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period- end of story No need to look any further because we are going to take your first cryptocurrency deposit and turn it over ten times inside of a few weeks or less really As a matter of fact my first up coming video release will highlight what I did with my 20 year old daughter's new account in just 60 hours with a cell phone since Hurricane Irma knocked out our power here in Florida in mid-September I took her 100 dollar challenge and obliterated it just so you know

There's no stopping what you will accomplish on this very trading platform so get real excited because this is extremely easy to do And you won't find any other opportunity in your life like Trading cryptocurrency from your PC or your cell phone or your tablet while running around town shopping or just floating in your pool Sit tight as the rest of this video will guide you into how to sign up and fund your new Coinbase account Oh and don't forget to subscribe to my "The Wealth Paladin" channel guys – you're not going to want to miss a beat from one video release to the next as they come out I'll see you on the inside new trader In this training video I'm going to show you guys how you can buy Bitcoin, Etherem, and litecoin

Alright so what you're gonna learn from this video are two different things You're gonna learn 1: is how you can open up your own cryptocurrency wally and 2 is: basically how you can fill up that cryptocurrency wallet with Bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin I'm going to show you guys how you can buy it Okay so you're gonna need a few different things and specifically so you can open up your own cryptocurrency wallet and one is gonna be an email address so you can verify who you are And then the second thing that you're gonna need is a way so you can fund your cryptocurrency wallet

So you can fund it with either a credit card or a bank account and the easiest place to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin is through Coinbase it's by far has the easiest interface it's super friendly your stats all show up they even have a cool app for your phone If you sign up through this link which you can see there on the screen, it'll also be down in the description of this video as well- you'll get $10 free and Bitcoin when you sign up and buy or sell at least $100 in Bitcoin and I'll also get $10 in Bitcoin so what I'll do now is I'll just go ahead and show you guys exactly how to open up your own account: okay as you can see here it loads everything up and and if you look down here it says you've both earned $100 a free Bitcoin once you buy yourself a hundred dollars worth of coin And then you also take advantage of getting at $10 free and Bitcoin so essentially you'll start off with 11000 dollars

So this is really easy to sign up we'll go ahead and sign up here so you guys can see mumble here mumble there I'm not a robot with a CAPTCHA okay and we agree and when does it sign up okay so once you sign up here they're just gonna ask you to verify your email address so I'll go ahead and do that there and we'll continue with the training okay you see here check in to the email if we just click your verify your email address takes us directly back to coinbase and it basically gives us like this quick start

So this is pretty easy Mostly anybody that's watching this video I'm assuming that you're just an individual and you're not a business so we'll go ahead and sign up as an individual will click Next okay here's something that you can do and I do recommend that you set this up and its verifying your phone I'm not gonna do it for the purpose of this video but if you were to verify your phone you would simply put your phone number here, click next they would send you like a little code and you would verify on your phone You can also hit the "skip" if you don't have a phone and you don't want to do that

and basically here we go we are in the dashboard of coinbase Here's basically where you're gonna see the prices of the coins at the moment-so here you're gonna have Bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin if you click on each individual one you can see what the price is over here on the right-hand side you're gonna see your portfolio okay this is gonna be where how much your portfolio is worth and underneath that is gonna be three different wallets that you would have one for Bitcoin, one for Ethereum, and one for lightcoin So currently you can see we have 0 in each So the first thing that we're gonna want to do is come here to the Settings section ok, and what we're gonna want to do is add a payment method Because the only way that we can buy Bitcoin is if we have a payment method attached

So we're gonna come here to payment method and we're gonna add the payment method here we just have to put in a Visa or a MasterCard okay and you would just basically put in your information here click Next and it's gonna verify it for you I won't do this for the purpose of the example but what I will do is I'll log in to my actual account and I'll show you guys how you can actually purchase these coins using your information Okay I went in ahead and I logged in to my original account and I'm back at the dashboard section so by now you should have added your payment method and depending on what you addedhere now we can just come here to this tab that says I and sell we would select what we want to buy and then right under that we would select our payment method So in this case I have my bank account connected, along with two credit cards

So if you use your bank account, note that you have a higher limit but it will take about five to seven days for the cryptocurrency to come to your wallet So keep that in mind Now if you pick "credit card" it is instant but note that the fees are a little bit higher they're gonna be about a 37 fee as opposed to if you do it with your bank account it'll be like a 14 so keep that in mind

So once you select which one you want to buy and how you want to pay you simply come down here and you can either write the equivalent amount in your currency which my currency is US dollars or you can write the amount in Bitcoin So for instance if I wanted to buy one Bitcoin it would automatically calculate it and show that one Bitcoin is two thousand one hundred and eighty four dollars okay? So let's say I just want to buy-for instance-one hundred dollars worth okay So what happens is; I put 100 dollars worth and it shows me how much Bitcoin I'll get I'll get 04576931 so depending on how you want to make it equivalent depends on what you write So for the sake of this example, I'll just go ahead and I'll buy some ethereum and let's just buy $100 worth of ethereum and you guys can see how much that is

I'll get it directly from my bank account and to buy it's gonna cost me $10299 So that's the little fee that they charge and it's gonna deposit directly into my ethereum wallet Here's a total We'll go ahead and hit "buy" gives it a second it says "you want to confirm?" if you see the date it says availability on the 30th and that's because I'm using my bank so it's actually gonna take about seven days to hit my wallet So you need to take that into consideration if you want to buy quickly or sell quickly

But we'll go ahead and confirm to buy So literally it takes just that quick So we successfully purchased $100 worth of Ethereum So that's it for the training guys I hope you understood leave me a comment down below like the video and be sure to subscribe best bitcoin exhange