Hello everyone this is that a meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt muster welcome to the one Bitcoin show today is October the 8th 2019 it is Erev Yom Kippur it starts real soon I gotta get out of here strong hand bitcoin is next Bitcoin value your wealth in Bitcoin one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin offended by selling unconfident be a unique beast alright hello my elite friends remember check out this rotmeister come watch all my old shows Tina Bitcoin Tina was on the this weekend Bitcoin on Friday check them all out Saturday show was awesome this is gonna be a Q&A show because I gotta get out of here at there'll be a few subject matters if you got questions now's the time they ask your questions just type in bitcoinmeister if there are no questions we'll end this thing early alright remember play the show with 2x if you're watching this taped and yom kippur starts in whatever 30 minutes and um so the show will be late tomorrow night the next show will be wednesday night late so be prepared for that and I hope everyone has a good fast so let's read this well first of all link to below I haven't gotten to watch the video yet for all you uh crypto dividend people out there Andy Hoffman has an interview with Chris of MWC the member Wimble coin crypto dividend air draft that we signed up for a lot of people have asked about updates about that well your updates are there I haven't gotten to watch it yet it's linked to below Andy Hoffman and Chris if you're if you want to know about that but again December 11th is the day that you'll be able to get physically get those crypt of dividends those those coins and you can trade them in for Bitcoin of course alright and I guess they'll be gonna exchange by who knows I haven't watched a video yet if they talk about the exchange they're gonna get on or obviously they're attempting to get on the exchanges and that's good for the people who value their wealth in Bitcoin pound that like button alright here's a tweet about gambling it's from Marty bent if you stacked five dollars worth of SATs every week for the last three years you would have turned some $185 into 2414 dollars you Fiat freaks if you spent $500 on the Powerball every week for the last three years you would most likely have burnt $785 so there you go people for the people that want to tell you that bitcoin is gambling no Powerball is gambling you get zero with Powerball you got 2414 with Bitcoin pound it baby all right I'm going over to the chat no questions over there good hello my elite friends – Val says yes hello my elite friends I'm glad so my leave friends are over there didn't have much time to prep for this one now Alistair Milne has a tweet out there he talks about this it leads to an article by Aaron von weird um at Bitcoin magazine asks Inc company I'm butchering the name they raise 88 million dollars CEO Pierre Marie Perdue says people need a better user experience when they use lightning but that's only possible if real improvements are made on the protocol level which takes time with this funding well now will now be here for years all right so this is a lightning Network related company good for them they got funding France actually now indirectly owned shares of this Bitcoin start-up apparently I I don't know you know I don't know how things worked in France with the government owning pieces of companies and whatnot but that was added by Alistair Milne he's known that for a while he's up in Monaco so he's familiar with these French companies so interesting interesting stuff that the French government owns a piece of this company oh well well I'm glad to hear people are making a big deal out of this I didn't get to read too much about it but a lot of people were tweeting about this lightning networking I know a lot of you like to hear when there's lightning network product progress okay yes Bitcoin over power ball pal men who who would think otherwise who who would think otherwise long term thinking baby are a guy Bennett my my buddy I don't know if he's in the chat right now but he sent me a DM informing me about things he's noticed at coinbase where it used to say by it now says trade when it used to be your account it now says your portfolio alright that's their business man they're appealing to the 80 percenters yeah again there's so many people that get into this to think well bitcoin I have to trade it I have to have a diversified portfolio I have to have a portfolio it's it's not about having a Bitcoin account it's about having a crypto portfolio so yeah that's their take on it that's coin basis take on it they're trying to get more retail in when no one is getting any retail in at this time so hey I wish them luck I know better and we know better because we have the insider information here not to have a freaking crypto portfolio I mean just the own Bitcoin yeah yeah it sounds boring yeah but in the long term you do darn well with it and people are still asking me I don't what is your price prediction what is your prime are you guys not familiar I don't really make price predictions I one Bitcoin he goes one Bitcoin that is my price prediction and then those people are still asking me what other coins should I buy and people don't pay attention over here I don't know speaking about people not paying attention thing about clickbait how about that how about that because again people the 80 percenters are used to they're being fed clickbait all the time big prediction numbers that you know $1,000,000 Bitcoin or diversify into the latest flavor of the month iota there and they want they want to hear more of that they want to be reassured that they did the right thing but they have to trust themselves first of all and you did the wrong thing you bought iota but blocks live interviewed me they're a a crypto media outlet out there that has videos they have a lady hostess I didn't get to see her when she's asking me the questions so that was unfortunate but I found that like but now they edit something in any way they interview me back I guess it was all I really know when it was they interview went live they didn't even tell me the interview went live they're gonna do another interview with me soon they're still getting their act together anymore over there but of course like many of the mainstream outlets or pseudo mainstream outlets they like to have big titles so they took some of my words and made the title clickbait I don't you make my it's funny people interview me they turn me in the clickbait some li i don't know but if you're interested it's just five minutes it's linked to below if you've ever watched blocks live before any of thanks blocks live i I'm gonna be on your show again so um and next time you'll tweet it out and everything I'll know when it actually went live I mean went live like three weeks ago I had no idea um so maybe some of you knew who but now you know and knowing is half the battle count hat like fun you could wash it it's linked to below you can see how they turned me into clickbait and yeah that's yeah I'll be old I'll be on shows they did it was a real fast interview so I was made the most of my time and now you can watch it it's linked to below is at the end of this darkness show what else was I supposed to talk about here we're talking about lightning that work we're talking about black slide we talking about guy panic coinbase one Bitcoin equals one Tesla in the future so just think of it that way if you're if you're getting fiat freaked out it is it is Yom Kippur so everybody had a great fast and let's see oh I'm just making sure just got off work in LA says John very good dude this is a this dish Bitcoin should be your work man one day you won't have to work because of a Bitcoin and we got you can get shirts like this link to below oh yeah it's about MWC found twitter i am tech ball to ec HB alt all right people if you got any question seriously you've got one minute to ask those questions in right now I'm gonna let the show go one more minute and for those of you interested so what I'm going to do is just get my dress shirt all and get dressed up for then jump in the freaking car with some water drive to the synagogue outside the synagogue chug some water because I'm gonna be without water for twenty five hours that's for me you all of you know that I fast often for I fast every single day for at least 22 hours but I do drink water so again if you like this kind of fasting stuff I'm an intermittent faster I talked about it on my Saturday show oh yeah yesterday someone people were amazed they said you're not gonna really eat pizza for the rest of your life of course I'm not what I don't eat bread I don't need brick like I'm very disciplined person I can give stuff up like that I can still have cheese cheese is great so I mean what's what's the best part of pizza for you the bread the tomato or the cheese I think it was a cheese so no I know I don't have plans I don't have bread for the rest of my life other than on Passover I had two pieces of matzah that's it that's it I've been doing it I haven't had pizza people are like that's no fun you you know like you you're not got a pizza for your rest of your life I haven't eaten piece in 10 years I think or something like that nine eight years I remember the last time I had a pizza a birthday cake or ice cream ten years eight years and I use I don't know it see I gave it up that's it it's not that hard I live a great life if I travel all around I got Bitcoin gak got a show guy I eat all the delicious avocados and so many healthy things salmon I don't yeah I know these sugary stuff like cakes and ice cream or bread bread eat sugary stuff don't need it at all and uh got a lot you can see I got a lot of energy I Muppet can get up any time I want to work whenever I want to etcetera sorry get the shows out there alright um no one else has a question alright dudes you're saying people are saying all sorts of fun fun things in there uh uh funny things in there alright dudes that is the end of the show and so yeah you don't drink water I don't drink no you're not supposed to drink water during a Jewish fast which is what and I again if you're a regular faster drink water I drink water when I fast but for the Jewish holidays you do not drink water for the ultra fast so that is why I'm gonna chug some water just about a water before I walk into the synagogue the the official time in Baltimore that Yom Kippur starts at 621 I also forgot to say before I leave I will like the quartzite candle in memory of my father and yes because Dork young before Yom Kippur you just have the flame blame burning during Yom Kippur so you can remember your people who have died in your family throughout all time I'll like you light it every single year for either your parents or your spouse or god forbid your sibling or god forbid your children or whatever but direct relatives of yours who have passed away you like to your t'side candle before Yom Kippur so it burns so I'm gonna like that when I get off with you guys which is right now so hey everybody no one had any questions there oh here one look at this a client sighs Berg if andreas wrote a book called mastering Bitcoin and you are the Bitcoin moisture shouldn't that be a book that you have written that's pretty funny well it's my stir master come on there there little different it's a last name it doesn't mean I'm the master he is he is a Bitcoin master I am a Bitcoin Meister how about that but that's that's a funny one I don't write books I do videos I do videos he's bored he's got time to write those books and stuff I don't think I don't think I'd write a good book that shirt looks like it has a Dyson structure tried to harness the power of Bitcoin dude who said a sniper Fox you are a site for Fox 2021 you are a really smart guy I love dyson sphere's everybody should watch Isaac Arthur's channel if you want to know what a Dyson Sphere is or Universe Today or John Michael Gautier these these space guys but yeah it does blush and knows around Bitcoin but I like your interpretation better that it's a Dyson Sphere a Dyson Sphere harnessing the power of Bitcoin that's that's awesome we'll leave it at that I'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this new shows video check out the links below pound that like but down banged up dal button click on all the squares that you see up there see that the shows retweet me that's a great way to support the show everyone have a great yom kippur and if you're not jewish just have a great day and stay positive us as usual i like what's how much does bitcoin right now I don't even know I don't even know literally okay there we go 8150 saw great I just I just did a price check value what one Bitcoin here's one bike that's that's what that's what I just saw there so no one's freaking out today about the Fiat price so that didn't need to be part of the show all right pound it see you guys