Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to this week in bitcoin today is October the 18th 2019 strong hand bitcoin is next bitcoin value your wealth in bitcoin one bitcoin equals one bitcoin uncomfortable I'm offended by selling oh yeah you're getting a new show here everyday even when I am here in Sydney Australia who knows what time it is here who knows what time it is where you are but it is beautiful outside and we have two people who live in Sydney who are bitcoiners here you guys know has McCook very well but solve you know adriana Bellotti very well but she has been on the show before oh yes go back to 2017 she has returned her long anticipated and we awaited appearance she is back Adriana I can't wait to see your person but welcome back to the show one of the many ladies of Bitcoin oh there are many of them out there well we will talk about that in a second but first let us get into Australia what people when I talk about Australia and I talk about Bitcoin people bring up to me Adam aren't they making cash illegal there or something pass what is up with that what is up like that is that bringing people into Bitcoin these rumors I've heard about cash well they're not making cash illegal per se but they are now starting tourists well they they have made it illegal to make cash transactions over I believe it's ten thousand bucks so you're not allowed to for example go buy a beat-up second-hand car with nine thousand dollars like you know ten thousand dollars cash anymore you're not allowed to do that has to go through a you know bank check process and all of that but it's a slippery slope I can I shouldn't see em eventually one day banning all cash this not this is how it all all starts creeping creeping regulation for now they they have put in bans against cash transactions over ten thousand it may actually even be over five thousand I'm not sure it's ten is a D yes all right daddy say it's true it's true I guess when I'm here I'm not gonna be able to buy some used car for the nine thousand dollars Australian cash I just have to have it in my back pocket but but yeah it is uh it is disturbing and this is a beautiful Western free country but be aware the regimes like to monitor the how you spend your money because they want to tax you basically they don't want you getting away with large transactions that they can't have a piece of the pie so don't say you weren't warned people get into big get into the Bitcoin now and you wouldn't you'll be able to get your beat-up used car in the future with Bitcoin adrianna your thoughts on that situation and more so have you heard in the United States I'd like to hear more about your city or your thoughts on the taxing of Australians when it comes the big point but also on that cash thing I think the government is still trying to figure out how they're gonna text this face I think that's going to be well got them work done about that next year largely we had two things happened the government tax Bitcoin in a way that they didn't support the industry at the very beginning that they went back on it now that looking at it taking a more long stance and trying to see how things play out before they make a decision so there will be some new regulation coming out in the future but we don't know what that's gonna be but one thing that the government does well is they always push they make an inquiry and they make an opening fire so everybody can weigh in and how they think this should go and they take everyone's opinion into consideration and do something that looks at least that is what the majority wants so hopefully something good will come out of that all right Bitcoin people speak up speak up in Australia don't and you a you actually have met with some I mean you were in the capital of Australia we're gonna talk about that in a second actually what went down there pass any thoughts on the taxation of Bitcoin situation or regulation situation in Australia look I don't like don't like the taxation don't see like don't see how how a good framework can be established that doesn't grandfather everyone in because there's there's been a lot of Bitcoin is doing a lot of things illegal not illegal whatever like if you go by the rules of the book you've got to keep every single you know Bitcoin address you've ever had and also if they want to go back and chase you you know for something you did five six years ago where you couldn't have envisioned or a world of taxation and you know because it was effectively small change at that time weren't keeping track of all your addresses and all that so I'm gonna stay unless they're happy to grandfather everyone in yeah yeah I'll let all that Adriana my experience governments do not tend to look backwards they're gonna have implement some legislation will be all worried so I think that's why it's important to be part of the conversation so you can you know have your voice heard hopefully they will do what's the best for the majority but you know we have a government here that pays for met medical bills and we have good infrastructure so tax is a good thing we're a small country so I mean big country land size small country population size so I don't see tax as being a big problem to be honest I've always gotten in America we've been having some issues with the IRS and then defining how it's going they haven't been very clear to say the least and it's because I don't think they understand the entire situation so I mean this this lease no question Adriana you were the parliamentary friends a blockchain reception at Parliament House you were at okay so so tell us about your experience what you've been talking to these government officials in combat I can't pronounce the kanva that's the capital of Australia people pound that like button all right tell us tell us what happened in the capital Australia when you were hanging out there Oh Jim things happened so I was there on Monday was my first time at his event I think that their first edition was last year it was largely put by a group of senators they are interested in learning more about this technology and our Australian digital currencies Association which has now emerged with watching Australia which used to be Bitcoin Association of Australia so long story short they have this once a year meeting where they acknowledge people they are doing work in the industry are giving like a fellowship certificate to the Association and that what was the party was about that was in the evening so mostly fatherly in the afternoon we had a meet-up the first official Canberra blocked a meet up with the Department of innovation and science industry innovation and science and they are doing they're developing a national blockchain roadmap to look at use cases of botching tech for government for the benefit of the people I think the first ones they are looking into something to do with exports and also kyc and relations so sorry there was a call coming um so yeah we had this meet up and there were about 100 people from all over the country there and there's going to be do you do you think the Senators know what they're talking about here do you think they got a good grasp on all of them but the ones that there are the ones that supports that this this event they are process and there's more and more people having this conversation so I think they will at some point be more informed absolutely all right now what's your shirt mean there but you've got a Bitcoin Sydney shirt on I have to shut for three years now this is one of the original meetups in Australia they want that I am me and us we're now taking that forward it was founded by Jason Williams who incidentally was also the founder of the bid quite so station of Australia back in 2013 so question for both of you how has it evolved since 2017 let's say since the last time Adriana was on the show how how has your a group evolved since then and yet more members is there more interest now are people in to altcoins let's it because it's called Bitcoin Sydney but I know Adrianna you've done some stuff in Syria before – I do all those different meetups right Bitcoin Sydney is mostly Bitcoin there's a fork of bitcoins did name which is the other Bitcoin Sydney which is the maximalists Mira there's Imperium Sydney has it's the member of that I'm a member of that you is it's different conversations there's blockchain professionals where we talk about technology we try to look at all the projects and see what's happening if they're going in the right direction we don't we just avoid talking about ICS but most mostly step conversations about the technology all right Hass what are your what are your thoughts on how things have changed or your thoughts on the meetup itself so my my preferred meetup is I I like hanging out amongst my flock so so you can always catch me with that with the toxic Maxie's so yeah there is good as ever cutter is the best kind of avocado you can get the Hass avocado and he's past pal Matt like but that's why this thing is out baby but I come I come prepared I come from there well let's talk about Monday actually the the premiere of that movie guys you guys have been promoting this past you have anything to say about that I know Adrienne's Adriana's got Austin's a is a is a good old friend from mine going back all the way to 2013 so great great filmmaker yeah looking looking forward to the looking forward to the sequel so the judging by the trailer it looks like there's there's a very big element of compare and contrast looks like it might be quite the dramatic film so keen on watching it will see it's gonna cry on 22 we're gonna see it on Monday this is a big Bitcoin film that we're getting insider and anyone can come see to this event I'll link to the information below on Monday Adriana explained the whole thing explain what is this movie called so this movie is called crypto Pia Bitcoin love chains in the future of the internet it's a big title and it's a follow up to dog posters first documentary called between the end of money that was launched in 2015 I think and I haven't seen the movie talked about it a lot in the best few months but I'm gonna see everyone else on money first and I know that he interviewed some people that were in the original movie and as a follow-up interview to try and understand what's happening in crypto but Torsten is a Bitcoin or a heart so I'm pretty sure that would be – yeah I'm gonna try to get him on the show at some point so that the whole world can find out about this video I've this this movie not again I'm confident I've got confidence it'll be you know be good for the space you know more very professionally done and everything so I'm looking forward to seeing it and looking forward hopefully I don't get everybody's hopes up buddy hopefully he will appear on the show pan down like button if you want to want to hear but you want to see the movie maker on the show okay now so let's talk about let's talk about Libra because that's been in the news lately I want an Australian take on Libra because a lot of people think it's all about the United States Congress and Senate giving them a hard time and if if they let this happen then it will happen but a lot of people think that the United States government is is going to hold back Mark Zuckerberg what has what's your take on Libra will it get more people into Bitcoin do you care what's the Australian perspective oh the Australian perspective for one like me that grew up in like the 90s here in Australia when we hear the word Libre we associate it with Libra flirt tampons I'm being a girl I still do right so I don't know if they're because they were basically the the Kleenex of tampons back back we got the TV ads so yeah that's what I think of Libra really I think they should just maybe just make their own wallet and allow Bitcoin and lightning on it and they they instantly have two billion users and they can charge a you know a couple of Satoshi's withdrawal fees and make a lot of money yeah but that's on that's on them to figure out strategically not me yeah that was actually a congressperson said something like that without the tampon stuff but yeah I think we should make a clip out of you talking about tampons and Libra daddies huh because most of men that's that's a funny one but most Americans don't they did not know it but we have just learned something you get insider Libra information here it was a tampon Wow like a major brand you just have to go to the supermarket and film all the Libra on the shelves yeah Wow they should have took them into consideration when coming up with a name I mean again on Australia it's that the biggest population in the world but uh well but that's the thing Libra says it's going to help free up people that don't have access to the modern financial system and people in Australia do so they don't care what else right they don't care about what Australians think about they went with Libra just as a Nullah star sign to take a bigger Gemini yeah maybe my personal conspiracy theory I'm just talking about all right Adrianna your your thoughts on Libra is it is a good a good thing to come up with a centralized cryptocurrency like this I think it was inevitable that someone was gonna do it I don't I don't I don't have any firm opinions that didn't read the white paper I'm trying to keep my distance from it there's a there's a group in Australia that's sort of like formed a Libra Association so they gotta try and have an Australian know who did the pie just because I guess if this thing's gonna happen it's good to understand how it's going to work but I'm not involved in that all those works with me is but yeah I don't really have actually what you just brought up was very newsworthy as I noticed the same thing when I was in Israel that people made up their own Libra groups that want to work with Libra before it even exists before yeah it's it's amazing so a lot of us in the Bitcoin space we have this mindset who would want to work with a centralized for the corporate cryptocurrency but naturally in countries is different from Israel and Australia and I'm sure in America do people just they want to be part of this as they they know that Facebook is it's a tremendous if it was a country it would be a tremendous country it'd be a very wealthy big country so that daddy's actually newsworthy that yet yet in another western country israel and here that that some that someone's come up with their own libre group before there is even a libre because again in the Bitcoin space we have so many people saying oh it's so bad it will never be approved and that's why I say this is where the big boys play let them compete if people want to be a part of that let them be a part of it let them in if they're gonna innovate over there let them enemy and I think it will get more people in the Bitcoin so I hope the United States Senate and Congress stops being stops giving them a hard time and just I mean I don't know what they want out of soccer Prairie and I'm sure a few people here early Adam what do you talk about it all well first of all I'd say it's in the news but it will it's such a it's we'll look back on this one day and if they pull this off it will be the first major corporation to come up with their own money and really venture in like hardcore into cryptocurrency so I think it I think it is a positive thing but it's at the same time you can look at it as a tampon throwaway thing that that's that that is that is the beauty that is the beauty of life to control the snow we are getting a female perspective I did not count on this I'm BP oh man Wow alright alright so Adrian this is this was not like the last show you were all we've gone wild we've we've lost it so Adriana I remember something specifically about you you're you're born in Brazil right yes I am okay so how how many years did you spend there oh I guess the first 30 oh so you want to use any nice I know how long so you've it's fresh in your mind it is the situation there the financial situation there did that influence you to get you into cryptocurrency how yes of course I guess when I first learn about Bitcoin back in 2013 it was easier for me to understand you know this new money concept because in my own country and then I've had three different currencies through my lifetime so when you when you see government money means many many news management in that level it's easier just an initial cost so it is easier when you live in a country that has financial problems and has had hyperinflation and economic problems you've connections to Brazil still any do you get crypto news from there at all I do actually I try to keep informed they're trying to use blockchain government there to try government spending so that's gonna be one thing you gotta know if that's ever gonna happen but goodbye my mom a Bitcoin book when it first came one in Portuguese so my mom knows about it so and she's 80 so people are people are getting aware of balance there and as it's happening a lot in America people who can who have the means they're having a little bit of the pie their savings finding Bitcoin because well you specifically mentioned the Portuguese language and because of that Brazil is it's beyond being part of the Latin American Bitcoin community it's part of the Portuguese speaking cryptocurrency community have you noticed an increase at all in the Portuguese language of resources available out there Intimus I've had people from Mozambique Angola a Portugal try to contact me especially the African countries they really need it there but they for a time it seems like it was lacking do you stay in touch with that that side of things do you think there's more Portuguese information out there now that's a really good question and I wouldn't know the so but I do see that there are a few more books that have been translated I think undresses books have been translated into Portuguese now as well so hopefully adds and there's a look the community is growing so the beauty Peter like we have here with the meetups and everybody talking at a table it's what you know takes this forward anyways alright now yes I revealed on my Thursday show that yes he his family was from Lebanon originally from love so give us that give us that perspective on what the people have experienced in Lebanon and how how what bitcoin does for people like that I mean it now it's just a it's a state controlled by other countries basically so do you want a diversion that we chatted about in the car or the version that started six hours ago six hours what was six hours ago in a revolution in Lebanon has commenced it has what people are in the streets and they said we're not going home until this government leaves this is really going on that same crooks since 1990 they're putting a tax on whatsapp now because the because the telecom companies are losing money I I got a key I don't know what time it is man I got a yesterday they announced the tax and the people like that's it we're done okay so tell us how they got to that point yeah so uh very like so Beirut is the is the longest continuously inhabited city in history it's been going for about seven thousand years and I don't even think it's had seven days of peace in that but anyway in the in the mid 1970s there was a there was a big civil war in Lebanon not gonna really get into it into like the details of you know the origins of it but one of the side effects of the the Lebanese civil war was the hyperinflation of the Lebanese lira so so my dad was already poor so he like didn't get him he didn't didn't get affected by hyperinflation but my mum's family on the other side were you could call them upper upper middle class my grandfather was like a general trader import export goods furniture that kind of stuff upper middle class you know one day and then the next day your inventory that's denominated in the lira worth nothing so yeah you you've spent 40 years building your business all that kind of stuff and basically what one day you wake up broke and and that's a it's a it's a it's something that you you have to live through the appreciate so I wasn't born at the at the time of hyperinflation I came soon after when when the lira got pegged to the us

dollar and the peg has been stable something like 25 26 years up until three months ago the peg started to slip and Lebanese banks are giving 14 percent interest on us dollar deposits because basically the country's broke and now they're looking to tax what sack to get to get more money wow so this is what happens so Lebanon is the perfect example of so so also the warring warlords the in the Civil War they all made an agreement with themselves that they'll be the politicians they split politics over sectarian lines and all the politics now Lebanon is her in a tree or a wall or the tires and like his son just comes and takes his seat so like how can you how can you trust such a government with your with your money and and all of that kind of stuff but unfortunately the the on-ramps in places like Lebanon are still terrible I don't know what the on-ramps alike in Brazil maybe Adriana you might know more about that they're better they had they have some big changes in Brazil they have big exchanges in Brazil x-shape they do three or four I'm not across but but Lebanon has enough how do they Bitcoin in Lebanon actual or you can get anything in Lebanon makes the black market capital of the world but I think there's I think either there's official guidance from the Lebanese central bank warning against its use or potentially even a ban but my Fredonia friends in lebanon anymore so i went to high school there don't have any friends there anymore everyone's left and the reason any of them have any have any crypto it's because they live in either the Middle East Europe or America and they have access to exchanges for some reason in in the UAE in the in the Middle East for some reason they all rip lists and I'm not sure why that's that's weird now wait well let the one thing I guess we should say about Lebanon is if this is this whatsapp protest is going on Wow get people if you could get anything on a black market they are dudes if you're listening Lebanese get yourself some Bitcoin out preserve preserve your wealth but this is it's a worldwide thing day they will need it well they need it now they need it now good here in Australia they don't need Bitcoin you don't need Bitcoin you can live everyone's connected to the financial markets here and but a place like Lebanon that could be falling apart well that is constantly falling apart all the time and is controlled by who knows who really controls it yeah now now would be a good time very interesting news is like lots like when I when I see it's like a life-or-death situation to me that's what I mean we we could live we could live our life pretty well here I mean but that's it some people in Australia they might be cut off from banks that day if you get cut off from the bank's because you're you said something wrong and they don't want to do business with you which is happening some people in America yeah then then then you need it but uh I got cut off from the bank on on Thursday not because they were censoring me because they were incompetent and their systems went down Commonwealth Bank really up down for like half a day there's a real-life example of why bitcoins better Bitcoin never goes down from the banks because they were using be good as well but but this one was a was a 100% Bank Bank fail you know and like CBA I Bank you know like I'm saying I was affected because i bank with CBI but CBA is the is the gold standard of banks in Australia and and they went down yeah hey and you bring up a good point Adriana about that yeah some banks will cut people off for doing they don't want to do business with Bitcoin businesses but hey if you got the Bitcoin then you preserve your wealth I think some of these banks over time will change it will incorporate Bitcoin they will become Bitcoin banks so but but right now yeah if you're running a Bitcoin business I've heard I guess not in America and I guess in Australia also they don't bend one thing to do with you at time so we'll see how that that develops where we're getting not we're getting toward the end of the show here I want to hear about your your wealth well first I'm gonna read this out ofhere 17 trillion dollars are currently held in negative interest bonds 17 trillion reasons why you should own a Bitcoin has your thoughts on negative negative yielding bonds and what it means for Bitcoin if this is a bitch this should be a big wake-up call in mind it should be a big wake-up call but it won't be and typically the 80 percenters will only move when they need to and and hopefully for them it's it won't be too late when the when the need to arises okay let's talk about the future anyone what so what are some future predictions here or continue with that well like you know you can't print money to infinity like you can be you end up like like Zimbabwe so eventually that you know the seventeen trillion of negative yielding debt will become 20 then 30 then 50 and you know then what like you know then what we'll all be earning you know a million dollars a year very good but a house will cost a billion dollars I've heard a million cruzeiro's back in 1990 something when it was my first job in a million straight had it straight out of school straight out of school straight out of high school not even you LeBron James though my road some people will be like well right Adriana what are anything that I left all for today sure that you want to promote you want to bring up if you're watching from Australia calm to Creek Tokyo Monday night alright that is great absolutely all right has your conclusionary thoughts just that thanks thanks for having us on as always thanks Adriana for joining us Adriana is a very old friend of mine I was talking that talking yesterday about my struggles through the bear Adriana was one of one of those people that held it down for me during the best so I appreciate her a lot Adriana are your strong hand er then you you don't sell no I don't sell but I don't want a lot I have a little bit you know that you know the theory that you shouldn't bad more than you can lose yes miss you the jury's still out for me so I haven't I have my little Bitcoin stash in my superannuation which is a local thing but yeah I'm alone I'm hauling all right very good dude that is it i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe now and like this video share this video check out the links below pound that like button bang that belly button thank you guess they're all linked to below the movies link to below shabbat shalom i will see you guys on Saturday night new show here every day thank you all and thank you good night see ya bye bye