The reality for us is we've positioned the entire proposition that we've got to be around developing economies for companies with crypto, you know, with a cryptocurrency So Bitcoin might be a marker of sort but for us developing App Coins or Tokens, Cryptocurrencies, whatever your flavour of the day is that you want to call it

Within existing or well established companies, that's our business model and this really has little effect on it other than it may have some sentiment value or emotional impact on things But the reality is the practical nature of of an App Coin being used within an economy that you are creating for a company like this to work either through your supply chain, or for customer acquisition, or for any of the other number of models that we have built is just to practical to ignore The entire tokenization or "app coining" of quite frankly and likely the entire securities market It's inevitable So I love Bitcoin

I love what it stands for I love the notion of it I love everything that it's done for us I love how it has ushered in this amazing socio-economic change and being able to build economies and trust-less environments Like the impact is far beyond anything that we're ever going to probably even understand in our own lifetime

But the reality is what Bitcoin is and really what Blockchain is and App Coins for existing companies, wether it's companies or governments or whatever it is Creating their own economies It has of it's a very relative amount of impact on what's happening now