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Chapter 4, in which we are immersed in a financial model and are working whitepaper 70% of the working day – Calls: team, lawyers, members of the advisory board, experts in the industry Conference Calls: thoughts, ideas, advice, coordination, planning, collecting the maximum possible amount of information and its analysis Mikhail Konoplev – a member of the advisory board, the head of the international department of development houzzcom All embraced, let's Very cool So many ideas from Michael That's what a strong Advisory Board He shared with me many ideas Hi guys I ended the call with And what am I worth? Somehow I was not comfortable As if I want to go Hi guys I ended the call with Mihailom Konoplevym He is a member of the Advisory Board and head of the development department in houzzcom the largest community in the world a valuation of $ 4 billion And we discussed our e-commerce platform Also [Beeep] and how it works And how innovation can be babystep Community I'm happy – we have such a strong representative of the Advisory Board Whenever we meet, we exchange ideas I share with him our idea, our plan He always gives feedback He brings so much benefit I feel that we save millions of dollars and years Because he has done it before Meanwhile, somewhere in Hong Kong Marek Zaremba-Pike – Project Manager And what happens when people just are these Coyne shopping and therefore these Coyne again come onto the market They will have a very big impact? Whitepaper – this is a presentation of your project 1 Community 2

explanation of the business model 3 The disclosure of the details of the project Well That is at what stage is the And if a parent sees Look, Marek He sees that there are products that a 50% Cash Back And there are only 15% And a large assortment allows more test new products without making their Well, just if we choose really good products because I want only good items were on the platform then there will be a choice between good products and there will be

Selection between good and good but some good cashback 15%, while the other 50% No, I I'm just telling you that this is an element that is necessary to bring people Michael said this, it is very important, he says, And when a Kia discussed yesterday, he says He's in e-commerce for 10 years running And I've discussed yesterday with Kia, he said: "Similarly, it is very important" That's what our advisors are smart, we advise all Do you understand? Yes, it's all I understand, but it must still take into account the as part of our model, because we are talking about the overall flows of money that go across the platform Another joke is that we have [Beeep] 40 thousands of products Yes US, international that it will be possible to connect that is, we can start quickly with its own platform And it's cool Okay, but this whitepaper will? Or do you want

– No, it's in the whitepaper The business overview it can be painted with all the elements Community education rewards Mmm Yes Here is the second I like That's a lot, I'm going to do this, my question is as follows: When I'll do it, then we can send it all the cues? We will send cues, Shaomingu