on everything so um again there are some people who aren't in the 80% who think it's an attack on Bitcoin but there's some people who just it's like okay the lot of people are saying it's an attack on Bitcoin all these prove the difference are so bad for Bitcoin how can you call them from their dividends they don't own a darn big point it's just a way for them to try to find Bitcoin their weak attempts the flood of Bitcoin which again why don't they just move the South Korea and just become a good one a bureaucrat a Baltimore style bureaucrat South Korea yeah there we go I didn't mean to save a lot of more point but yeah just become a peers if you want to be a true funster a Bitcoin just work for the South Korean government and maybe the insane mindless pronouncements because you're making a mindless pronouncement motiva love so much of this is mindless pronouncements that you guys say so someone over here was an example of Richard Sacco super check Adam will we get be private at segment addresses I hold my Bitcoin in a set would address Bitcoin without segment is not Bitcoin the protocol is we segment even though it just saw for us so this is the thing I tell everyone to check out the brigde be private Twitter and they check out the beat and thank you very much Richard Salkin for the ten dollars I tell everyone to check out be private reddit and their Twitter okay and so it is not exactly clear what day they're going to the fork on and exactly what bitcoin addresses will be now again if your home is Eclat remember they're a fork of z classic first alright so everyone holding z classic is gonna get their bitcoins they're gonna get there be private now here is Richard brings up an interesting fact Rhett is not the biggest fan of Segway Rhett and his and his friends and his associates are the one who are programming are setting up this fork and he says it is very difficult to add Segway he said at one point he wasn't going to add Segway so that means that if you have your Bitcoin at a segment address you're not going to get this be private that's what it meant at first but then people are going back and forth and sometimes you see in the description it is going to have Segway so this is part of this thing that is definitely the watch show is like this okay first of all this we don't even know the snapshot date yet so if they do not forc if you have your Bitcoin in a segment address and you're not going to get be private I'm gonna tell you about it I don't think that's a good move on their part I understand it from the basis is if it's too much work for them to do if he's got a team a small team and they can't do it and they can't do it then I will I understand okay if they do it was they don't like segment then that I don't like that no I don't like that that's not cool to not because you don't like segment we're not going to reward the people who are in segments they had their Bitcoin in segment addresses which is the smart thing to do if you had your Bitcoin segment addresses you can send it cheaply if you need to send it so use your segment addresses people use them but but yeah if they don't want to again it's better than some people have proposed that it be a fork of bibzy classic and a fork of bean cache well that would be disastrous most people are like are you out of your mind so it could it could be that bad but it isn't gonna be that bad that was a proposal to so you can say well they don't give the bitcoins it addresses it's a compromise between giving it to all Bitcoin holders and giving it to all be cash holders way it is but let's see how this plays out of tape so keep like we have time and he does you know no one has brought this up on air yet because that many people are following it very closely like I am but I'm glad I'm glad you brought it up I did I didn't what a fun you know it's gonna add to more confusion here again this they haven't even announced the date of a snapshot it might not be until late January might not be in February I want them to be take their time over there so this is the best script of dividend possible so it's worth though worth it so don't rush we're gonna hear what exchanges we're gonna hear if trenzalore does it we're gonna hear if they leave out the segment people and we'll be able to move accordingly you'll be able to plan accordingly this isn't just gonna pop up one day it is gonna pop up one day if you if you follow it you know 80% channels if you follow that stuff and want to know how to buy tron then you're not going to know what to do with with would be private it's just that it's just a bottom line it's just the bottom line if your ends up into all these channels and lists of the mainstream media and getting obsessed with Hillary Clinton and Oprah if you're if you if you thought that Oprah thing was a completely contrived and rollin and ridiculous and you and you know then you're gonna you're not gonna follow my channel you're not gonna know that what's going to happen on the z-class be private from alright so thank you very much for the attended op $10 that wasn't interesting on plan rant and I hope everybody yeah everybody likes that okay and you can if you have questions about hate or the really not gonna do segment don't ask me again I'm not the one who decides this day are very responsible veteran Reddit and Twitter you can talk to rent and read has even said it's what the it is what the community wants its what the Z classic community wants okay I'm not part of the Z classic community I mean I remember fun following I'm paying attention is what they want to do they want to be involved with Bitcoin with the December to dresses or donate and what kind of work if you want to work on his team and you can do this help him with the segment stuff then you have a new segment I'm sure and if the community is saying because it's you know the more Bitcoin holders they get this thing the better I will say that if all Bitcoin holders no matter what address are keep your big coin then ya should get be private it will be better for the price if read if you're watching this that's my opinion on this okay dude okay hey and the funny thing is well I'm not even gonna bring this up if they also gave it to be cash people it would almost be this unifying Evernote then they would have to make 42 million of idea it would inflate it way too much but you never know in terms of marketing some people might be more excited if you if you're maybe 42 million of them but again that is just something I just thought about at the top of my head I'm definitely not saying to do that so let's keep it simple give it to all Bitcoin holders and Z and Z classic holders and man and to the moon for it we want it we wanted to go to the moon and I am excited excited for it it is the one I am most excited for because it has a use case and it's very unique and if they really mess around with a segment thing too much then I will loose on my excitement you know that's not a lot of people will so there you go again read there is Adams marketing advice with that what else do we have we talk about the United States of Bitcoin ok the beat the beat again my polite fuck about my biro and I love the rhodium what they're doing over there – um again I just I'm not as bullish as Andy is I just you know free is free to me $15 I'd be happy with but great I mean you know some of this there are some interesting signs I'm getting from the be rhodium you know the excitement that all of you have sent that to me the vibe you guys have given to me about being rhodium has made me think that yeah man this thing I might have undervalue this thing we'll see we'll see um okay so yeah the event that I will be speaking at royal crypto economic forum South San Francisco conference center 20% discount code disrupt meister 20 i'm speaking on the 15th there the 15 it is linked to below where get your discount code code South San Francisco conference center veni Langham's also speaking there I don't know what date he's speaking there it'll be a fun time pound that like button everybody that's it i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out the mid section below I'll see you later bye