What's going on snipers niemelä baby here, hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today Let's go ahead and dive right into our daily cryptocurrency analysis for today That's going to talk about Cardenal versus ripple I get this question quite often It's a community asking me well whether or not these coins are different in any way shape or form and what I'll tell you right Now is they both have high market caps of course, but also they're very different technology as well So that's a question that you guys always asked me by the way no video today guys in terms of our livestream I'm gonna have to skip out on them in a big meeting call right now And I was barely able to squish this video in here, so I hope you guys Can understand that but if you're on our discord I went into the live chat today And I kind of talked a lot about what my position is right now on Bitcoin and some other positions So just join our just discord It's a free resource as you guys know Those of you that are new you can join in because the description below you can see here We have this whole resource here, so let's kind of look at what we're forming out here So we see this penat and initially this was formed here with Cardno, and as you can see we did break out of that pattern And it looks to me that this is a perfect bonding opportunity once again This is not legal advice north can I give you guys legal advice or tell you what to do? And then some what I'm doing here I'm just providing my insight and my input up from my trainers perspective here in the cryptocurrency marketplace So just that quickly go I mean nobody can so let's go ahead and look at this year, so this price was increasing here This was the breakout at this point I do expect this to go a little bit higher Especially if it does break out these resistance level back here It looks like 2100 Satoshi's so we can also draw that out here in red and also show you guys the chart here So you can kind of teach yourself a little bit, and if you've seen it already Then you can just kind of see it again So repetition is key, right? So this is a pennant a pennant is created when there's a significant movement the stock followed by a period of consolidation This creates the pennant shape due to the converging lines, so that's all here, and if you guys want I also added these new areas here like ripple card on o Monaro so if you guys want to go here these are pretty cool resources here for you guys to look at We have people here all the time and the link is in the description below as you guys know we also added trading 101 The contribute area for you guys that are interested in contributing you guys have already expressed that to me discord 101 this will teach you guys how to use discord so we have these gif here for you guys to understand and Take in discourse I know a lot of you guys Had this app so I made this so that those of you that are downloading it knew and I've never seen this or heard of It it can help you out to get used to it and get over the learning curve So let's go ahead and look at a graph here I want to see these graphs and just analyze them so XRP as you can see also formed a pennant however It did break out negative which was interesting because now we see another pattern forming as you can see the pennant initially broke out there- Which I thought was gonna show us some price down to it as you can see we did break RSI below 30 So I think that's why we saw this big jump immediately afterwards forming a new channel, and it's currently maturing at this time So I'd like to see a little bit more on this channel to see what it's gonna turn into before actually making a call on That but as you guys know once again the pennant as we saw here It's pretty much where you see these price levels breakout, and it could be at the top

It could be at the bottom It's really up to the graph itself in this graph it shows you how a pennant would break out upwards so hopefully you guys use those resources and Definitely help you out by the way Let's go ahead and look at these market caps here, so we've got 76 cents for a ripple 51 cents for card Ah no Amazing growth over the past couple of weeks and months as you guys have seen in our videos and our live streams Thirteen billion dollar total market cap versus a twenty nine billion dollar market cap its trillion right behind it ripples at rank four while car Denim is that range six just two away really about to make its move here It's already almost half of what ripple is so we can definitely see some growth over the next couple of weeks Potentially the next couple of months so once again guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video It was a quick price analysis these two obviously you guys know I post these videos every single day tomorrow We'll do some more price predictions as well as our live stream tomorrow I may get on tonight really late so for those of you night owls If you guys want to come out real late tonight I'll definitely get in just put in the comments below if you guys want me to Do the live stream tonight when I get home so sorry I couldn't do the live stream at the typical time So I remember just turn on the post notification so that you can be alerted on that so thank you guys And I'm so grateful for hitting 4000 subscribers by the way, thank you so much We truly want to see you guys out in our discord engaging with the community creating some dialogue So if you guys need anything, just let me know thank you so much and snipers out