What is going on guys Nayeem al-obeidi here, I hope you're all having a wonderful October heading in to the holiday season I'm super excited to make this video and talk about why bitcoins next move is crucial as we head into 2020 and how this relates to the total stock market as well as gold and other traditional assets and Commodities and what we're seeing right now in the total cryptocurrency sphere we're going to be looking at Bitcoin Dominance taking questions from our live audience and I'm also gonna be giving a book away at the end of this livestream Principles by Ray Dalio my favorite book as you guys know, and I'm super excited to get this livestream started And by the way, I am healing quite well from my car accident I cannot wait to get back on some consistent content here on YouTube

So thank you all for your amazing Well wishes, you know, I'm recovering a lot better and I'm going back You know towards 100% healthier so super excited about that But let's definitely talk about what's happening here with Bitcoin so you can see right now at this You know at this level that we're at we're below this volume right now We've got a lot of volume in this area But we are still below it and I think the biggest reason We're staying in this zone right now is we're starting to see all coins See some momentum But for the most part we look at Bitcoin dominance You can see we're also quite stagnant here But what I'd like about this chart is we are starting to head down where all of this volume is at towards that support level and when we look at total cryptocurrency market cap We're not necessarily seeing that type of decline You can see we're staying around that 200 billion dollar market cap level and we know this is a very strong level of support in regards to the total crypto currency markets fear in general and I think That's something that's very important to note a because if you guys are part of our discord group, you know We've been having a lot of big trades with altcoins You can CBC PT Wpr and if we go up you can see we've got all of these Altcoins that are starting to see a lot of profits you can see chz here 35% profit It's but I don't believe we're going to necessarily See a full-on altcoin cycle because what we've seen over the last few months is the fact that bitcoin is proving itself As king in this market and this is the asset that people are watching this is the asset that Institutions are watching and I think they're waiting for a Bitcoin to start heading towards more reasonable levels in order to start putting more liquidity into this market because you can see right now at this level and when we look at market structure Which is extremely important in determining future price action You can see we're at this level where there's not really much market structure holding us here You can see if we look at this area here right now We're below a previous resistance level when we look here We're at an above a previous support level

We look here We're in the middle of this major zone here where we saw this big drop and a big push up and so right now where we're at is a very very important area because if we start to see any downside, I don't believe we're gonna see any Significant downside below the 6,000 dollar level and I'll tell you exactly why when we look at this chart here You can see this area at that 6,000 dollar level is where we have a lot of volume here to the right as you can see and we know that in Fact this area is where we saw some very good Consolidation previously for Bitcoin and as soon as it went below that this was the accumulation Phase in which we saw smart money come into the market and took advantage of this big run-up But in the overall cryptocurrency sphere when we look at confirmed transactions per day, you can see here on this chart We're seeing the confirmed transactions per day level out around that 300,000 transactions per day level This was the peak in 2017 when we hit 20,000 US dollars for one Bitcoin you can see we didn't quite get to that same exact peak here But what I like about this chart is instead of seeing a major drop down We're starting to see it in a healthy phase of correction versus an unhealthy phase of Correction and so when we look at Bitcoin general in comparison Traditional markets and commodities which are actually performing really well this year It's still the top performing asset of 2019 and therefore I don't believe institutions are just gonna leave it on the table I think they are waiting to go ahead and put more liquidity into this market as diversification is a very important part of Safe investments and I am very confident that institutions are eyeing this just based on regulations and how things are maturing now Unfortunately, Bitcoin ETFs are still not approved We've seen a decline after decline by the SEC when Bitcoin ETFs are on the table But I believe that over time once we start to see more regulated markets come into play We're going to then see more confidence with regulations that will allow Bitcoin to then see some Liquidity from institutions come in and so I want to take some questions from our live audience I want this video in this live stream to be more relaxed here It says your bad video settings Let's see here

Hopefully the video is not lagging here I hope things are looking well Here I see we have mr Sandeep a seam and veer on live He says may Lord bless you always

Thank you so much Yeah, I did get into a car accident recently That's why I have been off of youtube and making content But in that meantime, we you know I went ahead and we revamp the whole discord for those of you that are a part of our discord The link is in the description below It is a free discord to join We do have a premium group where we post crypto Forex stock and bit mixed signals on a daily basis with myself And almost a dozen analysts that we have on our team But if you guys want to join in I highly recommend to get into the conversation on a daily basis We're having amazing Updates here And so I've been focused on that

We've had some very good results But now that I am recovering I'm excited to get back to making content which is what I love to do And so In the overall perspective here with Bitcoin I don't believe this is an area that's dangerous to start entering and positions However, there is a possibility for further downside I wouldn't be surprised for us to go ahead and start to see a little bit of a direction down towards where we see this Volume in order for us to then see more liquidity come in and for this to start to head Towards some higher levels and I think a big part of this Recent downturn with Bitcoin has to do with the overall traditional markets Let's pulled the S&P 500 For example, you know, there was really this huge notion of a potential Recession coming this year, especially when we saw this this double, you know there's this top here form and then we saw this very large correction here, you know people you know, They got quite scared to be honest here and you can see we had a bearish divergence With RSI where we saw price action form two peaks one lower high and then a higher high and then looking at RSI you can see there was a divergence with a Higher high and a higher low or I'm sorry a lower high Following that higher high and so I think that was an initial reason for people to get back into these Safe harbor assets these assets such as gold that are limited in quantity you know Bitcoin limited in quantity being the digital gold and I think that's one big reason we saw gold and Bitcoin see a very nice push up You know gold breaking highs since 2014 Bitcoin coming out of its bare market But now that we're seeing a little bit more strength you can see we're forming new highs and traditional markets that to me is showing that Potentially institutions started to put some money into these safe haven assets like Bitcoin We saw that pump up But now they're starting to liquidate their investments going back into some stocks going back into traditional Commodities seeing that there is still very much strength in the market and You know really when people are expecting a recession They're typically isn't as bad of a recession And I think that's a very important thing to note here you can see this recent correction in the sp500 from September of 2018 down to around January of 2019 was about 20% Which could you know? be you know, the Correction people were expecting but it wasn't that bad and I think it's because people were expecting it, you know 2008 that was unexpected and that was a very harsh correction, but in 2019 it wasn't as harsh if you read principles by Ray Dalio by the way owns One of the largest most successful hedge funds in the world He says there's a market correction every ten at 12 years This 20% correction could have been that correction but I think right now is a very crucial point in not just Bitcoin but in traditional markets because you can see we're waiting to see is the traditional S&P 500 You're gonna continue to see newer highs is it gonna continue this uptrend because obviously other markets like the Nasdaq are gonna follow you can see With the Nasdaq here looking a little bit different you can see it's almost like we have this double top But we've got this strong support here from this previous top and now we're starting to see some consolidation Around these highs and we're starting to see more liquidity flow away from Bitcoin and gold Back into traditional markets and I think that's a big reason We're starting to see this drop in Bitcoin here Now when we look at the weekly moving averages you can see here We've got this support on this weekly moving average I believe this weekly moving average right here is the 50 we know

I'm sorry That is the 100 week moving average you can see that 100 week moving average in orange here is holding us right now as Support for Bitcoin, but we have that potential to go down in that 50 week moving average, which would also take us to that 6,800 dollar level which would coincide with that previous analysis we just did on the daily chart where we may see that potential correction down to this high-volume area of 6800 and so I think that area of 1600 is the place to watch that doesn't mean we're not gonna see opportunities here When we're you know leveraged trading like for example, our bit max ignores we've had some very good short signals We've had some very good long signals taking advantage of this initial pop here We had a signal at 7800 that went all the way back up to 8800 We were able to get some very healthy profits there I'm not be surprised for us to see another movement up and maybe another movement down now they're moving up before we see a actual, you know Ultimatum ultimatum here of us going to a higher high or lower low here now another potential You know in my opinion is for us to possibly head towards that 9,000 level before we see the final correction down to that 6,800 level I don't think that is the most you know probable scenario though just because of the fact that if we start to head past 9,000 I think that we'll see a lot more volume coming to the market and we'll start to see this Correct back up Towards the upside into that bull market but for now We are obviously in this Area where we just don't know Whether or not it's gonna go up or down but there's a high potential for us to see that lower you know that lower price of that $6,800 level but you know, you see these analysts posting that it's gonna go down to 3,800 or 2800 or Bitcoin is dead That's just not the case then of the day We have a lot more use case We see a lot more You know institutional adoption

There's a lot more US regulated exchanges like Gemini and coinbase Finance opening up a us Buy Nance, you know, these are all great things for this market, you know, some people you know, They ask well, why is you know the us So strict when it comes to this market? Well the u

s Is a very strong economy and they want to protect their investors That's why only accredited investors can invest in hedge funds, right? It's because they just don't want Random people putting their life savings into these volatile assets and then lose it and then figure out, okay Well, you know now I don't have my retirement or now I just lost all the savings that I've saved up for the past 10 years, you know and so the us Is very cautious with how you know, just everyday people are exposed to potential investments And so when it comes to buying an see us the reason they went ahead and separated the main finance platform from the US by Nantz platforms because they limited the amount of tokens that could be placed on there based upon which tokens have US Regulations in place and are approved with the SEC And so these are all great things for this market It shows you market maturity And once again, it's still the top performing asset of 2019 So if you're losing hope and Bitcoin, that's the time to start Having hope in Bitcoin like Warren Buffett says he says when the greedy or fearful Be greedy when the fearful or greedy be fearful And so I think that's a very important thing to watch here Shaw He says I recently got done with Ray Dalio principles

Audiobook 14 CDs long Good job Shaw I will be giving away this book here to one of you guys watching For those of you that stay tuned here on our live stream So make sure you guys like this video if you guys want to win this book and we'll go ahead and ask that question at the head of this live stream and get you guys this amazing book on financial markets and most importantly in my opinion his principles of life and the way he lives his life is important because Ray Dalio was a very private person his whole entire life He's an introvert and he ran one of the most successful hedge funds in the world It's the largest hedge fund in the United States with over a hundred and twenty billion dollars in managed funds and what's interesting is in 2008 his hedge fund lost You know, I believe don't quote me on it But less than 2% while most funds lost over 50% so shows you the type of accuracy And the type of you know, you know The delicacy that Ray Dalio takes towards managing his hedge fund and and it all comes down to his processes and his systems He talks a lot about that in this book And so I cannot wait to get you guys that book I've also got a lot of other things that I am Putting into the works for traders profit Club as you guys know, for those of you that are a premium members we recently added almost a dozen analysts and we're getting signals here on a 24/7 basis not just covering crypto covering bit Mex covering stocks covering Forex covering crypto for those of you that are just on the discord And the free chat, you can actually see all the premium results on the free signals chat We post signals here and there as well on this chat here, but for the most part up after this livestream I love to do a voice live call with some of you guys if we have some time So that might be exciting for us to all chat together in you know in a voice chat but let's answer some questions and and start to actually look at The total cryptocurrency market cap chart here because I want you to pay attention here to aetherium Let me actually pull up aetherium really quick When you look at aetherium You can see we had this this breakout Recently before we saw Bitcoin Break that major support level

We saw aetherium get liquidity and we saw this major by volume come in But you can see it topped out around that 366 dollar mark in June of 2019 And as of recent when we look at etherium chart We actually saw this huge huge drop and then that pushed back up to around two hundred and twenty-one dollars until we saw that sell-off you know really what I'm seeing with altcoins is the fact that people are not as confident with these altcoins as they are with Bitcoin just because of the fact that you know, The fundamentals are changing quite a bit and we're just not seeing as much use case with these altcoins as people Expected and that's something that we've always talked about on this channel it's something I've always talked about the fact that ninety percent of all coins are not gonna be here ten years from now and I stick with that that rule and that belief and the reason is because the all coins for the most part never had use case and so Bitcoin is the one and only token that has, you know, almost a hundred percent Market visibility if you go to anyone and say have you heard of Bitcoin they'll most likely say yes but if you say have you heard of aetherium, I'd say one out of five would say yes, and so bitcoin is the one Asset that has been able to really get that mass adoption but but really what's happening at this point in my opinion is Regulations or still holding it back and it's just a matter of time until we start to see The regulations kind of lean away from Bitcoin and it's all because of the you know, that that's at the time You know, it just takes time Bitcoin You know it it's the top-performing asset of this year You see we cannot lose hope in it and at the end of the day these Corrections are extremely healthy, especially In this bull market This isn't the type of correction We saw in 2017 2017 we saw a blow off top and went all the way back down to around ten thousand shot back up to seventeen thousand Then it started to see a huge correction back down This was a very healthy Consolidation people had a ton of time to take profits at the ten thousand dollar level when you hit ten and eleven thousand dollars Quite a few times, you know at the end of the day only the people that weren't necessarily Trading the market or just weren't aware of the market are the ones that kept holding their Bitcoin during this push down But for the most part if if you were able to get your position below seven thousand and it when it hit that Thirteen or fourteen thousand dollar level and started to consolidate Most of you were able to go ahead and obtain your profits so it wasn't as much of a violent, you know push up it was very healthy and very You know it was I would say the best way to put it is it was it was more of a you know, I Don't know how to say I would say You know it was it was how it was supposed to be You know that's the the thing with bitcoin is this when Bitcoin goes up it goes up like Crazy when it goes down it goes down like crazy And the reason for that in my opinion is because it's a global market when you look at most markets Like the Nasdaq SP 500 years, you know, you're strictly limited to US investors or you look at you know The European markets or you look at other markets It's just one specific demographic or geographic area that can invest in that asset Whereas with Bitcoin if you're in India, if you're in China, if you're in Japan if you're in the US if you're in Canada If you're in South America you're able to buy into and so in my opinion It's a representation of the overall global economy versus just a representation of a strict geographic area, you know And that's what it's all about It's that decentralized, you know that mantra of decentralization, you know So that's really the most exciting part here Mitch says sniper is back

Um, yeah, I got into my car accident, you know recently and Thankfully I'm healing quite well, and I am excited to get back on content I mean I mean, I've been on the discord every single day which has been fun been able to really revamp that you know Add new analysts and and and we're just getting better and better, you know Right Now what we do is you know with with almost a dozen analysts sending out signals We have specific analysts set in place to just filter out signals So when you know each analyst is sending us six to ten trades a day Whether they're stock analysts or crypto analysts or a bit Mex analyst we pick one or three we have an analyst pick one two three of those trades so it's a second filter and we've seen a huge improvement with our results by doing that and so We're super excited to just continuously improve our you know Our product and our service to you guys to ensure that you're able to just go on with your daily lives And you know, we're here behind the computer screen to doing all the work I don't know if you guys know this, but you know If we look here, I've got six screens here that I'm able to do analysis on for you guys Every single morning sometimes at night I'll do my analysis and And then it gives me the ability to send out those positions to you guys So you're not doing the hard work I'm able to do the hard work for you and our analysts are doing the same exact thing They're on their computers doing what they need to do So that when you get that tray, you don't have to be on a computer to trade it You can just be on your phone and put those levels Properly manage your risk and do what you need to do, you know, but at the end of the day, you know It's not just about trading It's it's also about holding something for the long-term Right the most successful investors are the ones that dollar-cost average into an index fund for example and just wait it out 10 20 30 40 50 years and then they look back and you know, I think Fidelity one of the largest, you know institutional You know providers for trading and also a huge huge provider for mutual funds

They did a study on Wanna you know who are their most successful? Investors, they looked at all of their accounts They were like who are their most successful investors and there were two Gouri's that one that the first category was people that are dead they you know They were one of the most Successful investors in in their funds and then the second category are people that had accounts and forgot about them so, you know when you think of that and you realize you know, just understanding markets understanding the art of Dollar cost averaging and then understanding how to trade These are all skills and principles that could allow you to not have to work a job You know that it can allow you to travel and make money You could allow you to to make good financial decisions long term And so, you know, it's all about diversification You know, I'd like to say put, you know, 90 percent into a safe haven asset, you know Maybe an indexed one that's already diversified, you know into you know, maybe even the whole stock market, right? So instead of purchasing one stock at a time you you're in an index fund You're you're exposed to the whole market and so you're you're you're maximizing your diversification Minimizing your risk and then take the 10% and use that for trading, right? Because if you lose the whole ten percent, guess what at least you're 90 percent safe and so and that ten percent is it could make you a full time income that ten percent could be enough to For you to make three four five grand a month in order to sustain yourself and so You know and then the rest put into you know index fund that will build your wealth long term from when you retire for example, and so, you know, It's just understanding the the art of compounding interest And the art of time right you give yourself time and you're able to build a successful portfolio versus just being you know Unaware and just throwing something into a market that you just don't understand and losing your money For example And so you just don't want to be that person You know, I know a lot of people were buying Bitcoin at these highs here But it just wasn't the right time to get in right, you know These are the times that you want to start thinking about putting in long term positions but once again, it's all about dollar cost averaging and I you know III as I mentioned before, you know, I just don't see us seeing much lower levels beyond that $6,800 price point and one big reason for that is when we pull up those three moving averages as we just showed Previously, you know what we're really looking at right now is you know We found support right above that 100 week moving average and then when we look at this 50 week moving average We still have that area here to start seeing that potential correction down And so I think that's very important to notate here

Let's go ahead and pull up Another chart here for you guys just to actually look at the shorts and Long's here as well We look at shorts and long as you can see shorts are having a fun time And and we're at these lower areas When we look at Long's here You can see they're staying more consistent We're not necessarily, you know, we're not seeing as much of some volatility with the lungs, you know Just in general, you know being long on Bitcoin I think there's a study that was done recently that said Anybody that's held Bitcoin for more than two years has never lost money I think that's extremely interesting So, let's see if there's any other questions and we may move into a live call on our discord if you guys want to chat Here, let's see here Maven says why does everyone trash XRP, you know? They have a very centralized approach with the way they govern their company and they govern their token, you know Just randomly burning tokens and things of that nature I want to give away this book by the way And I actually know what I want to ask you guys to give this book away And for those of you whoever wins this book just send me a DM on Discord you can just find me here on the right as a tpc Admin here and you can go ahead and I'll send out that ship that book right out to you But whoever answers this question first on a live stream you can get the book so what are the so when I talked about fidelity doing a a Study recently

What were the do who are the two most successful? Categories of accounts and when it comes to their you know their their study If you answer that question, right, I'll go ahead and send you this book here And it's a little bit late here So I'm gonna wrap this baby up But I wanted to make sure we were able to go over Bitcoin this major move that's happening right now and why it's crucial for 2020 because I think 2020 is gonna be the year for a Bitcoin people think 2019 was the year I think it's gonna be 2020 I think that's when we're gonna see more shakiness in traditional markets I think that's where we're gonna see more shakiness in real estate and I think that's when we're gonna see more liquidity flow into Bitcoin as a potential safe haven asset as Typically does with gold but now being the fact that bitcoin is here We're able to see that perform in its entirety because when Bitcoin was created in 2000 And if you look at the white paper It was before the recession and so we'll be able to see it act upon what it needs to act upon here So, let's see here, Danny Says dead people and the ones who? forgot account Dannyelle you win I see Kyle Melvin answered it right slow and steady Answered I might give away another book here at the end of this live stream potentially so don't worry if you didn't win, so make sure to LIKE this video if you want to participate and Danny send me a message on discord with your address and I'll send that over to you with some some some expedited shipping so you can start studying and getting you know familiar with the Art of investing in financial markets and read all those principles So I Love it here instead Thank you

Always for sharing your knowledge You're very welcome guys I appreciate each and every one of you guys One video I implore you guys to check out is I did an interview with Jeremy Gardner the founder of auger recently You know, that's a billion dollar company in this fear Obviously, it's not at that level right now with market caps still worth hundreds of millions He came over to my penthouse here in Los Angeles, California and we were able to chat and it was a very great conversation and we talked a lot about the future of Bitcoin and what we potentially see You know with regulations and and you know a big part of what he talked about was the fact that you know five years ago Bitcoin was a whole for an asset people looked at it completely different than they do right now You know five years ago people either laughed at you Or they didn't know what you're talking about and today when you mention Bitcoin to somebody, you know, they they're like, yeah, I mean that's You know something I might want to invest in How do I buy it? You know, it's it's it's a different world you know when it comes to bitcoins, you know intrinsic value people actually recognize it as a potential asset is something that you buy And and that you can hold and it can potentially go up or potentially go down You know, that's a good thing That's like what gold is right it potentially goes up or potentially goes down It's real estate right potentially goes up or potentially goes up, you know So it's good for people to have that perspective in my opinion

And so I think that's what's very exciting here And for those of you that are in our premium group, I see a question on discord asking about the altcoin cycle So right now I removed, you know, we recently we had a 24 hour expiration date on all of our altcoin trades I did remove that now that we see dominance Starting to lower for a Bitcoin And I think that was a good decision because we've seen some very good altcoin trades You can see our en BTC 6% profits Dot BTC seeing 8% profits here And if we just go up this list You can see we're seeing some great altcoin trades And I think that we will still see a couple of altcoins see some some some really good, you know price action but I just don't think it's gonna last I think it's a way for Investors that were in that coin to be able to at least liquidate some of their holdings back being the fact that we've seen such a bad altcoin market over the last couple of months and so It's a good time for that to happen You know one thing that I definitely can show you here is on total cryptocurrency market cap You can see when we look at this area of consolidation that we're currently in This is the area that we want to be at you can see This is the exact area that we want Bitcoin to bounce off of The total cryptocurrency market cap already finished that market structure when it comes to looking at markets There's three primary things to look at right overall price trend Is it trending up? Is it trending down? market structure Previous resistance previous support levels, right? That's all part of market structure And then the third thing is gonna be price action what type of price action are we seeing right is there volume and so when we look at market structures is very important part of any sort of market You know potentially going up or down or predicting where markets are headed when we look at the total cryptocurrency market cap We're consolidating at the exact area of market structure that assumes that we're not going to see lower levels in total cryptocurrency market cap so what that tells me is if Bitcoin does see lower price levels and Corrects to this consolidation zone in which the total cryptocurrency market cap is already Corrected – then that means that we'll start to see all coins head up in order to maintain that total cryptocurrency market cap consolidation zone and so what that means is Etherium might see some price action and we recently put out an x RP signal why did I put out an x RP signal you can see the reason I put our next RP signal is because Not only did we see this reversal in this uptrend We're seeing a lot less sell volume we're seeing a lot more by volume come in and we're actually Heading towards this previous support and broke that previous support multiple times and now we're staying above that support And so if you're asking what is he talking about? We'll look here So you see where aetherium is price or ripples price currently is that right now? You can see this

Is that same exact area where? Ripple was able to push a little bit higher and then saw this major Breakout to the upside and we're in that area right now We're holding this area and we already broke above so this is proof and Confirmation we drop back down we but back above and now we're staying that area in that zone with volume And what did I say? It's price action Market structure and market trend right, so trend up Market structure looking good previous support is holding support right now and then price action you can see there's volume coming in there So It's gonna be exciting to see what's happening with altcoin so I Will continue to post these altcoin trades for those of you that are able to trade it A lot of you us investors are not able to trade all the altcoins and that's totally fine because you know you're still able to trade tron and ripple and and litecoin and Bitcoin cash there's a lot of options for us investors it's just a matter of you know, what exchange you're using and things of that nature and so Let's see here Somebody says triangulate read tell us– triangulate Any other questions here before we head out Yep, the discord is free if you guys are wanting to join the link is in the description we do have a premium group, but you're more than welcome to just be a part of our free discord chats and Enjoy the community and tons of resources that are available for you guys here You can see we've got trading patterns here that are updated We've got all of these areas here and you know I'll actually love just going in this community chat here that updates and just reading some of these posts this here My favorite is Wall Street bets So this is just covering crypto forex stocks and just traditional financial markets and you know You see some really funny posted like Johnson tells tusk UK will send letter for brexit delay Interesting breakfast, it's still going on, you know recently we saw us-china tariff Wars kind of see a little bit of a you know, I would say It's not completely gone, but a little bit of some better negotiations that are happening, you know They're finally communicating in the US and China And so I think that's a big reason we started to see the stock market go back up and you know People are still confident in traditional markets And so, you know when people are confident traditional markets They're gonna want their liquidity there because those have performed for the last hundred hundreds of years and have done very well But when you look at something like Bitcoin and gold they're typically only used when they're necessary and they're necessary You know, what's really introduce our Toccoa bout Bitcoin? And this is gonna catch all of your attention Check this out So they say Bitcoin is the first-ever asset that not only acts as a storage of value Right, so you've got gold and silver, you know those are traditional storages of value right in what that means is when you see volatile markets go into some sort of Recession or correction, you'll see a lot of liquidity flow into these storages of value because these are safe haven assets, right? They're meant to be assets that have intrinsic backed value That is Tangible, right and so, you know we can argue here

That bitcoin is not tangible But there were actually actually a report by a German bank recently saying that bitcoin is more tangible than gold So that's an interesting report I wish I can get you that link, but one of my buddies Felix, he owns a hedge fund And you know, he speaks all around the world he was showing me this study actually met and went to the bank and met with the One of the directors and had an interview with him It went really well and I look forward to doing a lot of that You know, I had an opportunity to speak alongside Steve Wozniak the co-founder of Apple earlier this year Had an opportunity to speak alongside Gary Vee a lot of the big players like Brock Pierce You know the founder of iOS been backstage with him in private rooms and sessions with him multiple times You know, I'm currently advising about nine blockchain companies and there so that's been taking up a little bit of time But you know, most of my focus goes into our discord group because we just have so much results there's so many people changing their lives thousands of testimonials and I believe that we're offering a product and a service that Really can change lives forever You know, I trade most of the signals that are posted there I always trade my signals for sure and you know I'm growing my accounts and I see a lot of our members growing their accounts and learning they're realizing how to do simple things that can Allow them to just work there full-time job and have their phone and be able to create that secondary source of income in Investing in financial markets, you know, like I said, you don't ever want to put all your eggs in one basket Matter of fact, I would recommend 90 percent of your eggs go into a diversified basket that's long term and held where it's not moving But then you have that opportunity to have that extra to play with and you know start you know Putting as little as five hundred dollars into a market and starting to trade that it can ease they turn into a thousand which can turn into two which can turn into four and when you understand the power of compounding interest then you understand the fact that It's it's extremely lucrative and can really change lives And so, you know, that's really what I'm excited about seeing more lives change And so if you guys enjoy the discord to make sure to LIKE the video I know we have a ton of you guys from the discord on Shasta's thoughts on B&B, you know, it's interesting if we look at B&B and I think this is across the board for all coins Obviously we've seen these major major declines here We're not necessarily seeing I would call a reversal here with B&B You know recently decided to burn all of their coins that they have had in storage And I think that people realized that you know, B&B coin was quite overvalued, you know It's just the coin that a lot of people started putting their assets and And you know, what's interesting is with us being by Nance's number one You know Traffic source and now they've banned it from their main platform I think that were we're not necessarily seeing the same type of intrinsic value here with B&B as we did several months ago And so, you know, we really saw that huge decline when they announced that US ban, but I don't think that's a bad thing I just think that it's part of how this market is going to mature over time and so You know Really if for those of you that are tuned in here if you want to understand a little bit of what's happening here with Bitcoin For those of you just tuned in, you know I'm pretty much not gonna say I'm bullish until we're above this moving average here You can see we've got that 50 in that 100 We're actually potentially about to see this crossover here, which would be extremely interesting to see you know This would be considered, you know a death cross, you know We see a lower moving averages cross under across under a higher moving average You know, we're about to see that as well And so, you know, all of these areas here pointing towards a potential Push down I wouldn't be surprised for some short-term pushes to that $8,800 level again, but for the most part I'm expecting that $6,100 level here soon We don't want to sit here and catch a falling knife, which is why we want to be extremely careful with where we're at right now as market structure showing us that we're in this zone where there's not really much support, you know, its Previous support and resistance, and so it's really in an unknown zone right now

And so that's not a good thing so Hopefully you guys enjoyed this livestream It's uh, it's almost an 1:00 am Here Pacific time So I appreciate all of you guys do Guerrera 1106 as rookie here, LOL peter rookie I would say go into the go into the discordant and really just go through a quick tips here go through our trading patterns Maybe even go through our help for weeds purchase one of these books maybe you can even win a book on our Livestream here So for whoever that was earlier that won the book send me that message Danny I don't think you've send me a message yet on discord

I'll get this book sent out to you And with that being said, I think I'm gonna wrap up this livestream expect some more content here soon I just started, you know my You know Recovery process a few weeks ago I'm doing a lot better I'm feeling a lot better And so, you know, just expect a lot more content here over the next few weeks You know, I still have a lot of other things that I have in store for The discord I'm trying to implement before I get back on content so that I can focus on content once I'm back on it But for now, you can catch me on the discord on a daily basis So make sure to get involved and and other than that, I appreciate you guys tuning in This was a very fun late night Saturday stream have an amazing holiday season I'll probably see you guys here in the next either the next few days or the next few weeks But if you're on the discord, I'll definitely see you so thank you guys so much here It says BGC price sabirsiz BC price will be 900 to 1100 dollars by 2020 I don't know about that if it goes down to 900 1100 I might just end up putting all of my retirement in there

I mean that might be a really good idea if it's back at $1,000 or if it's under a thousand if an asset goes to one thousand and goes under a thousand, it's not a tulip I'm pretty confident in that asset No, I mean, you know bitcoins proven itself It's what above twenty Did a very healthy drop it's the two, you know top performing asset of 2017 top performing asset of 2019 I believe 2020 is gonna be a great year for Bitcoin, you know, and I hope you do too so Thank you all here Phillips It's good to hear from you Thank you so much already Sunday morning in Bucharest Romania Good to have you from Romania Why I heard they have great food over there I Gotta get to Romania here soon

So Thank you guys so much for tuning in and until next time I'm out See you guys on the discord