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here her past 4 am today is September the 17th 2017 yes this is gonna count as my Sunday show alright people have a strong hand I'd like to remind everyone of that I was out on out and on the town in Baltimore tonight's and my voice is a little scratchy sorry about that this is home of long-term cryptocurrency thinking and yesterday Saturday we had Simon Dixon on the show please watch that show it is linked to below but I also want to remind everyone to check out the links section below not only to check out that video but crypto HW wallet comm check them out get your ledger nano your treads or your leather case for your treasurer or any of your storage devices like got other links there to cryptography DS t-shirts I'm wearing one of them right now you're gonna see me right now what it looks like whoa screens okay so yeah there is my Tresor with it's a leather awesome leather case that you can get a crypto hw– wallet comm and this is my shirt that I was I was wearing this shirt out on the town tonight in Baltimore I'm you guys have all seen it before but the Baltimore people hadn't seen it yet so there were a couple comments and we'll talk about then well first of all a few people said I've heard a big coin I've heard the others and one person said they'd heard a light coin so okay that's one thing but we'll get into that in a second again alright so what is what is first on the agenda I guess oh yes check out Simon and I did that interview it was spur-of-the-moment it was not planned at all but he it was awesome and you can learn a lot and you can learn about the value of holding and that's why I titled this video the art of the hold because it really it it takes a lot I guess I for some people want to do things with their Bitcoin but he pays off in the long run and it hurts bad actors and it helps you soak a pound that like button it's this is the weirdest time I have ever been on in the United States of America I've been on in weird times when I'm in Australia but because it's not a weird time but here in the East Coast yeah it is really for 17 in the morning so my night is about to end after this hopefully I can get a good nice like alright enough so what's going on here what should I talk about first there's this is not an order the thing okay we're gonna talk about the Tresor first of all I I am back in Baltimore as I said and I got to mess around with splitting my be cash from my Bitcoin and one thing that no one has talked and I have not heard anyone talk about people say well you have to split all of your coins at once that the treasurer splits all of your coins at once but guess what if you have your treads or set up in a way where you have it there's a different that you can you can passphrase protect your Tresor and create like multiple accounts well the way it works is it just splits one account at a time so if you have two three four five it want that are protected by different pass phrases you don't have to split it all at once so I split one of my pass phrases but not the other ones yet so it was easy as everyone said and I know some people want to know you know Adam what are you gonna exactly do it well I got home to my trays or and I did it but I thought it was really noteworthy that no one's mentioned this the past friend is do people not use the passphrase to create you know different accounts on there anyway so hey and this is just amazing it you know when you start to when you have that be cash in front of you and you start to try to sell it or whatever it's just amazing you're getting this free Bitcoin because if you turn in the Bitcoin it is just amazing and yeah the rich are gonna get richer and no it isn't that easy to if you have a lot of Bitcoin you're not gonna send like a hundred you're not gonna send a hundred B cash all at once to in exchange you're just not going to do that and because if certain exchanges you can only take out a certain amount of Bitcoin this is a long private corn this is a long process and so hey you'd be patient everyone that's got a lot of Bitcoin you don't have a mean do what you want to do but if you could only take one Bitcoin a day off of an exchange you've got to do this slowly because you don't want to get a lot of your Bitcoin or bean cash that you're turning into Bitcoin stuck on an exchange just in case some work you know the worst thing happens that if the exchange got hacked you also you lose all your freebie cash that you turned into Bitcoin but you couldn't get the Bitcoin off they change in time Lulla anyway rambling on a little bit there but again a benefit of holding of another benefit this is amazing these crypto dividends are freaking amazing it is just amazing and yet the rich get richer but the rich had a lot of Bitcoin in this case they were smart and got a lot of Bitcoin and now they're being rewarded so they're rewarded to holding and controlling your freaking private key and not keeping it at some exchange all right so the oh misko the Oh Moscow that you're supposed to get for free with your theory on if you control your own private key if you had a theory um what was it before July 7th will I guess I had everyone knows I have a little bit of a theorem a little bit for various reasons it's been given to me and well the oh my scope King it really came and the what they do is let's say you have ten etherium they will give you 75 percent you know so you get point seven five Oh misko alright so if you've ten a theory you get 075 on Wisco it with it's not very much but you know it free is free dudes free is free so don't complain about free I think that's what a lot of people have been saying about be cash like oh I only got 10% I should've wait to free is free you can get 12% now you gotta got 10% then you're gonna get 20% free is free don't complain I'm happy about the Oh misko and I don't lie I am not promoting any homeless co or Annie whatever I mean I'll turn that into something else as soon as I feel like it at seven dollars and fifty cents worth of something else but but uh no I'm not promoting him to I CEOs or anything like that I got to put ICO in the key word of this video forgot to do that alright let me type that out I see all right so let's go um in the past some of you guys as I talk about these crypto dividends to people in the past one of three months ago in one a week ago brought up beat core and I just didn't I was like I don't even pay attention but some bit core fan comment you don't have any lingham post on Twitter and he had Vinny's had nothing to do with big core I don't know why this person talked about big core I look up this big core thing and yeah man it is a crypto greed and man it is it's already in existence they've got you go to their website and I'm gonna link to all the web everything below I haven't had time to put the links so if you're watching this live and they're not that many people watching is live now I guess if you're in Australia you're watching this live or Asia go to my links section below I'm gonna do I'm gonna leave these the pertinent links that are going to tell you about this big core thing but I mean am i a fan of big core I don't even know what the heck it does it per se it it's whatever they forked it off and you but if you if you contact them before November the second I believe and do a certain thing and I'm going to do this you get this free bit core which is around what six seven dollars of right now but again you have to you've had to have controlled your private key at that time so I mean this is the art of the hold again if you did it they know your tough luck there so these I mean I foresee these these crypto dividends in the future you better be holding for the minor ones like this and this is a minor one but it's already existed and no one even knew that it and when I say mine or mi n are not minor not that guys mining was everybody Minds of course they're all mine but it's it's the opposite of major a major crimp is given and obviously was uh B cash and B gold possibly hopefully it will be major and create a lot of extra dividends for us holders man this is amazing stuff but where did my big core exact notes go because there are specifics that you have to do anyway I'm going to go through the whole process I'm going to try to do it and I'll report back to everyone here there it hasn't been a lot of tough areas a video out there that explains it you can look for it on YouTube is if you look for bit core on YouTube there's only a couple things that come up a very few they'd even that marketed this thing at all these big core people I guess there's only a few of them all right so remember found out like button subscribe to this channel and check out the links below all three of those things alright so mich the economic guy mich has a way say yes has a article a blog post that is just ripping on Bitcoin and as I predicted he's conflating like dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin you know all the things that are going wrong with other cryptocurrency he's kind of laying on the Bitcoin he says it's a silliness you know and you know he brings up those corn of course dogecoin is ridiculous but that doesn't mean bitcoins ridiculous so you can check out his link below once once I add it there remember bitcoin is the world reserve cryptocurrency we got a we got it we got to talk about that so to simon Dixon again he had a beautiful if you check out the video that he along with me a few hours ago on Saturday he goes over all the things Bitcoin has survived and now it is trying is going to survive the it's the evolution of survival like Carter he mentioned all these things and Bitcoin just keeps getting stronger and now China is you China is basically enforcing capital controls on its people through getting very strict with Bitcoin in any way imaginable it seems like they're shutting down the exchanges they're doing some other things and whatever other countries are gonna pick up the slack people are gonna find a way around that anyway but Bitcoin Bitcoin we become stronger Bitcoin becomes survives yet again it is the it is a very good talk he gave when he talked about this a very good segment of the show and again he brought up how holding how holding if you if you were selling you were enriching if you panicked on the China news you were enriching institutional investors the rich were getting richer you weren't fighting you were giving in the China basically you were giving in to this government man anyway it holding was fighting the power on this okay holding Bitcoin during this whole crazy episode you're gonna benefit longer because you know this is just a blip a small blip where's Bitcoin gonna be in 2020 and Simon brings the same thing nothing has changed about Bitcoin there's still us they're still having in 2020 they're still having in 2024 and the sky is the freakin limit so don't don't have a weak hand when you hear about China and you're just enriching the institutional investors you're strengthening China and uh anyway so what do we got here I have 4,000 followers on Twitter now Wow thank you everyone you can find me at tech brought on there te CH B alt here is the treasurer again with its lovely leather case from crypto HW wallet RA Julian Assange as a owner before I say that I want to say again oh talking to some people in the real world today and seeing how everyone so many people don't control their private keys and people make fun a coin base saying oh why do people shouldn't keep their Bitcoin at coin base and they shouldn't they should control their own private keys but people at least in this day and age are just so used to banks controlling their wealth that they want a Bitcoin bank there are so many people I guess is people over a certain age which is probably over the age of 30 or maybe even over the age of 25 they want banks to control their Bitcoin they they can't stand putting it on this which is the right thing to do because you put it on this it's not gonna get stolen it's not gonna get hacked you're gonna get your rewards I mean this crypto dividend thing is forget amazing it is just such a benefit and it's also a way to fight the power but hey so I'm saying do this but I'm also predicting they're going to be Bitcoin banks in the future so for those of you who just love third parties and love centralization that option is good because bitcoin is just that free you can do anything with Bitcoin you can you know be decentralized take on it or a centralized take on it and create your big it's gonna happen they're gonna be other coin bases out there and I can't if there's a need if there's a demand then okay what's what's wrong with someone said that satisfying that demand again I've talked about many I've talked about the art of the whole tonight many benefits of the art of the hold and the art of controlling your own private key the crypto dividend etc etc not being hacked having a nice leather case alright now Julian Assange Julian Assange has a tweet out there why all freedom-loving people and states need Bitcoin part 29 192 and he says the Spanish state the Spanish government claims it will seize control of catalonia's government by seizing its finances in an attempt to stop the vote okay so that is that shows you what happens when if you're an entity trying to secede and and a government can take your money from a bank they're going to and debt and it will shut you down if your bank account gets shut down and you're trying to do something well the government wins they stop you right there that's the beauty of Bitcoin the government can't seize it well if it's a coin base they sure can but if you and I again buy from point base that's cool yeah just don't store a third parties people but again you controlling your own private key no one's taking this from you no one is taking your well for me and so if you want to lead a secessionist movement you better get Bitcoin first before you announce it to the world that you're doing such a thing and clean out your bank accounts and put it all in the Bitcoin before you do your little secessionist thing and you know good luck to the people in Catalonia I like secession I didn't like secession and we're not gonna give the political stuff right now I hear they might be they might be doing it for reasons I don't even like but I think everyone should try to be more independent and weak in the strength of a world government or a over our continental government like in Europe or a country government or national government we're just getting into a world where on one side governments are becoming just more and more controlling and people are blindly following them more and more but then we've got the 20 percent who are like well what is this big point thing and I'm not saying the 20 my the percent mindset people because I've got it the whole world is 20% of the world wasn't the big point whoa that would be awesome wouldn't it all right so I was wearing red shirt tonight and my friend you know it was good to see some friends it was good to talk to people and they were some you know when you're walking around the streets of Baltimore at night there are some people who are on drugs and really down on their luck and aggressive panhandling and you know I got a guy yelling at me today out there and it's not safe it's definitely not safe and there are a lot of things tonight that make me happy that I'm around in the Bitcoin community and I've travel around the world meeting awesome people is it's just the intellectual stimulation that I get from Bitcoin is the Bitcoin community is great we're revolutionary here we're changing the world people in Baltimore are really stuck in their ways and some of them are very sick sadly but some some people that you know said the big day like well I don't know how to buy it or you know what one person said I I well how much is it Adam it's twelve hundred now I said no it's closer to like four thousand and he's like well I can't afford one share of it you know I gotta get a share you know and so I'm not people haven't done research on they they don't know about it there's a lot of people who make up excuses about it um there's a there's a mentality in Baltimore they're not there's not a lot of doers and the soundin let's say is I talk to a lot of people tonight so just in case someone is watching this and thinking I'm accusing them of not being a doer no I'm not there's I talk to a lot of people tonight and but I encourage it and I encourage everyone that I talked to tonight to get in the Bitcoin but a lot of people were just not getting my excitement about Bitcoin for whatever reason and it's unfortunate because this has definitely changed my life for the better definitely you know walking around tonight I just so happy that you know there's still a version of me that people in Baltimore the Baltimore atom I call it I mean I'm still the same person but they just don't even know that I do these videos every day they don't know it's amazing it's really interesting so I'll share a little personal information tonight and everything but um I know sometimes in the community we like rip on people each other but at least we're all in this community and I think we all want to be successful we all want to be doers and we all are most people want to be part of the 20% and again holding is part of that you gotta do smart things with your Bitcoin you can't do dumb things with your Bitcoin but even if you're doing I just think perspective I got tonight even if you're you're doing some wack things with your Bitcoin at least you're not in the shoes of some of these people who just like too scared to get into it or don't have don't think they don't have the time to research it or are just so stuck and happy that they can watch the Ravens tomorrow or that you know they're just satisfied by these mindless things and they're getting more and more just indoctrinate into into what it's cool I mean they want to be the cool kids and Bitcoin is not this is something that's fringe this is very fringe still all right I talk a little bit too much about that that wasn't planned but you can tell this is um I'm really happy about this Bitcoin community guys and Will Survive fucking where it's definitely surviving the fight I'm proud of all the guests that I have on here such smart people it's just I'm comparing all the people that I've met through this to the people that I met you know in my real life there are the hundreds of thousands of people I encountered you know in bought away it's just it's different it's different it's so different the people here and the people that are watching this and I wish there was more overlap there's much there's not much I can do here in Baltimore now this I've I'll be on my way I'll be in Spain on the beginning October and then the middle of being Israel and yeah alright i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out the notes section below pound that like button I hope I didn't leave anything out here thanks for staying up late people or getting up early or whatever bye bye